The Ambassador from People Magazine

Steve Clemons serves up a strong late entry for silliest idea of the year, urging that Caroline Kennedy be named the U.S. Ambassador to England. Kennedy is even less qualified for that job than she is for the Senate, having no background in foreign policy and no diplomatic experience. To be sure, this is true of many who are appointed ambassador, but they typically (though, unfortunately, not always) are sent to backwater nations, not to our most important ally. Indeed, it would be an insult to that ally to inflict an unqualified dilettante who has suddenly decided to bless our country with her service.

Ms. Kennedy has touted her two books on constitutional law and privacy rights as somehow qualifying herl for the U.S. Senate. Whatever slight relevance this might have when it comes to the Senate, her co-authorship of these books plainly is not a credential an ambassador position.

In perhaps the worst argument of the year, Clemons “reasons” that Kennedy has been “playing the role of Ambassador on behalf of her father’s memory and her clan for a long time.” I suggest that we keep her in that role, send Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks to the Court of St. James, and make Clemons the “Ambassador on behalf of” metaphors, puns, and non-sequiturs.

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