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I Never Renege on a Promise

As a mostly hard-news site, it’s our duty to report on a considerable amount of bad news. So when the world takes a turn for the better, it’s only right that we provide some balance by covering the good news, too.
The Miss World pageant, which is now underway in China, has added a new wrinkle: the Miss World Beach Beauty. This year’s Beach Beauty, who gets an automatic berth in the competition’s final round, is Miss Ireland, shown here along with some of the other contestants. Innovation–the key to progress!
Miss Ireland, by the way, is reported to be the daughter of “music legend Chris de Burgh.” Naturally, I’ve never heard of him. Maybe the Trunk can enlighten us.
BIG TRUNK adds: Rocket Man, we’ll have to turn to our readers on this one. Reader James Phillips advises: “You’ve heard of Chris de Burgh, you just do not realize it. He wrote and performed ‘The Lady in Red.’ He actually is a better singer and songwriter than that song would reflect. And that’s his daughter? Golly.”
But Mr. Phillips was not content to let it go at that. He has sent us de Burgh’s lyrics to “For Rosanna,” i.e., Rosanna Davison, the current Miss Ireland. The song appears on de Burgh’s “Into the Light,” released in 1986.
This is for Rosanna, sweet girl of mine,
A song for the baby who changed my life,
I’ll never forget when I saw you first,
I thought that my heart would burst,
With the love that I have.
As I watch you sleeping in here tonight,
And I hear your breathing so soft and light,
I cannot believe all the things that I feel,
When I hold you next to me,
It’s the love that I have.
Oh how my heart it is shining,
Oh how my heart it is shining,
Oh how my heart is shining through,
With the love that I have.
And as you are growing from baby to child,
I share the wonders that are in your eyes,
And I am amazed at the way you change,
All according to the plan,
And the love that I have.
And when you are older you will go away,
You’ll see injustice and you’ll see pain,
But never forget that I’m always there,
Like a shadow by your side,
With the love that I have.
Oh my love, you have your mother’s eyes,
And when I see you laugh, you have your mother’s smile,
And you are mine all of my life,
You are mine, all of my love,
You are mine, blood of my blood,
You are mine.
Oh how my heart it is shining,
Oh how my heart it is shining,
Oh how my heart it is shining through,
With the love that I have.

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