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Minnesota cage match

In the mighty storm of the 2010 elections, Republicans won control of the Minnesota House and Senate. How long has it been since this happened? Time whereof the Memory of Man runneth not to the contrary. At the same time, Minnesota’s three-way gubernatorial election vomited forth disgraced Democrat Mark Dayton. Mark Dayton inherited great wealth from the family business that he shunned. As I recall, Dayton met his first wife »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

Featured image The big news in Minnesota today is the coming of the state government shutdown as of midnight last night. The shutdown is the result of a budget battle between Minnesota’s highly medicated Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and a Republican legislature led by House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. Zellers and Koch have done a fine job standing their ground and holding their troops together so far »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

In the current budget battle heading toward a possible state government shutdown on July 1, the St. Paul Pioneer Press has served as slight counterweight to the Dayton administration public relations work performed daily by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Over the weekend the Pioneer Press editorial “Unnecessary pain” observed: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has attempted to position himself as interested in compromise. Though both sides have compromised, the governor seems »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

Today Minnesota Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and state legislative leaders go into an extended discussion seeking to avoid the looming government shutdown on July 1. The Republican legislative leaders caved on the format of the meetings. They are to include Democratic legislative leaders, even though Dayton had initially agreed to meet without them. It gives new meaning to my cage match metaphor. All I can say is that for the »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

The Star Tribune’s Mike Kaszuba and Rachel Stassen-Berger report on the latest events in the Minnesota budget standoff. Having agreed to meet alone with the Republican legislative leaders in a marathon session this weekend to avoid a government shutdown, Governor Dayton introduced wrinkles that put the agreement in doubt by the end of the day. It’s an interesting story. As I read it, Dayton is making it hard for his »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

In Minnesota, we are engaged in an epic budget battle between a highly liberal and highly medicated Democratic governor who is contending with newly crowned Republican majorities in the state House and Senate. A state government shutdown is looming, scheduled to kick in on July 1. How goes the battle? Acting as the media adjunct of Governor Dayton’s office, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and lead political reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger have »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota legislature are engaged in an epic budget battle. By law, the budget for the coming biennium must balance. The governor demands big spending increases and tax increases to pay for them. Republican majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate resist spending increases that require tax increases. A state government shutdown is looming, despite the governor’s campaign promise not to shut down the state »

Minnesota cage match, cont’d

The reporters at the Minneapolis Star Tribune are doing their best to make sure the public assigns the blame for the looming state government shutdown to the Republican legislature. This despite the fact that Governor Dayton promised not to force a shutdown in order to enact the income tax increases that for the core of his creed. Today’s story on the pressure exerted on Republican legislators is in itself part »

Wisconsin cage match

Featured image In the six recall elections handpicked by Big Labor in Wisconsin, Democrats had the money and the intensity in their favor. All they lacked, it turns out, was the votes. (The AP tabulation of the results is here.) In the event, Democrats won only two of the six contested Senate races, falling one short of the number that they needed to obtain a Senate majority. In the pivotal race of »

Why Minnesota matters

Featured image I started following the story that I called Minnesota Cage Match for two reasons: I thought, given the constellation of forces at work, that events here would foreshadow events in Washington, and I found the slant of the incompetent media coverage driven by the Minneapolis Star Tribune to be sickening. As in the national mainstream media, Democrats here control what Glenn Reynolds calls “the master media narrative,” only more so. »

Rachel’s river

In Minnesota, our Democratic governor (Mark Dayton) and Republican legislature are engaged in an epic budget battle. Raising income taxes is Dayton’s old-time religion, and he’s giving it to us good. When the spirit seizes him, especially if the medications he takes to treat his chronic mental problems aren’t adjusted quite right, he will even promote tax increases while talking in tongues. In proselytizing that old-time religion Dayton has the »

Amy Koch: Inside the cage match

Featured image I put in a request for an interview with Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch a couple of weeks ago. Senator Koch is one of the Republican legislative leaders — the other is House Speaker Kurt Zellers — who is negotiating with Governor Mark Dayton in the epic budget battle/government shutdown that is playing itself out in Minnesota. If the budget battle is a cage match, as we have characterized »

Cage match in Congress

Congress today heard sworn testimony from Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee. The latter claims he administered improper drugs to the former, who vehemently denies the allegation. Perhaps someone will explain to me what legitimate interest Congress has in the question of whether Clemens or McNamee is telling the truth. The broad parameters of the steroid scandal are well known. It should not be the business of Congress to deal with »

A Cage Match, But Without the Ethics

Yesterday I commented on the Democratic Party cage match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which seems to have turned surprisingly bitter at this early point in the campaign. Today there was a sequel, involving the two campaigns’ efforts to bid for the support of an influential legislator in South Carolina. The story features a set of emails that apparently were leaked by one campaign to embarrass the other. Read »

Democratic Party Cage Match

So far, I haven’t taken Barack Obama very seriously as a Presidential candidate, mostly because of his lack of experience. I’ve suspected that his real objective is to be someone’s–likely Hillary Clinton’s–running mate. After today, though, that may be less likely. Maureen Dowd stirred the pot by quoting Hollywood tycoon David Geffen, who once raised $18 million for Bill Clinton, in her column. Geffen is now supporting Obama; he had »

Law Professor Cage Match

I wrote here about a column in the Rocky Mountain News in which law professor Paul Campos called fellow professor Glenn Reynolds a “fascist” and an “extremis[t]” for suggesting that the administration should consider selectively killing Iranian mullahs and nuclear scientists rather than planning for possible military action, and hinted that Glenn should be fired from his job at the University of Tennessee as an “accessory to murder.” The News »

Cage Match After Action Report

Featured image Paul gives a pretty good outside assessment of last night’s long awaited epic throwdown between me and Norm Ornstein.  I’ll just add that from my own experience of arguing with Norm repeatedly in the AEI lunchroom that he’s like wrestling with an octopus: just as the wildly waving tentacles of an octopus distract you from focusing on the head and the mouth, Norm distracts you with a lot of particular »

Gorgeous George Loses Cage Match

Don’t miss Deacon’s Weekly Standard piece, “Gorgeous George: How a Stalin-admiring Saddam Hussein loyalist wowed the media and won the hearts of the adolescent American left.” Deacon uses his encyclopedic knowledge of 60s-era professional wrestling villains to place the appalling Mr. Galloway in the proper cultural context, and exposes the woeful ignorance of the American liberals who flocked to Galloway’s banner after his appearance before the Subcommittee on Investigations. DEACON »

Ornstein-Hayward Cage Match: It’s On Today!

Featured image Just a friendly reminder that the Ali-Frazer “Thilla-in-Manilla” Hayward-Ornstein Cage Match on the question, “Is the Republican Party too extreme?” is on today at 6 pm eastern time.  You can watch it live-streamed at the link above, though C-SPAN is turning up.  (Not sure whether they’ll broadcast it live or just tape it for later broadcast.) No previews, but I will post my opening speech later tonight or tomorrow morning. »

Rubber match

The World Series begins tomorrow. Never has it featured two teams that stumbled so badly at the end of the season. The St. Louis Cardinals were nearly overtaken by the Houston Astros in what would have been about the worst short-term collapse in the history of pennant races. The Detroit Tigers, in losing their division to Minnesota, did manage a fold of historic dimensions and were saved only because baseball »