2016 presidential election

How Trump Could Win

Featured image First of all, kudos to Roger Simon of Pajamas Media, who said last summer that Trump would be the nominee and is in a strong position to win the general election. He takes a well-deserved victory lap today: That seemed a bold prediction at the time — that the presidency, not just the Republican nomination, which he now has, was Trump’s to lose. But it really wasn’t so courageous. It was almost obvious, if you would »

From the Clinton playbook

Featured image The editors of the New York Post do justice to the performance of Hillary Clinton in West Virginia on Monday. I took a whack at it in “The Clinton context” and “From the Terrell Owens playbook,” but the Post’s editors do better: Figuring she has the Democratic nomination sewn up, Hillary Clinton this week headed to swing state West Virginia, aiming to “feel the pain” of coal country. But then »

After last night

Featured image And here I thought that the “Republican establishment” or “GOPe” had “rigged the system” to prevent the nomination of Donald Trump! I shouldn’t have believed whoever it was who told us that. Despite what he told us, it wasn’t so. As I am afraid will prove to be the case with many other such things in November. “We’re going to win so much we’re going to get tired of winning” »

It Ain’t Over Till . . . Oh, Wait, There’s the Fat Lady

Featured image I suspect John is right that the GOP race is now over, but I can still see some extremely unlikely scenarios whereby the GOP convention in Cleveland nominates someone else. But it would take some kind of fatal stumble from Trump, and let’s face it, if nothing he’s said or done so far has slowed him much, what could he do now that would cause delegates to want to dump »

Trump Wins Indiana. Cruz Quits Race. It’s Over.

Featured image Today, Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz in Indiana by a whopping 16 points. Trump’s decisive win in Cruz’s presumed bastion was enough; Cruz has suspended his campaign. Last I knew John Kasich was still holding out, sort of like Joe Johnston hanging on briefly in North Carolina after Appomattox. But the race is over. Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. And let’s be fair. He has won going away. »

From the Terrell Owens playbook

Featured image Readers with a memory longer than mine may recall that the athlete Terrell Owens claimed to have been misquoted in his 2006 autobiography, T.O. That’s the autobiography in which Owens states on page 2, “These are my words, straight from me to you.” The flap was over a piece in the book that described his comeback in the Super Bowl XXXIX as “heroic.” Owens denied using the word; he attributed »

Trump’s Triumph?

Featured image Henry Olsen scours the numbers better than Mr. Clean scours your dirty sink, and he thinks Trump will thump in Indiana today: It is time to deal with the inevitable. Donald Trump will win Indiana so decisively tonight that the Republican race will be effectively over. Only one thing to do: emulate Kent Brockman: Don’t say The Simpsons didn’t warn us: »

The Clinton context

Featured image Hillary Clinton bragged six weeks ago in the course of the CNN infomercial in Columbus, Ohio: “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” (video below). To adapt the famous Ring Lardner quote, we’re going to destroy you, she explained. Yesterday in West Virginia, however, Clinton had a different “explanation.” She didn’t mean it. She had taken herself out of context: “I don’t »

What not to do if Trump is nominated

Featured image Here’s the latest from George Will on Donald Trump. Will describes the damage Trump will inflict on the Republican Party if he is the presidential nominee, and notes that the damage already inflicted is “extensive.” I agree. However, it seems to me that the great columnist is badly misguided when it comes to prescribing how conservatives should respond if the GOP nominates Trump. In Will’s view: Were [Trump] to be »

Trump Gets the Zizek Endorsement

Featured image Slavoj Zizek is one of the celebrity figures of the radical Left today, one of those intellectuals whose fame seems to be derived in inverse proportion to the distance between his thought and intelligibility. The Guardian describes him thus: But Žižek is not just any self-declared Leninist: the Slovenian philosopher not only incorporates the intellectual rigours of Hegelian dialectics and Lacanian psychoanalysis into his wideranging critique of global capitalism, but also »

Will Rioters Hand the Election to Trump?

Featured image I think Donald Trump likely will defeat Hillary Clinton, simply because she is such a terrible candidate. But if the current trend toward anti-Trump riots and violence continues, Trump could win going away. Last night in Orange County, Trump addressed a crowd of thousands. Anti-Trump demonstrators, some waving Mexican flags, attacked policemen and bystanders. The liberal Los Angeles Times reports: Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County »

Pence finally endorses Cruz

Featured image With only a few days remaining before the Indiana primary, Gov. Mike Pence has endorsed Ted Cruz. He did so during a radio interview this morning. Pence began by praising Donald Trump. He stated: I like and respect all three of the Republican candidates in the field. I particularly want to commend Donald Trump who I think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working Americans with a »

Dear Director Comey

Featured image H.A. Goodman is an immoderate supporter of Bernie Sanders for president. He is also a Huffington Post blogger. In his most recent column, republished at Salon, Goodman returns to the matter of Hillary Clinton’s private email set-up to conduct official business as Secretary of State. Goodman frames the column as an open letter to FBI Director James Comey. Apart from the expressions of support for Sanders, I would change only »

Gutless in Indiana [UPDATED]

Featured image A reader-activist offers the following thought on the GOP primary in Indiana: Where the hell are Daniels and Pence!? They want Trump???? Bunch of COWARDS. They should be leading and instead they are under the bed. People like that will leave us with Trump as the candidate! I agree. Trump’s big loss in Wisconsin was due in significant part to the vigorous opposition of Scott Walker and other Republican leaders »

Cruz a “Miserable Son of a Bitch”? Yes, and Proud Of It!

Featured image A few months ago I asked a Washington insider for the scoop on Ted Cruz. His first words were, “No one likes Ted.” Well, John Boehner certainly doesn’t: The longtime Ohio powerhouse had not been very outspoken on the race since retiring last year, but he held little back when asked about the Texas senator and underdog GOP presidential candidate during a forum at Stanford University. “I have Democrat friends »

Poll: Trump 37, Cruz 35 in Indiana

Featured image According to a survey by Clout Research, Donald Trump holds only a two point lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana. It’s Trump 37, Cruz 35, and Kasich 16. I’m not familiar with Clout Research. However, FiveThirtyEight, which obsesses over pollster reliability, gives good weight to Clout’s Indiana poll. In addition, my look at its polls during this election season did not indicate that Clout shouldn’t be taken seriously. For example, »

Hillary to Run Against . . . Obama?

Featured image Dan Henninger reminds us in the Wall Street Journal this morning of the great Clintonian talent at “triangulation,” and notes the subtle “pivot” Hillary is starting to make against the sorry Obama economic record: Watching this, one thought: Is the presumed extender of Barack Obama’s third term explicitly separating herself from the economy under his watch for 7 1/2 years? . . . The Clinton campaign is bending to the obvious: »