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The Face of Ukraine’s Opposition, Vitaly Klitschko

Featured image Monday evening, two leaders of Ukraine’s opposition, Vitaly Klitschko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, had a late-night meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych. Klitschko, who heads Ukraine’s “Punch” Party, emerged from the meeting reporting that Yanukovych had offered no alternative to abandonment of central Kiev by opposition protesters, which Klitschko deemed unacceptable. Vitaly Klitschko is one of the more interesting figures in world politics. He first earned fame as a boxer: Vitaly and »

Un-f*** the EU

Featured image State Department official Victoria Nuland famously was caught on tape saying “F*** the EU.” The comment pertained to Ukraine. Apparently, it was prompted by concerns that the EU might not sign on to a deal the Obama administration favored that called for power-sharing between the pro-Russia government and the opposition, along with the exclusion of opposition leader Vitali Klitschko. The final chapters of the current Ukraine saga have not necessarily »

Bulletins From the Front

In Kiev, that is. Le Sabot Post-Moderne has the latest: More updates from the Front! 1. The reformers have occupied not only the old Lenin Library, but also the first floor of the mayor’s offices, and the Oktabarskaya Palace. This has all been done legally, with the support of the mayor of Kiev, Omelchenko. He’s thrown in with us unreservedly, which is a huge boost. 3. There are small delegations »