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Occupy Wall St. Sanctioned for Public Masturbation

Featured image The Occupiers aren’t a political movement, they are a crime wave! It started with sexual assault, drug dealing, rioting and attacks on police officers. Now Occupy Madison has been denied a permit because of a history of public masturbation: City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend »

Michelle Obama, Attack Dog?

Featured image Michelle Obama is less popular than most prior First Ladies, presumably because of controversial comments she made before the election, her lavish vacations, and her occasional willingness to wade into political controversies. It now appears that the administration intends to deploy her in a way that is, to my knowledge, unprecedented: as a point person for partisan attacks. At a fundraiser in Tampa yesterday, Mrs. Obama launched one over-the-top attack »

More Racism from MSNBC

Featured image Check out this shocking video from Martin Bashir’s program on MSNBC earlier today. Democratic Party strategist Karen Finney calls Herman Cain “a black man who knows his place.” Unbelievable: »

Role Reversal

Featured image If you want to understand one of the ways Left and Right changed places over the last two generations, ponder these two quotations, and see if you can identify, without peeking at the end below, who said which: “I believe that as a practical matter spending cuts must come before tax cuts.  If we reduce taxes before firm, principled decisions are made about expenditures, we will court deficit spending and »

Terrorist Attack in Sarajevo

Featured image A Muslim terrorist (some accounts say two men were involved) opened fire with a Kalashnikov outside the American embassy in Sarajevo a little while ago, reportedly wounding at least one guard. A rather weird scene followed in which the terrorist paced back and forth in front of the embassy for as much as a half hour before he was finally shot and wounded by a sniper. He is now under »

Free Speech? For Whom?

Featured image The Occupy Wall Street movement claims to be a defender of free speech. “Free speech,” in their case, often means rioting, attacking policemen, drug dealing, sexual assault and so on. Still, they pay lip service to the First Amendment. So it was striking that when we linked to the brand new web site Occupy Wall Street Exposed, it almost immediately came under a denial of service attack by liberals. The »

Epistle to the Occupations

Featured image Millionaire Marxist Michael Moore was traumatized by questions addressed to him on CNN concerning his wealth. It doesn’t take much to reduce him to incoherence. Even with time to collect his thoughts, he is not entirely capable of lucidity. Yesterday he sent out an email titled “Life among the 1%,” reviewing his financial history. He revisits the moment in 1989 when he was paid $3 million for the rights to »

Kinsley Dons His Nixon Mask

Featured image From time to time Michael Kinsley is worth reading, especially when he is in one of his iconoclastic moods that notes hypocrisy or double-standards.  (His famous axiom that in Washington a “gaffe” is when someone unaccountably tells the truth about something is a keeper for the ages.)  At other times, a nasty, petty and hackwork version of Kinsley shows up, making you wonder if he sometimes farms out his writing »

Heh: Occupy This!

Featured image This pic is making the rounds right now on the Interwebs. »

The truth about income inequality

Featured image John and I wrote the essay The Truth About Income Inequality for Minneapolis’s Center of the American Experiment in 1995. If we had a collection of our greatest hits, this essay would have to be included. National Review published part of the essay, as did AEI’s late American Enterprise magazine. According to the paper’s Amazon listing, the paper has gone out of print. It has become a collector’s item. Watch »

Undercover Syria

Featured image According to Wikipedia, Unreported World is a foreign affairs program produced by Quicksilver Media Productions and broadcast by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. It holds itself out as traveling to dangerous locations all over the world in an attempt to uncover stories ignored by the world media. I’ve got a few candidates for them right here in the Twin Cities. In “Undercover Syria,” broadcast on October 14, reporter Ramita »

Occupy Wall Street Exposed

Featured image I wrote yesterday that the occupiers aren’t a political movement, they are a crime wave. Until now, however, it has been hard to keep up with all of the occupiers’ misdeeds, most of which are reported, if at all, in local press outlets. Now there is a single web site, OWS Exposed, devoted exclusively to revealing the truth about the disreputable, crime-ridden, far left Occupy Wall Street movement. Check it »

Ayers entertains the troops

Featured image Over at Big Government, Kyle Olson introduces the video below, shot by Andrew Marcus, of Bill Ayers entertaining the Occupy Chicago troops. The guy has a few war stories to tell. Olson writes: He reminisced about meeting with the Vietnamese and being told he should convince his (Republican) parents to join an American revolution in the 1960s. He urged his listeners to talk to their parents. He coached the Occupiers »

Professor Epstein explains

Featured image At the bottom of John Hinderaker’s post on the “Good news from the CBO,” Steve Hayward adds that if you want to see John’s point gilded in brilliant fashion, see Richard Epstein discuss the CBO report on the PBS News Hour earlier this week. Steve comments: “Somebody at PBS clearly screwed up letting this through.” These glorious nine minutes with Professor Epstein paired with PBS Man for his foil are »

NY Times Meets Comedy Central

Featured image Did the Daily Show or The Onion lay off some headline writers, or was someone at the New York Times making a not-so-subtle pitch for a comedy writing job with this one: Future of Solar and Wind Power May Hinge on Federal Aid You know what they say about satire: it works because it cuts to the truth more effectively than analysis. The only way this headline could be improved »

Good News From the Congressional Budget Office

Featured image There have been a lot of news stories today about a study by the Congressional Budget Office that compares incomes earned in 1979 and 2007. The Associated Press describes the study’s findings: The richest 1 percent of Americans have been getting far richer over the last three decades while the middle class and poor have seen their after-tax household income only crawl up in comparison, according to a government study. »

William Niskanen, RIP

Featured image It is with great sadness that the news comes today of the passing of William Niskanen, the long-time chairman of the Cato Institute and veteran of the Reagan Administration (he was chair of Reagan’s council of economic advisers for a spell).  Niskanen was one of the great gentlemen of Washington and one of the intellectual giants of our movement.  His modest, quiet manner in a town of loud climbers made »