Barack Obama

What Obama watches

Featured image The New York Times has produced an article about the television viewing habits of President Obama. The piece, by Michael Shear, is called “Obama’s TV Picks: Anything Edgy, With Hints of Reality.” Take away those hints, and this sounds like his presidency. According to Shear, Obama enjoys watching Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Homeland, The Wire, Modern Family, House of Cards, and Parks and Recreation. This »

As Iraq Slides Downhill, What Happened to Obama’s “Plan”?

Featured image Al Qaeda is rapidly asserting control over large swaths of Iraq, and the Obama administration is doing nothing, because President Obama doesn’t care. But didn’t Obama once have a plan to deal with the possibility that our withdrawal from Iraq could create an opportunity for al Qaeda? Indeed he did. Here is Obama in 2007, telling us that “My plan would maintain forces in the region to target all al »

Slow Learners

Featured image What is it about Obama that makes otherwise intelligent people so dumb? Politico has a headline for the ages up right now: “Management Experts Knock Obama.”  Management “experts” are just noticing now, after five years, that Obama’s lack of experience is significant.  Maybe these “experts” aren’t so expert. The heart of the issue, many of these people say, is that Obama and his inner circle had scant executive experience prior »

Obama’s top 10 in 2013

Featured image This is the time of the year for the compilation of top-10 lists. I have compiled a list of lists — the top 10 2013 top 10 lists — that is to be posted soon. I want to give it another few days to make sure I don’t overlook any deserving late entries. Coming in at number 1, I am confident, is “President Obama’s top 10 constitutional violations of 2013″ »

Merry belated Me-mas

Featured image A.F. Branco posted this seasonal cartoon — “Merry Me-mas” — at Legal Insurrection on December 16, but I didn’t catch up with it until this morning. This one stings. In case you missed it, here it is. »

Sympathy for the mullahs

Featured image Iran has been at war with the United States since the ascent of the mullahcracy in 1979. They held American hostages for 444 days in 1979-81, until Ronaldus Magnus was sworn in. On Reagan’s watch, however, the mullahs upped the ante, dispatching their Hezbollah subsidiary to murder 242 Marines in Beirut in 1983. The Iranians have kept right at it, murdering and maiming many of our fellow Americans in the »

Pajama Boy, take 2,052

Featured image A reader sends us this late addition to the Pajama Boy variations, requesting in exchange only that we do not disclose his identity. Sounds like a good deal to me. His secret is safe with us, I think. »

Pajama Boy Sweeps the Internet

Featured image One of the central imperatives of Obamacare is to persuade healthy young people to pay way too much for health insurance in order to subsidize the older and sicker. So far, this doesn’t seem to be happening. So the administration has embarked on a PR campaign that conveys a whiff of desperation. In part, the campaign has been geared to the holiday season, and the administration was justly ridiculed for »

Borrowed eloquence

Featured image Is Barack Obama really the somewhat interesting guy who wrote Dreams From My Father? I doubt it. I don’t say Bill Ayers necessarily wrote the book, but I doubt that it was Obama. He has yet to formulate a political thought in an even slightly original way. Hackneyed phrases and deadening cliches make up the essential medium of his expression. His speeches are like New York Times editorials. They ought »

Now he belongs to the gauges

Featured image President Obama’s reverent attitude toward himself appears to have filtered down through the United States government and its outposts around the world. He returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits in the first days of his presidency, but his servants know that his task is not done. He means to demonstrate graphically to the Brits where they stand with him. The American Embassy in London has unveiled a »

From Gaga to Obama

Featured image Reading Maureen Callahan’s New York Post column “What happened to Lady Gaga?” and watching the meticulously edited video below, I started wondering if Barack Obama might be to politics what Lady Gaga is to music. Wouldn’t it be pretty to think so? I can’t make the case for the proposition, at least not yet. Instead, I’m filing this one under Laughter Is the Best Medicine. »

Whatever happened to Vladimir Pozner?

Featured image Readers with a long memory may recall Vladimir Pozner, the native English speaker who served in the United States as a spokesman for the Soviet Union during the 1980′s. With the Reagan administration undertaking the policies that ultimately brought us victory in the Cold War, Pozner was an incredibly popular voice of opposition here. In Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America »

Banana republic stuff

Featured image In “Queen Seeb approximately” I appropriate Charles Krauthammer’s description of developments emanating from the Obama administration as “banana republic stuff.” Woody Allen mocked the stuff in Bananas, but this is beginning to hit a little too close to home: “All children under 16 years old are now 16 years old.” »

The Selfie President

Featured image There is a reason why the infamous selfie photo is the only significant news story to emerge from Nelson Mandela’s funeral. The shot, and the story, resonate with people because they express what we already knew about Barack Obama: he is a narcissist. Michael Ramirez puts the selfie into historical context: How a man as temperamentally unsuited to any leadership position as Barack Obama managed to become President of the »

George Will explicates the text

Featured image In the Chris Matthews kneepad interview on MSNBC — I fastened on this strand of it here — President Obama unburdened himself of the deep thought that “we have these big agencies, some of which are outdated, some of which are not designed properly”: “We’ve got, for example, 16 different agencies that have some responsibility to help businesses, large and small, in all kinds of ways, whether it’s helping to »

Today’s #ObamaFail Chronicles

Featured image So it turns out the biggest embarrassment of yesterday in South Africa is not Obama’s entirely predictable and unsurprising “selfie,” but the fact that the interpreter signing his speech for the deaf was a fake: Johannesburg – While millions across the globe were inspired and moved by speeches made at former President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service on Tuesday, the international deaf community expressed outrage over what they say was a »

Quotations from Chairman Barry

Featured image Kevin Williamson observes that President Obama shows no signs of having expended any effort on big thinkers or big ideas: “Obama’s most important influences have been tacticians such as Abner Mikva, bush-league propagandists like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his beloved community organizers.” When Obama musters his forces to address the issue of “income inequality,” as he did last week (text here), he therefore serves up a concatenation of question-begging »