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Say Something: Millenials Giving Up On Obama

Featured image College Republicans from my home state of South Dakota produced this video about young people’s disenchantment with Barack Obama. The tune is “Say Something,” by A Great Big World: It is vitally important that young people learn from the failure of the Obama administration, if only to inoculate them–some of them, anyway–against the next enthusiasm, our first woman president. »

Revisionist history on hold

Featured image D-Day seems to have been well commemorated in France on its 70th anniversary. President Obama apparently saw fit to chew gum while Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed and during the playing of the Marseillaise. But as far as I can tell, the Europeans behaved with dignity and gratitude, as well they should. There is, though, an unflattering revisionist history of the Normandy invasion that has gained some currency in France. »

The wanderers — Obama and Bergdahl

Featured image The team leader of Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon the night he went missing says that when he searched for Bergdahl, he heard a radio report that an American was wandering around looking for someone who spoke English to take him to the Taliban. The report came from the area where Bergdahl was believed to be, and the soldier concluded that the American in question was, in fact, Bergdahl. Bergdahl’s quest to »

Americans Agree: Obama Is An Incompetent Who Has Made America Weaker

Featured image This joint Democrat/Republican poll reported by the Washington Post reflects what I take to be the consensus on Barack Obama’s failed presidency: A majority of voters say the Obama administration is less competent than Bill Clinton’s and a plurality say it is less competent than George W. Bush’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday. Sixty-eight percent say the Obama administration is less competent that the Clinton administration. »

Barack Obama, Gym Rat?

Featured image Someone shot video footage of President Obama exercising in a hotel gym in Poland. It would be petty, of course, to pick on Obama for being a comical weightlifter when he is guilty of so many infinitely worse transgressions. But what the heck: let’s be petty. News accounts say that Obama was filmed “pumping iron.” If you have spent much time in lifter gyms, or even if you haven’t, you »

Obama to millennials: Thanks, suckers!

Featured image Reader Brad Swindell has posted the nicely produced, highly educational swindleVision video below on YouTube. The video carries an important message of thanks from “Barack Obama” to the millennial voters who contributed to his electoral victories in 2008 and 2012. Are they going to do it once more once for Ms. Hillary? Lord, please, no. Recall that Ms. Hillary supported the mandate at the heart of Obamacare when she ran »

Obama’s insulting version of American exceptionalism

Featured image During his mushy commencement speech at West Point, President Obama told the graduates, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.” (Every fiber of his being? Who’s writing this crap?) Obama refrained from adding, as he has in the past, that Brits and Greeks believe, respectively, in British and Greek exceptionalism. Unfortunately, Obama’s account of what makes America exceptional suggests that he still doesn’t truly believe in »

Like a virgin

Featured image LIKE A BOSS: It’s hard to quarrel with the Obama bumper sticker as it applies to his approach to politics at home. LIKE A THUG might be more like it, but LIKE A BOSS is close enough for government work. However, it doesn’t come close to Obama’s take on international affairs. For that, I’m going with LIKE A VIRGIN. Photoshoppers, take it away…please. »

Barack Obama — too cool to be madder than hell

Featured image When a president notifies us that he’s “madder than hell,” the least he can do is feign a little anger. But according to the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, President Obama failed to meet that low standard yesterday in his remarks about the VA scandal. For starters, Obama was late to the event: It doesn’t inspire great confidence that President Obama, on the day he finally decided to comment about excessive »

The killer rabbit phase, cont’d

Featured image I think the folks at the NRCC are in tune with my killer rabbit phase thesis. They even seem to have set it to music in the video below. They write: In a bind? Need an excuse in a jiff? Visit and click our new Obama Excuse Button, where you’ll instantly hear one of five classic Obama excuses about why he doesn’t know about things going on in his »

The killer rabbit phase

Featured image Following a meeting with VA head Eric Shinseki yesterday, President Obama read a statement and took a few (very few) questions on the VA scandal. The White House has posted the text here and video here. Watching the proceedings live yesterday morning, I thought we have entered the “killer rabbit” phase of Obama’s presidency. While on a fishing trip in Georgia, Jimmy Carter had used a paddle to fend off »

Barack Obama: An Epic Incompetent

Featured image At Commentary, Pete Wehner sums up the emerging consensus on President Obama. Wehner’s indictment is all the more searing for being delivered in his characteristically measured tone: The last eight months have battered the Obama administration. From the botched rollout of the health-care website to the VA scandal, events are now cementing certain impressions about Mr. Obama. Among the most damaging is this: He is unusually, even epically, incompetent. … »

The case against impeachment

Featured image I have read a galley copy of Andrew McCarthy’s forthcoming book, Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, discussed by John below. The book will not be published until June 3; this is not a review. I want only to add a few comments to John’s post now that the book has become an issue. Outside his immediate family, I don’t think Andy has admirers who think more »

Spending spree: Obamacare edition

Featured image We haven’t begun to account for the gusher of federal spending attributable to Obamacare, Medicaid included. What a bloody mess of pottage. So when the mythical “Al Franken” — he who is incessantly sending fundraising email messages to “Hind” — begins his latest message, “When you think of the words ‘spending spree,’” I think of BARACK OBAMA AND HIS ROBOTIC SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU, PAL. By contrast, “Al Franken” purports to »

¿Quién es el mentiroso más grande?

Featured image President Obama is such a glib liar that it is hard to keep up with his act. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler treats us to one microscopic example in an online column that is actually worth reading: “Four Pinocchios for Obama’s claim that Republicans have ‘filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation.’” Kessler scrutinizes Obama’s claim at a DCCC fundraising dinner on Wednesday: “Here’s what’s more disconcerting. Their [Republicans] willingness to »

Saving Barack Obama

Featured image We have written a couple of times about street artists, especially in Southern California, who are conducting a guerrilla campaign against the Obama administration. That campaign has escalated, as this is well beyond street art: a nicely produced parody movie poster titled “Saving Barack Obama.” It mimics this famous poster for “Saving Private Ryan.” Here is the Obama poster, installed–I am not sure how you achieve this–at a bus stop: »

What we’ve got here…

Featured image John McCormack highlights this paragraph from the latest USA Today/Pew poll of registered voters: Views of ACA Little Changed. As other recent national polls have shown, including the April health care tracking survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the recent surge in signups for the new health care exchanges has had little impact on public opinion about the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the share disapproving of the law (55%) »