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The Week in Pictures: Special Dolezal Bonus Edition!

Featured image If The Daily Show isn’t working up a total smashup segment on the Dolezal scandal then Jon Stewart ought not to show up for work Monday. In the meantime, the Internet meme generators are doing Stewart’s work for him, though these pics came in too late to make the main “Week in Pictures” feature this morning. »

Time for Sachs to Get Sacked

Featured image If there’s anybody who can rival Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman for knowitall smugness, it’s Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs. We’ve taken note before of Sachs’s high self-regard (here and here) and even praised him once for taking down Krugman. Last month he wrote in the Catholic magazine America that his fondest hope for Pope Francis’s upcoming fall visit to the United States is that the Pope will try to »

The Cost of Liberalism

Featured image From today’s New York Times: West Baltimore’s Police Presence Drops, and Murders Soar By Richard A. Oppel, Jr. BALTIMORE — From the steps of her New Bethlehem Baptist Church, the Rev. Lisa Weah looked down the block to the open-air drug market outside the bodega on the corner a few hundred feet away. The traffic there had been slowing until the chaos that followed the death of Freddie Gray on »

The Week in Pictures: The Trans-Everything Edition

Featured image Nietzsche spoke of the “transvaluation of all values,” but hoo boy even old mad Freddie might find our current scene more than a little off the hook. But there’s some good news this week: The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that it’s legal to be drunk on your front porch, which will come as a significant relief to Iowa ethanol producers who may someday be forced to use ethanol as »

A Stopped Clock Moment at Salon?

Featured image John has delivered a definitive beat down on “The Strange Case of Rachel Dolezal” immediately below, but I can’t help but add to the spectacle by noting that the race-obsessed has actually gotten this one right. Perhaps it’s just a “stopped clock” moment for Salon, or Joan Walsh is out of the office this week. In “Stop Making Excuses for Rachel Dolezal; The Spokane NAACP’s Fraud Is Unforgivable,” Salon »

Who Turned the Crazy Machine Up to 11?

Featured image It’s almost impossible to keep up with the crazy this week. It’s causing my “Week in Pictures” compass to spin like a top, almost as if the Earth’s magnetic polarity was flipping out. (Oh, wait. . .) First, we have the utterly predictable—but still fully absurd—story out of Spokane, Washington, that the local head of the NAACP is in fact a white woman. What the heck, if Elizabeth Warren and »

Minimum Wage, Maximum Ignorance

Featured image Seth Meyers, in his Late Show monologue last night: Chipotle has announced plans to provide paid vacation, tuition, reimbursement, and sick days for hourly workers, which is great. But now if you want guacamole, it’s $400. If a late night talk show host gets this, why can’t our legislators, or the New York Times editorial page? Meanwhile, regarding Paul’s earlier note on “white privilege,” worth six minutes to review the »

Behind Science Fraud, Chapter 9

Featured image Nature magazine reports today: Irreproducible Biology Research Costs Put at $28 Billion Per Year Scientists in the United States spend $28 billion each year on basic biomedical research that cannot be repeated successfully. That is the conclusion of a study published on 9 June in PLoS Biology1 that attempts to quantify the causes, and costs, of irreproducibility. John Ioannidis, an epidemiologist at Stanford University in California who studies scientific robustness, says that »

Blurred Lines

Featured image One of Jerry Seinfeld’s complaints about political correctness ruining comedy is that “the lines keep moving.” As it happened, I ran across a line that the great Florence King wrote back in 1978 that shows the problem: Feminists won’t be satisfied until every abortion is performed by a black gay doctor under an endangered tree on a reservation for handicapped Indians. Hoo boy, she’d be drummed off of any college »

The PC Left Doubles Down on Stupid

Featured image Jerry Seinfeld has been getting a lot of pixels lately for saying comedians should avoid college campuses because they are humorless zones of political correctness: Jerry Seinfeld: Political Correctness Will Destroy Comedy Jerry Seinfeld believes political correctness has put comedy on a self-destructive path. During a recent ESPN interview, host Colin Cowherd mentioned to Seinfeld that Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy intentionally don’t perform at college campuses because »

I Think I’ll Have a Cheeseburger

Featured image Is that even a question that needs reflection? Maybe, but better make it a Thickburger, because, Yes, this is the greatest cheeseburger ad ever. I only post this here as a public service because it may not be airing your media market. That’s how Power Line looks out for you. »

Is the Obama Justice Department Secretly Supporting Rand Paul?

Featured image What can possibly explain the Justice Department’s subpoena of Reason demanding the identities of anonymous commenters on its website? Bloomberg columnist Virginia Postrel (the editor of Reason magazine back in the 1990s when I wrote for it frequently) explains: This is happening in America — weirdly, to a site I founded, and one whose commenters often earned my public contempt. Los Angeles legal blogger Ken White has obtained a grand »

The Crisis of the Administrative State, Part 6

Featured image Now this is very interesting: Federal Judge Rules SEC’s In-House Judge’s Appointment “Likely Unconstitutional” A federal judge ruled Monday that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s use of an in-house judge to preside over an insider-trading case was “likely unconstitutional,” a potential blow to the agency’s controversial use of its internal tribunal. The decision possibly creates a serious headache for the SEC, which is increasingly using its five administrative-law judges to »

How To End the Title Nein Fascism in Five Minutes

Featured image By now it is evident even to honest liberals that Title IX is an out of control monster that makes old fashioned political correctness and speech codes look like a John Stuart Mill seminar. The Laura Kipness episode at Northwestern University might prove a tipping point, but I doubt it: between the determination of the will-to-power left, the cravenness of most college administrations (including Northwestern’s feckless president Mort Schapiro—I’ve got »

The Liberal Learning Curve Is Flat

Featured image Last fall Ross Koningstein (whom I know slightly) and David Fork, two Google engineers who headed up Google’s ambitious RE<C project—which stood for “Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal”—wrote a cogent explanation of why Google decided to pull the plug on RE<C: Unfortunately, not every Google moon shot leaves Earth orbit. In 2011, the company decided that RE<C was not on track to meet its target and shut down the initiative. »

The Progress of Progressivism

Featured image In trying to decide for a previous post what version of the Progressive Operating System (POS) we’re currently using (6.0? 8.0?), I just arbitrarily decided to go with 12.0. Oh, now do pipe down; Microsoft Windows is my model here; the acronym POS is a pure coincidence. But in any case I’m sure Progressives will scorn this as “Whole Numberism,” which is defined in the PC Dictionary as a “microaggressive »

When Liberal Pieties Collide

Featured image I didn’t expect to read this in the New York Times this morning: Do women and men have different brains? Back when Lawrence H. Summers was president of Harvard and suggested that they did, the reaction was swift and merciless. Pundits branded him sexist. Faculty members deemed him a troglodyte. Alumni withheld donations. But when Bruce Jenner said much the same thing in an April interview with Diane Sawyer, he »