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Axe whiffs on Cotton

Featured image Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton sat for an interview with former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod late last week at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics (video below, posted here on YouTube). Judging by the derisive laughter of the audience in response to Axelrod’s lame japes and brain-dead left-wing talking points, I take it that the interview was conducted before a crowd mostly hostile to Senator Cotton. Axelrod, of course, »

Terror & the Teddy bear society

Featured image Anthony Daniels usually writes under the pen name Theodore Dalrymple. He is the Dietrich Weismann Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. I had the great good fortune of meeting him a few years ago on a National Review cruise when he took an open seat at my table for breakfast. We bonded immediately when I mentioned that I’d heard a lot about him from my friend Jay Nordlinger. Everything Daniels or »

Ordeal of Omaha Beach

Featured image Reader Patti Kruse wrote us last year to encourage our remembrance of the D-Day landings on the Normandy beaches. “My dad landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day,” she told us. “He was one of the fortunate ones, as he was never physically injured and managed to survive from D-Day all the way through the Battle of the Bulge and V-E Day. He rarely spoke about his experience except to say »

Cardiac Arrest: Howard Root unbound

Featured image John recently hosted our friend Howard Root at a packed Center of the American Experiment lunch forum in downtown Minneapolis. Howard told the story of his experience as chief executive officer of Vascular Solutions caught in the crosshairs of the federal government when prosecutors sought to put him in the big house and his company out of business. It was the most powerful 45-minute presentation I have ever seen. Howard »

What’s wrong with this picture?

Featured image As someone who would like President Trump to succeed in his achieving most of his own professed objectives, I think he is his own worst enemy. The tweet below presents something of a case study. He trashes his own team. He undermines his own authority. He aids his opponents (both legal and political). He sounds like a prisoner in a Chinese fortune cookie factory. That’s not all, but that’s also »

London Bridge is falling down

Featured image Belief in Islam is a necessary condition of radicalization into Islamism. What is termed radical Islam or Islamism represents a form of Islam. It is a form of Islam with which we cannot live. When we heard the first reports of the terror attack in London yesterday, there was little room for doubt that the attackers were Muslims celebrating Ramadan. We probably didn’t need to hear that one of the »

The 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition revisited

Featured image The time may have come around again for what was once billed as “the car of the future” by the gentleman who travels under the nom de guerre Iowahawk. In the video below Iowahawk touts the virtues of the 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition. He seems to have drawn inspiration from automobiles manufactured under the eyes of the efficiency experts in the Communist paradises of old. The video dates »

The heart of Rod Carew

Featured image You may have heard that former baseball great Rod Carew needed a new heart after a massive heart attack in 2015. I was vaguely aware that he recently had a heart transplant. Listening to Rod talk in the booth during the broadcast of the Twins game against the Angels in Anaheim on Thursday night, I understood from Rod’s comments that the story behind the transplant had taken a few twists »

With a little help, the Times strikes again

Featured image It is hard to comprehend the casual malice of the New York Times toward the national security of the United States. Today, with a little help from “current and former intelligence officials,” the Times’s Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Goldman call out Michael D’Andrea, the CIA officer newly appointed to run the agency’s Iran operations. The Times explains its perfidy: The C.I.A. declined to comment on Mr. D’Andrea’s role, saying it »

Anatomy of the collusion lie

Featured image Our friends at that American Greatness site are pushing back on the alleged “collusion” scandal narrative. Andy McCarthy’s “Real collusion” was the first in a series. Brandon Weichert and Chris Buskirk’s “The anatomy of a lie” (i.e., the Trump-Russia collusion scandal) is the second. It aims to tell how the Russia story evolved from a campaign talking point into a witch hunt in search of a crime. Weichert and Buskirk »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is in a fighting mood. She asks you to HOLD MY BEER! She writes: One of my favorite jokes concerns several “famous last words” in Texas. Attributed both to Kinky Friedman and Jeff Foxworthy, prominent among these last words are “Watch this” and “Hold My Beer.” Montana is fairly similar to Texas in outlook when some jackass gets in your face. It is one of my favorite states. »

Hillary looks back in anger (3)

Featured image Below is the Fox News graphic compiling “everyone and everything” Madam Hillary has blamed for her loss to Donald Trump. Even this list may not be complete. Implicit in Clinton’s latest recitation is the Electoral College factor (as Shannen Coffin pointed out to me this afternoon). I posted Shannen’s list here. The Fox News Insider article that is a companion to the tweet below is posted here. A list of »

Hillary looks back in anger (2)

Featured image I actually didn’t do justice to Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of blame for her loss to President Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Not even close. Fox News is using an excellent graphic that extracts the items that can be gleaned from the full transcript of her remarks at the 2017 Recode Conference yesterday. I can’t find the graphic online. Our friend Shannen Coffin, however, provides an almost completely reliable »

Hillary looks back in anger

Featured image Hillary Clinton sat for an interview with Walter Mossberg and Kara Swisher at Recode’s 2017 Code Conference yesterday. The full video (below) runs 75 minutes. Recode has posted a transcript here. Swisher gingerly reminds us of Clinton’s invocation of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Swisher asks “how many years did you talk about the vast right-wing conspiracy?” Clinton’s definition of the VRWC amounts to opposition to her political causes. “[There are »

The ordeal of Bret Weinstein

Featured image The Wall Street Journal calls on Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein to explain the ordeal in which he is engulfed. Professor Weinstein provides the back story in the column “The campus mob came for me–and you, professor, could be next.” Professor Weinstein observes forthrightly: “Evergreen has slipped into madness. You don’t need the news to tell you that—the protesters’ own videos will do.” Professor Weinstein has the rest »

We won’t always have Paris

Featured image President Trump has decided to withdraw the United State from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Politico asserts that the move “is certain to infuriate America’s allies across the globe and could destabilize the 2015 accord.” America’s allies, however, won’t be as infuriated as America’s mainstream media, though withdrawal will undoubtedly constitute another count in the Democrats’ list of high crimes and misdemeanors supporting Trump’s impeachment. Politico helpfully explains: The »

The full Pelosi

Featured image A reporter at her regular news conference this past Thursday asked House Minority Leader for her impressions of President Trump’s first trip abroad. She prefaced her answer with comments on her own trip abroad during a recent break, passing on foreign criticism of Trump while purporting to find it inappropriate. “We may have our disagreements which we fully air in our own country,” she volunteered, “but we don’t go overseas »