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Which Tribe Are You?

Featured image Lawrence Tribe is one of the liberal eminences at Harvard Law School, author of a leading constitutional law casebook (that for many editions failed to include the text of the Constitution, until Ed Meese embarrassed him about that fact back in the 1980s), and a ringleader of the shameless and demagogic mob that derailed Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination back in 1987. But right now Trump and lots of liberals »

Not So Swift Boats [with comment by Paul]

Featured image About this business of the navy patrol boats captured by Iran. As Scott and Investors Business Daily point out, there’s something off about the official story that a “navigation error” caused the boats to stray into Iranian waters. I don’t believe this story for a moment. (And the initial explanation that the boats “drifted” there after engine trouble has already been withdrawn. Why was that put out or not disavowed »

Major Schadenfreude Alert: Current Isn’t

Featured image What a great week. First The New Republic deservedly implodes. Now comes the news that Al Jazeera America, formerly Al Gore’s Current TV, is folding up. Most of the time Power Line has more active readers than Al Jazeera America had viewers, and we’re just a website. Yeah, Al Gore cashed out nicely with some serious fossil fuel money, but it’s nice to reflect back, as Twitchy does, about Gore’s »

An End to “Peak Nonsense”?

Featured image One of the things about the conventional wisdom is how often you can rely on it being wrong. Statistics show that 95 percent of all conventional wisdom claims are wrong. Actually, I made that statistic up, but I’m sure it is close to being right. Maybe the Monkey Cage can get right on it and let me know. For a long time the conventional wisdom was that we arrived at »

Headline of the Day

Featured image Okay, it’s only a little after 9:30 eastern time, but I’m pretty sure this yuuuge story in the Wall Street Journal will not only win the day but will also show up in a Donald Trump speech pretty soon: Denmark Considers Seizing Valuables From Migrants By Charles Duxbury Denmark’s minority government has secured cross-party backing for a highly-controversial plan: Seize cash and valuables from asylum seekers to help meet the cost »

Hillary’s “White Privilege” Self-Abasement

Featured image Yesterday Hillary Clinton appeared at something called the Black and Brown Forum, which may be good preparation for leaving the country black and blue from the bruises of liberalism. She was asked to reflect on her own “white privilege,” and she didn’t miss the opportunity to abase herself as fully as possible. But what, in her answer, actually connected to the pallor of her skin? Nothing, that I can see. »

From Pen to Penn to Pen?

Featured image I just don’t have it in me to read Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone article about Mexican druglord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. It’s Rolling Stone, after all; the home of accurate, quality reporting. And Sean Penn. I’ll just go with Ian Tuttle’s assessment over at National Review, and Monica Showalter at IBD. But if it is true that Penn inadvertently led authorities to capture Guzman and send him back to the Pen, »

Biden His Time

Featured image Thought experiment: What happens if Hillary Clinton is, mirabile dictu, indicted for her crimes? Yes, I know—that’s why I called it a thought experiment. Still, it could happen, or at least if the FBI recommends prosecution and the Justice Department declines to indict, it might be enough to cause a crisis that even the Clintons can’t overcome. What happens then? Surely the Democratic establishment won’t want to head to the »

Will the Nonsense Ever End?

Featured image Is it required for political leaders (except Trump and Cruz) to deny the presence of Islamic radicalism in instances of obvious Islam-inspired terrorism, such as the shooting in Philadelphia the other day? Philadelphia’s major Jim Kenney went out of his way to declare “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam” had anything to do with the attack. Does »

The Fun Indicator

Featured image I recall that during the Reagan campaign in 1980, Nancy Reagan would “bowl” an orange down the aisle of the campaign plane on takeoff. Ronald Reagan would sometimes take part, and occasionally throw an orange down the aisle. The Washington Post reported at the time: Each time the campaign plane roars upward from a runway, Mrs. Reagan assumes a position in the center aisle at the head of the plane. »

The Bill Comes Due: Cosby vs. Clinton

Featured image Question: Would Bill Cosby be facing criminal charges if he hadn’t departed from liberal orthodoxy? Keep in mind that the old rumors and ugly stories were reignited by a liberal black comic, Hannibal Burress, who objected to Cosby’s controversial speeches from a few years ago criticizing urban black culture. If Cosby had kept to the politically correct line, I doubt he’d be facing charges. After all, look at the pass »

Breaking: The New Republic Implodes

Featured image Over the last couple of years we’ve noted here, here, here, and here about the travails of the once-worthy New Republic under its punk owner Chris Hughes, a Facebook mogul who thought his early riches equaled wisdom. Today the predictable announcement was made: Hughes is dumping the magazine: The New Republic, the century-old magazine that was rocked a year ago by the mass exodus of its staff following an effort by its »

Turning Blue to Red?

Featured image Last week in the New York Sun Conrad Black made the historical case for why Republicans should win back the White House this year—namely, that it is very difficult for a party to hold the White House for a third term. It has happened several times, but usually requires above all else a popular and successful incumbent, and that doesn’t describe Obama: The Republicans should win. Since the big Republican »

The Economy: Don’t Look Now, But. . .

Featured image So the stock market fell 1,000 points last week, the worst first week performance of the stock market ever. This occurs amidst a decent jobs report on Friday, though as many observers noted that a lot of the jobs were on the lower end of the skill level, and several news outlets noted that wages continue to be stagnant. Everyone is pointing to China, whose economy is possibly slipping by »

The Week in Pictures: Toy Gun Control Edition

Featured image As numerous analysts have pointed out, President Obama’s new executive gun control actions don’t amount to very much, and even if you assume maximum nuisance and mischief from the policy, it is certainly incommensurate with the public events it came wrapped in this week. It’s almost as if Obama wants us to think he’s trying to change public opinion, when by now it should be perfectly obvious that he is »

Backlash Building on Political Correctness?

Featured image Gradually it is starting to dawn on terrified liberals that Donald Trump’s appeal owes more to his facial challenge to the stifling political correctness of our time than the single issue of immigration. It helps to have a degree in media Kremlinology to spot this, such as this Washington Post headline: Why Trump may be winning the war on ‘political correctness’ Stop right there! When a mainstream media outlet runs »

Obama and Guns: Life Imitates Art

Featured image Okay, one last clip from the radio this week while we get our act together to start up the Power Line Show podcast again soon. I had a good deal of fun during the first segment Wednesday morning, all by myself, noting the patent insincerity of Obama’s claim to “respect” the Second Amendment, and along the way I note the similarity of Obama to the climactic (and comically absurd) press »