2016 presidential election

Is “Libertarian Party” an Oxymoron?

Featured image For once the Libertarian Party nomination might actually be worth having, with some polls showing the likely nominee, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, pulling 10 percent of the vote while still a virtual unknown and before any kind of campaign has been run. It is not hard to imagine a scenario in which the negative campaigns of Hillary and The Donald drive enough voters to the mild-mannered Johnson to »

Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride, & Other Saturday Observations

Featured image Trump certainly keeps things interesting, doesn’t he? Paul reviewed the reasons for and against a Trump debate, concluding it’s a bad idea. That just made me think that Trump was more likely to do it, and who knows—he may well still change his mind. But what is Trump possibly thinking in attacking the judge in his Trump University civil case? (It’s also less than shrewd, even for Trump, to refer »

A Trump-Sanders debate?

Featured image There’s talk of a debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It would occur before the California primary. Sanders says he’s up for it. Trump said so too, but now it seems he may have been joking. For Sanders, a successful debate against Trump could propel him to victory in California, something he dearly would love to achieve. However, it wouldn’t propel him to the nomination. Hillary Clinton has that »

Is There a Method to Trump’s Madness? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Paul noted yesterday the bizarre and disquieting attack Donald Trump made Tuesday on New Mexico’s Republican Governor Susana Martinez. Is there an intelligible reason he might think this is a politically shrewd thing to do, or is this just another example of Trump improvising as he goes and letting loose some inner misogyny? I don’t know whether Martinez is a good or a bad governor. I’ve heard both, but haven’t »

Move Over, Pajama Boy

Featured image If you thought liberalism couldn’t beclown itself any worse than the self-mocking “Pajama Boy,” then you underestimated the Hillary Clinton campaign. This is the meme they’ve put out today (safety warning—put your coffee cup down first!): Is your keyboard still dry? One problem. Turns out this visage of pure hirsuteness is a stock photo: And he’s been used in some other ads: Maybe the Hillary campaign should stick with Venn »

Crime as an issue in 2016

Featured image Bill Otis wonders whether crime will be a significant issue in the 2016 presidential election. It could. Although the crime rate remains low compared to what it was in the days when crime policy was a major issue (and a winning one for Republicans), crime has spiked in many cities and drug addiction has soared. Moreover, the two presidential candidates set the issue up nicely. Donald Trump is a tough »

Trump blasts Susana Martinez

Featured image Susana Martinez is the two-term governor of New Mexico. In 2013, she was reelected with 57 percent of the vote. She chairs the Republican Governors Association. Martinez is one of the most prominent Hispanics in the Republican party, and probably the GOP’s leading Hispanic female (or Latina, if you prefer). Given Donald Trump’s poor standing with Hispanics and females, you might think that Gov. Martinez would be on the tycoon’s »

Electing Trump, One Riot at a Time

Featured image Last night in Albuquerque, rioters attacked a Donald Trump rally. Several tried to disrupt the event and had to be removed from the crowd. Most remained outside, throwing rocks at the hall and burning objects at policemen. Albuquerque attorney Doug Antoon said rocks were flying through the convention center windows as he was leaving Tuesday night. Glass was breaking and landing near his feet. “This was not a protest, this »

Newt Gingrich for vice president?

Featured image I don’t think we’ve commented yet on the report by Eliana Johnson that Newt Gingrich is under serious consideration as Donald Trump’s running mate. Elaina’s report is consistent with what I’ve been hearing. Gingrich would, I think, be an odd choice. But then, this is an odd year. If Trump needs the support of any one group to win the presidency, that group is white women. The billionaire can expect »

Hillary’s Doom?

Featured image There are two big stories out today that in a rational world would sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Fortunately for her, the Democratic Party is not a rational organization. Increasingly the description of Democrats as a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party seems more and more accurate. The Daily Caller reports today that the Clinton Foundation received $100 million—serious Dr. Evil money—from an obscure foreign mining conglomerate long thought to »

Trump Intends to Win

Featured image How can you tell Trump intends to win? Just check out this 25-second spot he released on Instagram this morning: Liberals are horrified, naturally. Mother Jones has reacted with indignation, pointing out that Trump has been accused of being less than a gentleman on many occasions. It mentions that Trump’s first wife, Ivana, had accused him of rape at one point. But if you scroll to the bottom, you find »

The SNL Indicator

Featured image Saturday Night Live has done it again, with a fresh Hillary-Bernie sketch last night that rubs raw all of the jangling nerves of the Democratic Party contest. It’s another amazing indicator of how the Democratic race is suddenly more interesting than the Republican race. (Either that, or Trump is hard to satirize because the real thing is so entertaining.) »

Barack Obama: The Unspoken Issue In This Year’s Campaign

Featured image At InstaPundit, Richard Benedetto makes an interesting point: Usually when an incumbent president is leaving office and a slew of candidates are battling for his job, that departing chief executive’s record is a major campaign issue. But not this year, even though two of three Americans say the country is on the wrong track, job creation is sluggish, income inequality continues to rise and Mr. Obama’s job approval barely tops »

Can Clinton count on Sanders voters?

Featured image A few days ago I wrote: Once Clinton becomes the nominee, it’s likely that Democrats and left-leaning independents will coalesce around her candidacy. Probably not to the same extent that her supporters coalesced around Obama in 2008, but to a considerable degree. In March, when Clinton was far ahead of Trump in the polls, I was even more convinced of her ability to win the support of Sanders voters. But »

Donald Trump and the “F” word

Featured image Yesterday I said this about Robert Kagan’s claim that Donald Trump will bring fascism to America: It’s obvious to me that Trumpism contains an authoritarian streak. To equate it with fascism, or even with the authoritarianism implicit in the left-liberal agenda, is a different matter. Michael Ledeen argues that Kagan has hurled the “F” word at Trump without a proper understanding of what it means. Kagan sees fascist movements as »

Donald Trump, Social Conservative?

Featured image Donald Trump addressed the National Rifle Association’s Leadership Forum today. Just before he spoke, the NRA announced its endorsement of him. Trump’s speech was good. He contrasted his support for gun rights with “Heartless Hillary”‘s effort to disarm women and render them unable to protect themselves. He said that Mrs. Clinton wants to repeal the Second Amendment, which is essentially correct since Clinton says she will appoint justices who will »

The Endless Enigma of Donald Trump

Featured image Trump is likely to be puzzling us long after he finishes his second term in the White House (heh). Is he a would-be fascist, a mere authoritarian, a savvy “deal-maker,” or just an imperious narcissist? Or something else? Paul has already drawn our attention to Robert Kagan’s Washington Post article making the case that Trump is essentially a fascist. Fascism is a word that is hard to define with agreeable »