The government’s nonchalant response to Hillary’s security breaches, part three

Paul Mirengoff has written about the government’s nonchalant response to the serious security issues raised Madam Hillary’s private email/server here (part 1) and here (part 2). At last word the government has retrieved Clinton’s (wiped) server from Platte River Networks, the company she had entrusted to do her dirty work.

But consider these wrinkles: Platte River Networks says it copied the server before wiping it — copies of the emails were apparently produced from the latter server — and it produced the blank server to the FBI. Why did it store the blank server after copying it? Platte River Networks offered no answer to that question. And that’s not all. Platte River Networks was not cleared to handle classified materials in the first place. Chuck Ross and Richard Pollock report these two related stories, which seem to take us deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.


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