2016 presidential election

Campaign Notes

Featured image So with the entry today of Gov. Chris Christy into the GOP presidential sweepstakes, the field is now complete from the diversity standpoint. Christy means we Hefto-Americans have a candidate, to go along with Cuban-Americans (Cruz, Rubio), Indian-Americans (Jindal), Uterine-Americans and Italian-Americans (Fiorina), Slavic-Americans (Kasich, eventually), Arko-Americans (Huckabee), folically-challenged Americans—or are we “Toupee-Americans?”—(Trump), Phamacolocigal-Americans (Paul), Cheesy-Americans (Walker), and the plain vanilla middle class—better known to academics as the “Bushoisie”—has a »

Hillary sags in early states

Featured image Rich Lowry says that a “plugged-in lefty” tells him he believes that Bernie Sanders will defeat Hillary Clinton in both Iowa and New Hampshire. This scenario may sound far-fetched, but polling data suggests it could come to pass. A new WMUR/CNN Granite State Poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center from June 18 to 24, puts Sanders within 8 points of Clinton, 43-35 (with a margin of »

Looks like Hillary did not give State Dept. all of her work-related emails

Featured image Earlier this month, we learned that Sidney Blumenthal turned over to Trey Gowdy’s committee 61 emails in which he corresponded with Hillary Clinton that the State Department hadn’t produced in response to a subpoena by the committee for such documents. The question was: did State have the documents but fail to produce them to the committee or did State not have the documents because Hillary, who kept them on a »

Hillary Clinton, Race-Baiter

Featured image John and others have already noted the Democratic/Clintonian hypocrisy about the Confederate battle flag, but get a load of this moment from Hillary Clinton from 2008 (just 45 seconds long) talking about her support from “hard working Americans, white Americans,” and ask yourself what the media industrial complex would have said if it had come from a Republican: »

Hillary relies on Republicans to be a party of cowards

Featured image Hillary Clinton has made “voting rights” the centerpiece of her presidential campaign. Christian Adams reports: In Houston, Hillary made election process rules a focus of her campaign. By process, I mean who votes, when they vote, and how they vote. While Republicans tend to focus on issues, Democrats realize that if they dominate the process of the election, the power to control the issues will follow. Process brings power. Hillary’s »

Hillary Sagging, Sanders Surging?

Featured image As a public service for you, we regularly screen Salon —yes, it is indeed the news review equivalent of an enema. Salon’s featured article right now is “An Open Letter to White America” about the aftermath of the Charleston massacre. Yes, you’d be right in thinking this letter’s “openness” is about as open as driving school for girls in Saudi Arabia. First sentence: “The Charleston shooting is a textbook example »

All We Are Saying Is Give Bernie a Chance!

Featured image I’ve been wondering from the beginning how serious Sen. Bernie Sanders is about running for president. Is he raising money (supposedly yes, $6 million so far, which is barely an ante in a presidential campaign), hiring staff, and—most importantly—organizing serious campaigns in caucus states and elsewhere? Is he doing the legwork to get on primary ballots as a Democrat? Or is this just a vanity project, a way of raising »

The Queen: Buy It, Read It, Share It

Featured image Hugh Hewitt’s new book The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second “Clinton Era” is now available at Amazon. I’ve got a review copy, but haven’t had time to read it yet. No matter: Hugh’s stated purpose is to outline the path that Hillary can take to the White House, in hopes that a wiser GOP can respond in time. Hugh reminds us that, while »

Presidential hopeful touts his gucci store

Featured image After hearing Hillary Clinton’s claim to have left the White House “dead broke,” is it refreshing to hear Donald Trump say, “I have a Gucci store that’s worth more than [Mitt] Romney”? No it is not. Trump’s bragging is as distasteful as Hillary’s poor-mouthing. Some say “it’s not bragging if you can do it.” Actually, that’s exactly what bragging is. If you can’t do it, it’s lying. It has been »


Featured image Jeb Bush formally announced his candidacy today. His speech was solidly conservative, and he delivered it competently. Much can be said about Bush’s candidacy, starting with the fact that his logo–Jeb!–doesn’t mention his last name. Of course, the Democrats haven’t forgotten; this is their latest fundraising pitch: It appears that Jeb’s campaign and the Democrats agree on whether the Bush name will be an asset in 2016. As noted, Bush’s »

Jeb Bush enters the race impressively

Featured image It’s official. Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president today at Miami-Dade College. The text of his speech is here. Bush isn’t my preferred candidate for the Republican nomination (I don’t have one yet), nor is he likely to so become. However, I thought his speech was impressive, both in content (he can thank his speechwriters) and in delivery. Bush didn’t seem exactly “joyous,” but he certainly looked comfortable — »

Hillary Clinton: launched but not engaged

Featured image The Hillary Clinton campaign, twice launched, still doesn’t meet the traditional criteria for a political campaign. Real presidential candidates have always answered questions, both from the press and from non-hand-picked voters. Real presidential candidates have always taken positions on key issues, especially those current enough to be voted on by Congress. Hillary Clinton refuses. Judged conventionally, she’s still in exploratory mode. What is she exploring? Two things. The political winds »

What made Hillary stronger?

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails are revealing almost entirely by virtue of what is written to her. Fearful of the medium, even on a private server, Clinton herself rarely wrote anything more prolix or profound than “pls. print” or “interesting.” But once, during the maelstrom following the Benghazi attacks, Clinton wrote: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so I’ve rationalized for years.” We can only speculate about the list »

All Our Yesterdays…

Featured image The closest figure we have to Lady Macbeth, Hillary Clinton, re-announced her presidential candidacy on Friday. She couldn’t have done a better job of setting up Marco Rubio; it was like walking into a right hook: Even in that brief clip, we are reminded of what an awful candidate Hillary is. Apart from her corruption and her terrible record as Secretary of State, I doubt that one person in five »

What to do about the opening GOP presidential debate

Featured image In August, Fox News will hold the first debate among candidates seeking the Republican presidential nomination. To be more accurate, Fox News will hold a debate among ten of the candidates seeking the GOP nomination. At least five candidates will be excluded. Among them might be the highly popular governor of Ohio, who once held a leadership position in the U.S. House of Representatives; the runner-up for the GOP nomination »

Carly Fiorina, Hillary Slayer

Featured image Carly Fiorina is rapidly carving a niche in the Republican field as the candidate who most aggressively and effectively goes after Hillary Clinton. This new campaign ad is a good example. The truth is that Hillary is a corrupt mediocrity with no significant accomplishments to her name, other than marrying Bill. Which you could say has been a mixed blessing. The fact that Fiorina is a woman who, unlike Hillary, »

Why the left isn’t “ready for Hillary”

Featured image There’s a clever, and from a leftist perspective devastating, image circulating via Facebook (which I’m not on). It’s called “No, I’m not ‘ready for Hillary.’” The image, a checklist, itemizes key votes/positions that Bernie Sanders has taken and that Hillary Clinton did not: Voted AGAINST the Iraq war Voted AGAINST bailing out Wall Street Voted AGAINST the 2001 Patriot Act Supports federal recognition of gay marriage Voted against the 2001 »