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Trump’s North Korea Policy: The Story So Far

Featured image News breaking this afternoon that North Korea is releasing three American citizens it has been holding. Another point on the scoreboard for Trump’s Nork policy. Of course, this is but a small gesture on the part of the Norks, and the real business will be whether Trump can get a meaningful and enforceable deal with them. Count me skeptical about this. But still it is fun to see the creased-smarty-pants »

Mossad’s Iran Caper

Featured image I’ve been waiting for an account of how the Mossad carried off their heist of Iranian nuclear secrets from inside a warehouse in Tehran. I’m sure at some point—though we may have to wait a while—we’ll get the real and complete story. So far about the only account I’ve seen is in the Times of Israel, whose story today says Mossad agents had the Iranians on their tail as they »

Civil War on the Left, Part 58: Going Googly-Eyed

Featured image I have been remarking for a while that it is not a coincidence that Google refers to its Mountain View headquarters as a “campus,” as the politics of Google appear to be a close replication of college campus politics, with identity politics running amok. They might want to rethink this. We covered Google’s disgraceful firing of James Damore (here, here, and here), but today the Wall Street Journal has a »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 68: Helping Henry

Featured image In our last semi-regular check-in with psephologist Henry Olsen, I titled the show “Help Us Obi Wan Henry—You’re Our Only Hope!” But by now I’m really scraping the barrel for pop culture references for Henry. This time I had to go back 30 years to an obscure and bizarre British kids TV show called “Helping Henry,” in which space aliens were helping a young boy named Henry make his way »

Civil War on the Left, Part 57: Dem House Divided Against Itself

Featured image Democrats have a very good chance of taking the House of Representatives in November—if they can keep their comediennes under control. Apparently the folks who run the White House Correspondents Dinner have forgotten the lessons of the Wellstone funeral in 2002. Democrats also need to keep their Bernie-bro “progressives” under control. Whatever else you may think of Nancy Pelosi and minority leader Steny Hoyer, they know practical politics, and know »

I Miss Pope Benedict XVI

Featured image Who runs Pope Francis’s Twitter feed? Because this is beyond embarrassing—it’s so stupid it isn’t even idiotic: I’m on the road again today and tomorrow, but when I get home, remind me to dust off my copy of Pope Benedict’s Regensburg Address and explain why it was the best and most important Papal speech of our still-young century. And thus why Francis is such an immense disappointment by any comparison. »

Breaking: Israeli Air Strike in Syria?

Featured image News out in the last few hours of a large explosion at a Syrian army base in Hama, where Iranian military are said to have a presence, supposedly the work of an Israeli missile strike. So far there is scant coverage by the cable news networks, and AP’s first report is pretty sketchy—maybe everyone is hungover from last night’s bacchanal at the White House Correspondents Dinner? In any case, the video »

Green Weenie of the Week: Batteries!

Featured image In a recent debate with a Kommitted Klimatista, my interlocutor remarked proudly on a hotel he had invested in whose energy is completely supplied by solar power. Knowing that the sun actually goes down and stops supplying electrons, I asked the obvious question: “So, is the hotel disconnected from the grid?” You don’t need to guess what the answer was, and why the claim that any building is “100 percent »

The Week in Pictures: Yes, We Kanye Edition

Featured image Liberals really have become as twitchy as an over-caffeinated teenage meth head. First, Rosanne Barr revives her old sitcom with a mildly pro-Trump flavor, getting unheard of ratings for a classic format sitcom, and the cultural left goes nuts. Then this week Kanye West rapped the arthritic synapses of the left further with some Trump bromance tweets. Kanye 2024! Yes we Kanye! Maybe someone needs to do a reality TV »

The Streets of San Francisco

Featured image Wonderful evening last night in Denver at the annual Founders’ Dinner for the Independence Institute, the conservative think tank of Colorado. It was great to see some Power Line readers and old friends from my time as an inmate at Boulder. The Institute’s president, the colorful John Caldara (other adjectives in addition to “colorful” come to mind when you think of John) invited me to participate in the program to »

Today in Green Energy Fail

Featured image This story is so pathetic that it doesn’t even rise to the level of being a Green Weenie Award contender: South Korea’s most-destructive quake probably triggered by geothermal plant A magnitude-5.4 earthquake that struck the South Korean city of Pohang on 15 November 2017 was probably triggered by an experimental geothermal power plant injecting water a few kilometres underground, a research team reports. A second independent analysis also finds the »

Civil War on the Left, Part 56: Diversity for Thee, But Not for Me (Updated)

Featured image One of the things you can always count on from liberals is that their earnest care about the poor and disadvantaged always ends when policies to alleviate inequality might affect them. Like this story from the Wall Street Journal today about how parents on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (it hardly gets any more correctly liberal than the Upper West Side) object to a plan to admit student with—gasp! »

Power Line Show, Ep. 67: Speak Freely

Featured image As previously mentioned, last week we learned that Fresno State University in California apparently hires complete idiots to teach “creative writing.” There’s not much else to add about Randa Jarrar’s jarring comments about the late First Lady Barbara Bush, except I suppose that her choice and use of adjectives seems neither creative nor original—so just how did she get tenure again? But I use this incident to continue the theme »

Loose Ends (36)

Featured image Another travel day for me today and tomorrow, but there are several short news items worthy of note: • William F. Buckley Jr once remarked to the effect that liberalism is the impulse to reach in and turn down your shower. Well: This Eco-Warrior Shower Curtain Forces You to Get Out of the Shower After 4 Minutes London-based artist Elisabeth Buecher, the designer of the inflatable curtains, explains the reasoning »

Annals of Government Arrogance

Featured image I suspect many of our readers have heard about the viral story this week of Caren Turner, a Democratic hack in New Jersey (will I offend our New Jersey readers if I say this is redundant?) who served as the ethics commissioner for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who attempted to go full “do-you-know-who-I-am?” on two dutiful Tenafly police officers. But if you haven’t seen it, »

The Left Is After Your Denim Now

Featured image Enlightened people of New York—have we got the protest for you, happening tomorrow. Here’s the complete press release: Thursday 12pm: Activists to Remove Jeans in Protest at Levi’s Times Square Store Over Company’s Climate Pollution New Report Uncovers Levi’s, Fashion Industry’s Contribution to Air Pollution, Climate Change Deaths Worldwide NEW YORK, NY — On Thursday, April 26, dozens of climate activists with international environmental organization’s “Too Dirty to »

The Great Earth Day Yawn

Featured image Wait—yesterday was Earth Day! I must have yawned right through it. Like most Americans, if you go by the surveys showing increasing public indifference toward environmentalism. I used to make a big deal out of Earth Day, pointing out for years that the data in rich countries showed an almost unbroken record of significant environmental improvement is just about every major category. This would send environmentalists into howls of outrage, »