Airbrushing Rev. Wright, Part Two

A few days ago, I noted how the Washington Post had seemed to airbrush Reverend Wright out of a story regarding the Clinton campaign’s reaction to the fact that Barack Obama was speaking about race relations while Hillary was talking about economic issues. The Post claimed that the Clinton campaign was pleased because Obama was discussing “the loft[y] subject of social harmony.” Yet it seemed far more plausible that the campaign’s alleged pleasure stemmed from the fact that Obama was reduced to trying to explain his long-time close relationship with an anti-white bigot. Neither the bigot, Rev. Wright, nor his comments were mentioned in the Post story.
But any airbrushing at the Post pales in comparison with what’s happening at the New York Times. According to Byron York, as of yesterday, the New York Times had yet to report in its news pages that Rev. Wright said “God damn America.” The only mention of this remark anywhere in the paper had been in two op-ed pieces, one by Bill Kristol and the other by Maureen Dowd.
Byron also points out that Anderson Cooper, sounding more an Obama partisan than a newsman, did what he could to airbrush, or at least sanitize, Rev. Wright in the following exchange with Clinton supporter Lanny Davis and Joe Klein:

DAVIS: I think it’s a legitimate way that [Clinton] said it, which is that she personally would not put up with somebody who says that 9/11 are chickens who come home to roost, that Israel is a state-sponsored organization


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