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How Trump Could Win

Featured image First of all, kudos to Roger Simon of Pajamas Media, who said last summer that Trump would be the nominee and is in a strong position to win the general election. He takes a well-deserved victory lap today: That seemed a bold prediction at the time — that the presidency, not just the Republican nomination, which he now has, was Trump’s to lose. But it really wasn’t so courageous. It was almost obvious, if you would »

Three Cheers for Fracking

Featured image Yesterday the Department of Energy released a brief report showing that the fracking boom has cut the average household’s energy costs by about $750 a year: Since June 2014, decreases in crude oil and natural gas prices have reduced household energy costs. According to initial figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the chained consumer price index for urban consumers (C-CPI-U) decreased by 1.2% from June 2014 to February 2016. »

It Ain’t Over Till . . . Oh, Wait, There’s the Fat Lady

Featured image I suspect John is right that the GOP race is now over, but I can still see some extremely unlikely scenarios whereby the GOP convention in Cleveland nominates someone else. But it would take some kind of fatal stumble from Trump, and let’s face it, if nothing he’s said or done so far has slowed him much, what could he do now that would cause delegates to want to dump »

Liberals Having Second Thoughts?

Featured image While conservatives are looking up techniques for Hari-Kari in the moment of Trump’s triumph, curious things are happening among some liberals. Yale historian Beverly Gage (I’ve written about Gage before here, and we appeared together on the PBS News Hour back in 2013 here) has a very interesting review in the New York Times Book Review about two new books from liberal authors about the problem of liberal elitism: In »

How the Greens Are Killing “Green” Energy

Featured image Every day you read about how “green” energy, especially solar and wind power, are growing by leaps and bounds. And yet as a share of total electricity generation, green energy’s share is declining. (See the paired charts below.) One reason for this is that natural gas-fired electricity is growing faster, which somehow the news media forgets to mention. Another reason, though, is that many emission-free nuclear power plants are being »

Trump’s Triumph?

Featured image Henry Olsen scours the numbers better than Mr. Clean scours your dirty sink, and he thinks Trump will thump in Indiana today: It is time to deal with the inevitable. Donald Trump will win Indiana so decisively tonight that the Republican race will be effectively over. Only one thing to do: emulate Kent Brockman: Don’t say The Simpsons didn’t warn us: »

Recalling Harry Jaffa on the Radio

Featured image Seth Leibsohn of the great Patriot Radio KKNT in Arizona graciously hosted me for an entire hour last night to talk further about the wisdom of our teacher Harry Jaffa. It’s pretty tricky trying to do deep-dish political philosophy on the radio, but we gave it a shot. We were pretty hard on Republicans and conservatives not merely for failing to “communicate” what is wrong these days, but for failing »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Hobosexuality?

Featured image Did you know there is an academic journal called Sexualities? Of course there is. But like the new Playboy, apparently it doesn’t print pictures. Instead it prints this: Mapping the Hobosexual: A Queer Materialism Heather Tapley, University of Victoria Abstract The following article introduces the hobosexual as a concept in queer materialism. Mapped at the intersection of not-for-profit hobo sex and labor practices historically, the hobosexual collapses the apparent impasse between the »

How Bad Was the Reagan Movie Script?

Featured image Hollywood is fighting back over Will Ferrell’s abandonment of the Reagan-with-Alzheimer’s “comedy.” Two Hollywood tabloids have offered additional details about the plot and nature of the film. How bad was the script? This bad: here’s the Hollywood Reporter: It turns out Reagan is actually a good-natured and well-researched comedy that offers an “alternate take” on seismic events in American history — a direct descendent of 1999’s Dick, in which Kirsten »

Today’s Cuckoo Land Report

Featured image What did Donald Trump say this time? Something offensive to indians native Americans? Yes, he said something about “going off the reservation. . .” Wait, what’s that? Hillary said it? And has offered the usual abject apologies? Check: Hillary Clinton’s staff have apologized for their boss after the presidential hopeful was lambasted by Native American groups for saying Donald Trump had gone ‘off the reservation’ Friday. After being asked about Trump’s offensive »

Back to Your Safe Spaces, WHM Is Ending!

Featured image Today is the last day of Whiteness History Month up at Portland Community College, though it is not clear whether the social justice set at PCC want the world to know about it or not. Yesterday a person attempted to videotape a session on feminist theory, and as you can see at the beginning of this six minute video, one of the instructors encourages people in the audience to physically »

Trump Gets the Zizek Endorsement

Featured image Slavoj Zizek is one of the celebrity figures of the radical Left today, one of those intellectuals whose fame seems to be derived in inverse proportion to the distance between his thought and intelligibility. The Guardian describes him thus: But Žižek is not just any self-declared Leninist: the Slovenian philosopher not only incorporates the intellectual rigours of Hegelian dialectics and Lacanian psychoanalysis into his wideranging critique of global capitalism, but also »

The Week in Pictures: Bathroom Break Edition

The Great Bathroom Wars of 2016 are still raging at full pitch, and we won’t take a break from our stall-to-stall . . . coverage of this epochal moment in the decline of the West. At least we still have toilet paper, unlike Venezuela. Meanwhile, Trump rolls on, the campuses are still falling apart, and the California legislature has refused to pass a resolution in honor of John Wayne because »

Why Are Liberals So Insecure and Miserable?

Featured image You may have seen the news yesterday that the faculty senate at George Mason University has voted by a wide margin to oppose naming their well-regarded law school after Antonin Scalia. Among other complaints, according to Inside Higher Ed, is “the reinforcement of the external branding of the university as a conservative institution rather than an unaligned body that is a comfortable home for individuals with a variety of viewpoints.” »

Ted Olson’s Bad Idea, Take 2

Featured image Further to Paul’s point below on “Ted Olson’s Bad Idea,” just take in the dreams of Erwin Chemerinsky, writing a couple weeks ago in The Atlantic about his ideas for what the Supreme Court could do with a durable liberal majority. Chemernisky, one of the leading liberal law professors in the country, doesn’t even try to disguise or dress up his undemocratic will to power: Thinking of a Court where »

Looking Back at Boulder

Featured image The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story out today about the experiment I began at the University of Colorado at Boulder two years ago, now that the smoke (what kind of smoke you ask?) has cleared. The story is behind a subscriber paywall, but here’s the lede and a few fun parts plus some additional commentary from me: After 3 Years, U. of Colorado Deems Its Conservative-Scholars Program a »

Lost in the Ozone

Featured image I’ve been wanting to revisit the whole Volkswagen emissions testing scandal for a while now, but haven’t had the chance yet. But Volkswagen’s announcement earlier this week that it will buy back diesel cars from unhappy owners is a perfect moment to wade back into this. While everyone is “outraged” about Volkswagen gaming the emission testing system, keep two things in mind. First, anyone still driving a car that is »