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World’s Smallest Violin

Featured image Last week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that anyone who was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole as a juvenile must have his case reviewed and either be resentenced or given an opportunity for parole. (The inmate doesn’t necessarily have to be paroled, but must be given a hearing and an opportunity to make his case.) The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on how that ruling will affect eight juvenile »

Europe’s Immigration Policies? Not Likely to End Well.

Featured image We have covered extensively the outbreak of gang sexual assaults that occurred in Germany on New Year’s Eve, most notably in Cologne. Most recent reports suggest that as many as 600 German women may have been sexually abused by Islamic immigrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, alone. Similar outrages occurred across Western Europe. So the Europeans are scrambling to accommodate millions of immigrants, while fending off “far right” forces »

2015: Warmest Year On Record?

Featured image Government agencies and climate activists (but I repeat myself) are loudly proclaiming 2015 the “warmest year on record.” There are several obvious problems with this, starting with the fact that the “record” they refer to goes back only until the late 19th century, 1879, coinciding with the end of the Little Ice Age. So, yeah, things have gotten slightly warmer since the Little Ice Age. That’s a good thing. Actually, »

Bloomberg? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Michael Bloomberg is making noises about entering the presidential race as an independent. He supposedly is willing to spend a billion dollars of his own money, but only, apparently, if the major parties nominate what he considers to be fringe candidates: Bernie Sanders and either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. On this scenario, Bloomberg sees himself as a centrist alternative. This is delusional, of course. Bloomberg is a liberal whose »

Rubio Crushes Clinton In Minnesota

Featured image The Minnesota Poll on the 2016 presidential race is out, and its results will be shocking to some. On the Republican side, opinion is split: Marco Rubio leads with 23% and Ted Cruz is second with 21%. But in a general election matchup, Rubio wallops Clinton by nine points, 49-40. It’s no fluke: 52% of Minnesotans disapprove of Hillary, so she is eminently beatable here. Cruz tops Clinton by two »

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Featured image The East Coast has been hit with a pretty major snow storm. For some reason, this is international news. To be fair, 25 inches of snow is quite a bit, although less than the Great Halloween Blizzard that struck the Twin Cities in 1991. I can tell I am getting old, reminiscing about great snowfalls of the past! But we are living in the era of Global Warming, so weather »

Migrants Storm Calais Ferry

Featured image Earlier today, a group of around 500 Middle Eastern migrants broke off from a demonstration protesting conditions in a migrant camp in Calais and stormed the ferry that crosses the Channel to England: The port of Calais was temporarily closed on Saturday after a ferry was stormed by 50 migrants from the nearby “Jungle” camp, earlier visited by Jeremy Corbyn. Up to 500 migrants had broken off from a protest »

Federal Bureaucracies: Incompetent, Corrupt, Or Both?

Featured image The saga of Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service is almost unbelievable. After “joking” years ago that he would audit his enemies, it turned out that Obama’s minions were in fact delaying or blocking routine applications for 501(c) status by conservative organizations, in order to help the Democratic Party. When Congress tried to investigate, the Obama administration stonewalled at every turn. Evidence mysteriously disappeared and the key player in the scheme, »

For President, Marco Rubio

Featured image As regular readers know, I have long been a fan of Marco Rubio, the original anti-establishment Tea Party rebel. I don’t claim to be a personal friend, but I have interviewed Rubio quite a few times, have worked with him in various circumstances, and think very highly of him. He was in town yesterday morning for a breakfast fundraiser. Afterward, he was gracious enough to give me a few minutes »

The Latest Immigration Scandal: Overstayed Visas

Featured image Yesterday the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency issued a report titled “Entry/Exit Overstay Report, Fiscal Year 2015.” The report is limited in scope: it relates only to overstays of individuals admitted as temporary visitors for business or pleasure. It does not include overstays of visa categories like students or workers on H-1B or H-2B visas, and it covers only one year. Nevertheless, the figures are staggering. The Border Protection »

Trump: I love Obama, Can’t Stand the Tea Party. Sarah Palin Doesn’t Mind

Featured image Jim Geraghty dives down the memory hole to remind us what Donald Trump was saying just a few short years ago, in an interview with Larry King: April 15, 2009 is largely seen as the birth date of the Tea Party movement. Here’s what Trump was saying that day about President Obama: TRUMP: Well, I think he’s sort of a guy that just has a wonderful personality, a good speaker, »

Celebrity: The Currency of the 21st Century

Featured image Manny Pacquiao was a great fighter. In his heyday, he was a one-man hurricane, tirelessly throwing punches from every possible angle. I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like the fury of Pacquiao in his prime. Those days are gone, due to age and, perhaps, to an enhanced drug testing regime, but Manny, a shadow of his former self, can still sign lucrative boxing deals. And he is »

Sweden’s Immigration Cover-Up

Featured image All across Europe, the cover-up is unravelling. For ideological reasons, and to a lesser degree due to misguided economic theories, Western Europe’s elites have pretended that importing millions of Muslims from countries ranging from Morocco to Afghanistan raises no issues and creates no problems. That this is untrue has been obvious for a long time, starting with the Turkish “guest workers” who never leave. But recent events have ripped the »

Obama: Always Wrong, Never In Doubt

Featured image It seems incredible, but the Democrats are promoting the idea that the Obama administration represents a sort of economic triumph, comparable to Ronald Reagan’s 1980s boom or Bill Clinton’s 1990s stock market rise (putting aside the crash that ended the decade). Absent mass hypnosis, this will be a tough sell. Dan Mitchell takes a scalpel to the Democrats’ attempt at revisionist history (numerous links omitted): In a 2014 study for »

Barack Obama and the Hall of Fame of Straw Men

Featured image Barack Obama is famous for the false choice: time after time, he posits only two alternatives, one of which is his preferred course while the other option is an obvious straw man, sometimes a course that has never been advocated by anyone. Today’s statement on the release of four prisoners by Iran (in exchange for our release of captured Iranians) is a classic of the genre. Obama began by describing »

How Liberal Policies Hurt the Middle Class, Low Wage Earners and Minorities

Featured image In my new capacity as President of the Center of the American Experiment, I have instituted a program of quarterly lunch events. The theme of the programs this year–and maybe for years to come–is how liberal policies hurt the middle class, low wage earners and minorities. Our first event will be on February 18, at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Our speaker will be Jason Riley of the Wall »

Dueling Temperature Charts, But Where’s the Data?

Featured image Steve wrote here about the global temperature chart that presented conventional data in a normal way, and therefore aroused the ire of climate alarmists, who deemed the graph “misleading” because it didn’t look scary enough: At Watts Up With That?, Dr. C. R. Dickson reviews the controversy over the chart: This graph supposedly hides global warming because the small increases in temperatures aren’t obvious. An online article in The Huffington »