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More Fake News from the Left

Featured image Remember the Muslim woman student at the University of Michigan who said a person forced her to take off her hijab under threat? It was widely reported as a sign of the new age of Trump terror. Well, never mind: Several days after the U.S presidential election in November, a female student at the University of Michigan reported being attacked by a man who threatened that if she did not remove her »

The Question of Trump’s Consistency

Featured image Tim Alberta’s National Review article, “Conservatism in the Trump Era,” is a terrific piece of reporting, well worth taking in. Among other questions, it looks at the notion of whether the new “economic nationalism” that Trump, or at least his amanuensis Steve Bannon, is working out in real time will confound or corrupt conservatism­—or make for an enduring Republican majority that scrambles the voter alignments of the last two generations. »

Hollywood Does An About Face!

Featured image Well sort of. In a bit of nifty film editing, watch how the Hollywood Hectors who tried to bully the electoral college into betraying Trump’s voters can be seen to have changed their mind. Just 45 second long, but it will leave your chortling all day long: »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Sheep Dip Anyone?

Featured image I know many readers think the items posted in this weekly feature are hoaxes, but sadly they are all too real. I hope this conference abstract from the Danish National Research Database inspires lots of imitators: Becoming Sheep, Becoming Animals Charlotte Grum, Connie Svabo, Roskilde University Abstract As a part of a 2015 group exhibition exploring the history and local myths of a woman living in a Danish heath landscape »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Electoral College Graduation Edition

Featured image People are working overtime to produce good visual material about the liberal faceplant over the Electoral College results yesterday, and since this will be old news by Saturday, it seems to me a special edition of the Week in Pictures is justified: Amazingly, Scott Adams drew this Dilbert cartoon 26 years ago. . . And finally as a special bonus: »

Liberals to Poor Third World Children: Drop Dead

Featured image Nature magazine has a terrific feature in its current issue about the great Swedish demographer Hans Rosling, who we have discussed here on Power Line in the past. Late in the long piece appears this astounding sentence: Melinda Gates says that after a drink or two, people often tell her that they think the Gates Foundation may be contributing to overpopulation and environmental collapse by saving children’s lives with interventions »

California’s Continuing Brownout

Featured image Back in the late 1990s, when Willie Brown was mayor of San Francisco and right across the Bay Bridge Jerry Brown was mayor of Oakland, it was fitting to say that the Bay Area suffered a complete Brownout. And as I liked to remind people, Willie Brown defeated an incumbent mayor to get the job. That incumbent, Frank Jordan, had stripped naked in the shower with two gays on a »

Feel Good Story of the Day, Courtesy of the NY Times

Featured image The New York Times has announced that it will lease out eight floors of its Manhattan headquarters to raise revenue—almost half of its total remaining office space: The New York Times is planning to offer up at least eight floors at its Eighth Avenue headquarters on the sublet market in an effort to generate some rental income. The Gray Lady, which partnered with Forest City Ratner Companies to develop the Renzo Piano-designed, »

Being a Liberal Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Featured image At the heart of liberal utopianism is the concept that through political exertion you can have a perfect society without tragic outcomes of any kind. This is one reason why liberalism rebels against human nature. (In fact, I think we should routinely refer to liberals as “human nature deniers.” Sauce for the goose and all that.) It is this ineluctable characteristic that explains why liberals are having trouble making it »

The Week in Pictures: From Russia With Love Edition

Featured image So our news media hacks are up in arms about hackers, and no wonder: they resent the competition? First, tilting the news against one political party is supposed to be the closed shop oligopoly of the New York Times, CBS, etc. Who are these people to be airing out secret information? Do they think this is the Pentagon Papers or something? Second, how can Mother Russia, home of the old »

Revenge of the Nerds

Featured image I tweeted out a few days ago that so far, President-elect Donald Trump’s senior level and cabinet picks are to the right of Ronald Reagan in 1981, and would find the approval of Calvin Coolidge. Naturally I wasn’t disappointed in my expectation that it would provoke the usual liberal clichés in response, because Coolidge caused the Great Depression, dontchaknow. To which I always like to share the following observation of »

The Economy: Animal Spirits, Take 2

Featured image Further to my observations a few days ago that Trump is reviving the “animal spirits” necessary for an economic boom are some survey results that bolster the point, courtesy of the Daily Shot folks. Start with the National Federation of Independent Business’s Optimism Index, which clear show the Trump election bump: Then take a look at the NFOB’s sales expectation survey: Heck—the Trump effect may go global, as this international »

More Fake News from the Left

Featured image About 90 percent of the time that you hear about a “hate crime” on a college campus, it is later discovered to have been a hoax. And the other 10 percent of the time the culprit is not some vagabond Klan member or genuine Nazi, but a psychologically troubled kid seeking attention. As David Burge (“Iowahawk”) observed on Twitter, it’s odd that so many expressions of “hate speech” are showing »

What’s Wrong with the Executive Branch in One Paragraph

Featured image Paul Light of New York University passes along this interesting tidbit about the growth of the executive branch in his Wall Street Journal op-ed today: In 1961, according to my analysis, John F. Kennedy oversaw 450 political and career executives who occupied 17 bureaucratic layers at the top of government. Mr. Trump will soon oversee more than 3,000 executives in 63 layers. This leads to a Washington hallmark: titles like »

Memo to Rural America: The Urban Elites Hate You

Featured image The Hill offers us this unintentionally illuminating article a couple days ago: America Is Held Hostage by Flyover States By Duane Townsend The predominant narrative coming out of the 2016 presidential post-election analysis is: The flyover states have spoken. A flyover state is the huge region between the coasts. As opposed to the eastern seaboard, northern post-industrial states and Pacific Ocean states. They’re overwhelmingly Republican, stanchly conservative, regressive right wing, »

More Election Post-Mortems

Featured image If you want to know why Hillary lost—and deserved to lose—go back to Philip Bump’s October 22 story in the Washington Post about how the Clinton campaign considered 84 (eighty-four) different campaign slogans before settling on “Stronger Together.” I missed this story when it first appeared, but it has returned to currency as people continue to pick over the wreckage of the Clintons’ political machine. Some of these you have »

The Laziness of the Liberal Mind

Featured image Of all the stale cliches of liberalism, “the side of history” has to be the laziest. It is a romper room version of Hegelianism, or a secularized version of Providence. (Notice that it involves the Divine Right of the State replacing the Divine Right of Kings as the agent of transcendent History.) But it explains a lot, including the incredulity and rage liberals exhibit whenever they lose an election. If »