In the Soptic tank

Now that Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter has gone to ground, it might be worth taking a timeout to note the circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Obama campaign may have illegally collaborated/colluded with the Obama Super PAC in the matter of Joseph Soptic. Moe Lane provides an illustrated summary here.

A reader writes:

When listening to Joe Soptic during that conference call with reporters hosted by Stephanie Cutter, it’s obvious that he’s reading from a script.

Would love to know who wrote that. Would love to have been a fly on the wall of his house the day those separate entities, Obama campaign and the Super PAC, were staging his videos.

I would bet my paycheck for a year (after taxes) that those videos and that conference call were all on the same day.

Take a look at Lane’s post over at Redstate.

UPDATE: John Nolte has been “Connecting the dots on Soptic…” The story Nolte has pieced together is more elaborate than suggested above. More here.

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