Stuck for a Christmas Book Gift Guide?

If so, the Claremont Review of Books has got the answer for you!  Just out today is the CRB’s “Claremont Christmas Reading” roundup of book suggestions from an all-star lineup including Harvey Mansfield, Larry Arnn, Hadley Arkes, Christopher Caldwell, Matthew Continetti, Wilfred McClay, and John Yoo, among others.  (Others including. . . moi.)  There’s one consensus pick among the assembled luminaries: it’s something about Obama and “change.”  But Jean Yarbrough’s Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition is also a consensus pick.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with online education formats, and taught my first online class for the Ashbrook Center’s MAHG program for high school teachers this fall.  I’m still getting the hang of it, but around the Ashbrook Center the wheels are turning, and we’re thinking of developing an online course to be open to the general public next spring on the subject of American Exceptionalism.  And someday I’ll probably get around to doing an online Reagan course of some kind.  But in fact I already have!  You don’t have to wait!

Last year the LibertyTalks folks (a competitor of the Teaching Company) produced a video DVD and audio CD version of 12 half-hour lectures about Reagan from me, and wouldn’t it make a great stocking stuffer for young folks in need of Gipper instruction?


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