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Stronger unread, WaPo edition

Featured image Yesterday in “Better unread” I noted the humorous Amazon reviews of the new book allegedly by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. I want to add that the Washington Post’s Carlos Lozada is as harsh as the Amazon commenters, but then Lozada actually had to read the book: “By the time I finished this book, I resented its existence….I don’t understand why this book was compiled — ‘written’ is too generous »

Drawing inferences in St. Cloud

Featured image The mayor of St. Cloud just held a press conference with law enforcement authorities on the stabbing rampage at the Crossroads Center mall last night. Other than crediting the off-duty officer who killed the perpetrator (identified as Jason Falconer) with acting promptly at his own risk to to lives, the press conference was remarkably short on information. As late as noon today the Star Tribune seemed to be holding out »

Stronger unread

Featured image Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine claim the authorship of the campaign manifesto Stronger Together, released in paperback by Simon & Schuster on September 6. The book opens with the kind of bold statement that has served Clinton well in the course of her long career in public life: “It has been said that America is great because America is good. We agree.” Let it not be said that she has »

Clueless in St. Cloud [updated]

Featured image One of the many chilling moments in the terrorism trial in Minneapolis this past May was the presentation of a piece of evidence that passed in a flash without comment. The evidence was a photograph of one of the defendants dressed in the uniform he wore when he worked as a security guard (pretty much whenever he wanted) in the Twin Cities. I think the photograph must have had the »

Credit card fraud: Hillary edition

Featured image Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns pioneered the acceptance of illegal foreign donations. I first wrote about it in the 2008 New York Post column “Dubious donations.” In 2012 it was same as it ever was, or so it seemed. By September 2012 Peter Schweizer’s Government Accountability Institute had produced a 98-page report documenting the phenomenon. The silence of the mainstream media showed it was same as it ever was in »

The wheedle and the damage done: Hillary edition

Featured image Professor Robert Kaufman traces the connection between the monumental foreign policy disasters and misjudgments of the Obama administration in the Wall Street Journal column “What’s a Reagan internationalist to do?” (accessible via Google here. Professor Kaufman observes: “As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton served loyally as President Obama’s first mate on his foreign-policy Titanic.” Professor Kaufman draws a contrast between Clinton and Trump in this respect: “[U]nlike Mr. Trump, Mrs. »

Don’t Click on this

Featured image No matter how much trouble they stir up or get themselves into, left-wing moonbats always land on their feet. Thus the recent landing of Melissa Click at Gonzaga University in Spokane, fresh off her firing from Mizzou for her widely viewed thuggish behavior. How did she do it? Her landing apparently does not have great local support in town or among Gonzaga alumni. The Spokesman-Review reports here. KREM2 reports here »

The wheedle and the damage done: Cheney edition

Featured image The impetus for my post “The wheedle and the damage done” was the September 10 Wall Street Journal column by Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney that expressly set forth the theme of that post: “Dangers rise as America retreats” (accessible via Google here), yet I forgot to include it in my round-up. They put it this way: Defeating our enemies has been made significantly more difficult by the policies of »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll puts the adage about STICKS AND STONES to good use. She writes: As the old childhood adage went: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but you better make the first stick count, cuz I carry a gun.” No wait, that’s not quite it. Let me Google that. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” There ya go! Dang memory… Psychiatrists’ couches »

The wheedle and the damage done

Featured image No American president has ever done more damage to American national security or America’s standing in the world than Barack Obama. We’ve never had a president quite like him before. I think the damage is attributable to his rabid belief in the myths of the left-wing critique of the United States. We will be living with the damage he has done for a long time to come (if we are »

The Clinton health update

Featured image The Clinton campaign released a letter from her personal physician addressing her physical condition following her collapse at the 9/11 Memorial ceremony in New York on Sunday. The letter disclosed that Secretary Clinton was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. A copy of the letter has been posted online here. Clinton returns to the campaign trail today. We asked the prominent internist who wrote us regarding Clinton’s diagnosis of pneumonia this past »

From the Ramirez files

Featured image Michael Ramirez (@Ramireztoons) is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his editorial cartoons. When a conservative commetator like Bret Stephens or Terry Teachout or Ramirez takes home a Pulitzer, you know the man overflows with talent. Ramirez published the cartoon below more than a year ago, on August 20. 2015. The cartoon is posted in his archives here. In one variation or another the image is on its way to »

Frequently or rarely

Featured image The Clintons are having trouble keeping their lies straight. That’s the conclusion I draw from Bill Clinton’s interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose on Monday. Rose asked Clinton if the missus was simply dehydrated when she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday. “When you look at that collapse, that video that was taken, you wonder if it’s not more serious than dehydration,” Rose observes. “Well, if it is, then »

Talkin’ pneumonia

Featured image If you’ve been following the story of Hillary’s Clinton’s pneumonia on television, you may have heard that Clinton wanted to “power through” her pneumonia, but after Sunday’s overheating episode, it “seems like the smart thing to do” to take some downtime, even though she s “raring to get back on the trail.” If you have heard this, it’s because these are among the six bulleted talking points the Clinton public »

Alan Taylor’s revolution

Featured image From its very beginning in the United States, the Progressive movement has disparaged the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the American Revolution. Take Alan Taylor, for example, who represents the state of the art. Taylor is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History at the University of Virginia. Despite the chair he holds, Taylor is not much of a fan of the American Revolution. The New York Times »

Ellison’s 9/11

Featured image In advance of the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, the Washington Post opened its pages to Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison for a column under the headline “I’m the first Muslim in Congress. I believe America can beat Islamophobia.” It’s another manifestation of the phenomenon John wrote about in “The true significance of September 11….” Ellison doesn’t have much to say about the association of terrorism and any form of »

The curious case of Ilhan Omar

Featured image In case you missed it, I’m taking the liberty of reposting this from Friday morning in slightly revised form to draw attention to my City Journal column “The curious case of Ilhan Omar.” On August 30 I sat down with Preya Samsundar to talk about her work on the Ilhan Omar story. Covering the story for Alpha News, Preya has shown herself to be a dogged, resourceful and unintimidated reporter. »