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The Goldberg variations

Featured image Obama national security adviser Ben Rhodes proudly put his contempt for Obama’s media enablers on display in David Samuels’s New York Times Magazine profile “The aspiring novelist who became Obama’s foreign policy guru.” Rhodes repaid the servility of Obama’s media enablers with rank ingratitude. Rhodes confides to Samuels: “They literally know nothing.” It’s a remarkable performance. Lee Smith takes a look at the response to Samuel’s profile “The Ben Rhodes »

“Minnesota men” go to trial (3)

Featured image After two days of voir dire involving a panel of 100 prospective jurors, we have a jury in the case of the three Somali Minnesotans charged with seeking to support ISIS and related offenses. The jury pool for federal court in Minneapolis draws on citizens in the southern part of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities but extending well beyond them to counties outstate. The prospective jurors called for this case »

With Rhodes as my witness

Featured image The New York Times Magazine profile of Ben Rhodes by David Samuels has prompted a counterattack. In the profile Rhodes proclaimed his success in promoting a false line on behalf of the Obama administration’s deal/alliance with Iran. Rhodes showed himself to be the ultimate ingrate. He expressed contempt for the reporters and others who disseminated his lies. To those who served as fools for Obama, Rhodes offered this tribute: “The »

“Minnesota men” go to trial (2)

Featured image The case against the three “Minnesota men” who have not pleaded guilty to terrorism charges related to efforts to join ISIS proceeded as scheduled yesterday before Judge Michael Davis in federal district court in Minneapolis. A large crowd of Somali supporters of the defendants filled the courtroom The morning was consumed with preliminary motions including one involving the possible withdrawal of attorney Murad Mohammad. Mohammad represents Mohamed Farah. Farah claims »

Madam Hillary goes last

Featured image On Face the Nation yesterday CBS’s John Dickerson asked Hillary Clinton about the FBI investigation into her private email arrangement for the official business she conducted as Secretary of State. The investigation has required the services of more than 100 FBI agents and extended over many months. Following the news last week, Dickerson asked whether the FBI had contacted her yet. As always, Clinton characterized the investigation as a li’l »

“Minnesota men” go to trial

Featured image Over the past year the government has charged ten “Minnesota men” (i.e., Somali Minnesotans) with seeking to join ISIS. One of the ten is believed to have made it to Syria and is unavailable for trial. Six of the ten have pleaded guilty. This past October a grand jury added a charge of conspiracy to commit murder overseas to the original charge of lending material support to a foreign terrorist »

Obama’s gaps

Featured image President Obama gave the commencement address at the historically black Howard University in Washington yesterday. Politico has posted the text here; the White House has posted the video below. It’s not all bad, but it’s mostly bad. It goes on for 45 minutes that feel like 45 hours and features Obama’s faux ghetto speak. That’s bad too, though it’s not as bad as Hillary’s. Doesn’t anyone in Obama’s circle of »

Disinformation, Washington Post style

Featured image Washington Post Plum Line contributor Paul Waldman asserts that “Hillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy.” He explains: “[I]n order to have broken the law, it isn’t enough for Clinton to have had classified information in a place where it was possible for it to be hacked. She would have had to intentionally given classified information to someone without authorization to have it[.]” Waldman shows no »

When Elvis met Nixon

Featured image With his superb two-volume biography of Elvis — Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love — Peter Guralnick has made himself the essential chronicler of Elvis’s story. Guralnick of course tells the true story of the day in December 1970 when Elvis met Nixon in the White House. The story of the visit provides insight into Elvis’s patriotism as well as comic relief in the denouement of Elvis’s life. The »

The runt of Rhodes

Featured image Obamacare was built on an edifice of calculated lies. Some of us could see the propositions on which President Obama sold Obamacare as falsehoods at the time of the selling. Others have learned from bitter experience after the buying. President Obama and his team hold a low opinion of the intelligence of the American people. See, for example, the case of Jonathan Gruber. Having elected him president twice, we have »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (4)

Featured image Chris White takes note of the excerpt of the NBC News interview with Romanian hacker Guccifer that was broadcast last night. Guccifer claims to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He says it was easy. White observes: “Somewhat skeptical of Guccifer’s claims, NBC News asked multiple cybersecurity experts to analyze Guccifer’s claims of how he accessed Clinton’s server, and all reportedly concluded that it was possible.” He then quotes »

Not yet

Featured image Heading into the Cedar Cultural Center over in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis in December 2009, I found myself entering with the evening’s featured attraction. John Sebastian was the star performing along with mandolin virtuoso David Grisman; they were appearing together in Minneapolis on the first stop of a too-short tour in support of their 2007 disc Satisfied. I shook hands with Sebastian and asked him if he remembered »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (3)

Featured image NBC News interviewed the Romanian hacker Guccifer in Bucharest before he was extradited to the United States. His extradition to the United States appears to have been prompted by the Clinton email investigation. Indeed, Guccifer told NBC News more than a month ago that he had hacked the private email server on which Clinton chose to conduct her official business as Secretary of State. In the report broadcast last night, »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll meditates on Our Lady of the Trigger in GOOD HEAVENS! She writes: Let me make several points about the recent incident with the deranged woman-like substance having a meltdown at UMass Amherst. First. Gentlemen: There is really no better way to wound a woman to her very core than to attack her looks. When I was a Freshman at Northwestern University, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition (2)

Featured image First NBC News managed to wangle an interview with Guccifer in a Romanian cell. In the course of the interview NBC extracted the “bombshell” (as NBC calls it) that Guccifer hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Had NBC reported it, its “bombshell” would have been a scoop. Having extracted the “bombshell,” NBC sat on it. It chose to leave it to FOX News to report the story of his hacking »

Beyond the grassy knoll

Featured image Ed Rogers considers a few possible difficulties that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign raises for Hillary Clinton. He characterizes them as Trump’s “advantages.” This “advantage” Rogers himself puts in quotes, suggesting his ambivalence about it: Another “advantage” Trump has is that nothing is out of bounds for him, there’s no place he won’t go and nothing is too low. Most recently, Trump actually thought a good way to sully Ted Cruz »

Guccifer speaks, NBC edition

Featured image Yesterday Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne reported on their interviews with the Romanian hacker Guccifer in the course of his detention in Virginia. NBC News provides another angle on Guccifer’s claim that he successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server: The Romanian hacker who first exposed Hillary Clinton’s private email address is making a bombshell new claim — that he also gained access to the former Secretary of State’s “completely »