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Ferguson shooter was a protester

Featured image St. Louis County officials say they have arrested a 20-year-old Missouri man in connection with the shooting of two local police officers. Jeffrey Williams reportedly has admitted to the shooting. He claims, however, that he did not intend to shoot the police officers. Rather, he fired the shots in connection with a dispute with another individual, but missed his target and struck the officers instead. Anything is possible. Contrary to »

State Department must produce Hillary’s flight records

Featured image Yesterday, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. ordered the State Department to produce the flight logs and expense records of all of Hillary Clinton’s official trips. The order was issued in a case under the Freedom of Information Act brought by Citizens United, the conservative activist group. Judge Gladys Kessler, a liberal, issued the order. According to David Bossie, counsel for Citizens United, the documents were requested in order to »

Michael Gerson’s misguided attack on the Cotton letter

Featured image Michael Gerson, writing in the Washington Post, joins the chorus of critics of the letter to Iran drafted by Sen. Tom Cotton and signed by 46 of his Republican colleagues. According to Gerson, the worst aspect of the letter — the thing he considers “the real scandal” — is the procedure surrounding it. Gerson notes that the drafter, Cotton, has only two months experience in the Senate. But the letter »

Did Hillary Clinton improperly share classified information? [UPDATED]

Featured image During her press conference earlier this week, Hillary Clinton said she had “her counsel” review the 60,000 or so pages of email that were on the private server she used as Secretary of State. Several times, she referred to her counsel as “they.” Thus, more than one lawyer reviewed her email trove. Presumably, the work was done by a team. Did the reviewing lawyers have security clearance? It seems unlikely. »

Corker’s Folly

Featured image Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was one of a handful of Republican Senators who didn’t sign the open letter advising Iran that a nuclear agreement wouldn’t bind the next president unless the Senate ratified it. Reportedly, Corker thought the letter would hurt his efforts to gain support from Senate Democrats of his Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, which requires the president to submit »

The Ferguson shooting: blame the assassin, not politicians

Featured image Charles Cooke urges us not to blame the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri on anyone other than the assassin himself: [The two police officers] were not shot by Barack Obama. They were not shot by Eric Holder. And they were not shot by “the media” or by the Democratic party. The shooter wasn’t forced to pull the trigger by “the protests,” and nor was his crime commissioned »

Hillary’s non-compliance runs even deeper than you think

Featured image Andy McCarthy adds a subtle but important point to the discussion of Hillary Clinton’s non-compliance with federal record-retention requirements. Clinton makes much of the fact that she turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department (if you’re a litigator, you know that such a production isn’t all that substantial). Her critics point out that she turned them over two years after she left the State Department and only »

Did Hillary Clinton commit crimes?

Featured image Soon after the New York Times broke the story of Hillary Clinton’s use, exclusively, of private email during her stint as Secretary of State, Shannen Coffin argued that Clinton may well thereby have committed a felony. Coffin noted that federal criminal law makes it a felony when any custodian of official government records, which includes emails, “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same.” Clinton concealed »

Victory in Tikrit, but should we rejoice?

Featured image Iraqi forces have swept into Tikrit and appear poised to push the Islamic State (ISIS) out of Saddam Hussein’s old hometown. Reportedly, the Iraqi forces have retaken nearly all of the city, though ISIS is still resisting in some areas. By “Iraqi forces,” I mean government troops, a small number of Sunni tribesman, and (above all) Shiite militias directed by Qassem Suleimani, head of the Iranian Quds Force, and bolstered »

Subpoena Hillary’s server

Featured image Trey Gowdy, chairman of the special House Committee that’s investigating Benghazi, said today that his committee lacks the power to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s email server because it is personal property. At the same time, Gowdy called on Clinton to turn over the server voluntarily. Clinton “doesn’t get to determine what’s a public record and what’s a personal record,” said Gowdy. Actually, in the absence of a subpoena, Clinton gets to »

Will the email scandal sink Clinton’s nomination bid?

Featured image John is worried that the Hillary Clinton email scandal has erupted too soon, leaving plenty of time for the Democrats to ditch Clinton and substitute a better candidate. The time exists, but I’m not sure the better (i.e., more electable) candidate does. Jay Cost doubts that the scandal will cost Clinton the nomination. The nominee, he says, will be selected by five groups of voters: (1) upscale liberals, (2) the »

Hillary explains, eyes roll

Featured image Hillary Clinton finally held a press conference in which she purported to explain why she used only a private account to send and receive email during her time as Secretary of State. Clinton said she should have used two accounts, but chose not to because she didn’t want to carry two devices. Clinton also admitted to having deleted thousands of emails, but said they all related to personal matters like »

Who can’t find Iran on a map?

Featured image The left has a new talking point — actually a taunt — regarding Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran. In unison, the left is tweeting that the Senator, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, couldn’t find Iran on a map. Accusing a political adversary of being a yokel — that’s just the kind of insightful analysis we can count on from the left. New York Times columnist Roger Cohen joined the »

Joe Biden “reveres” the Senate, but not its constitutional role [UPDATED]

Featured image As Scott notes, Tom Cotton has created a firestorm with his open letter to Iran, signed by 46 of his Senate colleagues. The letter explains that unless an agreement between President Obama and Iran receives Senate approval, it will not bind the next president. Vice President Biden intones that the letter is “beneath the dignity of an institution I revere.” This is sheer wind-baggery. If Biden revered the Senate, he »

Eric Holder’s unpersuasive attack on the Ferguson police department, Part Two

Featured image The Department of Justice’s angry condemnation of the Ferguson police department asserts systemic racism in the enforcement of certain laws. I argued here that the DOJ’s report fails to show such racism, though it may exist. But the DOJ’s report takes its criticism even further. It is concerned that even the facially neutral application of certain laws by the Ferguson justice system is discriminatory because of the impact on African-Americans. »

A prelude to madness [UPDATED]

Featured image Whether you’re ready for it or not, March Madness is here. This week will feature the conference tournaments (some of which got underway last week) that will help determine the field for the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball tournament. Tonight, I’ll be watching the final of the Colonial Athletic Association tournament between William & Mary and Northeastern. And I’ll be pulling for William & Mary, my older daughter’s »

Barron’s AP Test Prep Guide equates Clarence Thomas with Fascists

Featured image I’ve been warning for some time about the College Board’s effective mandate that AP U.S. History be taught from a hard-left perspective. But this report by Eric Owens of the Daily Caller leaves me stunned: The latest version of a top-selling study guide for the Advanced Placement European History exam explains the French Revolution with a chart which identifies Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a fascist and pairs him »