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Dispatches from the Failed State of Venezuela

Featured image While we await the results of the election tomorrow that will determine merely the degree to which the U.S. will continue on its slow-motion journey to socialized mediocrity, let’s take in a few excerpts from a bracing new report about conditions in that latest people’s paradise, Venezuela: Public health in Venezuela is, in fact, getting rapidly worse. In 1961, Venezuela was the first country declared free of malaria. Now its »

Things Are Getting Weird

Featured image With the final day of the campaign, things are getting seriously weird out there. First, a guest on MSNBC outs Victor Davis Hanson: Malcolm Nance, executive director at the Terror Asymmetrics Project and a commentator on MSNBC, called conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson a Russian spy. I feel compelled to utter the age-old adage, “This is not The Onion.” “I know some of the spy-catchers in FBI counter-intelligence, guys who have taken »

Standing up to the Campus Left

Featured image Perhaps you’ve heard of Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who has attracted the ire of the screaming campus crybullies for the sin of refusing to submit to the new regime of using the prescribed Heinz 57 list of indeterminate pronouns. For this he faces the usual outrage of bigotry and such, and, given the scene in Canada, which has fewer protections for free speech, »

Your Pre-Election Diversion

Featured image Bill Kristol kindly invited me to sit down recently for one of his “Conversations with Kristol” series to talk about the enduring lessons of Ronald Reagan, and the hows and whys of studying statesmanship. Just the thing to take your mind off the election for a little while, as we don’t talk about Trump or Clinton at all. It’s divided into two segments, each about a half-hour long. Enjoy! And »

Sunday Afternoon Ramping Up

Featured image You know, this really ought to be the favorite weekend of conservatives everywhere. We literally got to turn back the clock! Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? That, and cut taxes? Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the schadenfreude of liberals bemoaning that Hillary might still have to face a Republican Senate as well as a Republican House if she wins on Tuesday, which means six more weeks years of gridlock. But as »

Upcoming Events

Featured image Now here’s some news you can use depending on where you live: I’ve got three public events over the next two weeks that I’d be delighted to see local Power Line readers attend if you have the time and inclination. • First, for Bay Area residents, on Monday afternoon I’ll be part of an “Election Eve” panel discussion from 4 to 5 pm on campus at Berkeley, sponsored by my »

The Week in Pictures: Richard Milhous Hillary Edition

Featured image The race is on to see if Hillary can make it past the finish line before the roof falls in on her. She’s the Rosie Ruiz of presidential nominees, and likely to be Typhoid Mary for the Democratic Party if she does win. Like I said last week, Ken Starr is tanned, rested, ready—and looking for work. And now, the best headlines of the week: This story had better be »

The Stretch Drive (9)

Featured image • Just three or four weeks ago all the chatter from the Certified Smart People was that Hillary was “expanding the map,” and could concentrate on campaigning in red states like Georgia, Arizona, maybe even Texas. Now, Hillary’s campaign is frantically buying last minute ad time in . . . Michigan. (And Hillary has added a last minute campaign stop in Michigan today.) She’s suddenly campaigning hard in the key »

I’ve Found My Candidate!

Featured image A thing to understand about legendary university towns like Berkeley or Boulder or Madison is that they are fundamentally conservative in the ordinary sense of that term: they never change. Take Berkeley (please, as the joke goes). It’s got a hot race for mayor going off next Tuesday, and the Daily Californian is doing profiles of all the candidates. And I’ve found mine: Berkeley Activist Zachary RunningWolf runs 4th Mayoral »

The Stretch Drive (8)

Featured image • The ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll today has Hillary moving back into a narrow lead again, but as all of the results right now are within the statistical margin of error, it means the race is essentially tied, and likely to stay that way through next Tuesday. However, most of the new state-by-state polls, which often lag national polls by a few days, show movement in Trump’s direction. Suddenly »

Green, uh, Weenie of the Week: Ecosexuality??

Featured image I think I may have to retire the Green Weenie Award. Because what can you say about this story: Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It If you happen to find yourself in Sydney this week, you have the unique opportunity to have sex with the earth. You just need to stop by the “ecosexual bathhouse,” which is currently part of the Syndey LiveWorks Festival of experimental art. »

The Stretch Drive (7)

Featured image This morning’s election briefing offers the following items to process: • The ABC/Washington Post tracking poll has the race dead even today, at 46-46, but includes the finding that Donald Trump is now deemed more trustworthy than Hillary Clinton. Heh. (And the idiosyncratic LA Times poll has Trump up nearly six points today.) • One of the questions confronting the pollsters and election modelers was whether Hillary could match Obama »

Dems and Comey: The Way We Were!

Featured image You know things aren’t going well for Democrats when even MSNBC is embarrassed for them. Kudos to Morning Joe not only for putting together the following highlight reel of what Democrats used to say about FBI director James Comey, but for the perfect musical accompaniment and appropriate mockery after the reel ends. Enjoy: »

Buyer’s Remorse, Democrats?

Featured image If Hillary loses a week from today, it will be in part because a number of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, never that enthusiastic about Hillary to begin with, stay home. I suspect a lot of Democratic grandees are already privately venting their second thoughts if not outright regrets about having let her have the nomination. Any other plausible Democrat (not named Sanders) would be beating Trump handily (and likewise most »

The Stretch Drive (6)

Featured image Well holey-moley: the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll today has Trump leading by 1 point. Yes, yes, margin of error, mumble mumble—but there’s no avoiding the obvious fact that Hillary’s once large lead has evaporated. The state-by-state polls showing Hillary still ahead should be viewed with skepticism. That sound you hear is Hillary being toppled from her Podesta. The Washington Post says that “Democratic enthusiasm dips.” Ya think? Democrats were »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Another Bank Bailout?

Featured image I know a lot of people remain very upset about bank failures and bank bailouts, but wait till the populist pitchfork crowd get word of this new bank scandal, reported in Women’s Studies International Forum: The golden cage of sperm banking industry Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen, Department of Sociology, Ariel University, Israel Synopsis: The present article aims at exploring whether, if at all, women can achieve any degree of procreative liberty by shopping »

The Stretch Drive (5), Thiel Edition

Featured image The news is going to come fast and furious this week, so we may have to update this series more than once a day. (I’d have re-christened it “Fast and Furious,” but I gather that name has already been taken for some other unrealistic franchise.) How panicked do you think Hillary’s campaign is? Well today, just in time for Halloween, they’ve rolled out a sequel to the infamous “Daisy” ad »