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Fallon’s fallacies

Featured image Earlier this week Catherine Herridge reported the findings conveyed in the letter dated January 14 sent by Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III to the chairmen of the congressional committees with oversight responsibility. McCullough’s letter summarized the findings of one unidentified intelligence agency concerning information found in emails on Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server. According to the unidentified intelligence agency, “several dozen” classified emails on Clinton’s server included information classified »

The confirmation of Wilhelmina Wright

Featured image The Senate confirmed Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Wilhelmina (Mimi) Wright as a Minnesota federal district court judge on Tuesday. Heritage Action announced that it opposed her confirmation and that it was important enough that it was scoring the vote on her confirmation as a key vote. Several conservative outlets more or less protested her pending confirmation in advance of the vote. Most Republican Senators voted against her confirmation. If I »

“13 Hours” revisited

Featured image We went to see the film 13 Hours at the Grandview Theater in St. Paul this past Saturday evening. Paul Mirengoff gave a good account of the film here. Paul’s post states what I have to say in greater detail and more articulately than I will. I only want to urge readers to see the film in a theater while you still can and to add these comments. The movie »

Clintonian recurrence

Featured image Politico’s Rachel Bade and Josh Gerstein take a look at the the new Clinton email story first reported yesterday by Catherine Herridge. Bade and Gerstein extracted a statement from the Clinton campaign that has a familiar ring: “This is the same interagency dispute that has been playing out for months, and it does not change the fact that these emails were not classified at the time they were sent or »

At this point, it might make a difference

Featured image Catherine Herridge reports the findings of the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s summary of intelligence agencies’ review to date of the information in Hillary Clinton’s unsecured emails. Herridge notes that the IG letter wasa sent to the leadership of the House and Senate intelligence committees and leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and State Department inspector general. It’s a »

In which Vance Opperman tells a tale

Featured image Vance Opperman is an extraordinarily wealthy Minneapolis businessman and former practicing attorney. He’s also an active Democrat whose financial contributions would be more than sufficient to secure him an ambassadorship to the country of his choice, though he pleads that he “will trade lutefisk for ambassadorship.” (Humor isn’t his strong point.) City Pages reports that in 2014 he was Minnesota’s top Super PAC donor, contributing $260,000 to the WIN Minnesota »

The Dems’ debate recapped

Featured image A couple of notable tweets came out of last night’s debate. Hillary Clinton has more than 5,000,000 followers on Twitter. Sad but true. The tweet below comes from Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed. Like the neighbor in Robert Frost’s poem, she likes having thought of it so well, she says it again. There is an ongoing failure of self-assessment here, or a failure to see herself as others see her. Perhaps »

The Dems’ debate: Another world

Featured image I don’t deprecate President Obama’s accomplishments in office. It seems to me that he has delivered to a substantial extent on his promise of “fundamental transformation” of the United States. He has also had a profound effect on the Democratic Party. Last night at the Dems’ debate in Charleston, Hillary Clinton presented herself as his heir. Bernie Sanders, well, he wants to continue the fundamental transformation too. There is nothing »

The prophetic voice

Featured image When Martin Luther King, Jr., brought his nonviolent campaign against segregation to Bull Connor’s Birmingham, he laid siege to the bastion of Jim Crow. In Birmingham between 1957 and 1962, black homes and churches had been subjected to a series of horrific bombings intended to terrorize the community. In April 1963 King answered the call to bring his campaign to Birmingham. When King landed in jail on Good Friday for »

A note on the hostage deal

Featured image Reader Don Burden writes to comment on one of the convicted Iranians released by the Obama administration in exchange for the four or five American hostages who are returning home. Mr. Burden writes, he says, because “this is something I have a lot of personal knowledge about” as a result of business litigation his software company is pursuing. Mr. Burden’s note seems to me to add an important dimension missing »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Bill Clinton

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley has reported for us on the appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa over the past several months. The Iowa caucuses will take place on February 1. Dave anticipates that this may be his last Iowa report for us this cycle as the Des Moines Register calendar notes no further scheduled appearances of candidates in western Iowa before the caucuses. If this is his last report »

Lies of Guantanamo

Featured image In the Age of Obama, we are living by lies. Prevarication seems to be the operative principle. President Obama’s declared goal of emptying our detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is supported by many lies, including one he reiterated during his State of the Union remarks earlier this week. According to Obama, Guantanamo is a recruiting tool for terrorists. However, Obama is more of a recruiting tool than Guantanamo. Senator Tom »

Rambling on her mind

Featured image Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski is a Democratic true believer. She self-identifies as a Hillary Clinton voter in the event Hillary is the party’s nominee. Yet she confesses to puzzlement about the “core message” of Madam Hillary’s presidential campaign. She sought clarification from the lady herself during a telephone interview yesterday morning, asking what the “core message” of her presidential campaign is (video below). Madam Hillary rambles on for several »

After last night

Featured image I was impressed with the performances of all seven participants in the GOP presidential candidates’ forum last night (transcript here video below). I liked them all, especially when they talked about Obama or Clinton, and I thought they all did well with the exception of the pummeling that Ted Cruz took at the hands of Donald Trump on the matter of “New York values.” Trump administered a beatdown that left »

Remember the Pueblo

Featured image Questions abound in the case of the two ships and ten sailors captured by the IRGC in the Persian Gulf earlier this week. We can be grateful that the sailors have been released by Iran, but the groveling exhibited by the Obama administration is a matter of profound national embarrassment, which seems to be exactly what the Iranians intended. The administration, of course, prefers to present the matter as a »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image This week Ammo Grrrll is thinking about PLAYING BY THE RULES: The propensity to make rules for others to follow – somehow lawmakers always manage to exempt themselves – is truly astonishing. We have recently witnessed another weepy backdoor attempt by the President to immiserate the lives of law-abiding gun-owners while leaving the “refugee” terrorists, the criminals, the insane, free to continue with theft and straw purchases. This site has »

The Brooks brutalism

Featured image New York Times columnist David Brooks may have hit a new low with his attempted hit job on Ted Cruz in “The brutalism of Ted Cruz.” James Taranto provides a devastating analysis of Brooks’s column in “Brooks borks Cruz” (accessible via Google here, I hope). For those who know the deep meaning of pants in Brooksworld, you might say that Taranto depantses Brooks. Kent Scheidegger also addresses Brooks’s column in »