Bibi Brings It

Power Line roving correspondents in action.

Power Line roving correspondents in action.

Last night Power Line’s roving correspondents (that would be me and Scott—you can see how handsome we are nearby) turned up for the AEI dinner honoring Prime Minister Netanyahu with AEI’s Irving Kristol Award. And he did not disappoint.

Rather than a formal speech, the Prime Minister had a conversation with AEI’s Dany Pletka. I was especially struck by his forthright embrace of the dilemmas of the responsible statesmen: “Most often political choice is between bad and worse. It is very seldom you have a choice between good and bad.” Especially in his neighborhood.

Scott may wish to add his own thoughts here or separately. We’re both on airplanes this morning. Below is a 14-minute highlight reel from the evening.  I’ll update with the full conversation when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, in an attempt at balance, Netanyahu is speaking today at the lefty Center for American Progress.  Naturally didn’t go down too well with CAP staff. Reportedly a “staff rebellion” had to be put down. Don’t they know how to demand a “safe space”??

Foreign Policy reports:

A simmering internal disagreement at the Center for American Progress over the think tank’s decision to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week escalated into open dissent and in-fighting during an intense but civil all-staff meeting on Friday, according to two people with direct knowledge of the exchange.

The powerful liberal think tank — known in Washington simply as CAP — will host Netanyahu on Tuesday as a part of the Israeli leader’s closely-watched visit to the U.S. aimed at repairing ties between Jerusalem and Washington following the bruising debate over the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu met with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday morning and will finish the day at an award dinner at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.


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