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Today’s Dose of Crazy. . .

Featured image First up, this tweet from the New York Times over the weekend, which was apparently not a self-parody: Yeah, because we’d all be so much better off if we were still hunter-gatherers. It would have saved us from Joe Camel and Philip Morris. Incidentally, there is evidence in evolutionary biology that the enlargement of the human brain may be linked to our species’ use of fire. One biologist I know »

Climatistas Are Committed, But Should They Be “Committed”?

Featured image Everyone remember Hurricane Katrina in 2005? The climatistas fell all over themselves to rush to attribute Katrina to climate change—it was either Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or Al Gore Jr. (they seem to be in a race to see who can be the crazier carrier of their family legacy) who said Katrina should have been called “climate change,” or “Hurricane Exxon-Mobil” or something. And we were promised that this was »

The Week in Pictures: Trumplosion Edition?

Featured image I’m on the road this weekend—literally on the road, as in by car—so this gallery was actually posted up ahead of time a couple of days ago, during the flurry of media hype about an “intervention” with Donald Trump by senior GOP figures. I doubt this idea is very serious. Is Trump really going to listen to Newt Gingrich? What could go wrong? And what is the right nomenclature for »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 41: Decoding the Religious Right

Featured image One of the surprises of the GOP primary campaign season was the strong support Donald Trump received from many—though not all—evangelical Christian voters. Maybe the so-called “religious right” isn’t as monolithic as the media supposes. In this edition of the Power Line Show, Steve Hayward interviews one of the most insightful observers of the religious right, Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. We talk about theology, journalism, »

Fight Climate Change: Go to Jail

Featured image If you’ve been wondering why “progressive” mayors like Bill de Blasio are so indifferent to rising crime and disorder, wonder no longer: It’s just another means of fighting climate change! I kid you not. From the New York Times science page yesterday: How Lowering Crime Could Contribute to Global Warming By Tatiana Schlossberg It sounds simple: If something has a big carbon footprint and you get rid of it, you »

95 Theses About Trump and the Election

Featured image We’ve got roughly 95 days to go until election day, so I’ve been wondering if I can come up with a perfectly Lutherian 95 Theses about the whole matter, suitable for posting the front doors of Trump Towers everywhere. (And they are everywhere, it seems like. . .) Probably not, but I can at least start the list, and update and revise it as we go along. So here are »

Chart of the Day: What’s Behind the Coal Rally?

Featured image Everyone who pays attention to the energy market knows that oil stocks are down a lot over the last year or so, following oil glut and collapse of the world price of oil (now looking to break back down below $40 a barrel in recent days). And supposedly coal companies—the one Hillary wants to bankrupt on purpose—are a terrible investment because we’re all going green. But lo—what’s this? Coal stocks »

Mental Floss: Everything You Know Is Wrong

Featured image “Everything You Know Is Wrong” is the prospective title of a book I’ve long wanted to write about why the conventional wisdom about everything almost invariably turns out to be wrong. We’re seen it with all manner of diet advice, such as salt, low-fat fads, and so forth. (Turns out there are already a couple of books with this title and similar themes, so I’m late to the party I »

Charts That Make You Go, Hmmmm . . .

Featured image We’ve observed before that the economy is weak and looking weaker, and President Obama looks to be the only president in modern history not to have at least one year of 3 percent economic growth. I don’t think liberals care about growth any more (a point Joel Kotkin made over the weekend, observing that seeking economic growth was conspiciously missing from the Democratic platform this year). One of my first »

Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride

Featured image If Donald Trump’s political odyssey were analogized to a roller-coaster ride, it would be the greatest theme-park thrill ride of all time, with more vertigo-inducing loop-the-loops, sudden stomach-grabbing plunges, and dizzying ascents before a new cycle, all producing more screams, howls, and terror than Jurassic Park crossed with The Shining. (“Heeeere’s Donny!”) A year into this thrill ride, and I still can’t figure out whether Trump is a genius (Conrad »

Trumpism in International Context

Featured image Back at the end of June, I shared the insights of French political philosopher Pierre Manent about the significance of Brexit (which he was for). Yesterday, the good folks at First Things posted a translation of a recent interview Manent gave to the Italian newspaper Il Foglio about the lessons of the recent Islamist attack on the French church. There’s one especially arresting question and answer that sounds like it »

All My Exes Live in . . . Where?

Featured image Remy Munasifi is now rolling out new videos on the first Tuesday or every month, which happens to be today, lucky us. The first in his new series is “All My Exes (Saudi Version).” You can subscribe to Remy’s videos and other news on his website,, or browse the archive for past hits such as “Teardrops on my Kabob.” We can use some comic relief just now, I think. »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Sexist Ski Slopes?

Featured image Did you know that skiing is a sexist sport? It turns out that even the ski slopes themselves are sexist! Or something. As usual, it’s hard to make out exactly what’s being said. but you’ll never be able to ski down a steep mogul run again, never mind use fast wax on your totally-phallically skis (and don’t even ask about ski poles I think), without Freud in your head, according »

How Trump Should Respond to Khizr Khan

Featured image Further to Scott’s thoughts this morning about Khizr Khan’s attack on Trump, may I suggest that Trump should respond in full William Shatner mode: Sorry. Couldn’t help it. (Though perhaps this is a good representation of how Trump is in fact responding.) Now, anyone got new ideas on how we mere voting citizens can solve the Kobayashi-Maru scenario of this election? We know Captain Kirk cheated. But that’s a Clinton »

Minimum Wage, Maximum Ignorance (2)

Featured image Regarding my item last Friday about the “expected” poor results from the higher minimum wage in Seattle, a perceptive reader offers the observation that the minimum wage should be better understood as a government ban on low-paying jobs: The term “minimum wage” does not serve us well. Only an employer can decide on a true ”minimum wage,” in the sense of a determination to pay no less than some level. »

Mansfield on Trump

Featured image I’ve been waiting for Harvey Mansfield to offer up his considered judgment about Donald Trump, which he does today in the Wall Street Journal. One reason for this curiosity is not just that he’s Harvey-Freakin’-Mansfield, but because I still recall his terrific takedown of Ross Perot in The New Republic back in 1992 (not available online unfortunately), and figured that there might be similiarities. Here’s an excerpt from his Perot article: »

The Week in Pictures: Unready for Hillary Edition

Featured image Well, how about that? Maybe the: Worst. Acceptance. Speech. Ever. But here we are. One hundred days to go. More thoughts on that tomorrow. For now, enjoy the amazing spectacle of a plausible Democratic convention marred only by the pathetic speech of . . . their nominee. And once again, the ascent of a Clinton is marked with the wreckage of people ruined along the way—I’m looking at you, Debbie »