The World Has Gone Crazy (Again)

So I read a few days ago that there have been long-running protests aimed at the Pokemon World Championships, culminating in this report from USA Today:

Threats of violence over the Pokemon World Championships in Boston led to two Iowa men being arrested for stockpiling a trove of weapons in their car.

Boston police said Sunday that convention security reported the threats on Thursday and the suspects were stopped as they were about to enter the event hours later.

Police said they released the men, but seized their car after learning they might have guns inside. . .

They are being arraigned on firearms charges Monday. It’s not immediately known if they have attorneys.

Never mind if they have attorneys. Do they have psychiatrists? What has this world come to when people protest a cartoon character (that isn’t Joe Camel of course)? Don’t they know that Pokemon Lives Matter?

Turns out PETA was behind the original complaints against violent Pokemon video games. But PETA risks losing its status as the chief whiners. Take this Halloween costume that has just been unveiled (so to speak):

Caitlyn Costume copy

Naturally, the trans-gender community have their knickers . . . well something anyway . . . in a bunch:

A Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume has caused outage on social media.

The fancy-dress outfit, reminiscent to the ensemble the star wore on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, has gone on sale in America and fans of the transgender star have branded it “disgusting”.

Retailer Spirit Halloween have defended the getup and claim it “celebrates” the reality star’s transition from male to female, after an advert was posting showing a tattooed man wearing the low-cut white outfit, a wig and sash with ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ written on it. . .

Twitter users also flooded the social media site expressing their anger over the costume, with one writing: “The fact so many straight men want to dress up as Caitlyn Jenner for Halloween is beyond me I am disgusted.”

I wonder if there will be similar anti-social media outrage over this Halloween costume:

Cecil costume copy

The best “so bad it’s good” Halloween costume contest is over … because now you can dress up this year as Dr. Walter Palmer … the dentist who killed beloved lion Cecil.

The costume retails for $59.99 and includes a severed lion’s head, a smock and gloves with fake blood spatter, and some dentist tools for the front pocket.

Well, whatever you are offended about, the U.S. Army now has an official “Hurt Feelings Report” you can fill out (click to embiggen):

(Click to embiggen)

(Click to embiggen)


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