Remembering the Battle of Midway

Is Chicago’s Midway Airport the only American airport that is named after a battle? I suspect so; but nevertheless, it’s a sure bet that most Americans don’t recall Midway as well as they should. I confess it wasn’t on my calendar, but a Facebook post reminded me that today and tomorrow are the 67th anniversary of the battle. The U.S. Naval Institute remembers:

Until 1019 on the morning of 4/5 June 1942, things had gone badly for the US and its allies. With few exceptions, the Allies were fighting a losing battle in the Pacific. Indeed, as events unfolded that morning, it appeared as if the rout was on. The attacks by land-based air forces from Midway had utterly failed culminating in the loss of many aircraft. The strikes by the torpedo aircraft were decimated – an entire squadron of TBDs shot down with only a sole survivor to claim witness. An entire air group missed the Japanese carriers and the battle altogether and of the remaining forces, they were scattered and disorganized. The future was looking grim. At 1019, Hiryu’s senior lookout shouted he had spotted dive bombers attacking Kaga from overhead. Despite being thrown into a hard turn, Kaga was struck by a 500 lb bomb and then successive strikes utterly crushed her…


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