A Memorable Evening

The Freedom Club is a group of Minnesota businesspeople that supports conservative political candidates. Its annual dinner, held last night, is always a fun event. This year’s speaker was Karl Rove; he delighted a full house that included Scott and me, my radio partner Brian Ward and our wives. In a world of smart people, Rove must be one of the smartest. He is an encyclopedia of public policy; I pity the poor Democrat who tries to engage him in a debate.
I had the opportunity to spend some time with Rove earlier in the day. He could hardly be a nicer guy. While he didn’t really talk about his book last night, he is on a book tour. The book, Courage and Consequence, is excellent. No standard-issue coffee table political memoir, Courage and Consequence is unusually revealing, both of Rove’s personal history and of the White House in which he served.
Here are my wife and I with Karl, last night:
I interviewed Rove on our radio show a few weeks ago. You can go here to listen to or download the interview. Or you can click the play button below to listen to it.