Barack Obama

In the court of King Barry…

Featured image is where we seem to be with Obama’s declaration that the debate on Obamacare is over and he won. Is there a red-blooded American who doesn’t recoil at such talk? Someone in a position of authority really ought tell him to stuff it, someone like the citizenry ’round about election day this year. At the Weekly Standard, Jeffrey Anderson provides a useful reminder of what is important in this context: »

It’s Official: Obama Is a Liar

Featured image This poll, conducted for Fox News by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), sampled 1,000 registered voters. Released yesterday, it contains good news for Republicans. Its respondents view the GOP slightly more favorably than the Democrats, although the difference is well within the margin of error. President Obama’s approval is under water at 42/51, and Hillary Clinton’s approval/disapproval is slipping at 49/45. But this is what »

Obama’s war on science and gullible women

Featured image This week President Obama took up theme that women are the victims of pay discrimination. According to Obama, they are victims of discrimination because they earn 77 cents to every dollar that men earn. Obama, of course, is the champion of these victims. The White House has posted an account of Obama’s theatrics on the subject here. To make out discrimination, however, one has to control for the relevant variables. »

Imperial trappings for an empty suit

Featured image When President Obama visited Russia in 2009, his hosts, as I reported at the time, found Obama laughably naive. Indeed, they were astonished to find an American president looking for things to give away to Russia in exchange for “good will.” The Russian leadership concluded, in the prophetic words of my source, that they could “steal Obama’s pants.” The Russians also had a good laugh at Obama’s imperial trappings. These »

Deep thoughts by Barack Obama

Featured image ABC’s Jonathan Karl touched a nerve when he asked President Obama whether Mitt Romney might have been on to something with his observation that Russia is our number one geopolitical foe. The question came in Obama’s press conference at the Hague yesterday. Obama went into epic BS mode. At the Weekly Standard, Daniel Halper transcribes this quotable quote: With respect to Mr. Romney’s assertion that Russia is our number one »

Obama’s bogus political science lesson

Featured image Barack Obama famously declared, “I’ll tell you right now that I’m. . .a better political director than my political director.” He may be right, but you couldn’t tell from his recent analysis of the upcoming midterm election. Obama claimed that Americans agree with Democrats on every issue, but that Washington politics have “become so toxic” that they aren’t voting. “That’s especially true during the midterms,” Obama added: During presidential elections, »

Oh Yeah: Jimmy Fallon Nails Obama-Putin

Featured image Jimmy Fallon gets down on the Obama-Putin phone calls (about 3 minutes long): »

Puttin’ up with Putin

Featured image It is not difficult to get a fix on Barack Obama’s view of the world. It is the view of the leftover left that took the side of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Obama seems not to have changed his views or to have learned anything since his days as a college student in which he performed as a “useful idiot” for the Soviet Union. A year ago, »

Putin vs. Obama

Featured image I posted the strip below this past January, but it’s time has come around again. It contrasts Barack Obama with Vladimir Putin in an entertaining and (somewhat) instructive way. Why is that man bowing? Those bows are a killer. Late in the Age of Obama, Obama has yet to field a question on the subject. (Jay Carney, of course, denied that he was bowing.) We are left to our own »

Is there life after college?

Featured image Of course there is. But our leading politicians all seem to have stepped out of your college dorm. Bill Clinton is the guy who never lost a BS session argument. Ted Cruz is the only guy who never lost an argument to Bill Clinton, but who also set the dorm record for causing eyes to roll. Barack Obama is the guy you could usually defeat in an argument but only »

It Isn’t Funny, So Is It Dead?

Featured image President Obama has filmed a video with a comedian named Zack Galifiankis to promote Obamacare. At least, I take it that he is a comedian; you can’t prove it by the video. It is six and a half minutes long, with the first three or four minutes consisting mostly of exchanges of low-grade insults between Obama and Galifiankis, followed by a plug for Obamacare. The video is on something called »

Obama’s Goldberg variations

Featured image One element of Barack Obama’s extension of Carterism in his foreign policy is his hostility to Israel. In his hostility to Israel Obama has proved steadfast. The generally unflappable and moderate David Horovitz, editor of the Times of Israel, expresses deep dismay over Obama’s unloading on Israel in Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Obama. Horovitz calls it an “earth-shattering interview.” He concludes with the observation “that Obama chose to have his »

What Obama told Putin

Featured image The White House posted the readout of yesterday’s phone call with Vladimir Putin regarding Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula. The readout is limited to Obama’s side of the conversation. For an educated guess about what Putin had to say, check out Paul Mirengoff’s adjacent post. (David Remnick links to the Kremlin account of the conversation in Russian.) According to the White House, thus spake Obama: President Obama expressed his »

Some call it “political unrest”

Featured image Whoever he was, he was an exceedingly wise man who said that it is “[b]etter to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” President Obama proved the wisdom of the adage once again this afternoon in his statement “on political unrest in the Ukraine,” as the White House fittingly styles it. You can’t make this stuff up. This is the statement in »

A failed messiah

Featured image Running for president in 2007 and 2008, Barack Obama presented himself as a messianic figure. He had come to redeem the time. As soon as Obama secured the delegates necessary to win the Democratic nomination for president in June 2008, he appeared in St. Paul to give the speech in which he famously prophesied that in times to come future generations would look back to see that “this was the »

Barack Obama Celebrates Presidents’ Day

Featured image So it’s Presidents’ Day. I assume that by the end of the day, Scott will post a thoughtful reflection on America’s greatest presidents, Washington and Lincoln, in whose honor the day is set aside. Meanwhile, via Twitter, here is an image of Barack Obama spending the day contemplating his favorite president. Click to enlarge: Heh. Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile saw today’s holiday as an opportunity, and urged Obama to »

Poll shows broad disapproval of Obama’s resort to executive diktat [With Comment by John]

Featured image I wrote here about the possibility of impeaching President Obama. The predicate for impeachment would be a continued course of overriding and rewriting the laws passed by Congress and enacted with the president’s signature (in most instances, Obama’s). Such a course, I argued, would justify impeachment. Moreover, in this scenario impeachment proceedings would not, on balance, hurt the country. But what about the politics of impeachment? Surely, I contended, Republicans »