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The Kiss of Death?

Featured image Jeb Bush’s campaign announced today that he has been endorsed by former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole. Dole will serve as Bush’s National Veterans’ Chairman. I suppose the announcement was timed to coincide with Veterans’ Day. I deeply admire Bob Dole, but I am afraid that the 92-year-old’s endorsement sums up much of what is wrong with Bush’s campaign. If there is anything Republican voters want this year, it »

Observations On Tonight’s Debate

Featured image Some quick takes on tonight’s debate: 1) On the whole, it was an excellent event. The questions were good; the moderators made CNBC look very bad. The longer answers were better, too. They gave the candidates opportunity for more substance. 2) Early on, Donald Trump was surprisingly wooden–low-energy when he wasn’t invisible. He woke up some in the second hour, but still not a big night for him. 3) Ben »

Follow Tonight’s Debate at Power Line Live

Featured image The next Republican presidential debate is coming up tonight at 8 p.m., Central time. (That’s the main event.) It will be televised on Fox Business News. What better way to watch it than with a few hundred (or thousand) fellow conservatives? The field is starting to winnow down, and tonight’s event could be key. So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live as you watch the debate. To get »

I Am Libeled. I Respond.

Featured image Scott wrote yesterday about a letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that responded to his column on the movie “Truth.” The letter was written by Gary Gilson, a supposed journalist who, as the former executive director of the Minnesota News Council, used to rule on whether news stories were accurate or not. Gilson’s letter adopted the long-discredited “fake but accurate” defense of 60 Minutes’ attack on President »

Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Featured image A cardinal rule in our medium is that you shouldn’t do a post that says you are undecided. What’s the point? It’s like voting “no opinion” in an internet poll. Why does anyone bother to do that? Nevertheless, I confess that I haven’t made up my mind about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the full text of which–thousands of pages–has now been delivered. Senator Jeff Sessions, generally the most reliable bellwether in »

Hillary Is Losing In Minnesota

Featured image Survey USA has released a new poll of voters in deep-blue Minnesota. The results should be alarming to Democrats everywhere. The poll shows just about every Republican tested–Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump–beating Hillary Clinton, if the election were held today. Jeb Bush is +1 against Hillary, within the margin of error, and Hillary beats Ted Cruz by five points. What’s interesting is that these are mostly »

Liberals Say: Bring Back Busing!

Featured image It is often said that American liberals haven’t had a new idea since the 1960s. That is true, actually. No bad idea, apparently, is ever permanently dispatched; they just keep getting recycled. (See: socialism.) This time it is busing. Here in the Twin Cities, a lawyer who brought a lawsuit to compel busing decades ago is at it again, with his son as co-counsel. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: Civil »

Trump Wins

Featured image I watched Saturday Night Live tonight for the first time since the 1970s, to see how the show would treat Donald Trump. Trump was, in a word, triumphant. True, the show was pretty bad–almost completely unfunny with only a few moments of mild amusement, mostly supplied early by Larry David. This reminded me why I haven’t watched the program for decades. Only two things mattered. The first was a sketch »

We Live In a World Gone Mad, Yale Edition

Featured image The Daily Mail recounts one of the strangest controversies we’ve seen in a while. It relates to offensive Halloween costumes at Yale. Or rather, the potential for offensive Halloween costumes. The story starts with the wife of Nicholas Christakis, Silliman College’s master, sending out an email addressing the subject of Halloween costumes, which, as we have noted before, has taken on a sudden importance at colleges and universities. The email »

Not Your Grandfather’s Immigrants

Featured image The mass migration from Islamic countries including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others, continues apace. Around three-quarters of a million migrants have entered Europe in the current wave. They generally travel through some combination of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary, but very few migrants come to rest in those countries. Almost all head for the richer nations of northern Europe. So far, Germany and Sweden have been »

Big Ben Strikes

Featured image This evening in Florida, Ben Carson held a press conference and addressed attacks that have been launched against him by the Democratic Party press. This excerpt, courtesy of CNN, is good. Carson points out that reporters had no interest in stories about Barack Obama that vastly eclipsed the nuances of whether Carson could have attended West Point. In particular, he notes that Obama’s college and law school records are sealed. »

The West Point Flap: How Much Will It Hurt Carson? [With comment by Paul]

Featured image Paul wrote earlier about Politico’s story alleging that Ben Carson has lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point. Since then, Politico has backed off slightly, changing its headline and deleting the word “fabricated” from its story (without noting the deletion). Carson has apparently told the story many times, and it appears in almost identical form in each of his two books. Carson wrote, while relating his experiences in »

Goodbye, Keystone

Featured image TransCanada’s application for permission to build the Keystone XL pipeline has been kicking around the Obama administration for nearly seven years. Recently, TransCanada sought to withdraw its permit application, presumably on the theory that the Obama administration would never grant it, and it would be easier to start fresh with a new administration than to try to overturn a negative decision by the current one. Today President Obama responded by »

The Greatest Energy Chart Ever. Seriously. [Updated]

Featured image The original energy crisis goes back to the Jimmy Carter administration. There was a shortage of gasoline, which the Carter administration made worse by fixing oil prices. Cars lined up around the block to pump what little gasoline was for sale. Carter, of course, had a solution. And it sounds remarkably familiar, as Willis Eschenbach points out at Watts Up With That? We can’t keep relying on fossil fuels. They’re »

Tarantino’s Whine

Featured image As you probably know, film director Quentin Tarantino led a protest march against police brutality in New York on October 24. He spoke at the protest, describing police as “murderers” (although, as he later clarified, “all cops are not murderers”). This predictably brought condemnation from many sources and, from some, a call to boycott Tarantino’s upcoming movie, The Hateful Eight. Yesterday, Tarantino gave an interview to Chris Hayes of MSNBC »

What If ISIS Bombed Russian Airliner?

Featured image News reports indicate that ISIS may have placed a bomb on board Russian Metrojet Flight 9268, which blew up and crashed Saturday in the Sinai Peninsula. If that is the case, Vladimir Putin and other Russians will be very unhappy. I dimly remembered a news story from several decades ago that also involved Arab terrorism, and found it via Google. Here it is, from 1986: The KGB has adopted novel, »

Margaret Thatcher: Not Stylish Enough For the Victoria and Albert

Featured image Margaret Thatcher stopped Britain’s slide into poverty and irrelevance, and the British Left has never forgiven her. So when someone–her heirs or estate, I assume–offered a collection of her clothing to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has a huge fashion collection and has often exhibited various sorts of clothes, the V&A declined: A range of items that belonged to Margaret Thatcher are to be sold at auction after the »