A note on comments

Featured image We get occasional email messages complaining about our comments setup and its occasional glitches. I find it hard to respond to all these messages, mostly because I don’t know what’s going on or don’t care for the indignation that sometimes accompanies the complaints. Here is what I would like you to know, courtesy of Power Line publisher Joe Malchow: Power Line uses Facebook for our commenting system. This means that »

West Coast Retreat

Featured image I’ll be at the David Horowitz Freedom Center West Coast Retreat in Palos Verdes this weekend. They call it a retreat, but I think of it as group therapy. The retreat features an unbelievable lineup of speakers including Senators Jeff Sessions and Ron Johnson, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Victor Davis Hanson, Andy McCarthy, Bill Whittle, Bill Voegeli and Ben Stein, among others. The retreat kicks off with dinner on Friday and »

Tonight on FNC: Boomtown

Featured image Our friend Peter Schweizer writes to alert us that he is narrating a one-hour Hannity special airing tonight called “Boomtown” on the Fox News Channel at 9:00 pm EST.  The show promises to provide a look at how cronyism has made a lot of people rich in Washington, D.C.  A preview clip is posted here. And there’s a nice notice in the New York Times Friday listings: In this edition »

Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Tomorrow Morning

Featured image I’ll be guest-hosting Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show tomorrow (Thursday). My on-air guests will include Jean Yarbrough, author of a fine book we’ve mentioned here before, Theodore Roosevelt and the American Political Tradition; Paul Reid, co-author of the third and final volume of The Last Lion biography of Winston Churchill; and Ed Pinto of the American Enterprise Institute, who will be coming out first thing Thursday morning with a frightening new study about »

Media Alert: Bill Bennett Show Tomorrow Morning

Featured image I’ll be an in-studio guest with Bill Bennett on Morning in America tomorrow during the 8 am (eastern) hour of the show.  Not sure what we’ll be talking about, but listen in and call in if you can. Here’s a pic from one of my turns as guest host a few months back: »

And Now for Something Completely Different, and Media Alert!

Featured image Travel week for me, first to Ashland University on Monday, where I’ve taken up my new appointment as the Thomas Smith Fellow at the Ashbrook Center (don’t miss the Ashbrook Center’s spiffy redesigned website), and where I’m teaching an upper division course again this fall, this time on “American Political Economy.”  Like last fall’s course on Hayek and political economy, I’ll post some nuggets from class from time to time, »

We Built This!

Featured image Just kidding. Power Line wouldn’t exist without the Government Internet upon which it is transmitted and the Government Roads we drive on to buy our Government MacBooks and consequently our true and deepest thanks belong to the Public Servants who moved upon the waters to create this amazing American system of spontaneous centralized capital bestowal. But we’re nevertheless grateful also to you, our readers. We haven’t boasted much, but more »

Media Alert: Show Notes for Tomorrow

Featured image Enjoyed a rip-roaring three hours behind the microphone this morning subbing for Bill Bennett on his “Morning in America” radio show, with wide-ranging and provocative conversations with James Bowman, Michael Anton, and Arthur Brooks.  We beat down pretty hard on Brain Ross, Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment, and Hollywood.  I know–low-hanging fruit. I’m back behind the microphone tomorrow morning from 6 to 9 am, with guests James Pethokoukis, my »

Open Thread Friday at Power Line!

Featured image Ever since we launched the latest version of Power Line, we’ve been extremely pleased to see a bustling community of readers filling our pages with comments and debate. We also are aware of a certain degree of, ahem, trolling going on–but we’ve decided that the specter of our witty readers going to battle against trolls resembled something like Thermopylae, with the result that we’ve allowed you to go about your »