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Whole Foods Hate Cake Update

Featured image Regarding our item yesterday on the supposed “hate cake” from the Austin, TX Whole Foods—yup, it was a complete fraud. Whole Foods has released the following security camera footage showing the complainant, the “Rev.” Jordan Brown, checking out with the cake at Whole Foods, where the top of the cake was clearly visible through the cellophane window (Brown turns up at the lower right late in this one-minute video). [UPDATE: »

The New Republic: The Unserious Bernie Sanders

Featured image I suppose I could file this and the previous item under our “Civil War on the Left” series. It’s not just the Washington Post; it’s also The New Republic (which I didn’t know still existed) attacking Bernie for his anti-nuclear power stance: There’s one issue on which Sanders has been hyperconsistently wrong. One yuuuuge-ly important, planet-saving, tiny little thing. It’s his irrational, evidence-free opposition to nuclear energy. Sanders—along with much »

Washington Post: The Unserious Bernie Sanders

Featured image The Washington Post editorial page yesterday took after Bernie Sanders for his childish views on energy, noting that if he had his way it would set back the cause of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Worth a sampling: CAN THE country do without nuclear power and natural gas? Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thinks so. But his position would set back the fight against global warming. . . he had already promised to »

Climate Egg on Their Face

Featured image Here’s another sign of the bankruptcy of both the climatistas and the liberals who fawn over “democracy” until the people don’t do exactly what they want. Science authorities in Britain put the naming of a new Arctic research ship to an online vote of the public. And the public chose—by a landslide margin—”Boaty McBoatface.” Which I suppose is better than “Big McLargehuge,” for you MST3K fans out there. Anyway, Her »

Resolving the Contradiction of “Progressivism”

Featured image Historians and political theorists have long puzzled over how to resolve the glaring contradiction of Progressive ideology—namely, that Progressive “reform” emphasizes greater “democracy,” and championed innovations like the direct election of Senators, the initiative and referendum, etc. Give the people what they want! Up with democracy! At the same time, Progressives also advanced the theory of government administration deliberately remote from politics and popular accountability—the Administrative State staffed by elite »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: The Coming Vegankampf

Featured image Really, I don’t mean to pick on vegans relentlessly. I actually know a couple of conservative vegans, and hey, if you want to deprive yourself of tasty animals, it’s a free country. But of course there are the other kind of vegans who, following most leftist enthusiasms, would like to make it mandatory for everyone. The first step is integrating veganism fully into the current mode of identity politics, thus »

Hate Speech At Whole Foods?

Featured image It is hard to imagine a more cosmopolitan establishment these days than Whole Foods, where, David Brooks joked, the checkers all look like they’re on loan from Amnesty International. But a gay preacher is alleging that he is the victim of hate speech from the bakery department at the Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, where his special order cake reading “Love Wins” came with some extra frosting: Looks like a »

You Knew This Was Coming—Hamilton Angst [Updated]

Featured image UPDATE: No sooner do I send up this post then news breaks that Lin-Manuel Miranda has won a Pulitzer Prize for Hamilton. That’s going to cost him some college speaking invitations! One of the delicious and predictable spectacles that has come out of the runaway success of the Broadway rap musical Hamilton is the identity politics left losing their lunch over it. Even though Hamilton was created by and stars a »

Cheesy Energy Stories of the Week

Featured image I’m old enough to remember when surplus government cheese was given away to poor people. But now the geniuses of greenery over in the UK have come up with a new use: Gas made from cheese to heat hundreds of homes Hundreds of homes in Cumbria will be heated using cheese from next month, as a new government-backed green energy plant starts producing gas from cheddar manufacturing waste. The anaerobic digestion plant »

This Is Surely Better than the Real Debate

Featured image I skipped the latest Democratic debate in New York last Thursday, partly because I knew I could count on Saturday Night Live to provide a relevant highlight reel/analysis in one place. Here it is, from last night: »

Minimum Wage, Maximum Ignorance

Featured image Gee, who could have seen this coming? From the Los Angeles Times yesterday: California Minimum Wage Hike Hits L.A. Apparel Industry: “The Exodus Has Begun” Los Angeles was once the epicenter of apparel manufacturing, attracting buyers from across the world to its clothing factories, sample rooms and design studios. But over the years, cheap overseas labor lured many apparel makers to outsource to foreign competitors in far-flung places such as »

Why Do Democrats Hate Their Own Presidents?

Featured image It has been widely observed that Hillary Clinton is having to repudiate the policy legacy of her husband’s tenure in the White House in the 1990s, which is extremely telling about how far down in the deep end Democrats are today. After all, Bill Clinton’s tenure coincided with robust economic growth, a balanced budget, and expansion of free trade. It also saw two of the greatest social policy achievements of »

The Hillary Highlight Reel!

Featured image Hillary Clinton announced her official candidacy for president one year ago—I know, it seems so much longer (because it actually has been longer)—and our pals at National Review have put together this four minute highlight reel of Hillary’s greatest moments from the last year. Not clear for whom is it more painful—Hillary or the viewer. (And I’ll try to refrain from the obvious conclusion about possible sequels.) »

The Week in Pictures: Tax Day Edition

April 15 is everyone’s least favorite day of the year—income tax filing day. This year April 15 fell yesterday—Friday—a weekday. But somehow this year the IRS declared Monday, April 18, to be tax filing day, as it always has in the past when April 15 fell on a weekend. What, what? Is Friday now considered a weekend day, too? Is it some kind of Post Office holiday I missed? Or »

Remy Breaks Down the Democratic Debate

Featured image I wasn’t able to watch the Democratic debate last night, but it sounds like it was a shoutfest between granny and a “get-off-my-White-House-lawn” candidate. (Can you just imagine President Sanders presiding over the annual Easter Egg roll at the White House?) Anyway, Remy Munasifi breaks it down for us: »

Where Are We Now?

That’s the open-ended title of the panel I spoke on last weekend at the West Coast Retreat of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (and special thanks to all of the Power Line readers in the audience who introduced themselves). Where do you go with such a wide-ranging title? I spoke from a few short notes that I scratched out the night before (which I have now lost), but I think »

Unhinged Leftist of the Week

Featured image Outgoing California Senator Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer deserves a Power Line Green Weenie Lifetime Achievement Award for her performance this week in a hearing about energy and climate policy that featured Alex Epstein, author of the cheeky book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, and Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute. Here’s a five-minute highlight reel of Boxer losing ground to Epstein and Sirico: And as a special »