The Week in Pictures: The Crunchy Chronicles

With the Republicans apparently filling the lifeboats at Dunkirk in Washington, DC, I’m too depressed to do the usual weekly roundup of cartoons and memes.  But for the last several weeks I’ve been gathering together a photo-essay of sorts that I might yet turn into its own separate feature called “The Crunchy Chronicles,” displaying the crunchy wackiness of Boulder, CO.  Actually I’ve doing periodic installments of this on FaceBook, under the title “Crunchometer Report.”  Time for it to be put together here.

"Responsibly" caught? What fun is fishing without beer, tobacco, and firearms?

Man to his mates in the bar: "You should have seen the ones that got away. All of them!"

Truth in advertising.

I hear this rule is widely ignored on April 20. And most other days too. Or it only applies to tobacco. Or something.

At faculty orientation day. Should I worry about these brownies?

Strangely, they didn't have any doughnuts or french bread.

Rolfing? Seriously? "Hey dude; 1978 called--it wants its meme back."

From the looks of this house, they took their own advice.

We respect animal rights! Then we eat them.

Wrong: There ARE no meat alternatives!

Eric Voegelin, call your office: they're trying to immanentize the eschaton again.

A sign of a cannibis bubble now that it's legal?

Fighting the commodification of everything.

This is just wrong.

I prefer non-functional beverages like beer and scotch, thank you.

Hadn't expected to see such rank bigotry and speciesism against out animal companions here.

Save up! The latest frontier for interpretive dance!

Living dangerously on the main quad.

And now they're wondering when campus security will show up.

Protest WalMart: because you wouldn't want people of modest incomes to have easier access to affordable goods.

What next? Separate drinking fountains?

And finally, because it wouldn’t be a Power Line Week in Pictures without it:


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