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University Suicide Watch (2): Campus Blues in the Bluegrass State

Featured image We reported here last week about how the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point is closing several liberal arts departments and laying off tenured professors (gasp! the horror!). Now this news from Kentucky: University faculty alarmed by Kentucky budget language that guts tenure protections By Linda Blackford University faculty around the state are raising red flags over proposed legislative language that appears to let administrators ignore tenure protections as they downsize because »

At Harvard Law School, A Course In Impeaching Trump

Featured image Harvard Law School’s Professor Larry Tribe, who has turned into a left-wing crank, is offering a seminar titled “Constitutional Law 3.0: The Trump Trajectory.” It is a seminar open to only 12 students approved by the professor. This is how Tribe describes the course: This seminar will explore what the Trump presidency might mean for American constitutional law, how we might expect the Constitution to constrain Trump’s execution of his »

University Suicide Watch (1): “This No Longer Looks Like a Liberal Arts College.”

Featured image Yep—another new series heading for our periodical updates on the “Suicide of the University,” which is the title of the lecture I gave last month at Arizona State and which I will revise for publication and also post up as a Power Line podcast at some point soon. At that conference I got to meet Bret Weinstein, late of Evergreen State, whose astounding story we covered here, here, and here. I »

The Higher Ed Crack Up Begins [updated]

Featured image I’ve been predicting, most recently in a lecture last month at Arizona State University that I’ll post up as a podcast at some point soon, that universities would soon begin to divide into two entities—the STEM fields and related practical subjects (i.e., business and economics), and the social sciences and humanities, which would start to shrivel under the weight of the degradations the left has inflicted over the last 40 »

The Worst College President in America

Featured image The competition for the Worst College President in America is surely hard fought, but George Bridges of Evergreen State College in Washington State has to be the early favorite at the betting window. We’ve taken note of Bridges’ craziness before, here and here. He is an especially egregious example of the rot in college administrations where invertebrates thrive as a matter of course. Bridges presided over the disaster of craziness »

Amy Wax looks back

Featured image Last year I wrote about the academic tempest aroused by Professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander in “That which must not be said.” They aroused the tempest with this Philadelphia Inquirer column recapitulating a few home truths. Professor Wax is the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She earned an M.D. degree from Harvard in addition to her J.D. degree from Columbia Law School. »

Is Trump the Worst President Ever?

Featured image That is the conclusion of this survey of political “scientists” which is getting a lot of play in today’s news. This ranking is done periodically by members of the American Political Science Association, and this year’s poll compares today’s ratings with those compiled in 2014. They show the traditionally great presidents at the top, led by Lincoln and Washington. One surprise this year is that Barack Obama has jumped up »

Ben Shapiro: Too Hot to Handle

Featured image Ben Shapiro is a brilliant guy and a mainstream conservative. Liberals fear and detest him because he consistently makes them look silly in his podcasts, on television, in public appearances and on Twitter. All of this makes Shapiro too hot for most college campuses to handle. A case in point is the University of Minnesota, where conservative student groups have been trying to host Shapiro as a speaker. The university »

South Dakota Moves to Protect Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity On Campus

Featured image A bill has been introduced in South Dakota’s legislature that would go a long way toward protecting free speech on university and technical school campuses, while also encouraging intellectual diversity. It is House Bill 1073, and it will get a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, February 2, at 10:00. (That is in Pierre, for any of you who are intrepid enough to consider attending.) You can read »

Evergreen Doubles Down on Crazy

Featured image We’ve reported before on the leftist identity politics meltdown at Evergreen State University last year (here, here, and here), but it appears the administration has decided to double down on stupid and crazy. Bret Weinstein, the evolutionary biology professor (and self-described progressive Bernie supporter) was run off campus for daring to resist the mob, reports on the latest currents in the tweetstorm of the day: »

The Disgraceful Howard Dean

Featured image Former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean appeared recently on a panel on free speech at Kenyon College, where he grossly mischaracterized the lamentable events at Yale University in the fall of 2015, where a student mob screamed at Nicholas Christakis for his wife’s sin of writing an email saying students should chill about offensive Halloween costumes. The video of the whole panel (which also included Steven Pinker and »

“I was riding down the road one day, someone hit a possum. . .”

Featured image That’s the lyric of a Phish tune, and fortunately we have an academic to explain to us who it was who hit that possum: It was one of those binary-objectifier/marginalizers. . . or something. Here’s the article from the Western Journal of Communications, which I think must specialize in Gabby Johnson’s “authentic frontier gibberish”: Performance, Possums, and Photo-Ops, Too: Marginalizing Binaries at the Wausau Possum Festival Ashley M. Day, Wayne »

Jonah and Me, Unplugged

Featured image Late last week on a whirlwind visit to Washington DC I sat down with Jonah Goldberg to tape an episode of his new podcast, “The Remnant,” which title was inspired by Albert Jay Nock’s classic essay “Isaiah’s Job.” Nock was a wonderful stylist, and an early libertarian (William F. Buckley’s earliest informal tutor in many ways), and if you’ve never read his Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, add it to »

Conservatives and Higher Education

Featured image I am long overdue in delivering a World Wrestling Federation-style smack down on Damon Linker, one of my favorite liberal writers, for a column he wrote in The Week way back in August on “The Real Reason There Are So Few Conservatives on Campus.” The piece is still prompting discussion—a rare column with a long half-life—such as Warren Treadgold’s response in Commentary recently. Let’s take Damon’s second major claim in »

The Inquisition at Laurier University

Featured image I’m late coming to the story about the graduate student instructor, Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, at Wilfred Laurier University in Canada, who ran afoul of the university’s political correctness police for the thoughtcrime of showing in class a short video of Prof. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto, who objects to legislation requiring the use of the whole visible spectrum of self-generated gender pronouns. A student (or students—the university won’t »

History Is Bunk, Indeed

Featured image Henry Ford is reported to have once said, “History is bunk.” Upon Ford’s death, the eminent historian Arnold Toynbee remarked, “Henry Ford is history.” Touché! But I wonder if Henry Ford isn’t having the last laugh on this question, at least when it comes to academic history. I’ve been making mischief for the last few years among academic historians by asking the simple question, “Why is it that nearly all of »

The Shame of America’s Public High Schools

Featured image I wrote here, here, here (a video of a speech by me), here and here about the sad decline of the Edina, Minnesota public schools into hard-core leftism. Edina’s school district was once among the nation’s most respected, but its administrators have been content to see the district slide down to second or third tier status, because their sole priority is “racial equity,” which is code for a long list »