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Reporters Spin Furiously Against Trump

Featured image In the wake of last week’s election, one might have expected reporters to be chastened, with their candidate defeated and their attacks on Donald Trump having proved unavailing if not counterproductive. But they are incorrigible. Trump is nowhere near being inaugurated, and already reporters are spinning madly. Let’s take just one example from today’s news. The Associated Press (our old friends Jill Colvin and Julie Pace, along with Steve peoples) »

Drunk Driver Blames…Donald Trump

Featured image The response to Donald Trump’s election by disappointed Democrats has included riots, assaults, play-doh sessions and cry-ins, among other irrational outpourings. Here in Minnesota, one voter responded in a manner that–while we certainly can’t recommend it–made a little more sense: Lino Lakes police: Driver at .33 BAC blames crash on anger over Trump’s victory. A day after Americans voted for president, an extremely drunken motorist rammed into two vehicles stopped »

Democrats: Vicious, Violent, Anti-Democratic

Featured image Across the country, Democrats disappointed at losing the presidential election are rioting, burning American flags, throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers, hurling bricks through windows, setting fires in urban streets, and attacking random passers-by. We wrote about the riots and posted photos here. Much more could be added in the three days that have gone by since that post. The photos could be multiplied endlessly. This rioter had a particularly »

Cluelessness Runs Deep

Featured image Here in Minnesota, the GOP had a very good, and nearly a great, election. Hillary Clinton carried the state by a mere 1.5%, lending credence to the view that Minnesota will go Republican in 2020. Two Republican Congressional challengers fell short by heartbreakingly small margins, in the 1st and 8th districts, and in District 7, old-time DFLer Collin Peterson could muster only 53% of the vote against an unknown challenger. »

Early Returns on Trump’s Appointments Are Good

Featured image Donald Trump has been appointing members of his transition team, appointments that presumably foreshadow the ultimate composition of his administration. So far, I have been impressed by his choices. A case in point is Myron Ebell, who will lead Trump’s EPA transition team. The headline says it all: “Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition.” Donald Trump has selected one of the best-known climate skeptics to lead his »

The New York Times: Still Delusional

Featured image I heard someone say today that the person we should thank most for Trump’s victory is Jon Stewart. He had a point: support for Trump was, in large part, a rebellion against the smug liberal ignorance that Stewart embodies. Of course, when you think of smug liberal ignorance, the New York Times comes to mind. Today the Times sent the following email to its subscribers: To our readers, When the »

Media Alert

Featured image I will guest host the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow from 9 to 12 Eastern time. We will have several guests, including Stephen Moore, one of Donald Trump’s economic advisers, who perhaps can tell us where Trump intends to take economic policy. Given the enthusiasm of Laura’s audience for Trump, it will undoubtedly be a fun show. You can go here to find a radio station in your area or »

The GOP: America’s Party

Featured image During the run-up to this year’s election, we saw the usual nonsense about how the Republican Party may become extinct as a result of the inevitable Hillary landslide. The landslide, of course, didn’t happen, and neither party is going out of existence any time soon. But if that fate awaits either major party, it is the Democrats, not the Republicans. As I wrote after the 2014 election, the GOP has »

Freakout In Minneapolis

Featured image The Mayor of Minneapolis is far-left Betsy Hodges. Yesterday she posted this on the Facebook page that she uses for public communications, which is largely a cheering section for Hillary Clinton: To those who awoke afraid and more vulnerable to a President who has pledged to attack you: I stand with you, your city stands with you, and we will find a way through. To my Muslim, Mexican, immigrant, indigenous, »

Freakout at Cornell

Featured image The college craziness continues to mount. At Cornell, students held a “cry in” following Trump’s election: Devastated Cornellians ‘Mourn’ Election of Donald Trump at Cry In. Over 50 Cornellians gathered on Ho Plaza this afternoon for a cry in to “mourn” in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory. Braving the cold, wind and occasional rain, Cornellians sat in a circle to share stories and console each other, organizers »

Violence on the Left

Featured image In America, political violence is pretty much exclusively a phenomenon of the Left. The election of Donald Trump has precipitated a wave of violence, which the New York Times acknowledges rather grudgingly: Thousands of people across the country marched, shut down highways, burned effigies and shouted angry slogans on Wednesday night to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as president. The demonstrations, fueled by social media, continued into the »

Celebrity Departure Freakout

Featured image Numerous celebrities have vowed to leave the U.S. if Trump were elected. Sadly, they all will most likely disappoint us once again. But the street artist Sabo is making it easy for them with these real estate ad benches, scattered around southern California. Click to enlarge. Cher: Lena Dunham. Note the URL: More here. »

Media Defeat Trump!

Featured image The Democratic Party pulled out all the stops to try to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line, including more brazen use of their operatives with bylines than ever before. Never again will anyone take seriously the claim that reporters at papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are objective journalists. (Recall, among many other outrages, Post columnist Dana Milbank calling on the Democratic National Committee to »

Slate Goes Ape

Featured image My wife pointed out the front page of today’s Slate. (Slate, if you are not familiar with it, is a left-wing on-line magazine.) You can enlarge this image and then just ponder it. There are numerous delights to be discovered, from “Donald Trump’s Victory Proves That America Hates Women” to “Trump Won the Election By Promising a Resurgent White Supremacy.” Sure he did! One question: doesn’t a complete lack of »

More Fun at Krugman’s Expense

Featured image It’s tough to be the Krugster when things aren’t going your way. Shortly after midnight last night, Krugman wrote this: It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications »

Krugman Freaks Out, Vows to Keep Fighting

Featured image There is much to savor this morning, including the hysteria that is sweeping across the Left. We see it in ways large and small. At one of our local colleges, a class was canceled because the professor was crying too hard to teach. “I don’t feel safe here,” she said. The storm troopers were due any minute, apparently. On a slightly larger (if rapidly fading) stage, Paul Krugman comforts the »

Special Post-Election VIP Event Tonight

Featured image Tonight at 6 p.m. Central time, we will host a special, private election post mortem for Power Line VIPs. You can watch live and submit comments or questions if you like. If the hour is too early for you or for any reason you are not able to view the event live, it will stay up on YouTube and VIPs can watch it there. If you are a VIP, you »