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NPR + NYT: A Recipe for Cluelessness

Featured image What happens when a National Public Radio host interviews a New York Times reporter on the subject of Venezuela’s economic collapse? You get a perfect storm of cluelessness. The host is Terry Gross, the guest is New York Times reporter Nicholas Casey, and the program is Fresh Air. Gross asks Casey about the utter disaster that Venezuela has become. Casey understands the depth to which Venezuela has fallen–he lives in »

Will Anti-Trump Republicans Elect Hillary?

Featured image Yesterday on CNN, Mitt Romney ruled out supporting Donald Trump on grounds of character. Romney called Trump a racist, referring repeatedly to “trickle-down racism,” by which I take it he means racism inspired in future generations by a racist president. When asked at the end of the interview by Wolf Blitzer whether he thinks Trump is a racist, Romney wouldn’t quite say that, but instead responded that Trump’s “comments, time »

U.S. Taxpayers Are Funding Iran’s Military

Featured image Eli Lake uncovers the latest Iran scandal: One of the unexpected results of President Barack Obama’s new opening to Iran is that U.S. taxpayers are now funding both sides of the Middle East’s arms race. The U.S. is deliberately subsidizing defense spending for allies like Egypt and Israel. Now the U.S. is inadvertently paying for some of Iran’s military expenditures as well. It all starts with $1.7 billion the U.S. »

New Cloud Studies Are Another Blow to Climate Extremism

Featured image Climate science is in its infancy, and just about every proposition is controversial. The idea that climate science is in any non-trivial sense settled is ridiculous. One area where this is obvious is clouds. Clouds play a huge role in the Earth’s climate, but the dynamics surrounding the various types of clouds are simply not understood. When climate scientists developed the models on which all global warming alarmism is based, »

Trump Broke the Record for GOP Primary Votes. So what?

Featured image Jim Hoft is excited about the fact that Donald Trump garnered more than 13 million votes in the Republican primaries, over a million more than George W. Bush’s 2000 record. Fair enough: Trump’s performance in the primaries surprised everyone, no doubt including Donald himself, and deserves to be celebrated. But how much does Trump’s record mean for the general election? Not a great deal, I think. Nor do Hillary Clinton’s »

Barack Obama, Gun Salesman?

Featured image Gun sales have boomed during the Obama administration, and the conventional wisdom is that Barack is responsible. Witnessing repeated attacks on the Second Amendment, Americans have lined up by the million to buy firearms before it is too late. That narrative underlies this Free Beacon report: The month of May saw yet another gun-related background check record making it the 13th month to see an all time high. The FBI »

Trump Backs Down

Featured image Since he clinched the nomination, Donald Trump’s campaign has been a train wreck. His criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who presides over the Trump University case, has been a four-alarm disaster. After his initial comments provoked controversy, Trump returned to the subject several times and dug the hole deeper. Finally, earlier today, Trump tried to put the matter behind him with this statement. Trump’s statement consists mostly of a defense »

WaPo Columnist: Let’s Gang Up On Trump!

Featured image The Washington Post’s media columnist, Margaret Sullivan, who is also a former Public Editor of the New York Times, has an idea that she claims is novel, but may sound familiar to Republicans: news outlets should coordinate their efforts to defeat Donald Trump! It really is an extraordinary column: Media outlets have given the likely Republican presidential nominee something like $2 billion worth of free exposure and, in many cases, »

Bernie Sanders, Anti-Semite?

Featured image Bernie Sanders is a Jew, so to call him an anti-Semite is counterintuitive. But the principal form of anti-Semitism in our era is an obsession with, and hypocritical focus on, alleged misdeeds of Israel. Hundreds of thousands killed in Syria? Who cares? Human shields died in Gaza! You know the drill. Alan Dershowitz worries that Sanders’ anti-Israel fixation will drag down the Democratic Party. That isn’t my concern, but Dershowitz »

England Giving Up On Wind Power

Featured image Hugh McNeal, chief executive of the British wind industry’s trade body, has acknowledged that with subsidies at an end, there won’t be any more wind turbine projects in England. Why? The wind doesn’t blow hard enough: We are almost certainly not talking about the possibility of new plants in England. The project economics wouldn’t work; the wind speeds don’t allow for it. Then, of course, there is “the cost of »

Muhammad Ali: A Dissenting View

I was a big fan of Cassius Clay. Whenever he fought, a classmate and I would tune in on an old radio and cheer him on. One evening, we were at a high school basketball game when it was time for a Clay fight to begin. We slipped out of the game, went to a car and enacted the fight, punching one another, as it was called on the radio. »

The Mexican Flag: An All-American Symbol?

Featured image Violent mobs who have attacked Donald Trump supporters at one rally after another wave Mexican flags while burning American flags. The vast majority of Americans will disapprove, to say the least, so the Associated Press felt called upon to assure us that Mexican flags are really OK: “Mexican flag, seen at Trump protests, has long history in US.” The flag of Mexico has a long history in the United States, »

Videos and Photos of Fascist Violence in San Jose

Featured image When people refer to fascism, they generally mean “opinions I disagree with.” But the real thing, sadly, is not extinct. For the first time in our modern history, Brownshirts are on the march. As always, they are on the Left. We have written (here and elsewhere) about liberal Democrats who have rioted at or after Donald Trump rallies. Last night in San Jose, liberals attacked Trump supporters in the most »

Wear Orange to Stop Gun Violence?

Featured image Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. To show opposition to gun violence, some people, including a few celebrities, are wearing orange–the color that hunters wear to avoid being shot accidentally. Cute. Various landmarks, including the Empire State Building, are also being illuminated with orange light. I certainly am opposed to violence, including but not limited to gun violence. The problem is that the antidote to “gun violence” inevitably turns »

The Epic Drama of Democratic Fundraising

Featured image I’ve written about the Democratic Party’s formulaic fundraising in past election cycles. They are doing exactly the same thing this year, so evidently it must work. The key to the Democrats’ approach is that it is entirely non-substantive. Emails to the party’s rank and file never mention a fact or an argument, seldom even an issue. The appeal is elemental: there are two teams, Our Team and The Other Team, »

Reporters Tell Trump: It’s a Mistake to Attack Us!

Featured image Following Donald Trump’s criticisms of the political press yesterday, various reporters have hurried to tell us that he is making a mistake. See, for example, what happened on CNN: On Tuesday’s Legal View, CNN’s Mark Preston asserted that Donald Trump’s latest attack on the media was “an absolute mistake because he doesn’t want to necessarily do that.” Preston soon added that “Trump deciding to take on the media at this »

Media Alert (Australia Edition)

Featured image Andrew Bolt is a terrific columnist for Melbourne’s Herald Sun; his columns also appear in the Daily Telegraph and other papers. Andrew also hosts a television show, The Bolt Report on Sky News. Tomorrow evening I am going to appear on The Bolt Report, attempting to explain our election to Australians. (I know, wish me luck.) I am not sure exactly when the segment will air; tomorrow evening will be »