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Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Thursday

Featured image Mark your calendar: I’ll be guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show this Thursday morning, from 6 – 9 am eastern time.  You can find your local station through the show’s website,  We’re still working out the guest list, but it looks to include the great and fascinating Herbert Meyer, Bill Casey’s right hand man at the CIA during the Reagan years, and who was one of the »

“A Zig-Zag Streak of Lightning. . .”

Featured image The house that was the exterior scene from “Mork and Mindy” was around the corner and a couple blocks down from my billet in Boulder; I’d ride by it on my way to campus or downtown most days.  You can imagine what the Hollywood set (where most of it was filmed) must have been like, and how often Williams departed from the script. The best description of genius I’ve ever »

Keystone, the Magic Pipeline

Featured image Oh goody—dueling studies about the Keystone pipeline!  Wonk heaven. First comes a study that says failing to build the Keystone pipeline will result in an increase in greenhouse gas emissions for the simple reason that if Canadian oil isn’t transported by pipeline, it will be shipped by rail (and by tanker if shipped overseas to other eager customers), which will produce higher greenhouse gas emissions than a pipeline. But another »

It’s White People All The Way Down

Featured image Liberalism has been on a hair-trigger for several decades now about “blaming the victim” for any misfortune or ill-circumstance that they may be suffering—sometimes with good reason, but often not.  The irony is that liberals never seem to notice their symmetrical sin of blaming everything on racism, the “System,” the class structure of oppression, the Judean People’s Front, etc.  Like the apocryphal story of Bertrand Russell and turtles, for the »

Dershowitz v. Carter: No Contest

Featured image For a very long time I couldn’t stand Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard criminal law professor who was reliably irritating on almost any subject.  He seemed the male version of Gloria Allred, turning up on camera in the middle of every controversy, rivaling Jesse Jackson for the title as the best political ambulance chaser in the land.  He succeeded through sheer bluster and volume; hence, about the only person who ever »

The Future That Doesn’t Work

Featured image Scratch a Progressive, and they’ll tell you that their ideal for what America should look like is the “social democracies” of enlightened Europe.  That’s why we need higher minimum wage laws, pro-union mandates, and other regulations on the job market.  (One new idea in The New Yorker this week is a three-day work week.)  Meanwhile, younger Americans are finding it harder than ever to get started in today’s economy, and »

The Week in Pictures: Pick Your Theme Edition

Featured image Hard to pick the obvious theme for this week.  What is more rare—an ebola epidemic or Obama asserting himself in foreign policy? Maybe Obama impeached himself this week and let Joe Biden and Samantha Power make the call on attacking ISIS and sending food and supplies to the Kurds. (Or did he wake up in a meeting and realize that ISIS didn’t mean Sterling Archer?) And where is John Kerry »

Ohio: The Wreck of the Ed FitzGerald*

Featured image While Montana Sen. John Walsh has decided to drop out of the Senate race after his plagiarism scandal (why is plagiarism suddenly as common as ebola, by the way?), Ohio Democrats aren’t so lucky.  Their goober gubernatorial nominee, Ed Fitzgerald, would have been better off plagiarizing some kind of feeble excuse for his antics. Instead, he did this: FitzGerald’s Facebook Letter Blows Up in His Face By Jeff Darcy CLEVELAND, »

The TSA Shouldn’t Mess With Remy

Featured image So the Transportation Security Administration thinks airport checkpoint lines are too slow, and has announced a contest offering up to $15,000 in prizes for ideas to speed up the lines.  (I can suggest one word: “Profiling.”  You can send the check to me courtesy Power Line, thank you.) But the TSA should have known this was coming, from our pal Remy Munasifi: »

Want to Help the Kurds against ISIS? Tell The White House

Featured image One of our faithful readers, Prof. Joe Knippenberg of Oglethorpe University in Georgia (“The Knipper” for those of us who know him), has started one of those online White House petitions calling for the U.S. to provide immediate military assistance to the Kurds so they can defend themselves against the Islamic extremists of ISIS.  The petition is short and simple and to the point: The Islamist ISIS terrorists are making »

Perlstein, Plagiarism, and Originality

Featured image I’ve been holding back on commenting on Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan because I’m hard at work on an epic review for the Claremont Review of Books.  But the controversy over Perlstein’s treatment of Craig Shirley’s material, discussed in this New York Times article and many other places this week, deserves some separate and timely consideration, chiefly because my CRB review will concentrate on »

An Epic Green Weenie for “Speciesism”

Featured image Hat tip to Claire Berlinski over on Ricochet, who brings our attention to an incredible story out of Britain about how a radio show about gardening is filled with . . . racism.  From the Daily Mail: Gardeners’ Question Time? It’s so racist: Sociologist rails at references to ‘non-native’ plants With its amiable discussions on greenfly and compost, it may seem as innocuous as a radio show could be. So »

WSC Before the Fact, Part 2

Featured image The other day I made note of Churchill’s description in a 1901 speech of what we would come to call “total war” in the 20th century.  In August 1911, around the time of the Agadir crisis and when he became First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill wrote a memo critiquing the existing view of the British and French general staffs that a German offensive into France could be easily beaten »

Today’s Climate Embarrassment

Featured image Well, well, how brave of a bunch of the world’s top PR firms to announce that they won’t take any “climate deniers” as clients: “We would not knowingly partner with a client who denies the existence of climate change,” said Rhian Rotz, spokesman for WE. Weber Shandwick would also not take any campaign to block regulations cutting carbon emissions or promoting renewable energy. “We would not support a campaign that »

More Fun Out of Ohio

Featured image A reader tips us to an update of the story we brought you the other day about Ohio’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Ed FitzGerald, who was caught with an Irish lass in an office complex parking lot at 4:30 am recently.  The latest is that Mr. FitzGerald, a former prosecutor and city councilman, seems to have some difficulty keeping a driver’s license: COLUMBUS, Ohio — Not only was Cuyahoga County Executive »

Civil War on the Left, Part 11

Featured image It has been a cliché since the 1970s that the typical environmentalist is an upper-class white suburbanite that drives a Volvo (make that a Prius now).  Hence the need to come up with “environmental justice,” where the Civil Rights movement meets the Cuyahoga River fire, and gives us worthies such as Van Jones. But behold, from The Guardian: Green Groups Too White and Too Male Compared to Other Sectors—Report Survey »

WSC Before the Fact, Part 1

Featured image While just about everyone caught up in Progressive-era optimism thought a general war in Europe was impossible—right up to this moment a hundred years ago—Churchill not only thought it possible, indeed likely, but anticipated its character.  From one of his early speeches in the House of Commons in May 1901: “A European war cannot be anything but a cruel, heartrending struggle, which, if we are ever to enjoy the bitter »