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Miss Universe Gets Hot

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe pageant is a week from Sunday. It will be televised on NBC at 8 Eastern, 7 Central. We wrote about the pageant and previewed some of the contestants here. Miss Universe now easily eclipses Miss World as the leading international beauty pageant. It is on television, for one thing; it still has a swimsuit competition, for another. Also, Miss Universe promotes itself far more »

Miss Universe Keeps Swimsuit Tradition Alive

Featured image In 2013, the Miss World organization dropped its swimsuit competition for the stated reason that the pageant was held in Indonesia, and violence was possible. Last month, the Miss World pageant was held in London and, without fanfare, the organizers again dispensed with the swimsuit competition. Many people didn’t notice, since the pageant wasn’t televised in North America. This leaves Miss Universe as the only major international beauty pageant that »

Miss World Wrap-Up

Featured image Around 11:00 this morning I scouted for broadcast information on the Miss World finale, and found that it was already in progress. It started at 2:30 London time, 8:30 on a Sunday morning, Central time. The only place where it could be televised in prime time was Asia; I assume they got it there, but here in the U.S., as best I could tell you had to watch on the »

Miss World’s Finale Approaches

Featured image We are just one week away from the finale of the 2014 Miss World competition, and I have to admit that the preliminaries so far have been of limited interest. There was the Miss Sport competition, which was won by Miss Finland; she is in the center on the photo below: The contestants all traveled to Oxford for what was billed as a debate about beauty pageants at Oxford Union. »

Miss World: The Early Betting Favorites

Featured image I previewed the 2014 Miss World competition, the finale of which will take place on December 14, here, and posted a few photos. Preliminary competitions are already under way; you can read about them, if so inclined, at the Miss World site. The contestants are here, but the photography is so bad–a recurrent problem with the Miss World pageant–that they are hard to evaluate. Nevertheless, betting odds are starting to »

Miss World 2014: A Preview

Featured image I didn’t cover the Miss World pageant last year because the organizers, fearing possible terrorism in Indonesia, canceled the swimsuit competition. This year the event returns to London, its original home. The finale will be on December 14, but the contestants have already arrived and the sports events are under way. More than ever, it seems that beauty pageants mirror the themes of current news headlines. This year, most tragically, »

And Now for Something Completely Different

Featured image Well, perhaps not really completely different, but this seems to be the time of year when there is a dearth of beauty pageants to cover, which is why the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition comes out around now.  At least I think that’s the reason; I have to confess I don’t follow the pageant calendar with the same fervency of Power Line’s Chief Pageant Correspondent, John H. This year’s SI swimsuit »

Bottom Story of the Day: Coffee Capers

Featured image There’s a story in the front section of today’s Wall Street Journal that seems perfectly suited to Hinderaker’s beat: “Towns Fret as ‘Bikini Baristas’ Draw Crowds.” “Bikini” or “lingerie” coffee stands have caused a stir across the Northwest, a region already crowded with drive-through coffee outlets operated by mainstream companies such as Starbucks and Dutch Brothers. According to a consumer website that functions as a guide to kiosks, more than »

Miss Universe: A Final Preview [Updated With Results]

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe pageant is tonight, broadcast from Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The show is on NBC at 9:00, 8:00 central. It will be taped–that is around 3:00 a.m. Moscow time–so if you are desperate to find out who won, the news will be out sometime this afternoon. The biggest controversy surrounding the pageant has related to Russia’s recent laws against “homosexual propaganda” directed at the »

Miss Universe Gets Weird, Plus More

Featured image It happens every year: the Miss Universe pageant takes time out for the “National Costume” competition. Or exhibition. Or whatever it is. For the most part, the alleged national costumes run the gamut from garish to bizarre. Best case, your national costume is pretty much a swim suit. Miss Aruba, for example: Unfortunately, it is all downhill from there. Some, at least, are familiar, like Miss Canada’s Mountie getup: And »

Miss Universe: A Swimsuit Selection

Featured image The finale of the 2013 Miss Universe pageant will be broadcast from Moscow a week from Saturday, November 9. We did our first preview post on Monday. There hasn’t been a lot of pageant news lately. Miss Ghana claimed to have been kidnapped, ostensibly so the runner-up could take her place. The battle was fought out mostly on Facebook. The facts remain murky, but the rightful Miss Ghana is now »

Coming Soon: Miss Universe!

Featured image We have been off the pageant beat for a while, since I boycotted Miss World this year after pageant authorities canceled the swimsuit competition in a pre-emptive surrender to Islamic radicals. But that is about to change: the Miss Universe competition is in full swing. Contestants have gathered in Moscow, and the Miss Universe site finally has some good photography. The preliminary round will be held on November 5 and »

Uzbekistan For the Uzbekistanis!

Featured image I am boycotting this year’s Miss World pageant because the organizers, in a pre-emptive surrender to Sharia, have canceled the swimsuit contest. However, I can’t resist making an exception for the curious case of Rakhima Ganieva, Miss Uzbekistan. Miss Ganieva seems like a pretty typical pageant contestant. This is how the Miss World site describes her: 18 year old Rakhima loves to play the piano. Born and Raised in the »

“Miss World Go To Hell” [Updated]

Featured image The Miss World pageant is being held in Bali, Indonesia, this year. In deference to anticipated protests by Muslim extremists, the pageant’s organizers announced some time ago that there would be no swimsuit competition. Instead, they substituted a sarong round. In my view, such pre-emptive capitulation is a terrible precedent, so I am not covering this year’s Miss World contest. Still, the latest news is worth noting: Indonesian Muslim hard-liners »

Miss Utah vs. Barack Obama and Jay Carney

Featured image The Miss USA pageant was last night; it was won by Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut: There is an interesting trend toward the Northeast in Miss USA, as last year’s winner (and this year’s Miss Universe) was Olivia Culpo, Miss Rhode Island. But today’s news about the pageant focused less on Miss Brady than on Marissa Powell, Miss Utah. Miss Powell was the third runner-up, but she was deemed to have »

Now They’re Messing with Miss World [Updated With Comment By John]

Featured image I knew John would be first in line to cover the congressional campaign of Erika Harold, but there’s another beauty pageant story breaking today that Power Line will need to un-cover fully: the Miss World pageant, to be held this year in Indonesia, has decided to ban bikinis to—wait for it—avoid Muslim threats: BIKINIS have been banned from this year’s Miss World contest – to ward off Islamic hardliners in »

A Second Amendment Celebration

Featured image One of my favorite Facebook groups is “2nd Amendment Hotties,” and apparently more than a few other people like it too, as it has something like 16,000 “likes” on FB.  Would seem an omission not to share some of its awesomeness with Power Line readers, especially since we’re still in a too-long hiatus of beauty pageants worthy of John’s coverage.  So enjoy this respite from scandalmania for a holiday Friday. »