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Tommy Thompson holds big lead over Democrat in Wisconsin Senate race

Featured image A new Rasmussen poll shows Republican Tommy Thompson leading Democrat Tammy Baldwin by 50-38 in a potential Senate match-up in Wisconsin. This is an open seat currently held by Democrat Herb Kohl. Thus, Wisconsin represents an opportunity for Republicans to pick up a Senate seat. Thompson’s lead isn’t suprising. Before becoming Secretary of Health and Human Services, he was an election-winning machine in Wisconsin, having been elected governor of the »

Obama is standing traditional foreign policy thinking on its head, but why?

Featured image I wrote here and here about how President Obama tilted American policy in South Asia away from our natural ally, India, and towards Pakistan, a country with whom we have little natural affinity and whose role in Afghanistan has remained ambiguous at best. Obama’s approach to South Asia is consistent with his approach to foreign policy general. In the Middle East, he tilted away from our long-time ally, Israel. In »

Mitt Romney — life after high school

Featured image What kind of man – not teenager, but man – is Mitt Romney? Consider this episode, recounted by Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman in their book The Real Romney: It was shaping up to be a hard Christmas for Mark and Sheryl Nixon. They had recently moved their family to the Boston area. . .and didn’t know many people. And then. . .they got the kind of »

What was Mitt Romney like in high school (and should anyone care)?

Featured image Today’s buzz is all about a story in the Washington Post (online edition) about Mitt Romney’s high school days at Cranbrook, a tony prep school in Michigan. Allegedly, Romney did some unfortunate things. The worst of them was that, allegedly, he participated in the cutting of the long hair of a fellow student. Other students pinned the kid and Romney cut his hair. The student was gay, but apparently had »

A tale from the “wild, wild west” of academia

Featured image An internal investigation at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill has uncovered academic fraud involving the department of African and Afro-American Studies. The fraud extends to more than 50 different classes. It ranges from no-show professors to unauthorized grade changes for students. According to the findings of the investigation, the department of African and Afro-American Studies offered 616 classes from the Summer of 2007 through the Summer of 2009. This »

This day in baseball history

Featured image On May 9, 1962, the New York Mets, in their first year of existence, obtained Marv Throneberry from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for a player to be named later. “Marvelous Marv” would become the symbol of the futility of the 1962 Mets, who set the modern baseball record for futility by losing 120 games. Actually, the acquisition of Throneberry probably improved the Mets offense. It enabled Casey Stengel to »

Obama “evolves” to new fake position on gay marriage

Featured image President Obama today said that he now supports gay marriage. Obama, of course, has favored it all along and said he did back in 1996. I agree with Allahpundit that the timing of Obama’s statement was driven by the increasing embarrassment of pretending not to be a supporter — his brand was being damaged by his hedging — and the perceived need to motivate his base. Obama is still hedging, »

Richard Lugar’s unavoidable defeat

Featured image The post mortems are pouring in following the defeat of Sen. Richard Lugar in the Indiana primary last night. The ones I’ve seen contain plenty of nonsense. The Washington Post, for example, quotes “Republican insiders” as attributing the result to Lugar’s “nice guy” approach and lack of warrior instincts, rather than to the strength of the Tea Party in Indiana. John McCain, who was easily re-elected in 2010 and who »

Lugar routed

Featured image Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock is on his way to a huge victory over incumbent Richard Lugar in today’s Indiana Republican Senate primary. With half the vote counted, Lugar is almost 20 points behind. Lugar has been a Senator since 1977. His lifetime ACU rating is 77 percent. His ACU rating for 2011 was 75 percent. These numbers show Lugar to be a man of the center-right, but not a »

Two can play cynical geo-political games

Featured image I wrote here about how the Obama administration undid much of the good work performed by the Clinton and Bush administrations to create a solid partnership between the U.S. and India. Obama tilted away from India and towards Pakistan, which he hoped would become a reliable ally in the struggle against the Taliban. As a symbolic part of this re-ordering, Hillary Clinton skipped India in her initial tour of Asia. »

Prisoner releases in Afghanistan and prisioner releases in Iraq — compare and contrast

Featured image In response to news that the Obama adminstration is releasing prisoners who fought against us in Afghanistan, Max Boot presents a thoughtful defense of “tactical” prisoner releases of insurgent fighters. Boot makes the valid point that during the Iraq surge, we released Sunni fighters who vowed to turn against al Qaeda. This policy arguably helped advanced the “Sunni awakening” in Anbar province which, in turn, helped make the Iraq surge »

Santorum endorses Romney

Featured image Rick Santorum has endorsed Mitt Romney. The endorsement, which was expected, came in an email from the former Senator to his supporters. Santorum laid out, with his customary clarity, the reasons why his supporters and other conservatives, including social conservatives, should strongly back Romney over President Obama: The primary campaign certainly made it clear that Governor Romney and I have some differences. But there are many significant areas in which »

Romney attacked for not responding to throwaway comment accusing Obama of treason

Featured image The left’s latest talking point against Mitt Romney stems from an incident today during a town hall type meeting. A woman asked Romney what he would do to restore the proper constitutional balance between the three branches of government. During her question, in an aside directed at something someone near her uttered, the woman said she agreed that Obama should be tried for treason. Romney proceeded to answer the question »

Who’s “old school”?

Featured image Washington, D.C. has been off of the baseball map since 1969, the year Ted Williams took over as manager of the Washington Senators and led the club to its first winning season in 17 years. Washington literally fell off the map three years later, when the Senators left for Texas. Although baseball returned in 2005 with the Washington Nationals, that team has been nothing to write home, or even to »

Obama’s surge — not good enough for government work

Featured image Congressional Democrats and their Republican counterparts don’t agree about much these days, but there is bipartisan consensus when it comes to the results of President Obama’s Afghan policy. After visiting Afghanistan on a fact-finding mission last week, Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Republican Rep. Mike Rogers – leaders of the Senate and House intelligence committees, respectively – both concluded that the Taliban has grown stronger since Obama sent 33,000 troops »

But Sir, we are the usual suspects

Featured image There’s nothing new about stories on lawlessness on the West Bank, but this one from the Jerusalem Post caught my eye. Last week, gunmen opened fire on the home of the governor of Jenin. The governor was not hit by any of the shots, but he died of a massive heart attack shortly after the incident. In response, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, ordered a massive security operation »

Sarkozy defeated; Socialist elected

Featured image As expected, Socialist Francois Hollande has defeated incumbent president Nicloas Sarkozy. With half the vote counted, Holland leads 51-49. French polling agencies project that Hollande will end up capturing between 52 and 53 percent of the final vote. With so many factors working against him — above all, the economy — Sarkozy ended up running fairly well. But France nonetheless will be saddled with a Socialist president and, by most »