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Academic Absurdity of the Week: Another Bank Bailout?

Featured image I know a lot of people remain very upset about bank failures and bank bailouts, but wait till the populist pitchfork crowd get word of this new bank scandal, reported in Women’s Studies International Forum: The golden cage of sperm banking industry Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen, Department of Sociology, Ariel University, Israel Synopsis: The present article aims at exploring whether, if at all, women can achieve any degree of procreative liberty by shopping »

How Comey looks to a man without integrity

Featured image Former Attorney General Eric Holder is unhappy that James Comey informed Congress that the investigation of Hillary Clinton has been reopened. Holder expresses his displeasure in the Washington Post. Nowhere in Holder’s article does he address Comey’s stated reason for providing Congress with this information — namely, that Comey was obligated to correct his previous statement that the investigation was closed. But then, being honest with Congress never mattered to »

Hillary Isn’t the Only One Who Changed Her Mind About Comey

Featured image FBI Director James Comey was a media darling just three months ago, when he announced that Hillary Clinton would not be charged with a crime, notwithstanding her “extremely careless” handling of classified information. He was the Solomon of the 21st Century. But, that was then and this is now. The Media Research Center reviewed and analyzed coverage of the email story by the big three broadcast TV networks from October »

Is This Hillary Tweet Real Or Fake?

Featured image This came from a reader. It’s one of the funnier things I’ve seen lately: »

Did DOJ and FBI Blow Off Democratic Senators?

Featured image On Saturday, four Democratic Senators sent a letter addressed jointly to Loretta Lynch and James Comey, on the newly-discovered Hillary Clinton emails. They recited Democratic Party talking points and demanded fast action from the agencies. I haven’t seen the actual letter, but this description seems quite complete: Four Democrats in the Senate on Saturday sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey requesting a range »

The Stretch Drive (5), Thiel Edition

Featured image The news is going to come fast and furious this week, so we may have to update this series more than once a day. (I’d have re-christened it “Fast and Furious,” but I gather that name has already been taken for some other unrealistic franchise.) How panicked do you think Hillary’s campaign is? Well today, just in time for Halloween, they’ve rolled out a sequel to the infamous “Daisy” ad »

The Stretch Drive (4)

Featured image Wikileaks is out with another 2,500 emails from the Podesta archive this morning, the beginning of what Wikileaks promises to be the beginning of “Phase 3” of its revelations. While we await the crowdsourcing of what’s to be found in this tranche, attention remains fixed on the FBI’s new avenue into Hillary’s email scandal. CNN has reported in the last hour that the FBI discovered the Hillary-related emails several weeks »

Whom does Putin prefer?

Featured image One of the Democrats’ big talking points in this election is the claim that Vladimir Putin favors Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. The talking point serves two purposes: (1) as a response to every new WikiLeak and (2) as a selling point for Hillary in its own right. The talking point seems implausible, though. Hillary Clinton is the author of the Russian “reset,” which proved most beneficial for Putin (e.g., »

Acquittal in Oregon

Featured image I don’t believe we have commented on the acquittal in Oregon of Ammon Bundy and six others who engaged in an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge. The acquittal strikes me as a victory for lawlessness. I agree with Mark Heckert of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, who stated: Negotiating at the barrel of a gun is not a rural value; that’s just intimidation. It emboldens these guys who »

Democrats on Comey, historical edition

Featured image Communists taught the world the wonder-working powers of party discipline, but they have nothing on the Democrat/Media Axis (video below). Where have you gone, Joe Stalin? Via David Rutz/Washington Free Beacon. »

Democrats on Comey, then and now [Updated]

Featured image National Review’s Jim Geraghty captures the — what’s the word? — contradictions in the line promulgated by Democrat/Media axis then and now, and he does it in the Tweet below in fewer than 140 characters. They have turned as quickly as Communists parroting the party line before and after the Hitler-Stalin pact, which is, admittedly, impressive in its own way. Oh, and by the way, @donnabrazile, deleting the tweet praising »

“Minnesota man” on 60 minutes

Featured image Abdirizak Warsame was the elected leader of the group of “Minnesota men” who sought to join ISIS until the FBI interrupted their plans in 2015. The government charged Warsame and others with conspiracy to support a foreign terrorist organization and with conspiracy to commit murder overseas. When the FBI showed Warsame the mountain of evidence it had compiled against him and his friends, he agreed to plead guilty and cooperate »

A strange view of democracy

Featured image Jamie Gorelick and Larry Thompson, both former high ranking Justice Department officials, take to the pages of the Washington Post to claim that “James Comey is damaging our democracy.” What an odd claim. Democracy is best served when voters have as much true relevant information as possible about candidates for office. Comey’s statement that the Hillary Clinton email investigation has been reopened is certainly true. He should know. It is »

Investigation anxiety at the Washington Post

Featured image “Comey’s decision contrary to policy,” shrieked the lead headline in today’s Washington Post (paper edition; online headline is similar). But what policy did Comey violate? At the very end of their article Post writers Sari Horowitz, Tom Hamburger and Ellen Nakashima cite a 2012 Justice Department memo by Eric Holder. It states that employees “must be particularly sensitive to safeguarding the Department’s reputation for fairness, neutrality, and nonpartisanship.” If anything, »

Is Anthony Weiner Behind the Email Crisis?

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has up to date reporting on the mysteries surrounding Huma Abedin’s newly-discovered emails. The Journal’s account answers some questions, while raising others. First, the “device” in question reportedly is a laptop that Huma Abedin considered to be Anthony Weiner’s. This makes sense: people like Abedin and Weiner don’t share laptops, any more than they share cell phones. They each have their own. Thus, when Huma testified »

How Do Democracies End?

Featured image Our philosophical-historical lesson for today comes from the late John H. Hallowell, the long-time professor of political science at Duke University. Among his other fine writings is The Moral Foundation of Democracy, published in 1954. In the last chapter of the book, Hallowell reflects on Socrates’s critique of democracy in Book VIII of Plato’s Republic: The transition from democracy to tyranny is described by Plato as a process of both »

Why Hillary Can’t Govern

Featured image John, following Glenn Reynolds, argues below that as president Hillary would be out of control, because she’s a Clinton, and sleaze is what Clintons do. Younger voters may not know and the rest of us may have forgotten that the 1996 election tightened at the end when news came out about illegal foreign contributions to the Clinton campaign, brokered by such sterling figures as Charlie Trie, Pauline Kanchanalak, and Johnny »