Hoping for Change in Our Middle East Policy

Demonstrations against Israel’s attacks on Hamas have taken place around the world; those of most interest to me have been the ones in the U.S. Here in Minnesota, pro-Hamas demonstrators assembled outside a building in which Senator Amy Klobuchar has an office, and later congregated inside for a kind of sit-in:


If you read to the very end of the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s account, you learn that the demonstration was led by CAIR, whose representative argued that the bombing of Gaza “will be used by extremists to recruit more individuals and justify their attacks.” Well, we know it will be used that way by CAIR.

Dearborn, Michigan was home to what looks like the largest demonstration here in the U.S.; understandably, in view of that city’s Arab-American population. Here, a Dearborn group makes the idiotic “holocaust” charge. What I always wonder is, who paid for the printed banners?


Here is another one from the same demonstration:


Hmm. Note the similar theme expressed by these demonstrators outside the Israeli consulate in New York:


This suggests, I think, what at least some people had in mind when they pulled the lever for the candidate of “hope” and “change.” My guess is that they’re going to be disappointed.

You can hardly have a demonstration without our old friends from International ANSWER, the Communist front group, showing up. It’s perhaps a sign of the times that they were most prominent in the demonstration in Beverly Hills:


Communists took the lead in other anti-Israel demonstrations around the world, too, notably in India–one more reminder of the weird alliance between the far left and extreme Islam, forces with nothing in common but their obsessive hatred for liberal democracy.

UPDATE: The “Yes We Can” theme continued at a demonstration in Chicago on January 2:


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