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Tony the Moocher

Featured image A popular meme that went around immediately after the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci channeled the question from the old Queen hit: Can he do the Fandango? The answer is a plain No: Scaramucci is neither Bohemian nor rhapsodic. Since our new communications director goes by “The Mooch,” perhaps the better pop culture comparison is the classic Cab Calloway tune, “Minnie the Moocher.” So with apologies to Cab Calloway, here’s the »

Civil War on the Left, Part 45: The Banality of Chelsea

Featured image We noted here a couple of months back the obvious truth that Chelsea Clinton is a nitwit. Who knew, however, that a leftist would stumble across this fact? Prof. Corey Robin of Brooklyn College, author of a book popular among leftists called The Reactionary Mind that purports to explain conservatism (gee: I wonder if we can figure out the thesis from the title), got into an argument recently with Chelsea. »

The Week in Pictures: Moocher Edition

Featured image Trump is a genius. He must have foreseen that the Senate would fail to repeal Obamacare, and arranged for the Scaramucci Show and the Priebus Putsch to distract us from this massive failure. He’s adding new dimensions to his three-dimensional chess game. And now John Kelly is the new chief of staff. How long till the White House figure out that when Trump said “Call Kelly to fill the job,” »

Civil War on the Left, Part 44: Another Crash at the Intersection

Featured image So what happens when the benighted folks at Planned Parenthood try to put in a good word on behalf of a class of people being oppressed by the Trump Administration, but you don’t get the terminology just right? You get this: First, this is how you get more Trump. Second, what will the identity left do when they find out that computers are bound to a binary digital process? I »

Single Fallacies

Featured image Obviously the future of health care policy rests on a knife edge. It is a political game of chicken between whether Republicans have the nerve to roll back the egregious features of Obamacare that will necessarily involve creating gaps in insurance coverage, and Democrats who think that they are in the catbird seat because either the eventual collapse of Obamacare or the defects of a Republican reform will set the »

Today in the Annals of Stupid, Climate Edition

Featured image A group of “children” (as activist lawyers call their clients) filed a federal lawsuit a while ago claiming that a right to a stable climate should be enforced by judicial decree as a postulate of the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, and the federal district court judge in Oregon (figures) denied a motion to dismiss. This lawsuit is so silly I didn’t bother to make note of it »

Drumbeats of the Tribe

Featured image Back in the mid-1980s, when Attorney General Ed Meese started his very consequential crusade to revive the idea of constitutional originalism with a series of major speeches and articles, he noticed that one of the leading law school case books on constitutional law by Harvard’s Laurence Tribe didn’t actually contain the text of the Constitution. Embarrassed, subsequent editions included it as an appendix. But Tribe doesn’t embarrass easily. He win’s unhinged »

Time To Think About Nukes Again?

Featured image Even if you are a sensible person and think climate change is a lot of trumped-up Gore (heh—chew on that mixed metaphor for a while; green heads might explode), the idea of a revival of nuclear power still seems like a good idea in the abstract. But the nuclear revival hasn’t been going well. Toshiba is in bankruptcy from the cost overruns of the one big new nuclear plant we’re building »

This Week in the Annals of Social Science

Featured image The Washington Post reports the following: A host of research suggests that as it gets hotter, people tend to make worse decisions: Not only do we get more ornery and cranky — we can also make unwise long-term decisions whose effects we’ll feel well after the temperature has dropped. This may explain a lot about Congress. As good a reason as I can think of for simply shutting down Washington »

Environmentalists Go Off on a Bender

Featured image I’ve observed recently that the election of Trump has driven environmentalists out of their minds. But that happens to mentalists of every kind, not just the enviro-version of mentalists. For years people have asked me, “Why are environmentalists always harping about the end of the earth?” Basic answer: Because it makes them happy. Think I exaggerate? Nothing used to send environmentalists into a rage faster than when I started pointing »

How to Fight Fake News and the Deep State

Featured image Some Power Line readers, especially the ones who follow my gratuitous and indulgent Facebook photos of grilling extravaganzas, think I should offer some cooking posts here. So why not. Living well is the best revenge. Especially if it involves: red meat, red wine, and a turbocharged carbon footprint. It’s the recommended way to combat fake news and the deep state. Besides, I’ve been working all weekend on a long overdue »

A Party Out of Ideas

Featured image So the Democrats have unveiled a new slogan for the next election cycle: “A Better Deal.” “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” is the new slogan hatched after months of strategy sessions on Capitol Hill and late-night dinners at Washington restaurants hosted by Schumer, Pelosi, Jeffries and other rank-and-file House and Senate lawmakers. Are we sure they got their money’s worth from the focus groups it took to come »

The Week in Pictures: We Want Tattoo Edition

Featured image I’m dizzy from this week. Why does the news cycle in the Trump era seem more like a blender turned on high (and with the lid off)? Is the the week Capitol Hill Republicans packed it in and ratified the old judgment that they are indeed the Stupid Party? If Trump pardons himself, will our political system go blind? One thing is certain: if Trump is driven from office, I »

Can Sea Monsters Be Far Off?

Featured image Jonah Goldberg notes in a recent column that climate change alarmism seems to have turned itself up past 11, probably because (my theory) Trump has driven them out of what little of their minds was left: One of the hallmarks of the “Ugly American” is the habit of thinking foreigners will understand what you’re saying if you just shout it louder and louder. The Ugly Environmentalist does something similar. He »

Christina Sommers Returns Serve

Featured image What do you get when you cross sports with hyper-genderism? You get the usual outrage machine train wreck of course. Like when tennis great John McEnroe said that if Serena Williams played in men’s professional tennis she’d rank around 700th. The media erupted as if to say, “You cannot be serious!” Yes, he can—as even Williams herself agreed. Fortunately we have The Factual Feminist, Christina Hoff Sommers, on the case, »

Oddities of the Noor Shooting

Featured image John and Scott have both offered long posts about the shooting of Justine Damond by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, and I have only two questions to add. First, I am surprised I haven’t seen more questions or comments about a most peculiar aspect of the story—that officer Noor fired at Damond from the passenger seat out the driver’s side window, meaning he shot past his partner. I am no »

Can We Have Constantinople Back?

Featured image Turkey, sometimes an unsteady ally during the Cold War and in Middle Eastern affairs but an ally nonetheless, is showing increasing signs under Erdogan of tilting toward Islamism and away from the West. And that’s leaving aside the appalling scene from Erdogan’s recent visit to Washington, which featured his security goons beating up on protestors in the streets of Washington outside the Turkish embassy. Today the Wall Street Journal reports »