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A word from Ahmad Batebi

Featured image Ahmad Batebi is a relatively well known Iranian dissident. He appeared on the cover of the Economist in 1999, waving the bloody shirt of a fellow protester. He was tried behind closed doors and convicted of “creating street unrest.” In the Islamic Republic of Iran, that’s a hanging offense. Batebi was sentenced to death, though the sentence was subsequently reduced and he escaped to fight another day. 60 Minutes told »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll returns with a fruitful question: CUSTOMER SERVICE: An Oxymoron, or What? She writes: So, I’m sitting at home in my Dusty Little Village after having returned from shooting in a nearby Dusty Bigger Village. I got a new Sig Sauer .45 with almost no kick. Just chillin’ and enjoying an adult beverage as dinner was bubbling happily away in the oven, not feeling at all like Cranky Caitlyn »

Inspector Clouseau was unavailable (2)

Featured image Today the juicebox leftists at Vox and their fellow lefties elsewhere in the media took a stab at discrediting George Jahn’s August 19 AP story reporting the self-inspection provisions of the IAEA side deal with Iran applicable to the Parchin facility. The AP has now posted the text of the original draft of the side deal here. The side deal shows President Obama and administration officials to be voluble liars »

Weekend at Bernie’s 2015

Featured image A source deep inside Investor’s Business Daily kindly advises that, as usual, Michael Ramirez hits it out of the park today (cartoon below). You can see with your own eyes that our source is unusually reliable. The cartoon is posted at IBD here. The cartoon brilliantly makes a point that John Hinderaker has made repeatedly on this site. »

Inspector Clouseau was unavailable

Featured image President Obama purports to have a sophisticated theory of international relations supporting his catastrophic deal with Iran. Dealing with the world’s foremost sponsor of state terrorism and an avowed enemy of the United States, Obama is lavishly funding the regime and leaving Iran’s nuclear program on the path of development to nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. He proclaims the deal a famous victory, but with the AP’s report on the, ah, »

The loose ends accumulate

Featured image Reflecting on his service at the Admiralty during the First World War, Churchill wrote: “The terrible ‘Ifs’ accumulate.” In the Clinton email story, the ludicrous loose ends accumulate. In Tuesday’s Best of the Web column “Party like it’s 1998″ (accessible here via Google), James Taranto provides a useful summary of developments in the Clinton email saga, apparently posted before her astounding press conference (Taranto has links to each of the »

The Menendez manifesto

Featured image John quoted liberally from Senator Robert Menendez’s speech opposing the Iran deal yesterday here. Senator Menendez gave the speech before a friendly audience at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations. The text of the speech is posted here; video of the speech below (45 minutes). I think the speech is devastating to the case that Obama et al. have advanced for the Iran deal. The speech deserves »

Her close encounter of the #BLM kind (2)

Featured image The video below depicts the first half of Madam Hillary’s close encounter with the #BLM contingent she met with privately in Keene, New Hampshire; I posted the second half of the encounter here yesterday. I found the first half of special interest because the #BLM spokesman provides a pure dose of the toxic Ta-Nehisi Coates Kool-Aid in his opening remarks to Clinton. Observing both videos together, Elizabeth Price Foley urges »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Bobby Jindal

Featured image Continuing his series on the appearance of the presidential candidates in Iowa, Nebraska attorney Dave Begley files this report on Bobby Jindal in Council Bluffs yesterday. Dave reports: I first saw Bobby Jindal in Council Bluffs, Iowa on July 1. At that time and after the first debate I was concerned about the effectiveness of his presentation because of his rapid delivery. He has slowed down his delivery considerably and »

Her close encounter of the #BLM kind

Featured image Madam Hillary deigned to grant a private meeting on August 11 to activists from the #BlackLivesMatter crew. Weekly Standard reporter Michael Warren advises that the chapter depicted in the video below is from Boston and that the meeting appears to be backstage after an event with Clinton in Keene, New Hampshire. They lecture each other. He who lectures last lectures best. Madam Hillary lectures last. »

A word from Patrick Farr

Featured image Patrick Farr is the father of Specialist Clay Farr, one of the thousands of Americans killed and maimed in Iraq by Iranian munitions. Clay Farr was killed in Iraq in 2006. In the video below, released by Vets Against the Deal, Mr. Farr remembers his son and expresses his opposition to President Obama’s deal with Iran. Funny — funny if you’ve been listening closely to what Obama is saying — »

Live from Kimballton, it’s Rick & Carly

Featured image Continuing his series of reports for us on the appearance of the presidential candidates in Iowa, Nebraska attorney Dave Begley files this story on the West Central Iowa Counties Boots and Barbeque Bash Fundraiser at Cottonwood Barn in Kimballton, Iowa on last night. Dave reports: The best news is that the food at the Republican event was fabulous, ten times better than the Dems’ food in Clear Lake. It wasn’t »

Report: Iran threatens IAEA

Featured image In the adjacent post, Paul writes about Adam Kredo’s story reporting Iran’s control over the identity of nuclear inspectors working under the side deals. Kredo also reports this related story based on the public statement of an Iranian official: Iranian leaders prevented a top International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) official from disclosing to U.S. officials the nature of secret side deals with the Islamic Republic by threatening harm to him, »

“You think we’re that stupid?”

Featured image The almost unbelievable tale of Hillary Clinton’s private email/server used for her official State Department business is fraught with loose ends. While we struggle to keep up with developments, America Rising has put together the video below giving us a fair take on the story so far. Via Jim Geraghty, who asks: “Who would have foreseen that last line from Mika Brzezinski?” »

Richard Block: Not this deal

Featured image President Obama has sought to silence the voice of the organized Jewish community opposing his deal with Iran. Several prominent Jewish organizations have resisted and expressed their opposition to the deal. Obama’s response has been an extraordinarily nasty piece of work. Rabbi Richard A. Block now speaks up in opposition to the deal, noting some of the same points we have here on Power Line. Rabbi Block is senior rabbi »

A conversation with Christina Hoff Sommers

Featured image In the latest of his Conversations, Bill Kristol draws out former philosophy professor Christina Hoff Sommers on the myriad of subjects to which she has contributed her wit and wisdom over the past 20 years or so (video below, about one hour). Among the subject on which she speaks with authority and interest are the movement for “safe spaces” on campus, how feminism went awry, the war against boys, the »

Who ya gonna call?

Featured image I’ve noted the anti-Semitic themes and canards on which President Obama has unsubtly drawn in promoting the deal with Iran. He’s injected anti-Semitism into the mainstream of the Democratic Party. He hasn’t been reticent and he’s hardly been called on it. He is a true believer with a true believer’s lack of scruples or other inhibitions. Despite its liberalism and its Democratic tilt, the organized Jewish community has to a »