2012 Presidential Election

Project Orca

Featured image The Democrats like to think that their “ground game” is the tie-breaker that will give them the edge in a tight election, but this year there is reason to believe that the Democrats’ efforts will be equaled, if not exceeded, by those of the Romney campaign. The Romney campaign is not only well-funded, but is run by one of the best organizers and managers of his generation, the candidate himself. »

Catching up with the last minute state polls

Featured image Ohio Rasmussen: Obama 49, Romney 49 U. of Cin: Obama 50, Romney 48.5 (with leaners included) Florida Jax Times-Union/Insider Advantage: Obama 47, Romney 52 Iowa ARG: Obama 48, Romney 49 Virginia Rasmussen: Obama 48, Romney 50 »

The congressional race in my backyard

Featured image I should have written much earlier about an interesting congressional race in my district, Maryland’s Eighth. It pits incumbent Democrat Chris Van Hollen against Republican challenger Ken Timmerman. What makes the race stand out is not its competitiveness; Van Hollen is very likely to win. Rather, the race stands out because of the sharp contrast between the two candidates on foreign policy, an issue seldom seen in the 2012 election. »

Bonus Winston: Election Choice Edition

Featured image From a 1949 Churchill speech that applies perfectly to tomorrow’s choice: The choice is between two ways of life: between individual liberty and State domination; between concentration of ownership in the hands of the State and the extension of ownership over the widest number of individuals; between the dead hand of monopoly and the stimulus of competition; between a policy of increasing restraint and a policy of liberating energy and »

Mark Falcoff: The view from Germany

Featured image Occasional contributor Mark Falcoff is resident scholar emeritus at AEI. He is the author of books including Modern Chile, 1970-1989: A Critical History and Cuba the Morning After: Confronting Castro’s Legacy. Dr. Falcoff writes to comment on the German perspective on tomorrow’s election: At this writing it is not clear who will win tomorrow’s presidential election in the United States. But if, as some surveys suggest, Mitt Romney is the »

“Conservatism Is Calling”

Featured image One of my daughters sent me a link to this video last night. Called “Conservatism Is Calling,” it is reminiscent of America Rising, a video that was prepared in anticipation of the 2010 election and has been viewed 3.9 million times here on Power Line, making it the most-read or viewed post ever on this site. “Conservatism Is Calling” is different in that it is seven minutes long, but the »

Report from Bucks County

Featured image Reader Martin Karo writes from Yardley, Pennsylvania: I wasn’t expecting much from Romney’s Yardley rally; Bucks County was very hard hit by Hurricane Sandy, a large number of locals still lack electric power (including me), and the weather took a nasty cold snap. The cloud ceiling was rain-threateningly low, the air damp with a brisk wind. Anyone with any sense (and no power) would have been elsewhere, and without electricity »

22,000 deserving “favorites” the government decided not to pick

Featured image As discussed in the post below, the auto industry bailout is a classic case of crony capitalism, and one which has not accomplished its stated goal of putting General Motors on a sound footing. Nonetheless, the Obama campaign has made the bailout the centerpiece of its efforts to hold the electoral votes of the crucial states of Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The web ad below, by American Future Fund, counters »

After months of non-stop personal attacks against him, Romney emerges in as favorable a light as Obama

Featured image Mary Katharine Ham finds that in the waning days of this election, Mitt Romney has closed the “likeability gap,” formerly thought to be President Obama’s greatest asset, in three national polls. The polls in question are Washington Post/ABC News (Obama viewed favorably by 54 percent, Romney by 53 percent); Politico/GW (Obama 51 percent; Romney 50 percent); and Fox News (Obama 52; Romney 51). It’s not difficult to believe that Romney »

Ryan Rocks Minnesota [Updated]

Featured image Some scoff at the idea that Mitt Romney might carry Minnesota, but actions speak louder than words. Both Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan campaigned in Minnesota today. This morning, I put out a call to Power Line readers who attended the Ryan event to send me photos and accounts of the rally. The results were overwhelming; I can post only a tiny fraction of the photos we got, but thanks »

The Catholic vote in Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan

Featured image Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and maybe Michigan have turned out to be among the very most important states in this year’s presidential election. These states have several things in common, one of which is a large Catholic population. Catholics represent approximately 18 percent of the population in Ohio, 29.5 percent in Wisconsin, 28.5 in Pennsylvania, and 22 percent in Michigan. A Columbus Dispatch poll gives Romney a 55 to 44 lead »

“A Bigger, Better America”

Featured image Mitt Romney’s latest ad–maybe the last of the campaign–is a one-minute video called “A Bigger, Better America.” I am not sure whether it is playing on television as well as the internet; I hope so. It is beautifully done and highly effective, the kind of soaring, positive ad that Barack Obama, with his failed administration and mean, petty campaign, can’t even pretend to match: »

A Reaganesque moment in Englewood

Featured image Mitt Romney’s team arranged a beautiful moment of Reaganesque stagecraft yesterday in Englewood, Colorado. If you’ve heard Romney’s stump speech, you know he has incorporated a story about an American flag that was rescued from the Challenger disaster. Romney’s anecdote derives from his involvement with the Boy Scouts. NBC’s Garrett Haake picks up the story from there: “Retelling the tale of a Boy Scout group’s flag — thought lost in »

A Request to Anyone Who Attends Paul Ryan’s Rally In Minnesota Today

Featured image I am not going to make it to the Paul Ryan rally in Bloomington today, but if any of our readers are there–and I am sure some will be–please send your photos to [email protected], along with your comments on the event, and I will do a post on it later in the day. Thanks! »

Is Romney Surging In Unexpected States?

Featured image This morning there are a number of fresh polls that seem to suggest Mitt Romney has succeeded in expanding the electoral map. Via Drudge, we see that a new poll puts Romney slightly ahead in Michigan. But beware: this poll is from Foster McCollum White Baydoun, the same outfit that has shown the race essentially tied in prior surveys. That doesn’t mean they are wrong, it just means that today’s »

Who’s ahead in Iowa?

Featured image Michael Barone has predicted that Mitt Romney will carry Iowa. The polls, however, tend to favor President Obama. NBC/WSJ/Marist shows President Obama up by 6 percentage points — 50 to 44 percent; Gravis Marketing shows Obama up 4 points — 49 to 45 percent; WeAskAmerica shows Obama up 1.5 points — 48.8 to 47.3 percent; while Rasmussen shows Mitt Romney up 1 point — 49 to 48 percent. At the »

Republicans have their work cut out for them in Nevada

Featured image Although Michael Barone predicts that Mitt Romney will be elected pretty handily, he gives President Obama the edge in Nevada: Democratic early-voting turnout is down from 2008 in Las Vegas’ Clark County, 70 percent of the state. But the casino unions’ turnout machine on Election Day re-elected an unpopular Harry Reid in 2010, and I think they’ll get enough Latinos and Filipinos out this time. Obama [to win the State]. »