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John Kerry is “disturbed” that Iran remains Iran

Featured image Towards the end of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, the mullahs’ negotiators talked about the possibility of cooperating strategically with the U.S. on regional matters, in the event the sides reached a deal. Even “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei joined in, declaring that “if the other side avoids its ambiguity in the talks, it’ll be an experience showing it’s possible to negotiate with them on other issues.” This was an enticing »

Trump’s latest stunt

Featured image Politics continues to resemble pro wrestling, at least whenever Donald Trump is involved. His latest stunt was to give out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during an event in South Carolina, the Senator’s home state. After the event, according to Dana Bash of CNN, Trump explained that he wants the people of South Carolina to be able to call Graham so that maybe he can “do something.” Trump quickly added »

A Greek farce explained

Featured image I haven’t written about the saga of the new Greek bailout, which occurred while I was on vacation. Steve discussed it here. It was a strange saga. The leftist government rejected a bailout package, choosing instead to put the deal to a vote by the Greek people. Greece, its prime minister Alexis Tsipras, proclaimed, is the birthplace of democracy, so Greeks should decide democratically whether to accept the deal the »

Wayne Rooney to return to Everton

Featured image Wayne Rooney will play once again for Everton, the team for whom he debuted so spectacularly in 2002 as a 16 year-old, before moving to Manchester United in 2004. Unfortunately, Rooney will don the Royal Blue jersey for only one game — the testimonial match for Everton legend Duncan Ferguson. Rooney explained: As a young lad growing up in Croxteth, Duncan Ferguson was a hero of mine. As a young »

Dodd-Frank’s not so happy anniversary

Featured image Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of Dodd-Frank. In honor of the occasion, Veronique de Rugy looks at some of the commentary documenting her contention that “the legislation has overwhelmed the regulatory system, stifled the financial industry, impaired economic growth, and done nothing to correct the pernicious effects of ‘too big to fail.’” There is this excerpt from a Wall Street Journal column by Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the House Financial »

When politics imitates pro wrestling

Featured image Donald Trump is providing plenty of entertainment as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination. Unfortunately, the entertainment resembles that supplied by the TV wrestlers of my youth during “intermission interviews.” Just about everything was fair game during these “interviews” which I enjoyed far more than the actual matches. The more personal the taunting, the better. I can’t say that the taunts hurled by the wrestling villains of the early 1960s »

Another alternative to Obama’s Iran deal

Featured image One alternative to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran that I don’t think we’ve discussed is for Congress to reject it and send him back to bargaining in the hope that he and John Kerry can negotiate a better one. I haven’t discussed this alternative because I consider it futile. Not because Iran won’t agree to a deal less favorable it to than the one on the table. Obama and »

Ted Cruz “salutes” Donald Trump

Featured image Several Republican presidential candidates have been critical of Donald Trump, but Ted Cruz is not among them. Earlier this week, in an appearance with Megyn Kelly, he praised Trump. Cruz told Kelly, “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. I think amnesty’s wrong, and I salute Donald Trump for focusing on it.” Cruz added, “I like Donald Trump. He’s bold, he’s brash.” But wait! »

Can Hillary cut it on the campaign trail?

Featured image During our last evening in Paris, we were seated at a restaurant next to a friendly couple that was also vacationing. The woman turned out to be a journalist who covered the 2008 Democratic primary campaign for a major newspaper. In her opinion, Hillary will not win the presidency. She simply isn’t good enough on the campaign trail. The journalist recalled that Barack Obama wasn’t a strong campaigner at first »

Obama moves to reverse two decades of success in reducing crime

Featured image Having empowered Iran’s criminal regime and all but ensured its long-term survival, President Obama is turning his attention to doing what he can for American criminals. In one day this week, he commuted the sentences of 46 criminals, the most presidential commutations in a single day since at least the administration of President Lyndon Johnson, according to the White House. The president also took time to write a personal letter »

Iran’s trifecta

Featured image It’s no scoop to say that both Israel and Saudi Arabia are alarmed by President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. But it’s worth articulating the difference in the primary concern of the two. In doing so, we can better appreciate just how bad the deal is. Israel is unhappy with the deal because it all but ensures that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons. Whether Iran does so in 10 to »

The inside story of a Tennessee Islamist terrorist

Featured image I listened with disbelief last night as the media reported that investigators are searching for the motive behind the attack by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez on two military centers in Tennessee. Surely, the deeds tell us the motive. Res ipsa loquitur, as lawyers say. The interesting question is how Adbulazeez came to harbor his terrorist motive. Who, if anyone, inspired him? Who, if anyone, directed him? We don’t know Abdulazeez’s story »

Kuwaiti born gunman kills four marines in Tennessee

Featured image Today, a gunman identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who reportedly was born in Kuwait, killed four Marines at a Naval facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A few minutes earlier, Abdulazeez had opened fire at a nearby Armed Forces Career Center, but failed to kill anyone there. Abdulazeez died during the second attack. According to the Washington Post, it’s not yet clear whether he took his own life or was gunned down »

Why Obama’s best defense of his Iran deal falls short

Featured image John did an excellent job of dissecting President Obama’s efforts, during his press conference yesterday, to defend the Iran nuclear deal. However, Obama made one point that I consider substantial (perhaps because I raised in this post). Obama stated: So maybe [Iran’s mullahs] don’t get $100 billion dollars [if there is no deal]. Maybe they get $60 billion or $70 billion instead. The price for that, that we’ve paid, is »

Mosby family ties to police provide no answer to charge of anti-police bias [UPDATED]

Featured image Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore city’s state’s attorney, has countered charges that she’s biased against the police by saying that she comes from “five generations” of cops. But a closer look at her family history raises more questions about her view of the police than it answers. Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reports that Mosby’s mother, Linda Thompson, was forced to retire from the Boston police force in 2008 after violating »

What the Iran deal is really about

Featured image Yesterday, I argued that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is driven by two motives, neither of which involves stopping, or even significantly slowing, the mullahs’ quest for nuclear weapons. In my view, Obama’s primary motives are (1) the desire to thaw U.S. relations with the Iranian regime and, through a grand bargain, usher in an age of strategic cooperation between Washington and Tehran and (2) constrain Israel from attacking »

The Iran nuclear arrangement: more than a bad deal, a betrayal

Featured image Ishaan Tharoor of the Washington Post provides an “analysis” of the Iran nuclear deal. After raving at length about the “historic deal,” Tharoor turns to the case against it. He writes: Critics of the deal, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Republican hawks in Washington, warn that, contrary to the Obama administration’s talking points, it gives Iran a ticket to becoming a nuclear superpower. These claims are somewhat undermined »