Entertainment Value Only

MSNBC invited John Ziegler to come on the air to talk about David Letterman’s attack on Sarah and Willow Palin; Contessa Brewer was the host. The result wasn’t pretty, but it’s kind of fun to see Ziegler call a spade a spade. The most surreal moment, I think, is when Brewer, seemingly puzzled, asks Ziegler why Governor Palin was offended at being called “slutty.” If you’re only looking for serious political commentary, skip to the next post; if you’re in the mood for a train wreck, hit the play button:

MSNBC occupies a curious niche in the media landscape. It is the first network that has ample financial resources but at the same time, production values on a par with the average home movie and intellectual standards below those of the typical ninth grader. It would be interesting to know who comprises their audience.