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Eric Holder backs softer sentencing legislation

Featured image Former Attorney General Eric Holder spoke last week in support of softer sentencing for criminals. Holder called the sentencing reform proposals in the House and Senate “a historic opportunity,” though naturally he called on Congress to make the legislation even more lenient. Holder also disputed the existence of a “Ferguson effect,” whereby rants against the police have made some officers less proactive in their work, thus increasing the level of »

Ben Carson’s lack of candor about his involvement with Mannatech

Featured image Ben Carson’s “West Point flap,” as John calls it, made me curious about the veracity of another set of biographical statements by the doctor — his discussion of his relationship, if any, with a company called Mannatech. I had been aware of the controversy over this, but hadn’t looked into it. Mannatech is a supplier of medical supplements. In 2007, then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed suit against Mannatech »

Found: a signed copy of Clinton’s agreement on handling sensitive compartmented info

Featured image The Washington Free Beacon reports that a day after becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed a Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement that set forth the criminal penalties for “any unauthorized disclosure” of classified information. It had been assumed that she signed this document, but now it has been confirmed that she did. By signing the statement, Clinton affirmed, among other things: “I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, »

Aspect of Dr. Carson’s personal story unravels [UPDATED and CORRECTED]

Featured image I like Ben Carson, though in the race for the GOP nomination he’s far down my preference list. Thus, I was happy to defend him from what struck me as an unfair attack by CNN on his “personal story” (having to do with manifestations of anger as a teenager). But now, the Carson campaign has admitted that the candidate’s story about applying [note, Carson never claimed to have applied] and »

Carly Fiorina on sentencing reform

Featured image After Carly Fiorina’s address at the Iowa state fairgrounds last Saturday, I joined the crowd that wanted to meet her. My impression of how she interacted with the crowd is recorded here. When it was my turn to meet the candidate, I thanked her for running such a good campaign and asked if she would take a question. Fiorina readily agreed, and I asked her about criminal sentencing reform. Here »

CNN outs Ben Carson as nice kid

Featured image We’ve grown accustomed to the liberal media trying to derail Republican candidates by exposing them as jerks when they were kids. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush received this treatment. But CNN is taking different line of attack against Dr. Ben Carson. It wants to derail the good doctor by showing that he was a nice boy. Why? Because Carson has said that before he found God, he had a terrible »

Paul Ryan should stay away from entitlement reform next year

Featured image I have heard several Republican presidential candidates, including Ted Cruz, publicly wish that the GOP would fight as hard for conservative principles as President Obama fights for radical leftist ones. It’s a good thought, but I wonder whether those expressing it realize the full implications. One crucial way that Obama fought for his radical leftist principles was to conceal them when running for president. For example, he didn’t support gay »

Chris Christie on sentencing reform

Featured image I went to Iowa intending to ask every candidate I could about sentencing reform. Unfortunately, Chris Christie was the only one of the ten GOP contenders I saw who took questions. Thus, he and Carly Fiorina, whom I approached after her speech at the State Fairgrounds, were the only candidates I was able to discuss the matter with. Here is how it went down with Christie: The question I asked »

Media Alert

Featured image I will appear tonight on “Tipping Point,” a new program hosted by Liz Wheeler on One America News Network. We’ll be talking about sentencing reform. The show begins at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. I’m told the segment with me will begin around 10:30. »

Up close with Iowa Republicans

Featured image The liberal media would have it that Republicans are old, white, and angry. To what extent was this stereotype borne out by the big Republican event at the Iowa state fairgrounds on Saturday? The crowd certainly wasn’t young. Age 66, I was older than average, but hardly outside my age-comfort zone. Nor was the crowd diverse. I saw only a handful of African-Americans and not many more Hispanics. To be »

Obama “bans the box”

Featured image President Obama, with the help of some seriously misguided Republicans, is devoting the last segment of his presidency to helping one of his favorite interest groups — criminals. Not content with letting thousands of them out of jail early, the president is now attempting to improve their chances of obtaining federal employment by banning federal agencies from asking applicants about their criminal histories on job application forms. This policy goes »

Up close with Carly

Featured image Carly Fiorina has received excellent reviews throughout the campaign season, and with good reason. Her debate performances have been uniformly excellent. However, some criticize Fiorina for being cold and humorless on the stage. With this is mind, I approached Fiorina after her speech in Des Moines on Saturday to see how she interacted with the large group that wanted to meet her. I also wanted to ask her about sentencing »

At the Iowa state fairgrounds: Who moved them?

Featured image Ten Republican candidates turned up at the Iowa state fairgrounds on Saturday to speak to an audience of about 2,000. All but one of them delivered a stump speech. Chris Christie was the exception. He spent all of his time answering questions. His answers were on point and forceful. This was probably the most impressive performance of the day. Some who gave stump speeches modified or updated them to reflect »

At the Iowa state fairgrounds: Who turned them out?

Featured image The Iowa caucuses are in significant part about who can get their supporters to show up. Thus, one thing I wanted to watch for at yesterday’s Growth and Oppoertunity event was which candidates got supporters to the fairgrounds to cheer and hold signs. This metric would, it seemed to me, provide a rough measure of some combination of level of support and “ground game.” Unfortunately, neither Donald Trump nor Ben »

Iowa Republicans are very much up for grabs

Featured image I spent most of today at the Iowa state fairgrounds watching the Iowa Republican Party’s Growth and Opportunity event. Approximately 2,000 Republicans attended. Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the two leaders in Iowa, skipped the event. John Kasich was the only other member of the top 10 who did not show up. From the bottom tier, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Santorum all spoke. I will discuss the speeches »

Chris Christie: What you see is what you get and it’s not bad

Featured image Dave Begley and I went to see Chris Christie in Council Bluffs, Iowa today. Dave’s reports have been excellent, so I will let him take the lead role. Here, though, is a summary of my impressions. Christie was excellent, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been watching the debates. He presented strong opening remarks and then answered questions for more than an hour. His answers were forceful, intelligent, and solidly »

Outrageous media bias yields good night for most GOP candidates

Featured image Let’s start by identifying the two biggest losers of tonight’s GOP presidential debate. They are CNBC (along with the mainstream media in general) and Jeb Bush. But since CNBC isn’t running for president, I guess Bush is the biggest loser. The winners tonight were the candidates who most effectively trounced the blatantly biased CNBC moderators. Heading that list are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Honorable mention (and I do mean »