It’s Not Too Late To Vote

No, I’m not talking about the Minnesota Senate election; if you live in Minnesota and didn’t vote in that one, you’ve probably been kicking yourself for a while now. I mean the annual selection by the First Team of the Northern Alliance Radio Network of the Loon of the Year.


Every week, except when we don’t get around to it, we play an audio clip by some goofball liberal whom we anoint as Loon of the Week. At the end of the year, we solicit votes from listeners and cull the loony herd (or flock, I suppose) down to a manageable number of finalists. We’ve done that again this year, and if you go to Fraters Libertas, my radio collaborators’ web site, and scroll down the right sidebar, you can listen to clips of the past year’s loons. If you go here, you can vote for your favorite contender.

During tomorrow’s show, from 11 to 1 central on AM 1280 the Patriot, we will play the contending clips and eventually crown the winner. Listen on the web by going here. It’s sure to be fun.

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