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Sunday morning coming down

Featured image I have passed on many opportunities to see Joan Baez perform, but I rethought my position when she came through Minneapolis last month. We bought tickets to see her in concert before a sold-out crowd at the State Theater and the tickets were priced such that we didn’t have to draw on a line of credit to do it. Baez turned 75 earlier this past January. Who knows where the »

Sentencing the “Minnesota men”

Featured image Nine “Minnesota men” have pleaded guilty (six) or been convicted (three) in the big ISIS conspiracy case that was originally filed in Minnesota last year. “Minnesota men” is the preferred media descriptor of the Somali defendants in the case. The case was assigned to Judge Michael Davis, before whom the case was tried over three weeks this past May. I attended the trial and wrote about it every day on »

Bret Baier corrects

Featured image Bret Baier opened this past Wednesday night’s edition of Special Report with several scoops on the progress of the FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Baier slightly expanded on his scoops in an interview with Brit Hume on On the Record, the video and transcript of which are posted here. I posted the video of Baier reporting his scoops in “Analyze this.” Paul Mirengoff commented on Baier’s »

From the mixed-up files of Ms. Neera Tanden

Featured image John found common ground with Neera Tanden, president of the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress. CAP coordinates closely with the Democratic Party, seeking to draw it ever further left. Speaking to friends like John Podesta via email, Tanden is a biting observer of the passing scene. In public, however, not so much. At Heat Street Andrew Stiles finds another example in the latest WikiLeaks run through John Podesta’s »

Obama vouches for Ma Clinton

Featured image Barack Obama has emerged as a forceful advocate of Hillary Clinton in the course of the presidential campaign. He is more popular than she is, but they have a lot in common. They both have an equally low opinion of the intelligence of the American voters and they have a lot of evidence to support their opinion. They also share an equally wayward relationship with the truth. Obama’s signature domestic »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll contemplates HISTORICAL HYSTERIA. She writes: In 2008, as I have discussed previously, on Election Night, when Indiana (Indiana?!) gave its electoral votes to Obama, I got in my car in Minnesota and drove all the way to Oklahoma just to be in a Red State that hadn’t lost its mind. Bless you, Oklahoma. Not just the state, but every county went for McCain/Palin. I claimed no special prescience »

Analyze this

Featured image Bret Baier opened last night’s edition of Special Report with several scoops on the progress of the FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation (video below). Baier slightly expanded on his scoops in an interview with Brit Hume on On the Record, the video and transcript of which are posted here. Paul Mirengoff comments on Baier’s report in the adjacent post. RealClearPolitics extracts the five points in Baier’s »

Marc Rich revisited

Featured image In his excellent Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents: From Wilson to Obama, Steve Hayward observes of Bill Clinton: “Clinton’s most flagrant abuse of his constitutional power was the pardon.” As Steve recounts, the pardon of Marc Rich represented abuse of authority, gross corruption and ruthless prevarication all in one tidy package. It signfies! With the return of the Marc Rich pardon to the news — courtesy (ahem) of the »

Imagine there’s no media bias

Featured image I originally posted this in February 2015. A reader reminded me of it yesterday. I thought some readers might find it of interest in the event you missed it the first time around. Here it is in slightly revised form: It is impossible to imagine what our political landscape would look like in a world where the mainstream media were fair and impartial. Unlike the utopia conjured by John Lennon, »

Halloween, &c. with Ramirez

Featured image Against all the odds, the brilliant editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez (@Ramireztoons) continues to extract humor from the current presidential campaign. He observed Halloween in “Monsters and ghouls.” Inspired by the big story currently in the news, I think Ramirez has topped himself in “Carlita Danger.” I could say “Sandy Berger! Thou shouldst be living at this hour,” but it wouldn’t be right. I will only say thank you, Mr. Ramirez. »

Democrats on Comey, historical edition

Featured image Communists taught the world the wonder-working powers of party discipline, but they have nothing on the Democrat/Media Axis (video below). Where have you gone, Joe Stalin? Via David Rutz/Washington Free Beacon. »

Democrats on Comey, then and now [Updated]

Featured image National Review’s Jim Geraghty captures the — what’s the word? — contradictions in the line promulgated by Democrat/Media axis then and now, and he does it in the Tweet below in fewer than 140 characters. They have turned as quickly as Communists parroting the party line before and after the Hitler-Stalin pact, which is, admittedly, impressive in its own way. Oh, and by the way, @donnabrazile, deleting the tweet praising »

“Minnesota man” on 60 minutes

Featured image Abdirizak Warsame was the elected leader of the group of “Minnesota men” who sought to join ISIS until the FBI interrupted their plans in 2015. The government charged Warsame and others with conspiracy to support a foreign terrorist organization and with conspiracy to commit murder overseas. When the FBI showed Warsame the mountain of evidence it had compiled against him and his friends, he agreed to plead guilty and cooperate »

Podesta pirouettes

Featured image John Podesta holds the position of chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign. He appeared this morning on CNN’s State of the Union for an interview by Jake Tapper regarding James Comey’s announcement that the FBI has obtained additional emails bearing on the Clinton email investigation (video below). CNN reports on the interview here. Podesta talks like he can run out the clock with his gums flapping until November 8. Summarizing »

The Clinton degradation

Featured image The prospect of a second Clinton presidency lies before us. I find it almost unbelievable. FBI Director Comey’s announcement of the investigation of newly discovered emails is a timely reminder of what a Clinton presidency holds in store for us simply in terms of lawlessness and scandal, not to mention the horribly destructive public policies she advocates. In her four-minutes press conference this past Friday evening, Clinton was asked what »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image With the arrival of Halloween tomorrow, it may be an opportune moment for a diverting change of pace. If you listen to the right radio stations at this time of the year, you will hear a few songs associated with the holiday. Probably foremost among them is “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Here is the improbable backstory offered by Bill Diehl at AllMusic: “Hawkins originally »

The Clinton cash nexus, RICO style

Featured image Yesterday I briefly noted “The Clinton cash nexus” with links to pieces touching on the recent “Bill Clinton Inc.” WikiLeaks revelations. Now comes Andrew McCarthy with a look at the Clinton cash nexus through the eyes of a former federal prosecutor (i.e., his own). Plot spoiler: Andy finds a criminal racketeering enterprise at the heart of the enterprise. Andy’s column — “Clinton’s State Department: A RICO enterprise” — presents the »