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Total system failure

Featured image A redacted copy of the Navy’s official Report of the Investigation to Inquire into Incident in the Vicinity of Farsi Island Involving Two Riverine Command Boats (RCB802 and RCB805) on or About 12 January 2016 has been posted online. Interested readers may want to review it themselves. The report is dated February 28, 2016; I haven’t seen any explanation accounting for the delay in its release. Paul comments on the »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll has a few words on PUSILLANIMOUS POLL-CATS: When I was a kid watching Westerns, “pusillanimous polecat” was a mighty insult. A polecat is another name for a skunk. Last week I read that even in my Red State of Arizona, the polls show Trump behind by four points. Heck, why even bother to have the election? I do not believe it. The odor of polecat wafts through the »

ISIS in the Twin Cities, &c.

Featured image I found attending the trial of the three ISIS wannabes of the ten charged last year to be an incredibly rich experience. I’m still chewing it over. I take another look at the trial and at the national media’s pitiful coverage of it at City Journal in “ISIS in the Twin Cities.” I also touch on the related immigration issue implicit in the case. In light of the massacre in »

For a moment, disparate impact disappears

Featured image The Democrats’ mania for the restriction of Second Amendment rights followed the Orlando massacre committed by a maniacal Muslim devotee of ISIS. The Democrats urgently advocated gun control legislation that would limit the rights of suspected terrorists listed on secret government databases that include more than 1,000,000 individuals, although the Americans on it number in the low thousands depending on the list involved. We don’t know who they all are »

Annals of mewling idiocy

Featured image The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken its $100 billion non-signing bonus on the Iran deal. With the cash in hand, it will ramp up its nuclear program and fund terrorism without financial constraints. The murderous terorist group Hezbollah is a chief beneficiary of Iran’s largesse. As Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah explained late last week: “We are open about the fact that Hezbollah’s budget, its income, its expenses, everything it »

God and clown at Yale

Featured image If you’re trying to understand the madness that has overtaken university campuses, Yale presents an important case study. My daughter Eliana takes a look at Yale’s ordeal in the current NR article “This is not a debate.” It’s a reported piece that seems to me to give readers the information necessary to understand the case for themselves. For me the article has a personal component. Eliana takes the story back »

Message: I sigh

Featured image In the course of campaigning in New Hampshire in January 1992 George Bush told an Exeter townhall meeting: “Message: I care.” We all heard about it endlessly at the time. As I recall, the media took it as an illustration of Bush’s supposed cluelessness. Jonah Goldberg classed this episode among his “biggest peeves with Republicans: They read their stage directions, they explain their motives. And it drives me crazy.” He »

Warning: “This will make your blood boil”

Featured image It’s hard to keep up with the news regarding Hillary’s Clinton’s private email server for her official business as Secretary of State. The facts are on their face are outrageous and disgraceful. The nature of the facts is reflected in the thoroughgoing falsity of everything Clinton has had to say on the subject with great conviction. Speaking of conviction…well, I can dream. The Russian hacking of the DNC obviously bears »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image I think Al Hirt and Ann-Margaret pioneered the beauty-and-the-beast pairing in popular music. They called their 1964 album Beauty and the Beard. Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet have produced several discs together in a similar sort of pairing. Alison Krauss and Robert Plant followed in their footsteps to great success. Now come Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle. I don’t think the pairing is to Shawn’s advantage, but I hope it »

Annals of mewling idiocy

Featured image Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is now serving the twelfth year of his four-year term. He is an absurd and contemptible figure. In a perfectly timed companion to the Brexit referendum, Abbas had the honor of addressing the European Parliament this past Thursday. Abbas drew a standing ovation for his EU speech. In the course of his remarks Abbas accused (mythical) Israeli rabbis of “demanding” that the Israeli government poison »

The Obama-Brexit bounce

Featured image Has Barack Obama ever persuaded anybody of anything? (I mean anything other than voting for him for office.) I don’t think so. Obama’s contribution to the Remain case — the threat the Great Britain will have to get “in the back of the queue” for a trade agreement with the United States — may even have proved a boon to the Brexit cause. So says Nigel Farage, the stalwart British »

Critique of pure comedy

Featured image In my post “A funny thing,” I briefly discussed comedy. I mentioned Ralph Stanley along the way. Coincidentally, Stanley died Thursday at the age of 89. (Juli Thanki is the author of the obituary published by the Tennessean.) I saw Stanley perform live twice thanks to the Coen brothers (and their musical director, T Bone Burnett), whom I also mention in that post. Alan Griesinger is a Power Line reader »

That hideous length

Featured image Hillary Clinton failed to hand over to the State Department one of the key emails regarding the use of her private server for her official business as Secretary of State. The AP’s Michael Biesecker picks up the story from the Inspector Generals report on Clinton’s email server. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross adds context in “Clinton campaign admits Hillary didn’t turn over mysterious email exchange with top aide” (i.e., Huma »

Brexit, take 2

Featured image I never did understand the case for Britain’s continued membership in the European Union. Barack Obama’s threat against Brexit — issued at the invitation of Prime Minister Cameron, no less, and perhaps scripted by Ben Rhodes — made for a clarifying moment. Is Barack Obama a friend of Great Britain? I don’t think so. If one hesitated to make the leap to Leave, that should have sealed the deal all »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll declares it VERY WARM: It’s that time of year again in Arizona where not only is it 114 during the day, but it’s still 99 at midnight. We Climate Change Denying Racketeers call that summer. I get a big kick out of looking on Accuweather every morning and finding any temperature under 115 termed “Very warm.” Indeed. Only when the mercury scoots past 115, does Accuweather use the »

Affirmative action forever

Featured image In an opinion issued this morning, Justice Kennedy joined the Supreme Court’s four liberals to uphold the University of Texas’s “affirmative action” program in the Fisher case. This is the case’s second trip to the Court. It won’t be coming back. The Court’s opinion today is posted here. The Court’s 2013 opinion in Fisher I (as the Court refers to it) is posted here. I think today’s result is disappointing, »

Deep thoughts with Loretta Lynch

Featured image We do not ascribe anything President Obama says to stupidity. Ignorance, occasionally. His ignorance of history is easily demonstrable, and it runs wide and deep. However, I wonder about Attorney General Loretta Lynch (as I wondered about her predecessor, Eric Holder). The Orlando massacre has put her public musings front and center and they do not flatter her. In Orlando on Tuesday she said: “To the LGBT community — we »