The NAS invites you

Featured image Our friends at the National Association of Scholars write to alert us that this is the last day of NAS’s write-your-own-trigger-warnings contest. Readers of the Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed, the Daily Caller, and College Insurrection have been submitting entries. The NAS would love to have Power Line readers get in on the fun. You are cordially invited: What do you wish you knew about a book before you were »

News for Denver/Boulder Peeps

Featured image The spring semester may be all finished as of this week, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over!  No indeed—starting next week, I’ll be offering three informal evening lectures on the following topics, all free and open to the public: May 13: The Lost Art of Statesmanship, from Max Weber to Winston Churchill Everyone craves the “statesman,” but not only is a precise definition or clear understanding nearly impossible (“A »

Are you now or have you ever been?

Featured image A member of the Federalist Society, that is. You may recall that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are rather big on this form of what goes under the name of McCarthyism. I’ll be attending the Federalist Society 2013 National Lawyers Convention in Washington on November 14-16. The convention features the Federalist Society’s traditionally stellar lineup of speakers and programs, with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the top of »

Another Media Alert, With Comments On My Potential Senate Candidacy

Featured image This is for early risers: I will be on Bill Bennett’s radio show tomorrow morning at 5:30 Central, talking about the Obama administration’s long-acknowledged plan to cancel your employer-supplied insurance, no matter how much you like it. That’s assuming I don’t oversleep, which is a possibility. For those in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, I can only assume that you get the show recorded rather than live. I can’t »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show tonight, talking about this post, and the fact that the Obama administration predicted in 2010 that most Americans who have health insurance through their employers would lose those plans as a result of Obamacare. I don’t know exactly when my segment will air, so I recommend listening to the whole show! »

Attn Denver-Area Power Line Readers: Charles Murray This Thursday

Featured image For all Power Line readers in the Greater Denver area (though perhaps Denver isn’t feeling Greater this morning after last night’s loss to the Colts): Charles Murray will be giving a public lecture here on campus this Thursday evening at 6:30 pm, on the topic: “Divided America? The New Upper Class, the New Lower Class, and the End of the American Project.”  Here are the full details.  It’s going to »

News Alert: PBS Newshour Tonight

Featured image For those of you who still watch TV news, and don’t have PBS blocked, I’m booked on the Newhour tonight, at 6:44 eastern time (check your local listings) to discuss/analyze the just concluded shutdown fiasco.  I intend to defend the honor of James Madison and the Tea Party against all-comers.  I suspect I can make it more interesting than a pledge drive, which the government will resort to if we »

Technical issues this morning

Featured image Those Obamacare “glitches” seem to have infected Power Line’s technical operation. I understand that a fix is in the works, but for the moment we are more or less out of commission. Please check back as you can during the day. »

Media Alert: Bennett Show Tomorrow

Featured image So I’m scheduled to be on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” show tomorrow at 7:05 eastern time to talk about the IPCC climate report, but probably a lot of other things, including the government shutdown, my time here as an inmate at the University of Colorado, football, who knows?  Do tune in–and call in–if you can!  If the show isn’t on your local radio, you can tune in online. »

Rocky Mountain Meet Up Notes

Featured image About 30 people turned out for the impromptu Power Line “Take Back Boulder” Rocky Mountain Meet Up yesterday at the Bohemian Biergarten in downtown Boulder.  Don Brookins, the creator of the “Doorbell” entry from the Power Line Prize Competition two years ago, was there, along with a lot of other folks who came in some cases from a considerable distance.  Orson Olson risked injury to his person by defiantly wearing »

Time for a Power Line Rocky Mountain Meetup

Featured image So it turns out that there are a lot of clandestine Power Line readers in the Boulder area. I’ve been hearing from a lot of you. Classes start next week and I’m in the throes of massive preparation, plus having a ton of paperwork to do as usual with any state bureaucracy.  By the way, did you know that all incoming faculty at the University of Colorado, since they are »

Up and Running Again

Featured image Power Line was down for a time earlier today, as some gremlins crept into the interwebs somewhere.  But not to fear, Power Line’s awesome tech support division spring into action, and we’re back up and running full speed.  So why not have our own meme for this? »

Gone listening

Featured image This evening we are off to Amsterdam to join the NR cruise of the Norwegian fjords with NR’s team of all-star speakers. The cruise departs from Amsterdam on August 1. We’ll be looking around town in the meantime. Included among the advertised speakers on the NR cruise are some of my favorite writers. I’m thinking of the pseudonymous Theodore Dalrypmple, traveling under his given name of Anthony Daniels, NR’s own »

Media Alert: Kudlow Report Tonight

Featured image My blogging silence today is explained by my attendance at the Breakthrough Institute‘s annual conference, this year on the subject of “Creative Destruction.”  It’s mostly liberals in attendance–some of them fairly prominent–but there are some Power Line readers here, including one of Paul’s acquaintances, McKie Campbell, who was Republican staff director for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  Good to have some friendly faces here.  I’ll try to give »

Media Alert: Radio Day Tomorrow

Featured image Another travel day for me, so I’ll be out of touch until late this evening.  But I’ll be turning up tomorrow morning on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show as a guest at 8:05 am eastern (subject to change as always), to talk about the latest climate change and energy news.  Tune in if you can, or listen online at »

A note on comments

Featured image We get occasional email messages complaining about our comments setup and its occasional glitches. I find it hard to respond to all these messages, mostly because I don’t know what’s going on or don’t care for the indignation that sometimes accompanies the complaints. Here is what I would like you to know, courtesy of Power Line publisher Joe Malchow: Power Line uses Facebook for our commenting system. This means that »

West Coast Retreat

Featured image I’ll be at the David Horowitz Freedom Center West Coast Retreat in Palos Verdes this weekend. They call it a retreat, but I think of it as group therapy. The retreat features an unbelievable lineup of speakers including Senators Jeff Sessions and Ron Johnson, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Victor Davis Hanson, Andy McCarthy, Bill Whittle, Bill Voegeli and Ben Stein, among others. The retreat kicks off with dinner on Friday and »