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Split on the Rock?

Featured image I post this four-minute 2007 sketch from Chris Rock on “How not to get your ass kicked by the police” for the quaint purpose of suggesting how badly things have deteriorated, for it is doubtful Rock could perform this routine today—certainly not on a college campus. (Special bonus: It’s sexist as well as racist! And needless to say with a Chris Rock routine—severe language warning!) »

Chicago, San Francisco, and Other Progressive Utopias

Featured image I spent the day in Chicago yesterday, where I lucked into my first ever up close up encounter with a Black Lives Matter march. (Photos nearby.) The throng blocked the intersection at Wacker Avenue and the Chicago River downtown right at the beginning of the evening rush hour. The police did nothing to disperse the crowd; to the contrary, they police enabled the march to proceed. One fellow got up »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Talking About Racism Is Racist?

Featured image As the old saying goes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (even when it involves Bill Clinton), and sometimes talking about racism is actually about racism. But apparently, for the rarified academic mind, talking about racism is actually . . . racist! At least I think that’s one reading of this week’s absurd abstract, taken from the Journal of Applied Philosophy: On White Ignorance, White Shame, and Other Pitfalls »

Democrats Recreate 1968 and 1972

Featured image The unrest on our streets has caused a number of greybeards to suggest we’re living through a repeat of 1968, and this seems reasonable enough on the surface. But the Democrats are also reverting to 1972 when McGovern dragged the party sharply to the left, judging by the results that have come out from their platform committee meetings so far. From David Weigel’s dispatch in the Washington Post yesterday: Democrats »

Don Surber’s “Trump the Press”

Featured image The independent internet journalist Don Surber has produced a terrific short catalogue and analysis of how everyone—but especially the conservative commentariat—missed or misunderstood the rise of Donald Trump. You can order the e-book version of Trump the Press: Don Surber’s Take on How the Pundits Blew the 2016 Republican Race directly from Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace. The book is a wonderful catalogue of all the pundits who completely dismissed Trump from »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 38: Has Energy Come Out of the Wilderness?

Featured image In this special edition of the Power Line Show, Steve Hayward talks with author Robert Bryce about the new world of global oil prices which has ended, probably forever, OPEC’s 40-year dominance. We also talk about the perverse subsidies for and output from “renewable” energy, and why nuclear power may be poised for a comeback. As always, you can listen to or download the show at the panel below or from »

The Week in Pictures: Clintons Forever Edition

Featured image We may as well just admit it. The Clintons are the undead of American politics, the zombies of our dead body politic. We’ll never be rid of them. The Energizer Bunny will run out of power before the Clinton’s run out of their will to power. Better pre-book Chelsea Clinton speeches now, before her $60,000 speaking fee goes up after mom moves into the White House. And finally. . . »

Frack This

Featured image About a year ago there was the usual fanfare about a new study that purported to show that hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas led to unsafe levels of local air pollution and increased cancer risk. Newsweek covered it, for example: Living near to active fracking sites could increase the risk of cancer as the process harmful chemicals into the air, a new study has found. Researchers from Oregon State »

The Brexit Vote: Italy Hardest Hit?

Featured image People who follow the financial outlook of Europe have known for a while now that next to Greece, the most unsteady economy is Italy. But Greece is such a tiny sliver of the European economy that it didn’t matter that much except as a symbol of the resolve of the European Union to keep the party going. The Greek bailout was comparatively cheap. Not so Italy. Its economy is one »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Clinton Edition

Featured image The shocking outcome of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s perfidy demands a special edition of our Week in Pictures. Has there ever been a more sleazy family in politics? Well yes, the Kennedys certainly qualify, but have you noticed that in 50 years none of them has come close to the White House again? For that we can believe in some measure of cosmic justice. In this case? Well, »

Did Comey Want to Prevent President Sanders?

Featured image Princeton’s Robert P. George has an interesting speculation up at the Mirror of Justice site where he contributes from time to time. Here are the key bits of his 10-part chain of reasoning: (9) [Comey] believed an indictment of Hillary Clinton would essentially force her out of the presidential race and that, whatever the pundits may think, as a practical matter the Democratic Party would not have been able to »

Hillary vs. Comey

Featured image Leave it to the good (and quick) people at Reason TV to mashup Hillary’s claims about her email use and the FBI’s findings. It’s pretty devastating. Some independent super-PAC ought to be airing this material: »

The “Biggest Loser” Election?

Featured image Donald Trump owes some of his contemporary fame and notoriety to his hit reality TV show “The Apprentice.” But if this election cycle were re-imagined as a reality TV show (which doesn’t actually require “re-imagining” since it is all too real), it would have to be as a new iteration of “The Biggest Loser.” The news today is that each person has huge negatives with voters. One poll shows Trump »

Alternative Headline: “FBI Declares Hillary Clinton to be Complete Liar”

Featured image I don’t expect we’ll see that headline, but Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post comes close to delivering this judgment: Here’s the good news for Hillary Clinton: The FBI has recommended no charges be brought followings its investigation of the former secretary of state’s private email server. Here’s the bad news: Just about everything else. FBI director James Comey dismantled large portions of Clinton’s long-told story about her private server and what »

What About an “Unreasonable” Prosecutor?

Featured image So James Comey says no “reasonable” prosecutor would bring a case against Hillary Clinton for her obvious transgressions. Beyond reinforcing the impression that “laws are for little people” and not the Clintons, what about an unreasonable prosecutor, whom the Justice Department otherwise seems to have in abundance? (Just to pick one example, how about the case of the DoJ prosecution of a Florida fisherman charged with “destroying evidence” under Sarbanes-Oxley »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Advanced Gibberish

Featured image Okay, so you expect articles from the journal Feminist Theory to be turgid and unreadable, but this article abstract reaches new heights of incomprehensibility: The unruly queer figure’s phallic seductions and the re/production of sexual (in)difference Corie Hammers, Macalester College Abstract This article interrogates a psychoanalytically inflected strain of anti-social queer theory that in privileging refusal and negation, views as paradigmatic of ‘queerness’ the destructive, annihilative aspects in (queer) sex. »

Keep the Gov’t Away from Your Grill (Updated)(Updated Again With Bikini Pic)

Featured image Not sure whether I shared this Remy video back in 2003 when it came out, but it’s worth running again on this July 4, as a healthy reminder to annoy liberals everywhere by grilling your beef rare, drinking domestic beer (from a can—bonus points), waving the flag, and enjoying fireworks. »