2012 Election

The tough road ahead for Mark Pryor

Featured image Politico serves up a piece about Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, who faces a formidable challenge from our friend Tom Cotton. One doesn’t have to read between the lines to see that the author, Manu Raju, has doubts about Pryor’s re-election prospects. Pryor tells Politico that his path to victory rests on making the case that he’s not a party line Obama loyalist, but rather the kind of conservative Democrat that »

The Cotton Bandwagon Starts to Roll

Featured image The official Tom Cotton campaign is not even 24 hours old, and already the bandwagon is rolling.  Mark Pryor is saddled with saying that “Obamacare has been an amazing success story so far.”  (More Pryor video on this subject here.)  The Club for Growth is out with an ad already: If this keeps up, even the Most Interesting Man in the World is going to get in on the act: »

He’s In! [With Comments By John]

Featured image Tom Cotton made his official announcement of candidacy for the Senate in Arkansas tonight.  We’ll post video when we can, but here’s the excerpt from the speech that, repeated over the next 14 months, is going to end Mark Pryor’s political career: Mark’s been running for office for almost 25 years. Every time, he says, “Arkansas comes first.” It’s not so. Over the last four-and-a-half years, for Mark Pryor, Barack »

Pryor Analytics (with Mid-Day Update)

Featured image As Power Line’s great friend Tom Cotton prepares to run against incumbent Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas, it is worth taking in some of the early polls.  Over at Hot Air Ed Morrissey rounds it up, and finds the outlook for Cotton is good.  One poll finds that only 37 percent of Arkansas voters think Pryor should be re-elected.  Even the most sympathetic poll for Pryor (conducted by a labor »

Tom Cotton hammers Senate immigration bill

Featured image Our friend Rep. Tom Cotton has ripped the Schumer-Rubio bill in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Because that legislation is so scandalously flawed, Tom maintains that there should be no House-Senate conference. In other words, House Republicans should not pass any bill, regardless of its merits, unless the leadership agrees to no conference. As the title of Tom’s op-ed states, “It’s the House Bill or Nothing on Immigration.” I understand »

Gabriel Schoenfeld: A Bad Day on the Romney Campaign

Featured image Gabriel Schoenfeld was a senior editor of Commentary, where he published such brilliant essays as “Was Kissinger Right?” and “Could September 11 have been averted?” These essays are models of close reading, scrupulous analysis and exacting judgment. Since leaving Commentary Gabe has written books in the same mold. Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media and the Rule of Law, published in 2010, inspired by events in 2005, is nevertheless as »

In Obama’s cave

Featured image In Book VII of the Republic Plato’s Socrates presents the Allegory of the Cave. In the Allegory of the Cave, Socrates portrays men mistaking the shadows on the wall for the real deal. The philosopher emerges from the cave to see the forms casting those shadows. Team Obama inverted the allegory. They called the den of their data analysts the Cave, but the men of the Cave had a handle »

Are There Really Two Republican Parties? And If So, Why?

Featured image Following the 2012 election, the Republican National Committee commissioned a group of Republicans to study the results of that election and make recommendations as to how the GOP can do better in future cycles. The resulting report, which you can read here, has been roundly criticized by many conservatives, sometimes unfairly, in my view. I wrote about the report’s recommendations on immigration here. But as far as I know, no »

How about some more good political news?

Featured image A poll released Tuesday by the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund finds that our friend Rep. Tom Cotton leads Sen. Mark Pryor by 8 points in a projected 2014 contest for the Pryor’s Arkansas Senate seat. The poll also finds that Pryor is viewed favorably by only 36 percent of Arkansas voters. I should add that Tom has not made a decision about whether to run for »

Tom Cotton’s truths about Iraq

Featured image Arkansas Fourth District Rep. Tom Cotton appeared on CNN’s State of the Nation yesterday along with his colleague Hawaii Second District Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (video below). Our friend Rep. Cotton set forth a few significant truths about the American effort in Iraq that should not be obscured by Rajiv Chandrasekaran and his media colleagues. In the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, Naval War College professor of national security affairs »

Thoughts on the present discontents

Featured image I’m back from the Horowitz Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat. I spent the weekend listening to outstanding keynote speeches and panel presentations, so I’ve been out of touch with the news. I hope to put some notes on the conference up later today. In the meantime, here is what I prepared to say (with links!) on the panel addressing where we go from here which I participated in along with »

Where the Money Is

Featured image In the 2012 election, Minnesota was a microcosm of the nation: the Democrats re-took both houses of the state’s legislature, and ballot propositions on gay marriage and voter ID went down to defeat. Today the Star Tribune highlighted the fact that record amounts of money were spent on the election: “Huge sums tossed at ballot questions in 2012.” The subheading reads, “Spending by groups for and against constitutional questions totaled »

Uncommon Knowledge: Conservatives at Sea

Featured image The new edition of Uncommon Knowledge was taped with Rob Long and John Yoo on NR’s post-election cruise. The subject is the election just passed. Rob Long nails three theses to the mast: the Republican brand is dead, our operatives are incompetent, and we (Republicans) live in a dream world. Long is especially emphatic on the third of his three theses and I feel his pain. The eminent John Yoo »

Congressman Tom Cotton

Featured image On Thursday, Tom Cotton will be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives. Tom’s election was, in our view, the best news to come out of Election Night. I expect his swearing in to be the best news to come out of Capitol Hill for a good while. We’re happy to report that Tom has been assigned to two key committees: Financial Services and Foreign Affairs. These »

The wrong man

Featured image Tom Cotton is Rep.elect from Arkansas’s Fourth District and a friend of Power Line. On Sunday he appeared on Fox News to reiterate the gist of his Wall Street Journal column on Chuck Hagel — that Hagel is the wrong man for Secretary of Defense. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Buzzfeed reports that “Chuck Hagel loses altitude.” Zeke Miller observes: “Former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s chances of being Barack Obama’s »

Who Reads Power Line?

Featured image Tom Cotton, that’s who.  Newly elected to the House of Representatives from the 4th district in Arkansas, he was one of the Power Line “pick six” we tracked in this last election.  He hasn’t received his committee assignments yet.  But stay tuned; Tom is going to be a person to watch for many years to come. He’s no stranger to Power Line readers, of course; see here and here, just »

Is It the Media’s Fault?

Featured image Much of the commentary on this year’s election implies that the Republican Party is at a low ebb, if not actually on the path to extinction. But of course that isn’t true: at the state and local levels, the party is doing better than it has in decades. Glenn Reynolds writes: IF REPUBLICANS ARE DROWNING IN A DEMOGRAPHIC TIDAL WAVE, WHAT EXPLAINS THIS CHART? State Government Control Since 1938. Let »