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A Broadside to Brodhead

Featured image Richard Brodhead is the president of Duke University, which means he’s a member of a higher order of invertebrates. He especially disgraced himself in the handling of the Duke lacrosse case, which turned out to be wholly phony, but not before Brodhead summarily fired the lacrosse coach and condemned the three students involved. Although he later apologized and reinstated the students, he never lifted a finger against the Gang of »

Trees Like Carbon Dioxide! Who Knew?

Featured image This is going to annoy some climatistas. The next issue of Forest Ecology & Management includes an article that finds rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are mostly good for our forests. Here’s the complete abstract: Physiological and ecological factors influencing recent trends in United States forest health responses to climate change Abstract The health of United States forests is of concern for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, forest commercial values, »

More Tweaks on the Beaks of the Peaks

Featured image Beating up on the Malthusian “peak oil” crowd never gets old, and even though we took up this subject just last week (but also last year, and two years before that), I can’t resist noting that yet another prediction of mine has come true already. Last week I mentioned that some time soon The Economist was likely to reprint their “Drowning in Oil” cover from 1999 (below). Well this didn’t »

Why He’s Trumping Everything in His Path

Featured image If Donald Trump were a sports metaphor, he’d be the crazy on-side-kicking blitzing cornerback, suicide-squeezing, reverse-slam dunking point guard on his way to a hat trick! See: it takes multiple sports to metaphorize him. He’s Pete Rose crossed with Bobby Hull, Meadowlark Lemon, and Conrad Dobler (if anyone remembers his reputation). This thought comes to mind in response to this amazing headline: Donald Trump Says He’ll Stop Apple From Making »

Rallying to Rubio on Iranian Hostage Taking

Featured image Marco Rubio is taking fire from the usual “fact checkers” for his comment over the weekend that Iran released our 52 hostages on January 20, 1981 as soon as Ronald Reagan took office because Iran perceived that America was “no longer under the command of someone weak.” Politifact huffs: We flagged Rubio’s comment as a misleading framing of history. Reagan’s inauguration in 1981 may have coincided with the release of »

Should American University Change Its Name?

Featured image There’s a whole pile of campus crazy stacking up in my in-box at the moment, such as the announcement that Portland Community College is going to designate April as “Whiteness History Month,” which, unlike Black History Month, isn’t about celebrating people of pallor. Naturally it is the predictable dirge: The Project: Whiteness History Month: Context, Consequences and Change is a multidisciplinary, district-wide, educational project examining race and racism through an exploration of the »

Did the Times Op-Ed Page Switch to Fluoridated Water?

Featured image Something weird happened at the New York Times op-ed page in the last few days. Two of their liberal columnists made sense. About guns, no less. Did they switch to fluoridated water or something? First off is Nicholas Kristof, who, it should be pointed out, occasionally departs from orthodoxy, most especially his 2005 “I Have a Nightmare” column that criticized the environmental establishment. (Needless to say environmentalists didn’t react well.) »

Sanders is Making Liberals Very Nervous

Featured image Or perhaps file this under the “Civil War on the Left” series. With Sanders suddenly appearing a credible threat to Her Ladyship’s coronation, some liberals are openly expressing their worry. Start with Ezra Klein, who trashes Sanders’s advocacy of the Holy Grail of liberalism—single-payer health care, in “Bernie Sanders’s single-payer plan isn’t a plan at all.” In general, I’m comfortable with higher taxes on the rich — though they’ve risen »

Are Low Oil Prices Good or Bad? Yes

Featured image There’s just no pleasing some people. When oil and gasoline prices at the pump are high, liberals (and Bill O’Reilly) complain that the oil companies are gouging us, even though certified enlightened opinion among environmentalists is that cheap oil and fuel prices are bad because it encourages consumption and makes it harder for their (subsidized) renewable energy unicorns to compete in the marketplace. I still have somewhere the New York »

Hillary/Democrats in Trouble?

Featured image How bad is Hillary as a candidate? This election cycle is the second time the Democratic establishment has tried to clear the field for her, and while her sacking by the uniquely positioned Barack Obama eight years ago is understandable, to see her struggling to overcome the challenge from a glowering grouchy grandfather socialist like Bernie Sanders tells us a lot about how far left the Democratic base has drifted. »

The Week in Pictures: Jumbo Lotto Edition

Featured image So we didn’t win the lottery. At least the state of the union is strong. Pay no attention to the crashing stock market, the slowing economy, the humiliation at the hands of Iran, the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, and the inability of the Vikings to kick a 27-yard field goal. Or that fact that a Trump-Sanders could be the presidential choice 10 months from now. Who could have »

Settled Science: Liberals Are Simple-Minded

Featured image The nation’s best science reporter, Reason’s Ron Bailey, has the story: It is almost a truism among psychological researchers that conservatives are simple-minded and dogmatic. Liberals, meanwhile, are supposed to be more complex and open-minded thinkers. But a new paper is calling those conclusions into question. Writing in the journal Political Psychology, a team of researchers led by the University of Montana psychologist Lucian Gideon Conway III reports the results of four studies that together »

Which Tribe Are You?

Featured image Lawrence Tribe is one of the liberal eminences at Harvard Law School, author of a leading constitutional law casebook (that for many editions failed to include the text of the Constitution, until Ed Meese embarrassed him about that fact back in the 1980s), and a ringleader of the shameless and demagogic mob that derailed Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination back in 1987. But right now Trump and lots of liberals »

Not So Swift Boats [with comment by Paul]

Featured image About this business of the navy patrol boats captured by Iran. As Scott and Investors Business Daily point out, there’s something off about the official story that a “navigation error” caused the boats to stray into Iranian waters. I don’t believe this story for a moment. (And the initial explanation that the boats “drifted” there after engine trouble has already been withdrawn. Why was that put out or not disavowed »

Major Schadenfreude Alert: Current Isn’t

Featured image What a great week. First The New Republic deservedly implodes. Now comes the news that Al Jazeera America, formerly Al Gore’s Current TV, is folding up. Most of the time Power Line has more active readers than Al Jazeera America had viewers, and we’re just a website. Yeah, Al Gore cashed out nicely with some serious fossil fuel money, but it’s nice to reflect back, as Twitchy does, about Gore’s »

An End to “Peak Nonsense”?

Featured image One of the things about the conventional wisdom is how often you can rely on it being wrong. Statistics show that 95 percent of all conventional wisdom claims are wrong. Actually, I made that statistic up, but I’m sure it is close to being right. Maybe the Monkey Cage can get right on it and let me know. For a long time the conventional wisdom was that we arrived at »

Headline of the Day

Featured image Okay, it’s only a little after 9:30 eastern time, but I’m pretty sure this yuuuge story in the Wall Street Journal will not only win the day but will also show up in a Donald Trump speech pretty soon: Denmark Considers Seizing Valuables From Migrants By Charles Duxbury Denmark’s minority government has secured cross-party backing for a highly-controversial plan: Seize cash and valuables from asylum seekers to help meet the cost »