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Follow that Muhammad

Featured image In the case of the five “Minnesota men” charged with seeking to join ISIS that is pending trial in May, prosecutors have given notice that they intend to introduce evidence that a member of the defendant Mohamed Farah’s defense team has been preaching jihad. That would be Imam Hassan Ali Mohamud, a legal assistant at the firm of P. Chinedu Nwaneri. Judge Davis ordered the parties to file their responses »

“One shot at the queen” [updated]

Featured image Pamela Browne and Cahterine Herridge update their reportage on the little “security review” (as Clinton insists on calling it) that the FBI is conducting concerning Madam Hillary’s use of private, unsecured email server for her official business as Secretary of State (and perhaps even her destruction of 30,000 emails stored on the server). Browne’s new story is “‘One shote at the queen': FBI, AG intensify focus on Clinton email probe.” »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image This week Ammo Grrrll is celebrating an anniversary: THE COLUMN TURNS TWO — And What a Difference a Year Makes. She writes: Well, friends, be careful of hitting “Send” in an impulsive manner (always good advice), lest you become an inadvertent columnist having to think up a new topic every dang six days. Now that is nothing compared to the Power Line Boys, who have to think up topics or »

Ben’s descent

Featured image Donald Trump’s treatment of Ben Carson presents as a kind of case study in his technique. He first treated Caron respectfully. Then he turned on him, drawing on autobiographical passages in Carson’s books to question his veracity and mental balance. When Carson dropped out and endorsed Trump, however, the good times rolled again. Trump speaks kindly of his friend Ben. But all has not been smooth sailing. Carson has had »

What I don’t get, probably part 1

Featured image Whenever I write anything critical of Trump, I elicit the criticism that I just don’t get it. I should probably have included the admission that I don’t get it in my confession. The omission was an oversight. I will seek to remedy the oversight here and in occasional posts under this heading. In his excellent column “Present at the destruction,” Rich Lowry catches Trump in the act of being Trump »

Ferguson comes to Minneapolis, cont’d

Featured image John wrote about the the case of Jamar Clark in the aptly headed post “Ferguson comes to Minneapolis.” Clark was supposedly the victim of a police shooting on the evening just past midnight in the early hours of a Sunday morning this past November. Minneapolis police had been called to the scene of an assault that occurred less than two blocks from the nearest precinct station. Clark had beaten his »

A tour of MSP security

Featured image Mohamed Farah is one of the “Minnesota men” charged with seeking to join ISIS. His trial is set for the second week of May before Judge Micheal Davis. Imam and law school graduate Hassan Mohamud is a member of Farah’s defense team. Judge Davis has set a hearing on the possible disqualification of Mohamud from Farah’s defense team for preaching jihad. I wrote about the hearing in “Jihad on the »

Quotations from Chairman Barry

Featured image Yesterday President Obama spoke at the annual ceremony in Washington to present Syracuse University’s Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting in honor of the late New York Times reporter Robin Toner. Obama used the occasion to “rebuke of the campaign reporting that has allowed Donald Trump to receive nearly $2 billion worth of free media since last summer, without allowing for a critical assessment of Trump’s policy positions,” as »

Jihad on the defense team [updated]

Featured image Mohamed Farah is one of the ten “Minnesota men” charged with seeking to join ISIS; his case is set for trial along with four others before Judge Michael Davis in federal court in Minneapolis in May. Yesterday Judge Davis entered a somewhat cryptic order. The order states that on March 25 prosecutors notified Farah’s counsel of their “intent to introduce testimony and and evidence at rial in which a member »

Emory alumni speak

Featured image Emory University alumnus Ed Thayer (’05C) forwards us a copy of an open letter signed by him and several other Emory alums. He writes: “This latest episode at Emory has struck a nerve with a segment of alumni and over the weekend we penned the letter below. Glenn Reynolds at InstaPundit posted the letter we wrote this morning and since you and your blog have been covering this issue very »

Omri Ceren: Dollarizing Iran

Featured image Omri Ceren writes from The Israel Project with the first of three updates on the Obama administration’s latest assistance extended to our enemies in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is at least a good place to begin and I thought readers would find it of interest. Omri writes with his usual alphabetized footnotes: Last week the AP revealed the Obama administration is planning to provide Iran with another wave »

Lies of Obamacare

Featured image It should be a stunning fact that every proposition on which President Obama promoted the sale of Obamacare was a complete and utter lie. I tried to document the foundational lies and their close relations in the endless Power Line series “Lies of Obamacare,” featuring the thumbnail image of the man having Obamacare shoved down his throat. If politicians were subject to truth in advertising laws, Obama would be behind »

The mystery abides

Featured image Gee, what could possibly cause “violent extremism”? The New York Times is stumped. Matt Apuzzo reports: “Who will become a terrorist? Research yields few clues.” Few clues, indeed. Let’s file this in the annals of cluelessness: “After all this funding and this flurry of publications, with each new terrorist incident we realize that we are no closer to answering our original question about what leads people to turn to political »

Hillary does counterterrorism

Featured image On Wednesday Hillary Clinton gave her previously scheduled speech on counterterrorism at Stanford University. The Brussels attacks had taken place the day before. She both commented on the attacks and criticized Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the course of her remarks, the C-SPAN video of which is posted below and here. Her speech was treated seriously as a major statement of policy by the news outlets, but it was »

America First, how sweet the sound

Featured image I’m in the “relax and enjoy it” phase of Donald Trump’s candidacy for the GOP nomination. If he wins it, so be it. His prospects are certainly good, but I rate his chance of winning the general election as asymptotically approaching zero. All I can do is observe the scene honestly. I won’t enjoy watching the damage that Trump’s candidacy will do to the Republican Party in the general election, »

Happy Easter!

Featured image If John were here, he would mark the holiday today including the exclamation point in the heading. This is what he wrote last year, still timely: Happy Easter…to our Christian friends and readers. Last week in Sunday School, a boy asked why the Easter Bunny delivers eggs since rabbits don’t lay eggs, and anyway, what do eggs and rabbits have to do with Easter? So I explained about Easter, springtime, »

Judge Davis says no

Featured image In “Judging the ‘Minnesota men,'” I wrote about Judge Michael Davis’s experimental sentencing program in the Minnesota ISIS wannabe cases. Based on Andy McCarthy’s comments on the program (quoted in the article), I’m skeptical of it. Yet I like and respect Judge Davis. He has capably handled the Somali terrorism cases for several years now. I think it’s fair to say that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. (The thumbnail photograph »