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Hillary Wants the Power to Ban Books and Movies that Criticize Her

Featured image Hillary Clinton says that as president, she would have a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees: they must promise to vote to overturn the Citizens United case. It is easy to understand why Hillary isn’t fond of Citizens United. The case involved a film called Hillary: The Movie that was critical of her. In Citizens United, the Supreme Court held that it was unconstitutional to criminalize showings of Hillary within »

Obama’s Revisionist History on Syria

Featured image Scott wrote earlier this morning on President Obama’s just-concluded summit with members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and his press conference yesterday. One topic that came up in the press conference deserves special mention. President Obama’s “red line” on Syria is one of his administration’s historic failures. In 2012, Obama said that “a red line for us is” if Assad’s regime starts using chemical weapons; that “would change my calculus” »

Rubio Presents Vision of American Power

Featured image When I have interviewed Marco Rubio over the years, I have been highly impressed by his command of a broad range of foreign policy issues. I consider him the strongest candidate in the 2016 field, of either party, on foreign affairs.. Yesterday, Rubio addressed the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. He spoke for 25 minutes, then answered questions posed by Charlie Rose for another 35. Rubio hit hard »

We Are the World? One Hopes Not…

Featured image NATO’s foreign ministers have been meeting in Antalya, Turkey, for the last two days. The proceedings sound pretty boring, according to the official press release: “The challenges we all face demand a comprehensive response, so all of us need to work even closer together,” [NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg] said at the end of a two-day meeting. But after dinner last night, the ministers locked arms and joined in a »

The Patriots Strike Back

Featured image This morning, the New England Patriots issued a detailed rebuttal to the Wells report, which was the basis for the sanctions imposed on the team and quarterback Tom Brady by the NFL. In my opinion, the Patriots’ rebuttal is quite devastating. It confirms, as I wrote here and here, that the Wells report fails to prove its case. Particularly noteworthy is a report by Nobel Prize winning chemist Roderick MacKinnon, »

Where You See Tragedy, Liberals See Opportunity

Featured image Today’s major news story is the crash of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia, killing at least seven people and injuring many more, some critically. The crash had barely been reported before liberals on Twitter erupted with denunciations of Republicans. Why? Because the current House budget proposes cuts in federal support for Amtrak. How could that possibly relate to last night’s crash? Don’t expect logic from a liberal. Twitchy documented the »

Schadenfreude: Obama Sells Out the Environmentalists

Featured image Oscar Wilde wrote that “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell [in Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Old Curiosity Shop] without laughing.” That’s how I feel about this cri de coeur by environmentalist Bill McKibben in yesterday’s New York Times: “Obama’s Catastrophic Climate-Change Denial.” Et tu, Barack? The Obama administration’s decision to give Shell Oil the go-ahead to drill in the Arctic shows why »

Another Police Officer Won’t Be Prosecuted For Doing His Job

Featured image In Madison, Wisconsin, the Dane County district attorney announced today that police officer Matthew Kenny will not face criminal charges in the shooting death of Tony Robinson last March. This should not come as a surprise. I wrote about the case here. Kenny is invariably described as a “white police officer,” as though his skin color had anything to do with it, while Robinson was an “unarmed black (or biracial) »

On Poverty, Obama Is Hypocritical and Clueless

Featured image I wrote earlier today about President Obama’s appearance at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on poverty at Georgetown, where he singled out Fox News for criticism of its news coverage. He did eventually get around to talking about poverty: “Those who are doing better and better, more skilled, more educated, – luckier – having greater advantages are withdrawing from the commons,” he said. “Kids start going to private schools…. But wait! »

Barack Obama, Media Critic

Featured image This morning, President Obama participated in the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit at Georgetown, where he discoursed on poverty. Incredibly, Obama seems to think the real problem lies with Fox News: Obama argued if we are going to end poverty, “We’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues.” Huh? If the media stopped reporting on poverty, poverty wouldn’t exist? That isn’t quite it, but Obama’s explanation is »

Diary of a Mad Voter

Featured image Our friend Roger Simon is a co-founder and CEO Emeritus of PJ Media. Roger is one of the most interesting people I know: among other things, he is a best-selling novelist and an Oscar-nominated Hollywood screenwriter. One of Roger’s fingers still doesn’t work right, as a result of an encounter with a Mississippi highway patrolman when he was a civil rights activist in 1966. Roger was a liberal for a »

NFL Clobbers Patriots and Brady, Dubiously; Appeal to Follow

Featured image Today the NFL came down hard on the New England Patriots, taking away two draft choices (including next year’s first), fining the club $1 million and suspending quarterback Tom Brady for four games. This action was taken on the basis of the Wells report, which, as I wrote here, is surprisingly weak, especially as to Brady. The report concludes that Brady “more likely than not” was “at least generally aware” »

The Power Line Show, Episode 16: Clinton Cash, With Peter Schweizer

Featured image If you missed it over the weekend, this is a reprise of my post on the latest episode of the Power Line show, featuring an interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash. You won’t want to miss it! Last night we hooked up with our friend Peter Schweizer to talk about his sensational new book, Clinton Cash. I read the book prior to the interview; I would have said »

To the Losers Go the Recriminations

Featured image Nobody loves you when you’re down and out; not in politics, anyway. In the wake of Labour’s disastrous electoral defeat last week, the party’s leaders are being attacked from all directions. The Telegraph sums up the lessons of defeat, as drawn by the party’s various factions. As in the U.S., the conflict is between those who think the party strayed too far from the center, and those who think its »

Fidel Castro: Greediest Tyrant In World History?

Featured image We noted years ago that Fidel Castro ranked high on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world with unearned wealth. As his economic policies forced his countrymen into increasingly desperate poverty, Castro himself has lived for decades like a pasha. It is doubtful whether any of history’s rogues gallery of warlords and tyrants has ever stolen a larger portion of his country’s wealth than Fidel Castro. Now more »

The Power Line Show, Episode 16: Clinton Cash, With Peter Schweizer

Featured image Last night we hooked up with our friend Peter Schweizer to talk about his sensational new book, Clinton Cash. I read the book prior to the interview; I would have said that nothing the Clintons could do would shock me, but I was shocked. The Clintons, as I said to Peter, are a criminal syndicate. You absolutely should buy and read the book. When you have read it, lend it »

Barack Visits My Home Town

Featured image Attentive readers may remember that I grew up in Watertown, South Dakota, which I visited recently. Today Watertown was in the news because President Obama went there to tout his free community college proposal. Also, because South Dakota was the only state he had not visited as president. Politico writes: “South Dakota is last on Obama’s list… and the feeling is mutual.” The Watertown Public Opinion reports on his speech »