From a disclosed location

Bill Kristol is in town to appear at John’s event for Pete Hegseth this afternoon. We support Pete. Please make the event if you can.

I took Bill to breakfast at the Grandview Grill in St. Paul this morning. Did anyone notice that he missed his regular shift on Fox News Sunday today? I did. I wanted to hear what he had to say on the Washington Post’s scoop on Mitt Romney’s high school days. I think it’s fair to say he is not impressed.

Getting the chance to talk with Bill is a privilege. It puts me in mind of the story about Samuel Johnson’s work on his monumental Dictionary of the English Language:

Johnson’s friend Dr. William Adams marveled that Johnson expected to finish the project in three years; Adams pointed out that it had taken the French Academy’s forty members forty years to compile the French dictionary (in fact, it had taken the French Academy fifty-five years). Johnson was said to have replied: “Let me see; forty times forty is sixteen hundred. As three to sixteen hundred, so is the proportion of an Englishman to a Frenchman.”

Bill would never say it, but I will. With Bill on our side to supply the brainpower, so is the proportion of a conservative to a liberal. Exactly.

Bill expressed the view that Minnesota’s own Tim Pawlenty is vastly underrated as a vice presidential candidate. He even got me to thinking that the Hegseth event might be a cover story for exploratory work on behalf of an undisclosed third-party. There might be a synergy in the making for a Hegseth Senatorial candidacy.

I believe Bill mentioned that he’s leaving early tomorrow morning to speak in Florida. At least the speaking engagement was his cover story for the trip.