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The empire strikes back, unpersuasively

Voting began today in the election of Dartmouth’s Association of Alumni leadership, an election that may determine whether Dartmouth alumni remain able to elect half of the college’s trustees, as they have since 1891. I’ve already presented the case for the candidates (including me) who are fighting to preserve this right. But what is the case for the slate that’s running for the purpose of promoting a board of trustees »

Brand protection without the fetish

In several posts, John has criticized Senator McCain for denouncing fellow Republicans who produced a television ad linking Senator Obama to the offensive comments made by his spiritual adviser, Jeremiah Wright. Now, it appears that McCain has seen the light. His current view, as stated at a press conference in Florida, is that the issue is a legitimate one. After all, as McCain points out, Obama said this himself during »

The Wright Hemisphere, part 3

Jeremiah Wright appeared at the National Press Club today to give a formal speech on black liberation theology and to field questions. The text of his speech and the question-and-answer session is available here. Here is a highlight from the question-and-answer session: MODERATOR: What is your relationship with Louis Farrakhan? Do you agree with and respect his views, including his most racially divisive views? WRIGHT: As I said on the »

The Wright hemisphere, part 2

The full text of Jeremiah Wright’s speech to the Detroit NAACP last night is a remarkable document. Here, for example, Reverend Wright expounds on racial brain differences: Dr. Hale’s research led her to stop comparing African-American children with European-American children and she started comparing the pedagogical methodologies of African-American children to African children and European-American children to European children. And bingo, she discovered that the two different worlds have two »

Dan Diker: The hidden costs of a ceasefire

Dan Diker is Director of the Jerusalem based Institute for Contemporary Affairs and serves as a Middle East analyst for Israel’s Channel One English News. I met Dan this past summer in Israel. He has sent us the following observations in connection with reports of American pressure on Israel for a “ceasefire” with Hamas: Reports in Israel today of U.S. pressure to button up a ceasefire with Hamas in advance »

The Wright hemisphere

Michelle Malkin takes note of Jeremiah Wright’s astonishing speech at the NAACP’s 53rd annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner last night, directing attention to this American Digest post. It’s a subject that warrants further attention, but check these posts out. »

William Katz: Defining Hollywood down

Occasional contributor Bill Katz now posts daily at Urgent Agenda, though he saves his longer reflections on life and politics for us. Today he returns to the subject of Hollywood, where he spent part of his career working for Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show: The news is filled with politics. So let’s avoid the subject right now and talk about Hollywood, possibly the one place that’s in more of »

She doesn’t know the words, and she won’t learn the music

I thought that Michelle Obama had become less prominent on the campaign trail, but on Friday she spoke at a rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana. C-SPAN broadcst the speech last night. It seemed to go on forever, but the seeming length was proportional to the pain inflicted by listening to it. By contrast with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama doesn’t know the words and won’t learn the music of American politics. »

A word to our Dartmouth readers

By now, most Dartmouth alumni probably have received the ballot for the Executive Committee of the Dartmouth Association of Alumni election, which begins this Monday, April 28. The election may determine whether Dartmouth alumni will retain their right to elect half of the college’s trustees, as we have done for more than 100 years. I am running for “second vice president” on the slate that is committed to preserving that »

The Real Jeremiah Wright

I had a busy weekend, and missed it when Hugh Hewitt posted extensive transcripts of the sermons of Jeremiah Wright on Friday evening. The transcripts are devastating to Wright. He is a despicable human being, and the fact that has been ordained, apparently, is a disgrace. Wright has been claiming that he was quoted out of context, and Barack Obama has suggested that Americans would view Wright differently if they »

Strange times, strange reunion

I wrote here about the May 1968 student uprising in France, the upcoming 40th anniversary of which is prompting a considerable amount of misguided nostalgia in Paris. The same thing is bound to happen in this country, where we had our own silly season beginning in 1968. In fact, it already has, as this Washington Post report on the 40th reunion of the violent and unlawful student protest at Columbia »

“Obama, can this really be your friend?”

The video above takes off from Bob Dylan’s “Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again” (“Oh, mama, can this really be the end?”) and the famous opening sequence of D.A. Pennebaker’s “Don’t Look Back.” Lisa Schiffren implores the RNC or some loaded 527 “to hire this guy to do campaign ads. One funny Dylanesque parody of Obama is worth a thousand thoughtful conservative arguments.” Courtesy of Ann Althouse »

Anatomy of surrender

The current issue of City Journal features Bruce Bawer’s exposition of Western acquiescence to creeping sharia. Bawer’s essay is An anatomy of surrender.” The essay reads like an introduction or afterword to Bawer’s excellent 2006 book While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within, the subtitle of which concisely states the theme of Bawer’s City Journal essay. »

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Barack Obama has boycotted Fox News for the past two years. Obama’s boycott ended today, as he was interviewed by Chris Wallace. The result suggests that Obama had nothing to fear from the ostensibly hostile crowd at Fox. Obama showed, once again, that he is a rare political talent. In contrast with his uncharacteristically poor performance in the Pennsylvania debate, Obama handled questions about Wright, Ayers, flag lapel pins–all the »

Al Sharpton convenes another lynch mob

Al Sharpton is back in the news today with his vow to close New York down to protest the acquittal of three police detectives in the death of Sean Bell. The AP story somehow omits to note that two of the three NYPD detectives against whom Sharpton now seeks to lead his lynch mob are are black. So far they have been protected from the likes of Al Sharpton by »

An encounter on Connecticut Avenue

This evening, I attended a reception hosted by National Review in advance of tonight’s White House correspondents dinner. Outside the hotel, I saw protesters holding signs excoriating the MSM for its sometimes treacherous behavior, including the reckless publication of highly sensitive material to the possible detriment of our national security. One of the protesters recognized me. He was a high school classmate, Steve Rosenthal. Steve had driven up from Roanake, »

Endless Winter, Part 2

I’ve been at Dartmouth for a couple of days; spring has come to northern New England, with leaves budding, grass turning green, and temperatures up to 70 degrees. So it was a rude awakening to return to Minnesota. It snowed in Minneapolis today, but didn’t stick. Thank goodness. A little west or north of here, people weren’t so lucky. This photo appeared in my home town paper, 200 miles west »