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Princeton Election Consortium: Clinton had a 99 percent probability of winning [With Comment by John]

Featured image On the eve of the 2012 election, I viewed the Obama-Romney as a toss-up that the challenger would, slightly more likely than not, win. After all, the polls showed the president up by only around 1 point nationally and late deciders are thought generally to break against the incumbent. When I expressed this view to members of the smart set — both just before and just after the election — »

A plausible scenario

Featured image A reader whose insights I value writes: I saw a comment yesterday that Trump’s success is a lot like Schwarzenegger’s in California. . .I suggest that what we are going to see is that Trump moves as did Schwarzenegger, being a basically a Democrat. The Trump victory speech showed this. Trump is going to keep the media liking him — the media is really his core industry. I think that »

First Lady-elect meets First Lady

Featured image Melania Trump met yesterday with Michelle Obama at the White House. I doubt that two more physically attractive women have ever met in this context. The meeting went very well, according to all accounts. I suspect that’s what “all accounts” would say regardless of how the meeting actually went. However, I’d be very surprised if Michelle Obama was other than gracious and helpful to Melania Trump. The First Lady has »

Freakout at Princeton

Featured image From a letter by a Princeton student to the Daily Princetonian: . . .I crawled into bed and cried for reasons I still [can’t] quite put into words, falling asleep before the election was called. In the morning, I woke up to a New York Times news alert and social media feeds filled with disappointment. The United States had democratically elected a man who, among so many other despicable qualities »

Freakout at Grubhub

Featured image Fox News reports that Matt Maloney, the CEO of Grubhub, sent a company wide email Wednesday telling employees that if they agree with the views of President-elect Donald Trump, they should resign. Grubhub is an online food delivery service. Maloney, a Hillary Clinton supporterr, said: I absolutely reject the nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics of Donald Trump and will work to shield our community from this movement as best as »

A defining election?

Featured image In his speech to the Democratic National Convention this year, President Obama declared: I think it’s fair to say, this is not your typical election. It’s not just a choice between parties or policies; the usual debates between left and right. This is a more fundamental choice — about who we are as a people, and whether we stay true to this great American experiment in self-government. (Emphasis added) But »

Identity politics couldn’t quite carry Hillary to victory

Featured image Why did Hillary Clinton lose this election? Given how close it was — Clinton won the popular vote but came up a wee bit short in three crucial big states — we are free to blame or credit the factor of our choice. If we focus on how the vote broke down (as opposed to external factors like Comey and WikiLeaks), one thing that jumps out is the extent to »

Freakout — “reach out and touch someone” edition

Featured image The freakout continues on the Washington Post’s op-ed page. Today, Michael Gerson weighs in. Sounding very much like the college presidents and diversity administrators we’ve been ridiculing, Gerson writes: The most immediate concern should be to reassure men, women, and children — particularly Muslim Americans and migrants — who feel uncertain of their place in the new order. . . [A]ll of us should go out of our way in »

A freakout at Wellesley College

Featured image Hillary Clinton is a Wellesley grad, but that’s no excuse for this inane letter from Wellesley president Paula Johnson to the “Wellesley community”: For many of us hoping to see our first woman president, this election has surprised and disappointed us. But the Wellesley spirit is indomitable, and it is in this spirit that I wanted to express to you my feeling of resolve—a powerful resolve to transform this moment »

Barack Obama on the election [With Comment by John]

Featured image President Obama spoke graciously today about Donald Trump’s stunning victory. Obama’s words matter (as he likes to say) because they are in keeping with the American political tradition. But Obama’s real thoughts were revealed in the days leading up to the election when he campaigned for Hillary Clinton as no president in my memory has ever campaigned for a would-be successor. Here is what Obama said the day before the »

House update: Dem gains slight; Issa squeaking through

Featured image It now looks like the Democrats will pick up only 6 or 7 seats in the House. That’s a poor showing. Even in pessimistic scenarios (for them) they were expecting at least a dozen pick-ups. The low number may prove significant in 2018. It leaves the Dems with more work to do than expected in order to capture the House in that year’s election. Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that »

A freakout at the Washington Post

Featured image Last night, I received several messages from friends telling me how much they were enjoying the liberal media freak out over Trump’s impending victory. My focus was on gathering information, rather than watching reactions, and posting it on Power Line. So I missed the freak out. Making up for lost time, today I’m enjoying (for the first time in memory) reading liberal columns on the Washington Post’s op-ed page. E.J. »

“Stronger together” under Donald Trump? Conceivably

Featured image Yesterday, anticipating a victory by Hillary Clinton, I reposted a piece denying that America would be “stronger together” under Hillary Clinton. Now that Donald Trump has defeated her, it’s worth asking whether we will be stronger together under his leadership. I posited four criteria for a strong America: First, America must have a strong military. Second, America must have a shared belief that it is great, and not just “because »

Power Line picks — the scorecard

Featured image We want to thank all of our readers who contributed to one or more of our Power Line picks. Four of the six won last night, which isn’t bad considering that we picked three underdogs including one, Sen. Johnson, who many thought was a lost cause when we picked him. We didn’t quite match 2014 when five our our six candidates won. I view five as an ideal number. If »

Clinton concedes; Trump speaks

Featured image Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump around 2:30 (it appears) to concede the election and congratulate the tycoon. Trump then gave his victory speech. Trump was exceedingly gracious. He spoke highly of Hillary Clinton, not just for her campaign but for her service to the country. He then thanked a large number of people, though he seemed almost to overlook Mike Pence. I wouldn’t make much of what appears to have »

It’s Trump, almost certainly

Featured image Pennsylvania is in the Trump column now. How about that? This puts him at 265 electoral votes. With Arizona, Trump would be over the line. Trump leads in Arizona by 4 points and 75,000 votes. 83 percent of the vote has been counted. I fail to see why Arizona hasn’t been called for Trump yet. Maybe it has been at some decision desks. In some states, the margin might be »

Podesta to “victory” party crowd: Go home and get a good night’s sleep

Featured image They will go home, but they won’t get much sleep. Hillary is going to take heat for sending Podesta out, rather than appearing herself. I don’t blame her, though. She must be devastated beyond our ability to comprehend. Assuming she loses, Hillary will, I hope, give a gracious concession speech tomorrow. If she doesn’t, then she can fairly be criticized. Trump needs to be gracious too. There shouldn’t be any »