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Making Sense of Berkeley Daze

Featured image The first sign that Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Free Speech Week” at Berkeley wasn’t what it was cracked up to be was the news story two weeks ago announcing the “confirmed” speakers for the week that included both Heather Mac Donald and Charles Murray, among others. Both Heather and Charles were quick to say that they had not spoken to Milo or any of his people, and had no interest in participating. »

You Will Be Made to Conform

Featured image It has already been widely noted that Pittsburgh Steelers lineman Alejandro Villanueva has apologized for “making his teammates look bad” by his act of standing by himself on the sidelines for the national anthem. His jersey has become the most popular NFL item sold online this week, even as NFL viewership on TV continues to slump. (I think the real reason viewership is slumping is that people are catching on »

The Disgrace at Hamilton College

Featured image I have a hypothesis that some day I’ll get around to gathering evidence about: namely, that private liberal arts colleges are actually worse for their narrow political correctness than big research universities like Berkeley, the University of Colorado at Boulder, or Harvard. Although Berkeley has been wracked recently over the issue of free speech and the promised/threatened visit by Milo, the most shocking events of the past year have occurred »

Three Cheers for Imperialism

Featured image It stands to reason that any academic who stands up for old fashioned imperialism is asking for it. Last week, Third World Quarterly (does that just sound like the best name ever?) published “The Case for Colonialism,” by Prof. Bruce Gilley of Portland State University. Now, I’m thinking that the good Prof. Gilley must go around in disguise in Portland, or perhaps he is punking everybody. Just take in the »

Have Colleges Completely Lost Their Minds? (2)

Featured image The college meltdown continues. The sharp decline in applications and new student enrollments that have taken place at the University of Missouri and Evergreen State College has spread to Oberlin College, which also saw the administration cater to radical students and deranged faculty. The Daily Caller reports: Yet another American college is suffering an “unexpected” plunge in enrollment and a massive budget deficit after a series of outbursts by radical »

Have Colleges Completely Lost Their Minds?

Featured image Monty Python fans may remember the long sketch about the “lethal joke” that was so funny you would die from laughter, and which was weaponized for battlefield use in World War II. (If you have 10 minutes you can watch the sketch here.) The sketch culminates in the worldwide banning of jokes of mass destruction through the Geneva Convention, but it seems the University of Oregon takes the idea seriously. »

Embracing Ancestry, Genetic Code and Melanin

Featured image Edina is a wealthy suburb of Minneapolis that at one time had one of the finest public school systems in the United States. As I have documented here, here, here and here, the Edina schools decided some years ago to prioritize left-wing indoctrination over academic excellence. The result has been a decline in academic performance, and a pervasive atmosphere of oppression and bullying directed against non-conforming students and parents. A »

APSA After-Action Report

Featured image I’m still digesting the weekend’s endurance contest better known as the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. It’s one of those chores I take on so that you don’t have to. A lot of the panels are of course silly, like “Søren Kierkegaard and Political Thought.” Description: Altogether, in broad strokes, Kierkegaard’s thought saturated the air of the most important moments in twentieth century political thought—interwar Germany, post-WWII »

Live from the APSA: Lame Protesters!

Featured image Sure enough, more than 20 protesters turned up at my panel late yesterday afternoon about checks on abuses of executive power that also featured John Yoo. Their protest consisted of standing up when John took the podium and turning their back. The signs said “Stand up against torture.” We had thought of asking John to autograph any that were left behind, and selling them on eBay. I ran my new »

Almost Live from San Francisco, It’s the APSA!

Featured image A lot of people have been asking if I was present in Berkeley for last weekend’s Antifa riot as I was for the Milo riot on Feb. 1, and the aborted Ann Coulter appearance in April. Happily I was not. So you’ll want to read Matt Labash’s first hand account in the Weekly Standard, “A Beating in Berkeley.” I can report that things are very tense on campus as the new »

Shocking Sexism and Racism by Leftist Professors at University of Nebraska [Updated]

Featured image Campus Reform reports on a horrific incident that occurred at the University of Nebraska on Friday. Katie Mullen, a Nebraska sophomore, heads the Turning Point USA chapter on campus. She was “tabling” various posters (“Big Government Sucks” is a favorite), stickers and the like on the university’s campus. As Ms. Mullen was manning her table, three or more professors began to harass her. They carried signs attacking Turning Point, screamed »

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (a College Kid)

Featured image Today in the annals of white liberal guilt are two stories that are beyond the satirical genius of Tom Wolfe. First, from Swarthmore, where the Swarthmore Anti-Capitalist Collective (SACC) has disbanded because it was too white and middle class. Campus Reform noted that SACC’s now-dormant Facebook page agonized that “SACC’s fundamental failure” was that “at its formation, it was made up of entirely white, with the exception of one person of »

What, Exactly, Is Feminist Geography?

Featured image The bizarre corners of academia are usually Steve’s beat, but a reader sent me a link to an article about a paper published in Gender, Place & Culture, a Journal of Feminist Geography. The paper, by Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne, is titled “Citation matters: mobilizing the politics of citation toward a practice of ‘conscientious engagement.’” It urges academics working in the field of geography not to cite works by »

This Week in Gender Dystopia

Featured image The great Andrew Klavan directs our attention to this old story at EverydayFeminism, which we’ll pick up in the middle after this headline: My Partner Came Out as a Man—And I Struggled With Losing My Lesbian Identity . . . Imagine the seismic shift in my identity then when Amy sat down one night after a therapy session and told me that she was transgender. To be fair, this wasn’t »

Alan Sokal, Call Your Office

Featured image I didn’t think it was possible to write a better satire of postmodernism as applied to the hard sciences than Alan Sokal’s great hoax on Social Text 20 years ago. But I have found a contender . . . Wait a minute.  I think this article is for real, in Ethnic and Racial Studies: Racial physics or a theory for everything that happened Marcus Anthony Hunter [Sociologist—natch—at UCLA] Abstract This political »

Dialogue for Me, But Not for Thee

Featured image The Daily Bulletin newspaper (based in Ontario, CA) reported yesterday that six students at Claremont McKenna College are facing disciplinary proceedings for their role in disrupting Heather Mac Donald’s appearance back in April—perhaps resulting in expulsion and, in the case of three students who just graduated, having their degrees revoked. It appears that even CMC’s spineless president Hiram Chodosh has come to perceive that he needs to do something to get »

The Rot at Evergreen in Seven Minutes

Featured image Michael Moynihan ventured to Evergreen State College for Vice News and produced this seven-minute video that is all you need to see to grasp how fully the place has fallen into the nihilist abyss (as if you needed persuading). Language warning (as if you didn’t know that). But do stick around for the antidote below! »