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What’s in a name?

Featured image Not much, at least not in this election. If you don’t believe me just ask Mark Pryor, Alison Grimes, Michelle Nunn, Mark Begich, Jason Carter (grandson of Jimmy), among others. Who is the biggest name in the 2016 presidential field? Hillary Clinton, of course. The Clinton name was hardly magic this year. For example, it didn’t seem to help Pryor in Arkansas. He ended up losing to Tom Cotton by »

A huge upset in my own backyard

Featured image Less than two weeks ago, I went to Italy firmly convinced that Maryland Democrat Anthony Brown, our Lieutenant Governor, would defeat Larry Hogan in the Maryland gubernatorial race. When I returned two days ago, I found that Hogan had drawn just about even with Brown in the polls. Yet, I couldn’t convince myself that Hogan would win. Maryland is, after all, about as Blue any state in the nation. Thus, »

Time for a new Power Line Picks thread [Ernst wins] [UPDATES on Mills and Love with correction]

Featured image Let’s start this thread with more good news. Power Line Pick Elise Stefanik has won her race in New York’s 21st Congressional District. She is, in fact, routing her opponent Aaron Woolf. We’re proud to have supported Stefanik. I want to thank my older daughter Laura for first calling her to my attention. Now let’s move to other good news. Joni Ernst is leading Bruce Braley in Iowa by 4 »

Scott Walker wins [UPDATE: This guy is goooood]

Featured image Fox News has declared Scott Walker the winner in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race. It looks like he might win pretty big. As I said earlier today, a Walker victory by any margin should make him a top tier presidential contender. Walker is, as a reader pointed out to me, a “blank slate” when it comes to foreign policy. This should actually work to his advantage, though not necessarily to the »

Republicans closing in on control of Senate [UPDATED: Ernst puts GOP over the top]

Featured image As I write this (shortly after 10:00 p.m. in the East), the GOP has picked up five Senate seats tonight. The pick-ups are in West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Colorado, and Montana. This puts the Republicans within one pick-up of taking control of the Senate. The GOP’s burden would increase, of course, if the Democrats were to gain a seat. And that could happen in Kansas, although incumbent Republican Pat »

Crist losing in Florida [UPDATED: Scott wins]

Featured image There’s no candidate I would rather see lose, from a personal standpoint, than Charlie Crist. In a profession full of slippery characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crist is the most slippery. Indeed, it’s difficult to find an important subject as to which he has not flipped. Crist is locked in a tight contest for Florida governor against incumbent Rick Scott. The two have been neck-and-neck all night. But now, »

What’s up in Virginia? [UPDATED -- Warner ahead]

Featured image Early in the campaign season, I had some hope that Republican Ed Gillespie would unseat incumbent Mark Warner. As the season went on, however, I saw no evidence that Gillespie had a serious shot. But now, with almost half the vote counted, Gillespie leads Warner 51.8 to 45.6. In absolute terms, he leads by almost 60,000 votes. Virginia returns can fluctuate pretty dramatically during the course of an evening. As »

Tracking the Power Line Picks [UPDATE: Cotton and Mooney win]

Featured image I’m going to use this post throughout the evening to follow the six races involving Power Line Picks. There isn’t much to report yet, of course. For what it’s worth, Alex Mooney has jumped out to an early 7.5 point lead in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District. However, this translate into a margin of only around 1,300 votes. The Second District is extremely diverse. Without knowing where the early returns »

McConnell reelected

Featured image Fox News has called the Kentucky Senate race. Mitch McConnell is the winner. Maybe now Alison Grimes will tell us how she voted in the last presidential race. By the end of evening, McConnell may be the new Senate majority leader. That would be one fine night for the old war horse. McConnell’s counterpart, Harry Reid, will be up for reelection in two years. He will have the benefit of »

Today’s most important race

Featured image What is the most important race in this year’s election cycle? It’s whatever race, if any, determines which party will control the Senate. But if control of the Senate does not end up turning on one race, then the race for Governor of Wisconsin is probably the most important of the day. For this race could have major implications for the 2016 presidential contest. Scott Walker is, I think, the »

Jeanne Shaheen helped lead charge to have IRS attack 501(c)(4) groups

Featured image According to the Daily Caller, “Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and President Barack Obama’s political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative nonprofit groups during the 2012 election.” The “plot” consists of developing IRS regulations that would make life difficult for 501(c)(4) groups. We have written in some detail about these regulations which, properly viewed, boil down to an »

Obama’s syrian proxies routed

Featured image The Free Syrian Army and Harakat Hazm were formed with the intention of fighting the Assad regime. President Obama hoped to convert them into forces that could help degrade ISIS. But over the weekend, both groups found themselves in combat against neither Assad nor ISIS. Instead, they fought Jabhat al-Nusra, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria. It did not go well. Both groups were routed. Many fighters surrendered. Many more scattered. »

Meanwhile, what about the House? [UPDATED]

Featured image The day before the election, attention is focused, as it should be, on the battle for control of the Senate. But we shouldn’t neglect the House. No one thinks the Democrats will win back the House this year; it’s understood that, to the contrary, the GOP is likely to build on its current margin. But the more seats the GOP picks up, the greater the likelihood it will retain control »

As they approach the finish. . .

Featured image If you believe Nate Silver, and his track record (2010 and 2012) provides plenty of reason to do so, there is only one “toss-up” Senate race at this point. That’s the Kansas race between incumbent Republican Pat Roberts and alleged independent Greg Orman. In all other Senate races, Silver finds that one candidate has a 66 percent or better chance of winning. And in two races once thought to be »

Off to Italy

Featured image I’ll be in Southern Italy for the next ten days. I don’t expect to blog while there. I’ll be back in time for the election. In the meantime, John, Scott, and Steve will keep everyone fired up. I look forward to reading their coverage. GOP election prospects look good to me. The old cliche would have it that 12 days is a lifetime in politics. That’s not true, but it’s »

Anne Kuster’s ghoulish pro-choice rally [UPDATED]

Featured image Annie Kuster, a Dartmouth grad, represents New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District. She’s a “pro-choice” Democrat. Kuster is locked in a tight race with rising star Republican Marilinda Garcia. Larry Sabato rates the race “leans Democratic.” This morning, Kuster held a rally to announce that she has received the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire, the state’s leading pro-abortion outfit. The rally was held in a room decorated with a skeleton »

“Bruce Bailey” for “governor of Iowa”

Featured image With control of the Senate at stake, Barack Obama can’t quite stand the thought of remaining on the sidelines. This, perhaps, is why he keeps injecting himself into the race by telling people that his policies are on the ballot and that endangered Democratic incumbents are “folks who vote with me.” Obama’s desire to participate may also explain why Michelle Obama went to Iowa not long ago to campaign for »