Barack Obama

A failed messiah

Featured image Running for president in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama presented himself as a messianic figure. He had come to redeem the time. As soon as Obama secured the delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination for president in June 2008, he appeared in St. Paul to give the speech in which he famously prophesied that in times to come future generations would look back to see that “this was the »

Barack Obama Celebrates Presidents’ Day

Featured image So it’s Presidents’ Day. I assume that by the end of the day, Scott will post a thoughtful reflection on America’s greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln, in whose honor the day is set aside. Meanwhile, via Twitter, here is an image of Barack Obama spending the day contemplating his favorite president. Click to enlarge: Heh. Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile saw today’s holiday as an opportunity, and urged Obama to »

Poll shows broad disapproval of Obama’s resort to executive diktat [With Comment by John]

Featured image I wrote here about the possibility of impeaching President Obama. The predicate for impeachment would be a continued course of overriding and rewriting the laws passed by Congress and enacted with the president’s signature (in most instances, Obama’s). Such a course, I argued, would justify impeachment. Moreover, in this scenario impeachment proceedings would not, on balance, hurt the country. But what about the politics of impeachment? Surely, I contended, Republicans »

Obama then and now

Featured image The Heritage Foundation has posted the illuminating vide below with the observation: “Abusive, unlawful, and even potentially unconstitutional unilateral action has been a hallmark of the Obama Administration.” Heritage also links to this related post and to the report “An executive unbound: The Obama administration’s unilateral actions,” by Elizabeth Slattery and Andrew Kloster. The video packs a wallop all by itself. »

Impeach President Obama?

Featured image As Steve has just argued, if Mitt Romney had been elected president and then proceeded to rewrite Obamacare on his alleged executive authority, Democrats would probably be screaming for his impeachment. So should Republicans be screaming for President Obama’s impeachment? John says no: Technically, President Obama’s misuse of executive agencies to harass his political opponents and his usurpation of Congress’s powers by purporting to rewrite statutes by executive decree–the Obamacare »

Impeach President Romney?

Featured image Thought experiment: What would the media and the Left (but I repeat. . .) be saying if President Romney was rewriting Obamacare on his own executive authority, delaying the business mandate, etc.?  My guess is they’d be screaming for Romney’s impeachment. Turns out National Review‘s Charles Cooke was way ahead of me—well, at least a day ahead of me—with this same inquiry.  Only he fleshes it out in more detail: »

One may smile, and smile…

Featured image I wrote about President Obama’s ten-minute, pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly in “Obama does O’Reilly” (video below). I referred to Obama’s transparent BS in the interview. Angelo Codevilla takes a look and makes the case that Obama should be called out on the multifarious challenges Obama posed to veracity in “Live not by lies alone.” The thoroughgoing falsity of Obama’s statements in the interview is indeed its most striking »

Obama’s Facebook Video

Featured image Those of you on Facebook have no doubt been feasting on the pre-fabbed 10th anniversary videos they are putting together for everybody who wants one.  It is in fact a little creepy, and the algorithm they use to select which photos and quotes appear is not immediately obvious, though I suppose it wouldn’t be hard to reverse engineer.  But why bother.   Anyway, there have been several good parodies, and »

Obama does O’Reilly

Featured image About Bill O’Reilly’s 10-minute pre-Super Bowl interview with Barack Obama, I will say this: it was more competitive than the Super Bowl. His questions were focused but disappointing and, other than trying to get Obama to respond, O’Reilly didn’t seem prepared to follow up on Obama’s transparent BS: Obama referred to Benghazi as an act of terror in the immediate aftermath of the attack? the IRS Commissioner’s numerous visits to »

Obama: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Featured image Scott wrote here about the canard that women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, a claim that Barack Obama repeated in his State of the Union speech. As Scott explained, this statistic has been demonstrated to be false many times. Yesterday at InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds wrote: I GUESS HE FIGURES WOMEN ARE LOUSY AT MATH: Obama Must Know That 77-cent Figure Is Bogus, So Why Does He »

Obama gets “Mad Men” wrong

Featured image President Obama’s State of the Union address was highly forgettable. In my opinion, its only memorable line was his reference to the television show Mad Men. It was, in any case, his most tweeted line, according to Tevi Troy. Obama delivered the line in decrying alleged wage disparities between men and women. He said: “It is time to do away with policies that belong in a Mad Men episode.” Tevi, »

77 cents not worth a plug nickel

Featured image The assertion that women are the victims of discrimination in the workplace was one of the featured themes of President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday. To support the assertion he hauled out the old canard that women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. Here is how he put it: The bottom line is, Michelle and I want every child to have the same chance »

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Featured image The New York Times has posted video and text of Obama’s State of the Union address last night here. The Times has also posted excerpts reflecting “Obama’s agenda.” I found the speech mind-numbing and soul-killing. The thought that Obama and a team of speechwriters devoted weeks to the speech…you’ve got to be kidding. The incoherence. The anecdotes. The thrice baked, still phony statistics. The pallid rhetoric. The false bravado. The »

A word from Peter Wehner

Featured image The excellent Peter Wehner has responded to my post disputing his statement that “Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter without Camp David.” Pete writes: I’ll take this opportunity to clarify what I was saying. My point about President Obama being Jimmy Carter without Camp David has to do with Mr. Obama being incompetent; I wasn’t arguing that he’s inconsequential. To take these two categories in order. I’m not sure I could »

Don’t shoot the messenger

Featured image Walter Pincus, the Washington Post’s long-time voice of conventional liberal thinking on national defense issues, is unhappy with Robert Gates’ new book. He complains that, although Gates devotes nearly half of the book to his two years at the Pentagon under President Bush, he provides “no embarrassing anecdotes or acidic comments.” No doubt, there were embarrassing moments at the Pentagon while Gates was serving Bush there. But Gates’ high-profile revelations »

Translate this

Featured image In the title of his excellent essay on Pete Seeger, Howard Husock (accurately) proclaimed Pete Seeger “America’s most successful Communist.” Seeger faithfully toed the Stalinist line through more than two decades and publicly declared that he was still a communist periodically ever after. The New York Times compiled Seeger’s statements of repentance, such as they were, here in 2007. It is something beyond pathetic that the White House has issued »

An Empty Suit Prepares To Deliver an Empty Speech

Featured image President Obama will deliver his sixth State of the Union speech tomorrow night. The media will cover it as though it matters, even though hardly anyone is listening and most Americans have little or no confidence in the president. Obama’s fundamental problem, as he discourses on the state of the union, is that the union’s state is palpably worse, after five years, than it was when he took office. So »