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The Spreading Virus, Claremont Update (3)

Featured image It’s pretty clear that Claremont’s Dean of Faculty, Peter Uvin, belongs out on the barricades with the student protesters. Having helped push Dean of Students Spellman out the door, yesterday he sent the following email to Claremont faculty letting them know that re-education camp is in their future, as well as the corruption of the curriculum: Dear members of our community, Yesterday afternoon, a large group of faculty met for »

The Spreading Virus, Part 6

Featured image A reader at the University of Nebraska passes along this campus-wide email: Subject: From Chancellor Perlman re: Social media disclaimer A screen capture of a Facebook exchange has been circulating on social media, and as common as that is, in this particular case it warrants this note. In this exchange, one person, whose name is listed as Joey Simpson, uses derogatory and racist language. Another person asks:  “Aren’t you affiliated with »

The Spreading Virus, Claremont Update (2)

Featured image The three-minute video below shows the limits of “toleration” and “diversity” when an Asian student at Claremont McKenna College gets shut down for going off-script by saying that “black people can be racist, too.” Obviously she hasn’t had the proper instruction in oppression theory: That’s the president of the college, by the way, standing supine as this goes down. Meanwhile, the Claremont Independent has published a splendid editorial, “We Dissent,” »

The Spreading Virus, Claremont Update (1)

Featured image Events have been unspooling so fast at Claremont McKenna College that it is hard to keep up. The dean of students has resigned. A female Asian student was shut down at one of the student rallies when she went off-script. And the conservative campus paper, the Claremont Independent, has published a terrific rejoinder to the kampus krazies. (I’ll post these in a separate item.) Keep in mind, first, that Claremont »

The Spreading Virus, Part 5 [With Mascot Commentary by John]

Featured image Now playing at Amherst College. Something called “Amherst Soul,” which describes itself as an “uprising,” has posted the following demand manifesto. It includes a deadline of next week for compliance, or—what? (Special attention to the most fascistic demands in bold. Also—does Amherst have a football team?) Submitted by Amherst Uprising  – a collective of students on campus who came together as a result of the sit-In organized in Frost Library on 11/12/15. »

The Poop Swastika: Clearly “Cultural Appropriation”

Featured image Sorry readers, I’m just feeling backed up getting the whole Missouri “poop swastika” incident behind me, though when you think about it, the poop swastika is the perfect symbol of the constipated thinking of the campus left. (And perhaps a great name for a punk rock bar band.) Anyway, I wondered the same thing John did in his comment to my post yesterday: Isn’t this an anti-Semitic hate crime? Which »

The Poop on the Poop Swastika [With Comment by John]

Featured image It appears the infamous University of Missouri “poop swastika” is authentic—which still doesn’t mean it isn’t a hoax. The police have released their report, and photos. In the interest of keeping Power Line from becoming a crappy site, I won’t repost the photos here. If you want to see them, wander over to our friends at The Federalist, who have been chasing after the story. (I was just telling Ben »

The Spreading Virus, Part 3

Featured image I expect that panicked college administrators will not wait for the petitions and protests to roll up on their front door, and will begin preemptively apologizing and emoting in politically correct ways. I didn’t have to wait long. Here’s what circulating today at Emory University from president James Wagner and the dean of campus life: Dear Emory: Dr. King’s often-quoted and powerful observation that “injustice anywhere is a threat to »

Climate Update: Ocean Death Exaggerated?

Featured image We take time out from our coverage of the meltdown on college campuses to check in with the meltdown of the climatistas’ thermageddon scenarios. This week’s New Scientist magazine covers a new study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that calls into doubt the familiar thesis that ocean acidification from human CO2 emissions will kill coral reefs: Acidic water may be a sign of healthy »

The Only Trigger Warning Colleges Need

Featured image The sensible Jonathan Rauch, writing yesterday in the New York Daily News, offers the only “trigger warning” that any self-respecting college should ever use: So it is only fair to warn students and their parents that higher education is not a Disney cruise. Tell them in advance so they can prepare. Not, however, with multiple trigger warnings festooning syllabi. One will suffice: “Warning: Although this university values and encourages civil »

The Spreading Virus, Part 2

Featured image We’re going to be all over the crisis on the university campuses for the rest of this week, for the madness seems to be spreading rapidly. It’s almost as if all the multicultural centers on campuses got a batch of gluten-free vegan mash infected with mad cow disease. My email is filling up fast with news tips and reports from all over, and the media is on it at least »

How A College President Should Respond

Featured image The Wall Street Journal yesterday noted this passage from a 2005 interview with the late John Silber, who served as president and later chancellor of Boston University, about how he responded to student protests on campus in the 1970s and 1980s: Then they put up the shacks. I told the police, “Go ask them three questions: Do you have a title to the property? (They built them on our property, »

The Yale-Missouri Virus Is Spreading

Featured image Get ready for the next front in the campus social justice wars, this time at Claremont McKenna College. Here’s the complete text of an email being sent to the entire campus—sorry for the length, but the whole thing deserves to be seen more widely: Dear CMC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators, This is a call to action to respond to the inadequate institutional support for students of marginalized identities at CMC. »

The Fraudulence of the Campus Left

Featured image As a lot of people have suggested, no one at Yale can rightly claim to be “systemically oppressed” or subjected to the assaults of “privilege” by others.  The notion is laughable on its face. And then there is the University of Missouri graduate student hunger striker. I tweeted this morning that the headline could read, “Graduate Student Goes on Hunger Strike: Ramen Noodle Sales Plummet.” But lo and behold, the »

O’Reilly Versus Will, and Healey’s First Law of Holes

Featured image Regarding the ongoing feud between George Will and Bill O’Reilly, it is evident that O’Reilly has never heard of Healey’s First Law of Holes (coined by the British politician Denis Healey), which runs: “If you’re in one—stop digging.” O’Reilly lost no time in responding to Will’s latest column dismantling Killing Reagan, released yesterday afternoon. It is interesting that, just as he did with his on-air response to the Washington Post »

George Will on O’Reilly: Fire Two

Featured image George Will is just out this afternoon with a second column about Bill O’Reilly’s travesty of  a novel, Killing Reagan. If anything it is even more savage in dismantling O’Reilly than the first one. I wonder if O’Reilly will have Will on again for a second round on TV? I’m betting not. O’Reilly is a typical playground bully who runs from anyone able to stand up to him. You should »

Campus “Safe Space,” 1930s Edition

Featured image This is just too good to wait for Saturday’s photo line up (hat tip to reader LA for sending it along): And since today is the anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Marines, this is worth taking in today also:     »