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Welcome to new readers who

Welcome to new readers who are referred by our button on Real Clear Politics. More information about us is posted above under Tuesday, August 27. We have published a number of newspaper and magazine articles over the years. Examples of our publications are here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here. Please send any comments or questions, as it says off to the »

The Jerusalem Post has an

The Jerusalem Post has an interesting article on the blogging phenomenon, with a Middle Eastern twist. As you might expect, the article is far more candid and politically attuned than the NYTimes and Newsweek pieces we have previously posted. »

Courtesy of InstaPundit: Barbara Amiel,

Courtesy of InstaPundit: »

Cathy Young is one of

Cathy Young is one of a handful of commentators who are trying to prevent the evils of Communism from being glossed over or forgotten. There has never been an adequate accounting in most formerly-Communist countries, nor have western intellectuals been held to account for their decades of overt and covert support for the greatest mass murderers in history. »

Today the Wall Street Journal’s

Today the Wall Street Journal’s subscribers only site carries a terrific tribute to Ann Coulter. I’m linking to the piece even though I’m afraid you won’t be able to pick it up. If you can’t, do spring a buck for a copy of the Journal today and check it out on the editorial page. »

More on “the melee:” Both

More on “the melee:” Both the Pioneer Press (Sunday) and the Star Tribune (today) have published follow-up thumb-suckers on Thursday’s race riot in north Minneapolis. And both papers have now reverted to the lowest common denominator in such discussions, becoming mouthpieces for the hustlers who use the continuing assaults on the police as the perfect oppportunity to shake down “whitey” for “jobs” and other elusive goodies. »

I am reading an extremely

I am reading an extremely interesting book by journalist Ron Rosenbaum, Explaining Hitler. In yesterday’s New York Times Richard Bernstein refers to the book in discussing a forthcoming CBS Hitler mini-series (ouch!). Richard Bernstein is my favorite Times writer, and I’m posting his piece to bring the Rosenbaum book to your attention. »

The Washington Post finds that

The Washington Post finds that President Bush has sounded a sour note regarding the balance between fighting the war on terrorism and promoting democracy in Pakistan. According to a Post editorial “Democracy as Afterthought,” President Bush undid “the State Department’s effort to get that balance right” through the following comment in response to constitutional changes announced by President Musharraf: “My reaction about President Musharraf, he’s still tight with us on »

George Will is at his

George Will is at his best in today’s demolition of the NEA’s “feel-good approach” to September 11. The NEA’s attempt to go “into wartime mode and become a sensitivity tutor for parents and teachers” is enough to make Will wish that the NEA would “stick to misleading legislatures.” »

Today’s Washington Post contains an

Today’s Washington Post contains an article by attorney Nathan Lewin arguing that “past U.S. investigations of murdered American citizens in Israel have been a sham.” A 1986 anti-terrorism law makes the killing of any national of the United States, while such national is outside the United States, a capital crime. The law has been invoked in a number of instances. But, according to Lewin, it has never been enforced by »

The Telegraph, citing diplomatic sources,

The Telegraph, citing diplomatic sources, claims that Saddam Hussein ordered the murder of Abu Nidal because he refused to cooperate in the training of al Qaeda troops in northern Iraq. Well, I have little doubt that Saddam ordered the murder, but the Telegraph’s scenario seems extremely unlikely. Someday we’ll probably know the explanation, but this won’t be it. I’m also skeptical about Debka File’s theory as noted in my post »

You’re right, Rocket Man. Deconstruction

You’re right, Rocket Man. Deconstruction seems to be a one-way street. By the way, I enjoyed the posts about Ann Coulter. I’ve never met her, but two close friends of mine know her well and think the world of her. What strikes me is how much better she is on television than when she started out. To be sure, a New York Times best seller (don’t you love it?) will »

Welcome back, Deacon. The most

Welcome back, Deacon. The most interesting aspect of the North Carolina controversy is that the University isn’t requiring students to read the entire Koran–rather, it is assigning excerpts from the Koran chosen to fit some academic’s preconceptions. Leftists could deconstruct this in an interesting way–brahmins of one culture bowdlerizing a sacred text of another culture to fit their own agenda, an agenda which is completely different from the purposes of »

Back from two great days

Back from two great days at William & Mary — a gorgeous campus full of polite, friendly, and relatively earnest undergraduates. The only political note was sounded by the Dean of the Faculty, who lashed out at the “politicians” and “talking-heads” who dared question the decision of the University of North Carolina faculty to require incoming freshmen to read the Koran. This controversy has been around for a while, so »

Michelle Malkin blasts the California

Michelle Malkin blasts the California education bureaucracy’s effort to drive home-schoolers out of business. My guess is that California’s attack on competition comes too late. Home-schooling was subjected to years of derision and bureaucratic obstacles, but the success of home-schooled children in spelling contests, geography contests, debate tournaments, music, and academic pursuits generally has become too obvious to ignore. Now, everyone knows that the education establishment wants to stop parents »

On another subject, it is

On another subject, it is good to see the Democrats’ environmental extremism finally coming back to haunt them. The Wall Street Journal reports on the political consequences of the summer’s western wildfires. The utterly corrupt Tom Daschle, by obtaining a stealth waiver for South Dakota that is being denied to all other states, cut the Democrats’ legs out from under them. (This shows, by the way, how desperate the Democrats »

Good report, Trunk. It’s like

Good report, Trunk. It’s like we’re living in a time warp. It is unbelievable: a policeman is executing a search warrant on a crack house, a drug dealer unleashes a pit bull on the policeman, the policeman shoots the pit bull in self-defense, a bullet ricochets and strikes an 11 year old boy in the arm, a race riot ensues in which criminals assault news people, and our local newspapers »