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Taking the Wrong Lessons from the Gipper on Climate

Featured image I love George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state and one of the heroes of the endgame of the Cold War. He began every meeting with a Soviet official with a specific human rights complaint about a dissident the Soviets had locked up, just to get under their skin and keep the pressure on.  He was magnificent in his meetings with the Soviets after the shootdown of KAL 007, and »

The Unabomber or Kim Jong Un?

Featured image Some people may remember the fun parlor game from almost 20 years ago, in which the close parallels were observed between the Unabomber’s famous manifesto, “Industrial Civilization and Its Discontents” and Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance. (I extended this problematic aspect of Gore’s philosophy in this paper that noted how closely Gore unknowingly (??) tracked Heidegger.) Now our friends at Mother Jones (heh) have equaled that feat, with a quiz »

Groundhog Day? No, It’s Just the Clintons

Featured image The ultimate Clinton video loop, just 25 seconds long.  No further explanation needed: »

Green Weenie of the Month: Seattle

Featured image If you never needed confirmation that environmentalism is more about moral preening and self-congratulation than it is about the environment, look no further than Seattle. The New York Times reports today that Seattle is up in arms about a plan by Royal Dutch Shell to bring two offshore oil drilling rigs into Seattle harbor. Now I can certainly sympathize with Seattleites who don’t want to see oil drilling going on »

The Week in Pictures: Madam Hillary Edition

Featured image Really—is there any other possible theme for this week?  Not even the disappearance and rumored death of Vladimir Putin could knock Hillary’s meltdown of the top of the news list.  I haven’t had this much fun since Monica’s blue dress.  Quick: someone fetch Doc Brown and his DeLorean: It’s back to the 1990s. But there was other news this week. . . Obama is still president. And finally. . . »

In the Matter of Sweet Briar College

Featured image Along with the OU expulsions, the big story in higher education over the last week or so is the surprise announcement that Sweet Briar College will be closing its doors at the end of this academic year. Although the college as an endowment somewhere near $90 million, declining enrollment at the all-womens’ college has led the trustees to conclude that there is no future for a single-sex school out in »

Another Blast from the Past: When Biden Teamed up With Helms

Featured image I missed Marc Thiessen’s Washington Post column a couple days ago recalling the time a senator named Joe Biden . . . hmmm, that name seems familiar, doesn’t it?—teamed up with Sen. Jesse Helms (!!!) to interpose themselves in the Clinton Administration’s diplomacy regarding the UN’s International Criminal Court: Biden also surely remembers how in 1998, when the Clinton administration was negotiating a U.N. treaty to create an International Criminal »

Up Next: Drone Neutrality?

Featured image Apparently the FAA has FCC-envy over Net Neutrality, and wants to regulate even amateur drone flyers like me.  Now they’re saying you can’t post drone video footage to YouTube because YouTube has ads, dontchaknow, and that makes drone footage a commercial use.  From Motherboard: If you fly a drone and post footage on YouTube, you could end up with a letter from the Federal Aviation Administration. Earlier this week, the »

Democratic Party Hypocrisy: Blast from the Past

Featured image From the Daily Oklahoman, Sept. 26, 1991: FORMER Reagan administration officials were stunned when, as revealed in the New York Times on Sept. 15, their mid-1980s monitoring stumbled across “Democrats or staff members of Democrats” directly advising the communist Sandinistas of Nicaragua on political tactics, including how to defeat U.S. aid to the anti-communist resistance, the “Contras. ” Although President Reagan’s people decided not to seek prosecution of the House »

Victory Over Communism

Featured image As Paul reported here a couple days ago, Barron’s textbook publishing division produced a monstrous book equating Justice Clarence Thomas with fascists and the KKK.  I too was stunned to see this from the Barron’s stable, as Barron’s weekly is my favorite financial publication, and it employs many ideologically sound writers (Tom Donlan, Gene Epstein, etc), which suggests their management has their head on straight. Yesterday Barron’s announced it will withdraw »

Start the Hillary Countdown Clock

Featured image When is someone prominent in the Democratic Party going to have a public “emperor’s new clothes” moment with regard to Hillary Clinton’s putative presidential candidacy, and point out that there’s no there there? Forget her dissimulations yesterday. There was a deeply weird aspect of her brief press conference that has received very little notice. Start the video below of her three-minute opening statement (go ahead and quit after 20 seconds »

Jay Leno Hates Ethanol

Featured image And so should you.  From Jay’s column in Autoweek: CAN’T WE JUST GET RID OF ETHANOL? There have been a lot of old-car fires lately. I went through the ’70s, the ’80s and most of the ’90s without ever having read much about car fires. Suddenly, they are happening all over the place. Here’s one reason: The ethanol in modern gasoline—about 10 percent in many states—is so corrosive, it eats through »

“Gamergate”: More Gaps Than a Nixon Tape

Featured image When it comes to “Gamergate,” I’m having a bit of an Emily Litella moment: What’s all this about Gamergate?  I’ve paid no attention to it at all.  Apparently video games are misogynistic or something.  I’m not a gamer, so I wouldn’t know.  But the response to it from the Sisters of the Perpetually Concerned is utterly predictable.  (And why is the ADL getting in on this?) Fortunately we have Christina »

A Quick Thought About Tom Cotton’s Letter

Featured image Judging from the reaction of the Left, Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran clearly struck a nerve.  Never mind the hypocrisy of Democrats on this (anyone remember the “Dear Comandante” letter from House Dems to Sandinista dictator Danny Ortega back in 1984? Or just have a glance at the photo below, and remember that the guy on the left is the same guy in the room with Iranians right now). »

You Can’t Beat the News Beat

Featured image This is my favorite news headline so far this year.  I’m not sure what’s more mordantly funny—that the New York Times would run such a deadpan headline, or that the story itself might actually be true and accurate.  Good to know that the CIA is on top of adapting to modern threats.  Just in the nick of time. I suspect by now they’ve finally “connected all the dots” on the »

Civil War on the Left, Part 17 [With note by Paul]

Featured image In an earlier installment of this series (Part 13), I mentioned how the identity politics mandate of the Democratic Party was causing friction in California, where Hispanics were loudly complaining against the presumptive anointment of Kamala Harris to be the successor of Barbara Boxer. Looks like the same fight is shaping up in Maryland, where the Democratic Party establishment’s attempt to clear the field for Rep. Chris Van Hollen to »

Who Reads Power Line?

Featured image John Tamny, that’s who.  (See the 15-second video below.)  John is a fellow at the Cato Institute, the editor of RealClearMarkets, frequently contributor to Fox Business, and a columnist for Forbes.  He’s also the author of a book coming out next month, Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics.  I’m enjoying the galleys right now, and although it doesn’t come out »