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The Cost of Bernie: $18 Trillion

Featured image That’s the tally the Wall Street Journal‘s news pages (not the editorial page) have calculated for all of Sanders’ proposals: In all, he backs at least $18 trillion in new spending over a decade, according to a tally by The Wall Street Journal, a sum that alarms conservatives and gives even many Democrats pause. Mr. Sanders sees the money as going to essential government services at a time of increasing »

Sanders Proves He’s a Democrat After All

Featured image Bernie Sanders’ appearance at Liberty University today made clear that he’s no independent socialist, but in fact a true-blue Democrat of the Stephen Douglas variety. John took note of these remarks already, but they deserves a bit more gilding: And I will also say, that as a nation — the truth is a nation that in many ways was created, and I’m sorry to have to say this from way »

Kunstler’s Howl

Featured image To say I dislike James Howard Kunstler, who is a condescending scold of suburbia and purveyor of “peak oil” nonsense among other things, would be an understatement. I reviewed a couple of his dreadful books back in the late 1990s in Reason magazine, but can’t seem to find any links. But in the “stopped-clock-right-twice-a-day” department, on his website today Kunstler lets out a primal scream about the decadence of the »

So Maybe I’m Starting to Like Trump. . .

Featured image Trump unveils his cabinet—or is this just his Secret Service detail? Either way, I volunteer to be head of the Office of Personnel Management in a Trump Administration. (Or as another wag said, Trump’s slogan should be changed from “Making America Great Again” to “Making America a Robert Palmer Video Again.” More seriously, the good folks at Reason have put together a one-stop shopping site for all of the Trump »

The Latest Identity Politics Scandal

Featured image We missed noting the story reported in the Washington Post late last week about an aspiring poet named Michael Derrick Hudson of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who was having trouble getting his poetry accepted in any poetry journals. So what did he do? Pretended to be Chinese: Sherman Alexie read hundreds, maybe thousands, of poems last year while editing the 2015 edition of Best American Poetry, an annual anthology that comes out »

Just How Big Is the Government?

Featured image The answer is . . . no one really knows. At least the government can’t tell you. Background: In most of my classes I will either show the picture nearby of federal agency acronyms (remember that none of these are cabinet departments spelled out in the Constitution), or start writing them one-by-one on the blackboard while rattling off their name and purpose. If I show the slide I’ll see how »

Where Black Lives Actually Matter

Featured image I warned back in July that the likely overreaction to the killing of Cecil the Lion would result in lower protection for the endangered charismatic megafauna celebrated on WWF bumper stickers everywhere, and lo and behold the New York Times reports this morning on the latest unintended consequence of good intentions. Who could have seen this coming? A Hunting Ban Sap’s a Village’s Livelihood SANKUYO, Botswana — Lions have been »

The Best Apology for Politics Ever

Featured image While we’re on the subject of British politics, Power Line reader Jack Pitney points me to the following Monty Python apology about political figures that is much better than the one I included in the Week in Pictures this morning. Only one minute long, and right on the mark: »

U.K. Labour Party Commits Suicide

Featured image Three weeks ago we took note of the extraordinary candidacy of the far-left Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour Party, how it would represent the suicide of the Labour Party. Put it this way: Corbyn makes Bernie Sanders look like one of those dreaded “neo-liberals” of Naomi Klein’s self-induced nightmares. (At least Sanders is pro-Israel, unlike Corbyn, who could be a stenographer for Hamas.) Well, today »

Wednesday in the Big Apple

Featured image For any Power Line readers in the New York City area, I’ll be giving a public lecture at St. Francis College next Wednesday September 16 at 6 pm, on the subject “Is ‘Conservative Environmentalist’ an Oxymoron?” The lecture will be held at the Maroney Forum for Arts, Culture, and Education, 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights, NY, 11201. Do please come and join the crowd, which I’m guessing will include a »

The Week in Pictures: Apology Tour Edition

Featured image Watching Hillary trying to calibrate her apologies for her home-brew server—a calibration finely tuned to exactly how far her poll numbers are tanking—puts me in mind of an old Monty Python record that begins with a serial apology sketch (2 minutes long), in which John Cleese and other Pythons apologize for the previous apologies. Hillary has just about reached that territory. (The New York Times reported the whole pathetic story »

The Jaffa-Berns Feud Revisited

Featured image When Harry Jaffa and Walter Berns died on the same day back in January, I wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about how despite their bitter feud, they both deserve credit and praise for reviving some essential aspects of the American Founding. Their shared contributions were overshadowed by the rancor of their feud that spilled out from private letters into public forums. “In your present state of mind,” »

Annals of EPA Incompetence

Featured image Speaking of Green Weenies, the EPA has released three minutes of video from the contractor who caused the King Mine blowout, and you can hear the contractors wonder “What do we do now?” and “is he going to close it out?” No, they didn’t close it out. »

Green Weenie of the Week: Green is the New Orange?

Featured image Since green weenies are more abundant than hydrocarbons these days we’ve upped our standards, and now only bestow our coveted award to truly extraordinary cases of green weeniedom. And this week we have a candidate for a Green Weenie Lifetime Achievement Award. The background is . . . oh never mind. Let’s just go straight to a new paper (PDF file) from the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at »

Panic Time for Hillary?

Featured image That’s what the Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza thinks in this article today: The latest piece of bad news for Hillary Rodham Clinton came in the form of a Quinnipiac poll out of Iowa on Thursday morning: Bernie Sanders, 41 percent. Clinton, 40 percent. Clinton has dropped 11 points in two months in the state, and now 1 in 3 self-identified Democrats say she is not honest or trustworthy. The poll numbers come just days »

Everything Wrong with California in One Photo

Featured image Nationwide gasoline prices are below $3 a gallon. But here in California it is not unusual to see prices still over $4 a gallon. So what do liberals here want to do? Pass a law that mandates reducing gasoline consumption by 50 percent by the year 2030—just 15 years from now. This proved too much even for some Democrats—the ones who represent actual poor and (previously) working people in the »

NY Times Launches Its Jew-Tracker [Updated]

Featured image The New York Times today offers up a table examining the Democratic (but not Republican) Senators and House members opposed to Obama’s Iran agreement, noting whether they are Jewish and the proportion of Jewish constituents in their state or district. Like this: Nice that they use yellow highlight for this feature. Only thing missing is the Star of David in place of an asterisk. JOHN adds: Wow. This is…unbelievable. UPDATE »