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Holy Fahrvergnugen!

Featured image News is breaking this morning that Volkswagen’s tampering of emission control software is much larger than the 500,000 or so diesel models reported over the weekend: the true number may be as high as 11 million VWs. Yesterday a spokesperson for the EPA said that VW could be liable for fines as much as $37,000 per vehicle, or $18 billion for the 500,000 or so models then reported to be »

Farewell to Scott Walker [With comments by Paul and John]

Featured image It is unfortunate that Scott Walker is dropping out of the race, but I’m not surprised at this turn of events. He is this cycle’s Rick Perry: a solid governor with a strong record on which to run, but not adequately prepared for the heightened pressure and scrutiny of a presidential race. Governors make the mistake of thinking that entering the presidential field is like moving up from Triple-A baseball »

Democrats Explain the Iran Deal: Feel the Conviction

Featured image Our friends at the Free Beacon have compiled the case against the Iran agreement—entirely from Democrats. Even Debbie Blabbermouth Schulz seems to get it. I sure hope they like owning this thing 100 percent: »

A Footnote on Carson and Islam

Featured image Ben Carson is taking fire for his comment that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation” because Islam is not consistent with the Constitution. This was enough for our normally sensible friends at PJ Media to post a hasty and injudicious Rick Moran column calling Carson a bigot. But as Paul has correctly noted, any faith that does not recognize the principle of »

The Lighter Side of Carly

Featured image The critics are rightly out now after Carly Fiorina since she’s become a top tier candidate. I’m working on a longer analysis of her strengths and weaknesses (and trying to get to the bottom of the HP story), but for the moment, it’s worth taking note of one criticism many commentators made following the debate Wednesday: that Fiorina is perhaps overly serious and doesn’t smile or laugh much. A few »

The Week in Pictures: Fiorina Trumps Edition

Featured image I’m back from a week in Washington and New York (and boy are my arms tired!), with a lot to catch up on. I think the world changed this week. I think we may have seen the emergence of our first woman president. I’ll have more to say about that separately, and also how Trump—if he’s for real—ought to respond to the media/Democrat-driven ruckus about not “standing up” to the »

What Trump Should Say

Featured image As Paul noted earlier, Trump is taking fire for not repudiating the questioner who alleged that President Obama is a Muslim, and that we need to be preparing to deport Muslims somehow. Trump’s one-trick-pony act (“I’m great, and I’ll greatly look at a lot of things”) didn’t work, and his lack of experience on the stump stumped him—or maybe Trumped him? But of course the media and the Democrats (especially the shameless Hillary, »

Great Figures from Great Teachers

Featured image Are you an advanced student or young professional in academia, public policy, economics, national security, journalism, law, business, or the military?  Then I’ve got the program for you to check out: The Hertog Foundation’s “Great Figures of the 20th Century” seminars. The full program consists of four weekend seminars on Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, and David Ben-Gurion, beginning in January of next year and held in Washington DC. See the link »

Once More with Peter Schramm

Featured image It was great of Jason Stevens, professor at Ashland University, to write a tribute yesterday to Peter Schramm in the pages of the Wall Street Journal (and kudos of the Journal for running it). The Ashbrook Center has posted the article on their website so you don’t have to workaround the Journal‘s subscriber paywall. Jason reminds us at the end of one of Peter’s favorite classroom devices—an acorn: He began »

Four Hot Takes on the Debate

Featured image One word: Carly. The response to the Trump “face” comment was pitch perfect and deftly delivered. This may be the moment we’ll remember when the Trump balloon began to deflate. She got in a lot of other great lines, some of them importantly subtle, especially “women are not a special interest group.” She’d totally slaughter Hillary in a head-to-head debate. Her crisp command of military details shows that she knows »

Green Weenie—Or Hot Ticket of the Month?

Featured image I have no idea just what to make of this EventBrite invitation. It is either brilliant satire, or another sign that the environmental mentality is truly beyond recovery. I fear the latter possibility. September 24, Thursday: The Multispecies Salon presents, Suburban Foraging: Acorn Mush, featuring a discussion with Kimberly Tallbear (University of Alberta), Linda Noel (Koyungkawi poet) & Henry Horn (Princeton University) and with Tom Boellstorff (UC Irvine) as a virtual guest. For »

Debate Preview and Radio Highlights

Featured image The good folks at the Bill Bennett radio show have given me permission to post a couple of the segments from this morning’s broadcast. Here are two from the third hour, the first with Fred Siegel talking about the Democratic field, and then the incomparable Henry Olsen talking about the state of the race for the Republicans. Lots of great sports analogies here, especially Henry’s hot take that Trump is »

The Nuclear Option to Stop the Nuclear Iran?

Featured image No, I’m not talking about using nuclear weapons to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, though I have several times over the last few years heard from very knowledgeable and well-placed people in the defense and foreign policy community that if it comes down to Israel having to defend itself alone against the imminent deployment of Iranian nukes they might have to resort to using their nuclear capacities to stop »

Maybe the FDA Can Stop the Iran Deal?

Featured image Obama’s Iran agreement is thought to be a done deal, but what if the Food & Drug Administration stopped it because of its many ill side-effects? That’s the question raised by this 1:30 long video from Jerry Zucker of Airplane! and the Naked Gun and Scary Movie franchises. »

Final Lineup for the Radio Tomorrow Morning

Featured image Okay, I’ve got the guest lineup set for the Bill Bennett “Morning in America” show tomorrow.  We’ll be doing a comprehensive preview of the GOP debate tomorrow night, and I’ll offer a couple of novel predictions of my own that I haven’t heard anyone else make so far. At 6:35 eastern I’ll welcome Pete Wehner, to talk about, among other things, his recent Commentary column “Donald Trump: What the Founders »

Media Alert and NYC Reminder

Featured image For early risers everywhere, I’ll be guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show tomorrow morning from 6 – 9 am eastern time. (You can find a local broadcast station here, or listen online.) I’ll update the guest list later this afternoon, but I know we’ll be previewing tomorrow night’s second GOP presidential debate, and I’ll be asking guests and callers what questions they’d like to see asked. Should be »

Even Obama Thinks College Leftism Is Out of Control

Featured image President Obama, responding to a question yesterday: It’s not just sometimes folks who are mad that colleges are too liberal that have a problem. Sometimes there are folks on college campuses who are liberal, and maybe even agree with me on a bunch of issues, who sometimes aren’t listening to the other side, and that’s a problem too. I’ve heard some college campuses where they don’t want to have a »