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Fox News can handle this “Truth”

Featured image The folks at Fox News invited me to appear for a brief interview about the Rathergate film Truth, opening tomorrow at a theater near you. They sent me to the heart of KMSP TV’s working newsroom in suburban Minneapolis for the interview. The reporters and producers in the newsroom couldn’t escape my side of the conversation if they wanted to. That was a new one on me. FNC’s Julie Banderas »

The Kasich kritique

Featured image In the adjacent post I note that John Kasich is bidding to become the media’s favorite candidate. This is not a case of unrequited love; the ardor is reciprocated. At MRCTV, Brittany Hughes highlights Katich’s take on the CNBC proceedings (video below): “Kasich: ‘I was very appreciative’ of CNBC moderators.” Now that is funny. Let’s just say it makes him something of an outlier in more ways than one. »

After last night

Featured image After sleeping on last night’s Republican presidential candidates’ debate event, I offer a few notes and queries in the spirit of candid inquiry. Jeb Bush’s decision to go after Marco Rubio was stupid in so many ways that I wonder what he was thinking. This is what I was thinking: your campaign is so over. And I doubt I was alone. For the record, let it be noted that Bush »

Questions for the RNC

Featured image Watching the Republican candidates debate on CNBC, I see a glorified disgrace. The leading Republican candidates are an impressive crew. We are charged with the responsibility of choosing who among them can best represent us in the coming presidential election. Yet the RNC has set up a program of debates that has served up a prominent forum for smash face attacks on our leading candidates by moderators who sound like »

Live from Sioux City, it’s Donald Trump

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Yesterday Dave attended the appearance of Donald Trump in Sioux City, Iowa. The Omaha World-Herald’s report is here; Dave’s is below. If there was any doubt, Donald Trump is in it to win it. Other than the Ted Cruz rally for religious liberty in Des Moines, Trump had the largest and »

The decriminalization delusion

Featured image Heather Mac Donald has made herself the most valuable player supporting law enforcement in the teeth of the generation-long movement against it originating in the American Civil Liberties Union. The movement has now culminated in Black Lives Matter and embedded itself inside the Obama administration. Celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, City Journal has just published Heather’s powerful new essay on the subject under the title “The decriminalization delusion.” I asked City »

Patricia Smith still waiting

Featured image RealClearPolitics has posted the video below of Andrea Mitchell’s emotional interview of Patricia Smith yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, one of the four killed in the Benghazi consulate attack in September 2012. Unlike media types such as Mitchell, Mrs. Smith was not impressed by Hillary Clinton’s performance before the House Benghazi Select Committee. As RCP puts it, Smith said she learned nothing from the hearing »

Anatomy of GOP fundraising [with note by Paul]

Featured image Crane Brinton was the historian whose Anatomy of Revolution used to be required reading. He was an old-fashioned type who interrupted his academic career to serve in the OSS during World War II. He encouraged fellow academics out in the real world to act on “the patient virtues [they] had acquired professionally” rather than to “get obsessed with the importance of thinking and planning.” Brinton claimed in self-deprecating fashion: “I »

Biden hangs Dowd out to dry

Featured image 60 Minutes led off the show last night with a segment devoted to Vice President Biden and “Dr. Jill Biden” (video below, transcript here). The interview was conducted by CBS News White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell. O’Donnell kept the interview within the parameters of human interest related to Biden’s announcement last week that he would not challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden came across as a real »

Unmaking at 50

Featured image Even as a mindless teen-age liberal I read Bill Buckley’s syndicated column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I even learned something from it. I looked up the words I didn’t understand in the dictionary. Reading Buckley was my preparation for the Verbal portion of the SAT exam. Reading Buckley and looking up the exotic vocabulary he employed might have constituted overpreparation, even back in those somewhat more rigorous days. »

Comey, complete and unexpurgated

Featured image Yesterday’s New York Times carried Michael Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo’s page-one report “FBI chief links scrutiny of police to rise in violent crime.” On Thursday President Obama spoke up for the virtues of the disgusting Black Lives Matter movement. On Friday at the University of Chicago Law School FBI Director James Comey provided a sort of counterpoint. Comey’s comments do not comport with the Times’s prescribed views or, I think, »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Ted Cruz

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Yesterday Dave attended the appearance of Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Omaha World-Herald’s report on Cruz’s appearance is posted here; Dave’s is below: I saw Ted Cruz for the second time this campaign season. The first time was before a very large crowd in Des Moines and »

Give Linc a chance

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s death march to the Democratic presidential nomination will now proceed unimpeded by comic relief. I am sorry to report that Lincoln Chafee has announced his withdrawal from the contest for the nomination. Even the announcement of his withdrawal gives us a glimpse of what we will be missing. “As you know I have been campaigning on a platform of Prosperity Through Peace,” he told a Democratic National Committee »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll calls this one CHARADES: On my recent road trip to and from Arizona to Minnesota, I had to pass through a checkpoint in New Mexico. Several uniformed Border Patrol men and vehicles were clustered around. A few relaxed drug-sniffing dogs were hanging out as well. Everybody hates someone who holds up the line, especially when it’s 110 degrees and you have to roll down your window. So, with »

P.S. I hate you

Featured image You may have missed the news earlier this week that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei published a letter of guidelines to Iranian President Hassan Rohani on the execution of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). MEMRI’s Y. Carmon and A. Savyon explain: “Intended as an historical document aimed at assuring Iran’s future, the letter was posted on Khamenei’s website in Persian and tweeted from his Twitter account and posted »

“Are we living on the same planet?”

Featured image A BBC correspondent asked Prime Minister Netanyahu what he would say if urged to resumed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority president who’s in the eleventh year of his four-year term. (Congratulations are in order.) Netanyahu wondered if the BBC correspondent follows the news. He pointedly asked her: “Are we living on the same planet?” The video is about two-and-a-half minutes long and well worth your time. Via Tom Gross/Mideast Dispatch »

Why aren’t there more black scientists?

Featured image It sounds like a trick question. Indeed, it sounds like a variant of the question that sent the sheriffs of political correctness out to take then Harvard president Lawrence Summers into custody. Gail Heriot is Professor of Law at the University of San Diego Law School and a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Professor Heriot asks: “Why aren’t there more black »