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Gallup finds Romney leading by 6 points among those who have already voted

Featured image According to a Gallup survey, Mitt Romney leads President Obama by 6 points (52-46) among those who have already voted. Gallup found that 15 percent of registered voters have cast their ballots. At one level, Romney’s 6 point margin among those who have already voted isn’t surprising. According to Gallup, he has almost the same margin (51-46) among likely voters as a whole. On the other hand, at the corresponding »

Israeli Jews favor Romney by a wide margin

Featured image From all indications, American Jews continue to favor President Obama over Mitt Romney by a substantial margin, albeit not as large as in 2008. We remain the most clueless portion of the electorate. But in Israel things are different. A new poll from Tel Aviv University/Israel Democracy Institute shows that Israeli Jews favor Romney by 57-22. Dennis Ross, who, remains the most clueless among the clueless, attributes the sentiment of »

The Benghazi Coverup: Are Reporters Embarrassed?

Featured image The media formerly known as mainstream have largely failed to cover the Benghazi scandal. For the most part, they haven’t covered the most explosive aspects of the scandal–those most threatening to Obama’s re-election hopes–at all. If they had any pride, this devastating Michael Ramirez cartoon would shame them: »

“The Hope and the Change”

Featured image This excellent 30-second TV ad was produced by Citizens United and written and directed by Steve Bannon. The professional quality shows. The ad is on television in Wisconsin and New Hampshire, and is directed mostly toward independents and Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008: »

The Emperor’s rented clothes

Featured image The first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney was probably the most stark “Emperor has no clothes” moment in our modern political history. And the problem for Obama did not end with that debate. In the second and third debates, Obama tried to substitute shots at his opponent (mostly cheap ones) for clothing. Meanwhile Romney, having turned the momentum in his favor, kept talking about his clothes — his »

Obama vs. Romney on the Economy

Featured image This video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity does an excellent job of exposing the folly of Barack Obama’s punitive tax policies. Obama’s approach, which is grounded in “fairness” rather than economic logic, hurts the economy while actually magnifying existing injustices in the federal tax code: Economist John Taylor, meanwhile, explains why Romney’s policies are exactly what the U.S. needs to get its economy moving again. Read it all; »

The Green Weenie Meets the Economic Boobie Prize

Featured image There’s a race on right now between the climateers and the liberal cheerleaders for big government and economic illiteracy to see who can make the bigger fool of themselves over Hurricane Sandy.  Two weeks ago in my Ashland University class I drew the students attention to Frederic Bastiat’s famous “broken window fallacy” of economics, and as exhibit one pointed to New York Times columnist (and Nobel Prize winner!) Paul Krugman, »

Dubious donations: bin Laden edition

Featured image The Obama campaign has chosen to operate an online contribution system that facilitates illegal falsely sourced contributions, illegal foreign contributions and the evasion of contribution limits. We’ve noted how the campaign facilitates illegal foreign contributions here (a case study provided by the New York Post) and here (a case study provided by PJ Media). The theory and practice of the Obama campaign’s shenanigans are laid out in the Government Accountability »

On Guard

Featured image Much of the East Coast is being evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. Nothing wrong with that, and our thoughts are with the millions of Americans who are threatened by the worst weather event in some time. But not everyone is moving out. Today, this photo of Old Guard soldiers, standing guard over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, swept the internet: ABC News reports that this particular picture was »

Thinking about Tyrone Woods

Featured image The sign below perfectly expresses the feelings of impotent rage that so many of us have experienced over the Benghazigate scandal, the continuing cover-up and the shameless nonperformance of the Obama administration along with its media adjunct. The sign seems to have been inspired by the comment made by Charles Woods regarding his son Tyrone’s death — that it is better to die a hero than to live a coward. »

Democrats try to tip Montana Senate race by funding third-party candidate

Featured image Sen. Jon Tester, a liberal Democrat, is attempting to hold off Republican challenger Rep. Denny Rehberg in a tight Montana Senate race. Rehberg is a Power Line Pick Six candidate. For Republicans to gain control of the Senate, they almost certainly need to win this race. Tester has been highly unconvincing in his belated attempts to convince Montana voters that he’s not in the pocket of the Obama administration on »

Politically-Driven Law Enforcement Has Consequences

Featured image I had a terrible time getting to my office this morning. I heard on the radio that the reason was a fatal accident on Highway 494, one of the Twin Cities’ major arteries. It turned out that the accident was caused by an unlicensed motorist who ran out of gas on the highway, causing a pile-up. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported: The sequence of events began when a minivan driven by »

It’s Heating Up In Minnesota

Featured image Not the weather, of course, but the presidential campaign. Republicans are excited about a recent Minnesota Poll showing Romney within the margin of error in Minnesota, and private polling has gotten essentially the same result. So the Romney campaign has gone live in Minnesota with television advertising, and the Obama campaign has responded in kind. Now the Romney campaign is talking about having either Romney or Ryan visit Minnesota in »

Benghazigate produces a whiff of tyranny

Featured image In our posts about Benghazigate, we have focused on (1) the failure of the Obama administration to provide needed (and requested) security in Benghazi, (2) the Obama administration’s refusal to call for military assistance when our personnel were under deadly attack, and (3) the adminstration’s unwillingness to speak honestly about the attack in the days following it and, it appears, even until this day. Bill Otis identifies a fourth issue, »

Child Abuse of the Left

Featured image One of the famous stories of Ronald Reagan as governor of California is the time his limousine was making its way through a crowd of hippie protesters, and one protester held up a sign to his window reading, “We are the future!”  Reagan grinned, grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled a quick note and held it up to the window for the protester to see: “I’ll sell my bonds!” That’s »

The Monday Call: On the Scene at Ground Zero

Featured image Very bumpy ride into Cleveland last night, as the periphery of Hurricane Sandy was already beginning to be felt here.  Hard to guess what’s happening on the ground here politically as the wind and rain, already considerable by last night, have blown down the lawn signs for both campaigns.  The best place to judge Ohio is probably National Review Online’s special “Battleground Ohio” tab, where the Ashbrook Center’s Roger Beckett »

Obama Has a Plan!

Featured image With eight days to go until the election, Barack Obama tweeted his five-point plan for a second term this morning. It sounds suspiciously like Romney’s five-point plan: Unfortunately for Obama, he not only has a plan, he has a record. There isn’t much he can do to make his record go away in the next eight days. »