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Hayward’s modest proposal, &c.

Featured image I want to take the liberty of drawing attention to a few items that are worthy of attention without much in the way of further comment. Listen up! • Steve Hayward hasn’t declared his preference in the matter of Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. It seems to be a close run thing. In any event, it has Steve’s creative juices flowing. He makes a modest proposal in the Weekly Standard »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Mike Pence

Featured image Nebraska attorney Dave Begley has filed another of his reports from Council Bluffs, this one on the appearance of GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Close readers may observe that Pence’s positive case for Trump is a little thin. Dave reports: Governor Mike Pence appeared in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Monday night. He has the personality of a likable guy. He should be effective in raising money and getting votes »

Catch-22, IRS style

Featured image This past Friday the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals partly reinstated the lawsuits brought by two groups — True the Vote and Linchpins of Liberty — that had sued the IRS over its targeting of conservative or Tea Party-type organizations seeking 501(1)(c)(3) status. The court has resurrected the groups’ claims for relief enjoining the IRS against continued discriminatory treatment. The D.C. Circuit opinion is posted here and is worth reading. »

The email angle on the Iranian scientist

Featured image This morning Senator Tom Cotton was on both FOX News Sunday and Face the Nation (full interview below) this morning to discuss the payment of ransom by the Obama administration to free American hostages from Iran (video below). On Face the Nation, Senator Cotton observed regarding the Iranian scientist whose execution Iran has just announced: “I’m not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for »

Trump touches Minnesota’s untouchables

Featured image Minnesota’s large and ever increasing Somali population is the ultimate protected minority in our left-wing utopia. The Somalis are black. The Somalis are Muslim. The Somalis vote Democratic. Enough said. This past fall Governor Mark Dayton instructed “white, B-plus, Minnesota-born citizens” to suppress their qualms about immigrant resettlement in Minnesota. If they can’t, they should “find another state,” he advised. Good to know. The Somalis may be retrograde in their »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image At least in terms of quality, Cry Cry Cry was a modern folk supergroup. The members of the group were Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell. They took the name of the group from a Johnny Cash song. They got together for one (self-titled) recording (1998) and one tour (1999). We caught them when they came through town in 1999 to play at the big auditorium of St. Catherine »

Why she should have faced the music

Featured image You know why Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted. FBI Director James Comey laid out the factual predicate in his press conference announcing his findings and his recommendation against prosecution. Forrmer Attorney General Michael Mukasey concisely explains the legal basis for concluding that Comey erred in the brief interview below with AEI’s Marc Thiessen. Watching the video may set you back if you have anger management issues, but it is »

Ms. Clinton regrets (again)

Featured image This past Sunday FOX News played Chris Wallace’s interview with Hillary Clinton. In the video I posted here, Clinton claimed at 16:35 she had admitted her mistake in connection with the email scandal; her “mistake” was “not using two different email addresses.” That’s what she said. Really. Taking questions at a gathering of the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists yesterday, Clinton purported to acknowledge »

Obama’s ransom payment (6)

Featured image At his press conference yesterday, President Obama denied that we made a ransom payment to Iran, denied that the ransom payment was hidden and declined to respond to the question of the uses to which the ransom payment would be put (video below). Obama addressed the ransom payment for some seven minutes in his patented style, weaving in arrogance, condescension, disparagement and falsehood in roughly equal measure. Analyze this: “This »

(DHS) Magical mystery tour: Judicial Watch reports

Featured image In “Prosecutors say member of alleged ISIL recruit’s defense team preached jihad,” Star Tribune reporter Stephen Montemayor noted in passing that local imams and Muslim “community leaders” had received a “behind-the-scenes security tour” in February at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Montemayor mentioned the tour when he noted that Hassan Mohamud — “Sheikh Hassan” — had been “uninvited” from the tour. What??? What tour? That’s where Montemayor left matters, so »

Now read this: A footnote

Featured image I wrote about a Europe comes to Minneapolis sort of story reported by KSTP News in “‘Minnesota men’ at play.” The video of the KSTP News report is embedded in my post. KSTP News has pulled the written online version of the story, but I believe the video still plays. In the piece KSTP News has pulled from its site Brett Hoffland warily reported: Minneapolis police are investigating a series »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is thinking about CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. She writes This is one woman’s experience with crimes against either me personally or my loved ones. I have been very lucky indeed, with only a few incidents in my long life, most against property. But some crimes were serious enough they could have ended in tragedy. THE END OF INNOCENCE! As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the ’50s and »

Name/rename this

Featured image In a recent dispatch from the cultural revolution on campus, the Office of the President of Yale University has posted the following announcement: Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming In recent years, and with increasing intensity during the past year, a wide-ranging conversation has taken place at Yale and elsewhere about the role of naming and renaming in acknowledging and confronting our history. Although decisions at Yale and other universities »

Obama’s ransom payment (4)

Featured image The United States purchased $400 million of cash in European currencies from European central banks; the cash was purchased with American dollars. The United States then delivered the $400 million in cash to the Iranian regime in an unmarked cargo plane on the day that four Americans held by the Iranian regime were released. The transaction was kept secret from the American people. Among other things, the Obama administration sought »

Now read this

Featured image Without further comment, I urge readers to check out the following intensely reported pieces on the spread of Islamist terrorism. Here they are, in reverse chronological order: Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times (August 3), “How a secretive branch of ISIS built a global network of killers.” Excerpt: “Believing he was answering a holy call, Harry Sarfo left his home in the working-class city of Bremen last year and drove for »

Obama’s ransom payment (2)

Featured image In the adjacent post Paul Mirengoff extracts the key points from the page-one Wall Street Journal story by Jay Solomon and Carol Lee reporting the Obama administration’s covert cash payment of $400 million to our enemies in Iran as they released four Americans they had detained. Omri Ceren has also emailed a useful summary of key points. Despite the repetition, I thought readers might find it of interest. Omri writes: »

Obama jumps on the pig pile

Featured image The Trump Train rumbles on toward its likely Wreck on November 8. Indeed, it has picked up speed over the past few days. The engineer appears almost willfully to be driving in the wrong direction. The adage attributed to Napoloeon holds that one should never interfere with an enemy when he is engaged in the process of destroying himself. In response to what looked to me to have been a »