2012 Presidential Election

Tough sledding

I had hoped that, at this stage of the evening, the news from Virginia and Florida would be favorable, and that we would be obsessing about Ohio. But it looks like we need to obsess about Virginia and Florida too. STEVE adds: Mack was a poor candidate.  Looks like between this cycle and last cycle, the GOP has spotted the Dems as many as five seats with poor candidates.  Not »

From the Romney camp

Here is what Team Romney is putting out: OH Exit Polling: It’s showing D+8 which is identical to the historic Dem turnout of 2008. We strongly believe that when votes are actually counted – going to be a much tighter race. FL: Lines in GOP precincts still 2 hours long – lots of GOP votes to be counted. A look at the I-4 corridor: Pasco County: Republicans – all voted: »

Exit polls

Fox says they show that Obama did better than Romney among those who just today decided how they would vote. That would be huge for Obama. Fox also says that exit polls show Obama carrying independents in New Hampshire by 8 points. UPDATE: I believe Fox has issued a correction for the New Hampshire independents. Obama is up by 2 points among independents in the exit poll. »


Lots of raw vote is in from Florida, about 40 percent. Obama leads by a few points. This vote doesn’t encompass the conservative panhandle area, whose polls are only now about the close. Romney should do quite well there. I don’t know which parts of the state of the tabulated vote comes mainly from, but it presumably encompasses lots of early voters, who arguably tended to vote for Obama. But »

Join Us at Power Line Live

Featured image Click here to join now! Power Line Live is the place to be tonight. You can keep up on races around the country while chatting–celebrating or commiserating, as the case may be–with likeminded PL readers. We had around 2,000 people at a time in PL Live for the presidential debates, so there should be a good crowd tonight. More than 600 have already gathered. One word of advice: as the »

See Me (and Many More) on Election Watch 2012

Featured image Election Watch 2012 is being streamed online tonight from the Americans for Tax Reform headquarters in Washington. The show is being hosted by radio personality Tony Katz and a number of commentators will appear over the course of the evening. You can watch the show here. Katie Pavlich was on a moment ago, so I would advise you to hurry. I will be appearing via Skype in around two hours, »

Clinton’s paradox

Featured image The Cretan philosopher Epimenides famously propounded the parodoxical assertion that all Cretans are liars. The cretin president Bill Clinton propounded his own version of the paradox yesterday in his capacity as Barack Obama’s foremost campaign surrogate. Campaigning for Obama in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon, Clinton regaled the crowd with his critique of the Romney campaign. “You’re laughing, but who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he »

Mid-Day Interlude

Featured image Hmmm.  The stock market is having a pretty good rally today.  I heard John Steele Gordon predict months ago that if Romney won, the market would boom starting the next day.  But markets anticipate: the rally would have started several weeks ago if Romney had a big lead.  Maybe it starts today instead?  I notice that defense stocks and some medical device stocks (both hurt by a second Obama term) »

Calling an election that’s too close to call

Featured image I have been reluctant to predict the outcome of the presidential election because I believe the race is too close to call with any confidence. That, in any event, is what the national polls say. However, last night, during his Ricochet podcast, John asked me for a prediction. As a guest, I could hardly refuse. I picked Romney to win narrowly, both in the popular and the electoral vote. Why? »

The Stakes, as Seen by The Left

Featured image It’s not often that I take on board the views of the execrable Katrina vanden Heuvel, the plutocratic heiress (natch) who screeches from the pages of The Nation, but sometimes she inadvertently puts things in a highly useful perspective.  Today she screeches in the Washington Post about how the election will determine whether FDR’s “freedoms” will be preserved.  Just so! Hurricane Katrina directs our attention to FDR’s “four freedoms” speech »

The Surprising Mitt Romney

Featured image Win or lose today, Mitt Romney did something in the late innings of this campaign that I didn’t expect or think possible: he became a good candidate, one that, judging from the huge and enthusiastic crowds he drew late in the race, many people decided they wanted to vote for, rather than just use as a vote against Obama (though that is a fully sufficient reason).  This in the end »

Game Day

Featured image One lefty that I follow on Twitter taunted that he doubted you’d ever see lines of white people lined up to vote. Guess what?  There’s lots of long lines everywhere so far this morning, like this line in northern Virginia that someone sent to Glenn Reynolds: Keep your eye on the ball.  Meanwhile: »

Benghazigate, CBS edition

Featured image Over at the Breitbart portal, Joel Pollak writes about footage from the 9/12 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama that CBS left on the cutting room floor until this week. Like so much of the media formerly known as mainstream, CBS News is a hotbed of rabid leftists carefully reporting all the news that fits. At 60 Minutes, the situation is reductio ad absurdum. As Sarah Hoyt observes: “Whether we »

Last Call

Featured image I’ve still got lots of thoughts on the race, but if you’re like me, you’re all “thought-ed out” by this time on election eve.  I’ll have very final thoughts in the morning.  So let’s send off the night before with some of the last images that come to hand: (Look up “Bastiat, Broken Window Fallacy” if you don’t get it right away.)   »

Project Orca

Featured image The Democrats like to think that their “ground game” is the tie-breaker that will give them the edge in a tight election, but this year there is reason to believe that the Democrats’ efforts will be equaled, if not exceeded, by those of the Romney campaign. The Romney campaign is not only well-funded, but is run by one of the best organizers and managers of his generation, the candidate himself. »

Catching up with the last minute state polls

Featured image Ohio Rasmussen: Obama 49, Romney 49 U. of Cin: Obama 50, Romney 48.5 (with leaners included) Florida Jax Times-Union/Insider Advantage: Obama 47, Romney 52 Iowa ARG: Obama 48, Romney 49 Virginia Rasmussen: Obama 48, Romney 50 »

The congressional race in my backyard

Featured image I should have written much earlier about an interesting congressional race in my district, Maryland’s Eighth. It pits incumbent Democrat Chris Van Hollen against Republican challenger Ken Timmerman. What makes the race stand out is not its competitiveness; Van Hollen is very likely to win. Rather, the race stands out because of the sharp contrast between the two candidates on foreign policy, an issue seldom seen in the 2012 election. »