The Dems’ debate recapped

A couple of notable tweets came out of last night’s debate. Hillary Clinton has more than 5,000,000 followers on Twitter. Sad but true. The tweet below comes from Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed. Like the neighbor in Robert Frost’s poem, she likes having thought of it so well, she says it again. There is an ongoing failure of self-assessment here, or a failure to see herself as others see her. Perhaps deception has given rise to self-deception. As Frost says of his neighbor, she “moves in darkness as it seems to me.”

The Democrats fancy themselves avatars of the young and the beautiful, yet their leading candidates are extraordinarily uncool. The tweet below comes from Jim Treacher’s Twitter feed (“Jim Treacher” is the pseudonym of Sean Medlock). He sums up last night’s Democratic debate, proving once again that laughter is the best medicine.

Via Glenn Reynolds/InstaPundit.


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