2014 Election

Denial: Formerly the Hudson River

Featured image In addition to Maureen Dowd’s NY Times column Scott noted here, the “news” pages of the Times also carry a long feature story on how Democrats are panicking over this election cycle: “Obama Factor Adds to Fears of Democrats.”  I guess Dem House and Senate candidates aren’t buying the “You’ve got me” bravado Obama held out to them in 2010. Hard to pick out who is deepest in denial here—Democrats, »

How vulnerable is Mitch McConnell?

Featured image This winter, polls have shown Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell running even against Democrat Alison Grimes. This has caused me to view the race as a toss-up. (I assume for purposes of discussion that McConnell will defeat his Tea Party opponent in the primary). However, the New York Times, in its preview of a new political analysis site called Upshot (if this is the successor to Nate Silver’s operation it »

About FL-13, One More Thing: Immigration

Featured image A postscript on David Jolly’s big special election over Alex Sink in Florida’s 13th Congressional District: Obamacare was the biggest issue in the race, and deservedly has gotten most of the post-election commentary. But, as Daniel Horowitz notes at RedState, let’s not forget that immigration was also an issue, and may have played an important role. Sink was pro-amnesty and “comprehensive reform,” while Jolly flatly opposed amnesty and emphasized stronger »

Why Sink sank

Featured image As Paul suspected, Obamacare seems to have had something to do with the sinking of Democrat Alex Sink in the special election for representation of Florida’s 13th congressional district yesterday. Byron York doesn’t have much more than a suspicion either, but he takes a look back at the candidates’ debate last month and reports: [O]ne thing was clear from that debate, and it was that Sink didn’t have much to »

Sink sank, Obamacare suspected

Featured image Republican Dave Jolly has defeated Democrat Alex Sink in the special congressional election in FLA-13. The margin was 48.5 to 46.5. This was a closely watched election in which the Democrats invested lots of money and effort (Jolly was significantly outspent) and recruited a prominent candidate — their former nominee for Governor. Although the seat has been held for years by a popular Republican, Obama carried the district in 2012, »

Big Win For Republicans in Florida

Featured image In the closely-watched special election in Florida’s District 13 between Democrat Alex Sink, a well-known former statewide candidate, and Republican David Jolly, a less well-known and–some said–mediocre candidate, the Associated Press has declared Jolly the winner. This is a big deal because the race was seen as a test of the Obamacare issue. The seat has been in Republican hands for many years, but the district went narrowly for Obama »

Down to the wire in FLA-13

Featured image A special election will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) in Florida’s 13th congressional district (the Tampa Bay peninsula area). Democrat Alex Sink is facing Republican David Jolly, with Libertarian Lucas Overby also in the race. The seat was held for years by Republican Bill Young, who died last October. Republicans hold a registration advantage in the district and, as noted, have long held the seat. But the Democrats have some key »

Reform Republicanism and the matter of timing

Featured image In 1981, Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote, “Of a sudden, the GOP has become the party of ideas.” A lesser stylist would have settled for “All of a sudden.” But Moynihan wisely put his signature on what he probably expected would be a quotation oft-repeated. Repeating Moynihan’s quotation 33 years later, Peter Wehner says the time is ripe for the GOP to become the party of new ideas again. And he »

Democrats Try to Bully Cancer Sufferer Into Silence

Featured image I wrote here about a hard-hitting Obamacare ad that Americans For Prosperity is running in Michigan. The ad features Julie Boonstra, a Michigan resident who suffers from leukemia. Mrs. Boonstra had an excellent health care plan, which gave her access to top-notch doctors and the treatments that she needs. But she lost that coverage because of Obamacare. The ad targets Congressman Gary Peters, who voted for Obamacare. The ad is, »

Obamacare 2014: A Sign of Things to Come

Featured image Kudos to Ed Morrissey for picking this up. The scene is Mankato, in southern Minnesota. The event is an agricultural forum. The participants are Democrats Amy Klobuchar, Collin Peterson and Tim Walz. Peterson, the ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, was there to answer questions about the farm bill. But the audience, which looks large, wanted to talk about Obamacare. A local television station captured this priceless footage. Note »

If Democrats Think They Can Run on Obamacare…

Featured image …they’ve got another think coming. Check out this absolutely brutal–because it is true–ad that Americans For Prosperity is running in Michigan: Congressman Gary Peters is running to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Carl Levin. Most polls show likely Republican nominee Terri Lynn Land, former secretary of state, leading Peterson. A pickup in Michigan would be a huge step toward regaining control of the Senate. It is hard to »

Report: House GOP leadership to behave rationally

Featured image Robert Costa reports in the Washington Post that the GOP House leadership has decided to close up shop on bipartisan legislation and focus exclusively on proposals that have wide Republican backing. This would mean no big-ticket items such as immigration reform this year. One must always be wary of the leadership’s disavowal of intent to pursue immigration reform. It may be an attempt to calm the waters, cause the base »

Mitch McConnell — courageous or shrewd?

Featured image Mitch McConnell’s vote to defeat a GOP filibuster on legislation approving the debt ceiling extension was widely portrayed as a courageous — “taking one for the team,” as Quin Hillyer, among others, put it. McConnell’s vote may have been politically courageous, but more likely it was based on an understanding that it would not hurt his reelection bid. McConnell has a comfortable lead over his Tea Party-style primary opponent Matt »

Obamacare Unemployment: It’s Exciting!

Featured image A special election is going on in Florida’s district 13. Democrat Alex Sink is favored to flip the district, which is currently Republican. She was asked in an interview to comment on the CBO’s projection that Obamacare will result in a loss of employment equivalent to two million full-time jobs or more. In reply, she termed this “an exciting prospect.” The NRCC is promoting this video clip: Will it help? »

McConnell’s primary opponent supported TARP

Featured image Matt Bevin, who is challenging Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Republican primary, has made McConnell’s support in 2008 for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) a centerpiece of his insurgent campaign. It’s an understandable move on Bevin’s part. McConnell has a strong conservative voting record. Without the TARP vote, Bevin would be reduced mainly to generic complaints that McConnell is too “establishment.” But now it turns out that Bevin, an »

Did Charlie Crist sell judgeships; will he do so again?

Featured image Former Florida governor Charlie Crist sold judicial nominations, according to his former fundraiser and confidant Scott Rothstein. Rothstein, who made his accusations against Crist under oath, pleaded guilty several years ago to running a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme. According to Rothstein, he had a “quid pro quo” relationship with Crist. In exchange for campaign contributions, Crist named judges to the bench in Broward County who would rule favorably for Rothstein’s »

If You Like Prosperity, Support AFP

Featured image What drives me crazy about some groups associated with the Tea Party movement is that all they want to do is attack Republicans. This year, some conservatives are trying to defeat Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. This is deeply misguided: McConnell is a solid conservative who scored a perfect 100% American Conservative Union rating in the 2012 session, and has a 90% lifetime ACU rating. The problem with the Senate is »