2016 presidential election

Hillary Clinton and the decision to intervene in Libya

Featured image Hillary Clinton has been working full-time to control the story of her time as Secretary of State. That was the point of her clunky, largely unread book, and the point of her awkward, gaffe-laden book tour. Clinton argues (plausibly) that she wanted a more activist approach to Syria than that served up by her boss. She argues (implausibly) that she wasn’t really sold on the “reset” with Russia. As to »

Romney 53%, Obama 44%? Don’t Get Excited

Featured image Matt Drudge is promoting this CNN poll, out today, in which respondents were asked whom they would vote for if the 2012 election were re-run today. Romney beats Obama, when “leaners” are counted, 53% to 44%. And that’s not all: lots of Obama’s numbers are quite poor. In categories like “is a strong and decisive leader,” “generally agrees with you on issues you care about” (43%/56%), and “can manage the »

Is Hillary Clinton washed up?

Featured image Robert Merry is a veteran Washington journalist. John and I had lunch with him once when he was in charge of Congressional Quarterly. It was a pleasant encounter, though he seemed disappointed and perhaps a little bit put off by our support for the war in Iraq. Merry is also a historian and a scholar of the presidency. He wrote a rather good biography of James Polk and a flawed »

The Nutroots Are Worried, And We Have the Answer

Featured image The Washington Post noticed a couple days ago that a lot of liberals are growing increasingly uncomfortable with the prospect of Hillary as their candidate.  (And don’t miss this poll that Politico says will make Democrats panic about Hillary’s prospects.)  Anyway, the Post: Even as Hillary Rodham Clinton looms as the overwhelming favorite for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the party’s base is stirring for a primary fight. There’s a »

The Russian reset: Hillary’s “brilliant stroke”

Featured image The worse Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainian separatists he sponsors behave, the worse it is for Hillary Clinton. After all, her most publicized and most significant action as Secretary of State was the infamous “Russian reset.” So how does Hillary Clinton handle questions about the reset? The same way she handles most tough questions — badly and with plenty of false claims. Here, via Mario Loyola, is Clinton’s answer last »

For 2016, a man who…

Featured image A reader writes from Pompano Beach, Florida, responding to John’s thoughts on Hillary Clinton: “Only one person can unify the Party and the Country and (handily) beat Hillary – Dr. Charles Krauthammer.” As the great Suzy Bogguss says, quoting a childhood neighbor: “I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.” STEVE adds: You may recall that I put this question to Krauthammer in San Francisco last November. He did a half-Sherman: “If »

Is Hillary Worth $2,777 Per Minute?

Featured image Hey, I thought Gisele Bundchen was well-paid at $128,000 a day, but Hillary Clinton’s $2,777 per minute works out to just about $2 million a day, if you assume Gisele works 12-hour days, which I am guessing she does. Is Hillary worth 15 times as much as Gisele? Hmm… Hillary, Gisele…Hillary, Gisele… Enough! Sorry, Tom, but I’m convinced Gisele is a bargain compared to Hillary. By the way, it is »

Rick Perry’s moment

Featured image The crisis at our southern border, coupled with President Obama’s visit to Texas, has propelled Rick Perry back into the limelight. And Perry has made the most of this unexpected opportunity. Perry would like to be known nationally for more than his embarrassing run for president during the last cycle. In the words of this article from Buzz Feed, the border crisis has enabled him “to be out in front »

That’s no gentleman; that’s Bill Clinton

Featured image The front page of the print edition of the Washington Post’s “Style” section — once known as the Women’s Page — features a mock poster that says “Bill Clinton for First Gentleman.” In the accompanying story, Clinton insists, presumably with a straight face, that he is “just a bit player” in the run-up to his wife’s likely campaign for president. “I am a foot soldier in any army; I will »

Hillary “disrespects” Obama

Featured image One of the assertions made on the robo calls to black voters in Mississippi on behalf of Sen. Thad Cochran was that the Tea Party, whose favored candidate Chris McDaniel was Cochran’s opponent, has engaged in “disrespectful treatment of the country’s first African-American president.” This is an oft-expressed complaint among certain blacks. Sure, America elected a black president. But, the complaint goes, the lily-white Tea Party has disrespected him to »

“Hard Choices” = Hard Sell

Featured image Hillary Clinton appears to be experiencing a gap between her enthusiasm for high office and the public’s enthusiasm for her. For its part, the public may already be suffering from Hillary fatigue. For example, at Clinton’s appearance for a “town hall” meeting, CNN felt the need to deploy a stage director who coached the audience to applaud at various points throughout the broadcast. The town hall meeting was part of »

A Plague On All Their Houses

Featured image Ed Klein, author of The Amateur, an unflattering account of Barack Obama’s presidency, has a new book coming out. It promises to be fun. If you thought the Hatfields and McCoys didn’t like each other, just wait until you read about the Clintons and the Obamas. The New York Post has an excerpt: “I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who »

Ms. Hillary says

Featured image In Hillary Clinton’s interview earlier this week by Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren on FOX News (videos and transcript here), Baier asked Ms. Hillary what it meant when she purported to “take responsibility” for Benghazi. The question arose from Clinton’s earlier interview with Diane Sawyer, the video of which we posted in “The fog of Hillary.” It appeared that Clinton was not prepared for Baier’s question; she certainly had »

Ms. Hillary says

Featured image In this installment of “Ms. Hillary says,” Ms. Hillary actually isn’t sayin’. A Canadian TV anchor asks her a straightforward question: “Keystone, yes or no?” the anchor asked Clinton. “Well I can’t say that, because I was there,” Clinton replies before the anchor cuts her off. He isn’t buying her answer, and as she continues, her response explores the far reaches of evasion and absurdity. Check out the video below »

Ms. Hillary says

Featured image NPR’s Terry Gross (“Fresh Air”) interrogated Ms. Hillary on air concerning her views on gay marriage (audio below). Has she always supported it? Has she ever suppressed her views in deference to public opinion? Would she say her view has “evolved”? (Answer: “I think I’m an American. I think we all have evolved…”) Gross notes Ms. Hillary’s evasions and persists in her efforts to extract an answer. She even seems »

Will voters eventually roll their eyes at Hillary Clinton?

Featured image Democratic operatives must be nervous, if not panicked, after Hillary Clinton’s interview with Diane Sawyer in which Sawyer, to quote the Washington Post’s headline, “destroyed” the former Secretary of State. It’s common knowledge that Clinton is anything but a natural on the campaign trail. But the tone deafness of some of her responses (e.g., we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses) suggests that Clinton may be »

The fog of Hillary

Featured image Watching Diane Sawyer question Hillary Clinton about Benghazi on ABC News (video below), I found myself thinking back to Roger Mudd’s destruction of Teddy Kennedy on CBS in 1979. Ms. Hillary was awake and alert, she goes on offense as always, and she scares off the posse. Even so, she wasn’t quite ready for Sawyer’s interrogation on the question of responsibility. Ms. Hillary cannot be happy with this segment. Glenn »