Mark Ritchie strikes again

Two constitutional amendments are set to be on the ballot in Minnesota this November. One is to recognize marriage as the union of a man and woman. Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie — the man from SOROS — has rewritten the title of that amendment to mitigate its appeal, as I noted here. It is now to carry the title imposed by Ritchie: “Limiting the status of marriage to opposite sex couples.” How limiting can you get?

Requiring photo identification to vote is probably even more popular than protecting marriage. Scott Rasmussen reported yesterday that only 21 percent of likely voters nationwide think it’s discriminatory to require proof of identity before voting. Seventy-three percent disagree and say such a requirement does not discriminate.

The title given by the Minnesota legislature to the photo id. amendment was a good one: “Photo Identification Required for Voting.” Requiring photo identification, however, strikes at illegal voters, a core Democratic constituency. Illegal voters are to be protected at all costs.

Ritchie has therefore rewritten the title of the photo id. amendment as well. It will appear on the ballot with the title: “Changes to in-person & absentee voting & voter registration; provisional ballots.”

We all know George Soros is a shrewd investor, but he has gotten more than his money’s worth out of this guy.


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