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Today’s #ObamaFail Chronicles

Featured image So it turns out the biggest embarrassment of yesterday in South Africa is not Obama’s entirely predictable and unsurprising “selfie,” but the fact that the interpreter signing his speech for the deaf was a fake: Johannesburg – While millions across the globe were inspired and moved by speeches made at former President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service on Tuesday, the international deaf community expressed outrage over what they say was a »

Quotations from Chairman Barry

Featured image Kevin Williamson observes that President Obama shows no signs of having expended any effort on big thinkers or big ideas: “Obama’s most important influences have been tacticians such as Abner Mikva, bush-league propagandists like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his beloved community organizers.” When Obama musters his forces to address the issue of “income inequality,” as he did last week (text here), he therefore serves up a concatenation of question-begging »

Deep thoughts by Barack Obama, Iran edition

Featured image In “Obama explains the Iran deal” I took a look at President Obama’s remarks at the Saban Forum over the weekend (video included at the link). Taking the remarks at face value, Lee Smith interprets Obama’s deep (Smith describes them as “incoherent”) thoughts. Smith writes: The way Obama sees it, a “diplomatic resolution of this situation is, frankly, greater than what we could achieve with the other options that are »

Quotations from Chairman Barry

Featured image From the Chris Matthews kneepad interview at American University last week, President Obama served up this killer quote memorialized by Joseph Curl: “When we do things right, they don’t get a lot of attention,” the president said, no doubt sending a thrill up the MSNBC host’s leg. “If we do something that is perceived at least initially as a screw-up, it will be on the nightly news for a week.” »

Quotations from Chairman Barry

Featured image Obama brought us another killer quote this past week, this one from the kneepad interview conducted by Chris Matthews at American University on December 5. A Wall Street Journal editorial memorializes it: On Thursday, Mr. Obama dropped by American University for a heart to heart with Chris Matthews, and the MSNBC host wondered who in the executive branch is responsible for the botched health-care rollout. Mr. Obama listed a few »

Obama explains the Iran deal

Featured image President Obama appeared at the Brooking Institution’s Saban Forum in Washington yesterday. He responded to questions put to him by Haim Saban, the forum chairman. The discussion focused on the interim deal with Iran, although it also covered the Israel-PA peace talks and the agreement with Syria to destroy its chemical weapons. C-SPAN has posted the video of Obama’s appearance here. The White House has posted the embeddable video below. »

Obama’s wretchedly convoluted presidency

Featured image One definition of a pathological liar is someone who lies where the truth would serve just as well. When President Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, was arrested in 2011 for drunk driving, the truth — that Obama had stayed with his uncle years earlier for several weeks as a Harvard law student — would have served the president just fine. No potential Obama voter would have held it against him that »

Wreckers of the world, unite

Featured image There is a disturbing undercurrent in Obama’s campaign-style speech on behalf of Obamacare at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building today. Obama never credits opponents of the law with the substance of their criticism. He does not attribute decent motives or good faith opposition to them. Rather, he treats them as “wreckers” (as they were deemed in the Soviet Union) guilty of destructive thought crime: Now, we may never satisfy the »

Quotations From Chairman Barry

Featured image I still have my old copy of Quotations From Chairman LBJ. The book was inspired by Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (“the little red book”). Compiled by Jack Shepherd and Christopher Wren and published by Schuster in the annus horribilis of 1968, the book consisted of supposedly laughable quotes uttered by President Johnson. It was popular enough to go through multiple printings. My copy derives from the third printing. Despite »

Berkeley on the Potomac?

Featured image My cousin’s guest post about the radicalism of Bill de Blasio, New York City’s new mayor, made me wonder whether de Blasio is appreciably more radical than President Obama. I don’t believe he is. In 1990, de Blasio, having been inspired by the Sandinistas, stated that his goal was to bring Democratic Socialism to the United States. Stanley Kurtz has demonstrated that this almost certainly was Obama’s goal at that »

Leftist Satire

Featured image Who says people on the left (outside of Jon Stewart) don’t have a sense of humor?  Or at least of dry satire? What else to make of this piece by Matthew Lynch at the Puffington Host on “Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever.”  Given its appearance on the PuffHo I was nearly taken in by it ingenious irony, but I am not that easily fooled.   I mean »

Happy Liberal Thanksgiving!

Featured image Isn’t it a bit churlish to dissect the president’s Thanksgiving Day message? After all, it is just a bit of holiday fluff written by some anonymous staffer, right? Nah. Obama delivered it, and messages of this sort can provide a valuable window into the assumptions that underlie everything an administration does. Plus, it’s fun. So here goes: Thanksgiving is an uncomfortable holiday for many liberals, because it implicitly poses the »

Conventional wisdom watch

Featured image When it was still somewhat readable, the late Newsweek magazine used to have a weekly Conventional Wisdom Watch feature (saluted here, for example). With arrows pointing up or down, it advised whose standing had risen or fallen in the past week according to the CW. The CW watch had a postmodern twist to it because Newsweek was itself a pillar of the conventional wisdom. I don’t think it’s too harsh »

Ambivalence towards America explains Obama’s deal with Iran

Featured image President Obama’s deal with Iran strongly favors the Iranians for the reasons stated by John and many others. Sanctions are rolled back with little hope of full revival and not much more hope of maintaining any effective sanctions regime for much longer. Meanwhile, there is no meaningful rollback of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Some aspects of it are frozen; others are allowed to proceed. As James Jay Carafano puts it, »

Obama Sinking

Featured image Barack Obama’s decline continues. Another day, another bad poll. And as Power Line readers know, that isn’t the worst of it: we are still in the first inning of the Obamacare disaster. Yet to come is the inevitable fallout when millions of Americans realize that those with employer-sponsored plans are also losing their insurance, that prices are going up for everyone who doesn’t get a subsidy, and millions are losing »

Obama In Free-Fall

Featured image The big news story this morning is the CBS poll that has President Obama with a dismal 37% approval rating. Support for Obamacare has plummeted to 31%, with 61% disapproving of the law. The Democrats are in a panic, but there isn’t much they can do other than try to entice Republicans into joining with them to “fix” the law, thereby making the disaster bipartisan. Things are only going to »

Can We Have a Do-Over? [Updated]

Featured image As “more bad poll numbers continue to pour in for President Barack Obama,” a Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that if the 2012 election were re-run today, Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama among registered voters by 49%-45%. That result reflects, of course, buyer’s remorse over Obamacare. But it also raises the question: how might the 2012 election have been different if the press had not collaborated with the Obama »