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Featured image You owe it to yourself to take in “Orange Americans for Trump,” a nice parody of several familiar tropes. But for real fun, I can’t believe I’d never seen this video of Trump and Rudy Giuliani from back in 2006 (only 45 seconds long): »

That hideous length

Featured image Hillary Clinton failed to hand over to the State Department one of the key emails regarding the use of her private server for her official business as Secretary of State. The AP’s Michael Biesecker picks up the story from the Inspector Generals report on Clinton’s email server. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross adds context in “Clinton campaign admits Hillary didn’t turn over mysterious email exchange with top aide” (i.e., Huma »

Trump “starts on Hillary”

Featured image As John discussed in a post below, Donald Trump delivered a major campaign speech yesterday. Overall, I thought the speech was quite good. If Trump can stay on the message he set forth today, and come up with the funds needed to drive it home, perhaps he can make a race out his contest with Hillary Clinton. Trump started, as he often does, with some boasting: I have built an »

Fear this

Featured image Watching the coming Trump Train Wreck rumble down the tracks, I seek to detach and achieve a comic perspective. From Adams versus Jefferson in 1800 we have descended to Clinton versus Trump a couple centuries later. Darwin was wrong! Far down on my long list of worries is the alleged fascism of Donald Trump. In today’s Wall Street Journal, James Freeman considers the competition (accessible here via Google): The facts »

Trump University, for Real

Featured image The Chronicle of Higher Education emailed me a few weeks ago asking for a book recommendation or two for background reading to understand the Trump phenomenon. I recommended Jeffrey Bell’s fine 1992 book Populism and Elitism: Politics in the Age of Equality. (I think I also recommended Christopher Lasch’s The Revolt of the Elites.) As I explained to the Chronicle, Bell predicted that the conflict between left and right would be »

Loose Ends (7)

Featured image • The Wall Street Journal this morning beat me to an idea that I was planning to roll out here: if various Gorebot attorney generals can bring a supposed fraud suit against ExxonMobil, why can’t I bring a fraud suit against Al Gore and the climatistas whose political campaigning intends to depress the market values of hydrocarbon companies and boost the stocks of solar and wind power companies? That’s the »

Trump dumps Lewandowski

Featured image It can be argued that Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election during the middle of the year when he was the presumptive nominee and a Democratic ad blitz attacked him mercilessly. If, as I expect, Donald Trump loses the 2016 election, those conducting the post-mortem may well point to the middle of this year when he was the presumptive nominee. The difference? There was no Democratic ad blitz. The Obama »

A laughable Washington Post attack on Bernie Sanders

Featured image It’s no secret that the Washington Post wants Bernie Sanders to give up his presidential run so that life will become easier for the Post’s candidate, Hillary Clinton. But this article by John Wagner attacking Sanders for inflicting on taxpayers the cost of his Secret Service detail carries the joke too far. Wagner reports: Although Hillary Clinton has clinched the party’s nomination, Sanders retains one of the trappings of a »

Analyze this

Featured image Struggling with adult onset ADD, as I like to think of it, I forgot to include this intriguing quote from Paul Gregory’s Forbes column on the recently discovered hacking of the DNC’s databases by perpetrators acting on behalf of the Russian authorities, according to the DNC. Gregory notes: “The DNC’s hired cyber security firm explains that ‘it is extremely difficult for a civilian organization to protect itself from a skilled »

The DNC hacked

Featured image The Democratic National Committee was hacked in 2015 and again this year. Hacked opposition research was posted online and made the headlines. The DNC’s security consultant — CrowdStrike — attributes the hacking to operatives of the Russian government. Guccifer 2.0 (whoddat?) has posted a set of donor related documents that complicate the story. The DNC’s early attempts to minimize the extent of the hacking have not held up. They appear »

Hitler Learns the Journal of American Greatness Has Shut Down

Featured image Our friends at the Journal of American Greatness (or “JAG” as I call them for short), who offered the most serious defense of Trumpism, if not necessarily Trump himself, have decided to fold up the site. They credit Power Line with giving them their first major boost in traffic, after which they acquired still more high profile attention, and started quite a few fights. So naturally, there’s only one thing »

Is Trump Our Charles de Gaulle?

Featured image The most frequent cliché about Trump from his detractors is that he’s the next Hitler, which is silly. Trump may be many defective things, but he’s not that. But I wonder if he might be our Charles de Gaulle? Just to be clear, I think Trump is a pygmy compared to de Gaulle intellectually (there really can’t be any comparison between de Gaulle’s Edge of the Sword and Trump’s Art »

Loose Ends (5)

Featured image • George Will thinks Republicans should ditch Trump and draft Mitch Daniels for president. I heartily agree with the idea, though I doubt you can persuade Daniels to do it. I tried once, in 2011. Will: Without explicitly mentioning the paranoia currently convulsing many campuses, Daniels identified its origin. He said that “even more absurd” than the idea that life is a lottery is the idea that “most of us »

Hillary’s Least Self-Aware Moment Ever?

Featured image I know, that is a stiff competition. But yesterday’s interview on MSNBC is definitely a contender. Hillary was asked, how worrisome is it that the Russians have hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computer system for the last year? Hillary professes to be very concerned about it. It is troubling, like all cyberattacks. The Russians who did it probably were acting on behalf of the Russian government. This is another »

Are Democrats Winning the Political Battle Over Islamic Terror?

Featured image In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, battle lines were clearly drawn. Donald Trump claimed credit for sounding warnings about Islamic terrorism and called, once again, for a suspension of immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed outrage at Trump’s reaction and doubled down on the claim that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. That, together with the assertion that being selective »

Trump revokes Washington Post’s press credentials

Featured image Donald Trump said today that he is pulling the Washington Post’s credentials to cover his campaign events. Trump explained: “Based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign, we are hereby revoking the press credentials of the phony and dishonest Washington Post.” Trump’s decision was prompted by a headline on the Post’s website that declared: “Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting.” »

Independents Can’t Stand Hillary

Featured image Obviously, one shouldn’t put too much stock in a single poll, especially this early in the election cycle. But Fox News’s latest is an eye-opener. With Gary Johnson in the race, Hillary Clinton has dropped to third place among independents, albeit by a sliver: GOP candidate Donald Trump led among independents with 32 percent of the vote, followed by Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, who got 23 percent. »