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How To Inoculate Your Daughter Against Campus Feminism

Featured image As a public service announcement, any Power Line readers with daughters heading off to college next fall ought to have a look at NeW, the Network of Enlightened Women.  No—seriously—I know what you’re thinking: “Enlightened” is often a euphemism for leftism, but in this case NeW is a nice twit of NOW (National Organization for Women), which really ought to be thought of as THEN (Thoroughly Harridan Egalitarian Nonsense), and »

Title Nein?

Featured image Today’s egalitarian bureaucratic outrage concerns Arbor View High School in Las Vegas, where boys baseball boosters succeeded in getting a storage shed donated for the team to store its equipment on the campus near the ball field. A local construction company donated the concrete facility for free. And that’s when the trouble started. Seems you can’t have a boys storage shed unless you have a girls storage shed, too. Because »

Shameful Environmental Correctness Strikes Again

Featured image “Environmental Correctness” (EC) is just as authoritarian and mindless as standard-issue “political correctness,” and for the same reason. Leftist orthodoxy needs to suppress dissent, or it will collapse. The latest example of EC in action comes from Australia, where the University of Western Australia has pulled the plug on a new research center at its business school because of its connection to Bjorn Lomborg. Inside Higher Ed reports: The University »

The Revolt Against the Masses, Early Edition

Featured image Last month we featured our five-part interview series with Fred Siegel, author most recently of The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class. Lo and behold, buried in my library is a old collection of Aaron Wildavsky essays by nearly the same title published way back in 1971: The Revolt Against the Masses, and Other Essays on Politics and Public Policy. Wildavsky (d. 1993) was one »

Bubbaships and Double Standards, Take 2

Featured image Anyone else remember how liberals moaned that Ed Meese shouldn’t be confirmed to be attorney general back in 1986 because of the appearance of impropriety? In fact, the phrase really took off after some shmoe named Joe Biden lectured Meese that he “must avoid even the appearance of impropriety.” (Whatever happened to that guy, by the way?) If that was the standard, the Clintons should have been run out of »

Tom Friedman Beclowns Himself Again [With Update By John]

Featured image The New York Times makes it very difficult to settle on who is their worst op-ed columnist, and it is hard to break the tie between the obnoxiousness of Paul Krugman and the know-it-all smugness of Tom Friedman. Elsewhere Niall Ferguson has a nice beat down of Krugman today at the Puffington Host (Niall makes the case that Krugman is the biggest loser of the British election last week), so »

The Crisis of the Administrative State, Part 4

Featured image The key fact of contemporary bureaucracy is this: the problem of bureaucracy today is less its centralizing tendencies in Washington than it is the culture of bureaucracy that now runs fully from top to bottom at all levels of government.  It’s bureaucratic turtles all the way down, if you know that old apocryphal story. It may actually be worse at the local level than in Washington DC these days, such »

Campus Reductio Ad Absurdum

Featured image Leave it to The Onion to get at the truth of campus extremism in one deft paragraph: College Encourages Lively Exchange of Idea Students, Faculty Invited To Freely Express Single Viewpoint BOSTON—Saying that such a dialogue was essential to the college’s academic mission, Trescott University president Kevin Abrams confirmed Monday that the school encourages a lively exchange of one idea. “As an institution of higher learning, we recognize that it’s »

The Best Mothers’ Day Meme Yet

Featured image In our world of accelerating social media, there’s no shortage of good Mothers’ Day observances and memes going around. But this has to be the single best one.  (Oh, and by the way, Happy Mothers’ Day everyone.) »

Bubbaships and Double Standards*

Featured image I know it’s a favorite saying around here that if liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.  But seriously—the Clintons really abuse the liberal privilege. The astounding revelations of Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash are causing me to have flashbacks to the 1990s, and such sterling paragons of commercial virtue like Marc Rich, the Riadys of Indonesia, assorted impecunious Buddhist monks who nonetheless managed to max »

Science Versus “Scientism”

Featured image I’ve decided I’m going to call myself an “Islamoskeptic,” because it neatly combines two left-wing, debate-stifling epithets at one stroke. If you criticize Islam, you’re an “Islamophobe”—the moral equivalent of a racist, so shut up we don’t have to listen to you any more. And if you align at all with climate skepticism and criticize any aspect of climate change orthodoxy, you’re met with the shutdown term of “science denier.” »

The Week in Pictures: Deflations All Around Edition

Featured image New England Patriot footballs weren’t the only thing deflated this week. Liberalism in the UK deflated hard. Hillary’s presidential prospects continue to deflate. Big time Vegas boxing matches deflated hard. Home grown jihadis demonstrated their deflated intelligence by attempting to emulate the Charlie Hebdo massacre in . . . Texas. Let that sink in a moment. Do they not know about Texas in jihadi mosques? And finally:   »

Happy Birthday, Freddie Hayek

Featured image Today is Friedrich Hayek’s 116th birthday, and we might as well celebrate it with a couple of good quotations from his greatest hits. How about these four passages from his classic essay “The Intellectuals and Socialism,” where he makes clear that socialism was never really a phenomenon of the “working class,” and that most reputable economists never bought into it: Socialism has never and nowhere been at first a working-class »

The UK Election: Lessons for Us?

Featured image Between the Conservative Party and UKIP, the right-of-center parties took just a sliver under 50 percent of the total vote in the UK yesterday. There is no sugar coating this for the left: it is an unmitigated defeat. UK voters just weren’t buying the leftism Ed Miliband and others further to the left of him were trying to sell. I wonder if the same may play out here next year. »

Panic at the FBI?

Featured image ABC News is running a story today about how the FBI and the rest of the homeland security apparatus is in a state of near “panic” in the aftermath of the Garland shooting: But the officials who spoke to ABC News described a “panic” and “crisis” inside the FBI because the agency and the rest of the nation’s homeland security infrastructure are not built to deal with the non-stop flow »

A Warm Welcome for Hillary in LA

Featured image Good to see that someone on our side is starting to employ the same street theater tactics the left has long used.  These Hillary “air fresheners” appear at at least a dozens prominent intersections in LA a few days ago, right before Hillary arrived for a fundraiser. (Hat tip: OB.) »

The Crisis of the Administrative State, Part 3

Featured image Bureaucracy has been the bane of both rulers and the ruled since the time of the Pharaoh, if not before. Yet the sense that bureaucratic rule is getting worse is pervasive, even among some liberals who usually defend government against conservative criticism. The late George McGovern, the very liberal 1972 Democratic presidential nominee, made headlines back in the 1990s after his attempt at becoming an entrepreneur in a simple industry—a »